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8 theSun | FRIDAY DECEMBER 12 2008

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Independence of courts will depend on

WHO: Malaysia’s health personality of PM in power, says Param

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be met,” said Abdul Hamid, who retired in
selection and recommendation for appoint-
ments to the superior judiciary, namely, the
High Court, Court of Appeal and the Federal
Court including their respective heads and

status ‘good’
by Faith Labunda countries.
Should the CJ be unable to be present
when the selection meeting is held, he said
the meeting would have to be carried out
without him, the Appeals Court president,
Chief Judge of Malaya and Chief Judge of
Sabah and Sarawak.
“This will have two consequences, first
provides for criteria for such appointments
all of which may appear giving a semblance
of transparency, yet it could lead to execu-
tive interference into the independence of
the judiciary.
“Provisions for the prime minister of
the day to defend the independence of
the quorum cannot be attained. Secondly, it the judiciary and power conferred on “It is evident Malaysia needs
means for appointments at the lower rungs, him to appoint and remove any or all the
to work on its human resource non-judicial members (eminent persons)
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia there will be a full quorum, including the
capacity,” said Health Minister of the Commission at any time without
has achieved health statistics four senior most judges but when it comes
Datuk Liow Tiong Lai (pix) giving any reasons in essence means that
to the top judge, these four senior judges
comparable with many at a press conference after the the independence of the judiciary would be
will not be able to partake in the meeting.
developed countries but is still unveiling of the report. dependent on the personality of the prime
“It also means when it comes to appoint-
lacking in health workers, The latest 2007 record minister in power, in effect the executive
The bi-regional report ing the CJ, the meeting will only be attended
according to the World Health shows ratings of 0.87 per 1,000 arm of the government.
allows health planners to by a federal court judge and four non-judges
Organisation (WHO). population, 0.11 per 1,000 “Without amending Article 121 of the
who are appointed by the Prime Minister.
Its bi-regional report “Health population, and 0.17 per 1,000 identify trends and similarities (Federal) Constitution to restore the doc-
“Is this the real purpose of the Bill? I
in Asia and the Pacific” lists population for doctors, dentists that might not be spotted trine of separation of powers and conferring
am just bringing it up so that the MPs can
Malaysia among countries and pharmacists respectively. when public health issues the judicial power on the courts, judicial
ponder about it,” he stressed.
with low child and low adult Liow said the ministry are examined on a country- independence cannot be secured by merely
Former UN Special Rapporteur on the
mortality rates, evidence of a hopes to raise the Malaysian by-country basis, said WHO conferring on the chief executive of the gov-
Independence of Judges and Lawyers Datuk
reasonably good health status. doctor-population ratio to 1:600 western pacific region director ernment to uphold judicial independence,”
Param Cumaraswamy described the Bill as
Life expectancy has by 2013. Dr Shigeru Omi. a “disappointment”. he said.
improved, with 71.7 and 76.5 In attempts to reach the Also present at the launch “While it provides for a mechanism for (Visit for the full report)
years for males and females target, the government has were WHO South East Asia
regional director Dr Samlee
respectively, and infant
mortality rates have been
approved more medical
programmes in both public Plianbangchang and deputy PPP expells ex-president S.I. Rajah
reduced to 6.3 for every 1,000 and private universities and regional director Dr Poonam KUALA LUMPUR: The People’s Progressive statement on the PPP president.
births as of 2007. has stepped up efforts to invite Singh, WHO representative for Party (PPP) yesterday expelled former party Yesterday, Rajah, a member of the party
However, the report Malaysian doctors working Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore president S.I. Rajah for asking Datuk M. Kay- who described himself as PPP adviser, said
also reveals Malaysia’s overseas to return by raising Dr Han Tieru and WHO veas to step down as party president. the party would not leave Barisan Nasional
comparatively low health salaries, giving incentives western pacific programme The PPP disciplinary board, which met (BN) after the PPP threatened to leave if
worker densities compared and making regulations more management director Dr yesterday, took the decision to expel the the government did not amend the Internal
with other Asia-Pacific flexible. Richard Nesbit. veteran as he had no right to issue the Security Act (ISA). – Bernama