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2 theSun | FRIDAY DECEMBER 12 2008

Address concerns and

we will back Bill, says DAP
KUALA LUMPUR: The DAP will consider Lim called for the Select Committee “to in an “ad hoc way”.
supporting the Malaysian Anti Corruption expressly include MPs from both sides of “It seems there is a tussle between
Commission (MACC) Bill, its secretary- Parliament”. the A-G and the PM’s office. It seems the
general, Lim Guan Eng, said yesterday. “The other concern is the Select PM was unable to introduce a Bill totally
“The DAP central executive committee Committee, where MPs and senators will independent from the A-G, as all cases after
(CEC) had an emergency meeting last night be appointed to advise the prime minister. investigation still have to be referred back to
(Wednesday) to consider the possibility, for I think it must be clearly spelt out that the A-G for prosecution,” he said.
the first time, of supporting a Bill proposed the committee must have opposition MPs DAP committee member Gobind Singh
by the federal government,” he said. as well as recognised non-governmental Deo said the influence of the prime minister
“During the meeting, we had reservations organisations (NGOs) like Transparency “defeated the purpose” of the Judicial
about the Bill but we also recognise that International,” he said. Appointments Commission (JAC) Bill.
there are important steps forward, especially He said the Act should make it “The stand that we take is, that if you
in giving the commission the power to compulsory for the commission’s report to want to emphasise independence in the
initiate prosecutions. (However) it does not be debated and approved in Parliament. judiciary, then efforts must be taken to
go all the way, it only goes halfway.” Lim also hoped that Datuk Seri Abdullah detach the commission from the grips of the
Lim criticised the powers of the attorney- Ahmad Badawi could arrange a meeting PM and the executive,” he said.
general, saying “the A-G still has the powers as soon as possible to brief MPs on the Bill “Insofar as we are concerned, the
to decide on prosecutions”. before it is debated on Monday. composition of the commission should
“The CEC meeting considered this Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) information reflect independence,” he said, adding
issue and we are willing to support the chief Tian Chua said the MACC Bill “has that it appeared as if the JAC was not truly
Bill in Parliament but we also want the fallen short of expectations” and was drafted independent from executive control.
government to address this concern,” he
He said Article 145 inherently limited the
powers of the commission in prosecutions.
“It is clear that under Clause 58, the
A-G can still intervene and intercede in the
prosecution because under Article 145 of the
Federal Constitution, it is clearly spelt out
that only the A-G has prosecutory powers.
So, unless this is amended, the commission
will not be completely independent,” he
“We feel that the commission should
have full powers of prosecution and
to facilitate that, there should be an
amendment of Article 145 of the Federal
Constitution. The DAP is willing to support
this amendment.”
Lim pointed out that the Barisan Nasional
government lacked the two-thirds majority
to amend the Constitution. However, such
an amendment is necessary before the DAP
can fully back the Bill.

“We will only support if the government
amends the Constitution and removes
Clause 58, and the DAP is willing to consider
supporting the Bill, but they must address
these concerns, especially the powers of the
A-G ... that the commission has the power to
initiate cases without reference to the A-G,” Azmi (left) and the PAC members during their visit to the site of the landslide at Bukit
he said. Antarabangsa yesterday.

Objective reports can prevent

hillslope tragedies, says Najib
KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Prime Minister Datuk like the one in Bukit Antarabangsa, as they usually
Seri Najib Abdul Razak said tragedies like Satur- seemed to wash their hands off.
day’s landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa could be He said they have to discuss whether “we
avoided if the technical evaluation and Environ- can put in place something or a mechanism to
mental Impact Assessment (EIA) report of any prevent development projects which are high
development project are objective. risk”, Bernama reported.
He said it is important to not allow commercial PAC chairman Datuk Seri Azmi Khalid, who
and profit-raking considerations override safety led 15 members of the committee to the scene
and environmental protection considerations. of the landslide yesterday, said it will propose a
Najib was asked to comment on the proposal new set of laws to ensure housing projects on
by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) yester- hillslopes are carried out under strict standards
day that the government introduces an Act like that consider the local climate.
that implemented in Hongkong on development He said that under the guidelines to be tabled
on hillslopes. in Parliament, development of buildings on hills-
He said the government will consider all sug- lopes with a gradient of 25 degrees will require a
gestions. soil study before the project begins.
Najib was also asked about the responsibility The PAC will also look into hillside development
of the local authorities when landslides occurred, laws in Hongkong called the Hillside Order.

Don’t accept only the good, PM tells Selangor govt

JAKARTA: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi the end of his two-day working visit here.
said yesterday the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat “The government must take responsibility for
government must be responsible for all aspects all ... whatever is bad must be corrected and the
of development in the state and could not accept ones that are good must be further improved.
only the good efforts carried out by the previous That’s the way.”
Barisan Nasional (BN) government. Abdullah was asked to comment on the state-
“How can it be that after forming the govern- ment by the Selangor government that it was the
ment, it only takes the good things? Everything previous BN state government that had approved
that is bad is blamed on the previous group (gov- 99 projects on hillslopes in the state, which had
ernment). That is not the way to govern,”he said at become an issue after the landslide at Bukit
a media conference with Malaysian journalists at Antarabangsa on Saturday. – Bernama