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by Terence Fernandez No. 4658 PP 2644/12/2008 (020369)

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Anti-Cor- Friday

ruption Commission (MACC) Bill tabled by the December 12, 2008
prime minister in Parliament on Wednesday
is so comprehensive that even those who TELLING IT AS IT IS
helped in its drafting are envious.
“I have to admit there are certain things in
there which I wish we had thought of,” said
» Malaysia in ‘good’ health pg8 » Saving Mother Earth pg36-37 the big picture
Daniel Li (pix), deputy commissioner and
head of operations of Hongkong’s revered
Independent Commission Against Corruption
Li was among those consulted by the Anti- TWO COPS WHO SAW THE LANDSLIDE HAPPEN
Corruption Agency (ACA) in the drafting of
the MACC Bill. The MACC is largely modelled

‘We thought it was

after the ICAC, regarded worldwide as the
benchmark of a truly effective and independ-
ent graft-fighting unit.
He said key among these were the vari-
ous layers of checks-and-balances that were
introduced through the MAAC via the three
statutory committees and two administrative
never be too
which is why the
MACC is great
in that with all
these oversight

end of the world’

by Charles Ramendran headquarters and told them what
committees had happened and asked for
looking over assistance.
each other, there

UALA LUMPUR: The He said he and Rizalmey
is little room for ground shook. Power rushed to the condos and, together
c o m p r o m i s e,” poles toppled. Branches with a security guard, helped the
he said at a snapped – and then the trees residents to evacuate.
media dialogue disappeared from sight. The policemen spotted several
at the Malaysian “I thought the world was curious residents walking
Anti-Corruption coming to an end,” said towards the edge of the hill to look
Academy on Constable Rizalmey Alias at the landslide and a few were
Jalan Duta here yesterday. who, together with his partner, taking photographs.
Li, who has been with the ICAC for more Constable Mohd Azwan Shuib, Rizalmey got into the patrol
than 30 years, was here to meet his Malay- witnessed the landslide that car and told them through the
sian counterparts, as well as to give his views killed four residents, and caused loud hailer to stay away from the
on the MACC. the evacuation of some 3,000 edge of the hill. The residents
“We have always ascertained in Hong- others, in Bukit Antarabangsa on cooperated.
kong that we need more extensive powers Saturday. “Our priority was to ensure
to investigate corruption but herein lies the The policemen, both 24, their safety and I was terrified
problem: too much independence will bring were in a patrol car on crime when I saw them walk towards
about other problems. Who’s going to watch prevention rounds in the hillslope the landslide area. Many of the
you?” he said. housing area. They were at the residents were still in a daze and
He said Malaysia has gone two steps Impiana Selatan Condominium, slow to leave their homes.”
further by creating two more committees, close to Taman Bukit Mewah, Three other policemen from
while Hongkong has relied on a three-prong at about 3.45am when disaster the Ampang Jaya district CID,
approach via its operations, corruption struck. who were in a patrol car to
prevention and community relations depart- “The sounds we heard were Our car started to rock like a sampan. investigate a break-in report
ments. scary. They kept changing every We heard loud noises. Then, to our not far from there, received
He said while prosecution powers can few seconds. It felt like the longest information on their radio and
never be taken away from the attorney-gen- seconds. It was way worse horror, we saw four houses in a row on our went to the scene.
eral, the fact that the chief commissioner
of the MACC has prosecution powers is an
than what you hear in a horror
movie. We thought those were
left breaking away from the ground and ASP Mohd Yatim Osman, Insp
Mohd Fazli and Sgt Nordin Awang
attempt to ensure that no one agency is the last moments on earth,” said disappearing from our sight.” switched on their siren and began
vested with sole prosecution powers. Rizalmey, who is with the Hulu – Rizalmey (right) seen above with his partner Azwan alerting the residents. A sixth
Li said the MACC must continue to Kelang police. police officer, DSP M.V. Sri Kanth,
engage the public through the media. In He and Azwan were at the site hillslope, a power pole collapsed tremor became more violent. who is with the Unit Tindak
Hongkong, people are bombarded with anti- yesterday, recounting the minutes next to their car and the ground “He told me to reverse the car. Khas (UTK) and lives in Taman
corruption messages in school and through following the landslide. began to shake. I backed up about 5m and a few Bukit Utama, got out of his house
public service announcements. In fact, one Azwan said that soon after “Our car started to rock like a seconds later, the ground where and, upon realising what had
of the most popular television shows is one they signed the police inspection sampan. We heard loud noises. we were earlier gave way. We happened, called for help from
based on real-life ICAC cases. logbook at the condominium Then, to our horror, we saw were stunned. the police air wing. A helicopter
He said the MACC report being tabled in block, there was a power four houses in a row on our left “I reversed the car and blocked equipped with floodlights arrived
parliament is a right step in making the ACA blackout and a small explosion. breaking away from the ground the road to prevent vehicles from within 10 minutes.
more accountable to the public. Spotting a spray of sparks in the and disappearing from our sight,” passing. I switched on the siren “We began to rescue the
“In Hongkong, the legislative council sky, they got into their patrol car he said and Azwan shouted into the sick and brought them out in
can summon even the chief executive to and went to see what it was. “I froze, dumbfounded. I loud hailer to the residents of the the helicopter. They included a
Rizalmey said that as they looked at Azwan and asked him condos to get out.” woman who was nine months
» Turn to Page 12 approached the edge of the if he saw it, too. He nodded. The Azwan said he radioed their pregnant,” he said.