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Do Russia and Germany Fulfill Bible Prophecy?

By William Bell, Jr.

Anyone who watched the debate between Senators John McCain and Barack Obama along
with the news are at least nominally informed about the developments of Vladamir Putin's
rising Russia and attack of Georgia.
Those are facts with political consequences that those involved with the security of the
country must address. I am not a politician, consultant or commentator on any military or
government affairs or operations. Nor do I have any aspirations for such.
This is all about Bible Prophecy and the direction that those who believe we are seeing the
end time of the Bible played out in dramatic fashion before our eyes, attempt to lead us.
Gerald Flurry, comments that the recent developments in Europe should stir us to see how
close to the "END OF THIS AGE" we truly are. Taken in the normal context of the change
that occurs in governments over time, and the socio-political and economic impact on
society, these words are not unusually alarming.
However, when placed in a Bible setting of the end time, they become the justification and
underpinning of beliefs for people who believe that engaging in wars is doing God service
and fulfilling the word of God.
What clues are there that we are moving toward the Biblical end of the world? Flurry offers
us current world events spattered with a text or two of scripture from Daniel 8:23-24, about
a "king of fierce countenance" who will rise up to lead the European beast power.
The overarching character of this "King of fierce countenance is that he "preaches peace and
practices war" per Flurry. That is certainly a suggestion that this king operates in the world
today as an emissary of God's will. Flurry's comments on Revelation 17:17, leave no doubt
that he believes Putin is this king divinely commissioned by God to wreak havoc in the
The problem with Flurry's view is that it is counter to that of the apostles. The world of
which they saw reaching its terminal point was already in progress in their day. (1
Corinthians 7:31, 10:11, 1 John 2:17).
That is the world Jesus predicted would end within his generation, Matthew 24:3, 34. The
army did originate in Europe, i.e. ancient Rome. The destroying "king" was Titus, the Roman
general who destroyed Jerusalem, the "great city" of Revelation 11;8, where the Lord was
crucified, and which killed the apostles and prophets (18:20).
Jerusalem also answers to the harlot, whose flesh was hated by Rome who burned her with
fire, per Revelation 17:17. Thus, according to Luke 21:20-22-32, the word of God was in
fact fulfilled in this historical event.

William Bell speaks regularly on Fulfilled Prophecy and is the author of The Re-Examination,
a study of Christ's first century return in glory.
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