Thanks for your interest in applying to be one of the companies for Summer, 2007.

Please fill out the questionnaire as completely as you can. Try to give clear and succinct answers. If you have previously submitted an application, just submit it again using the same company name and we'll ignore your earlier one. The application deadline is March 31, 2007. Earlier applications will receive additional consideration. Please email the completed document to Something noteworthy: Something noteworthy :(1) Please submit your application online or email by midnight IST on Saturday, March 31, 2007. Groups that submit early have a slight advantage because we have more time to read their applications. (2) You'll have two rounds to clear before we invite top 10 finalists to Chennai - all paid expenses from any part of India. We expect this to happen in the last week of April. (3) If you've been accepted, we'll do all the paperwork for you, including getting you incorporated and other formalities. (4) Netandhost / SGS Technologie is NOT a Venture Captalist. It is a web host focussing on corporate market offering premium hosting services. (5) You can get stock options anywhere between 15 % to 90% in the new company being formed, based on your ideas and level of assisstance required to kick-start your new business. (6) People in your group are more important to us - brains, motivation and business sense. Experience MIGHT help but NOT mandatory. (7) We do NOT need a business plan. All we need you to do is fill out this application as much as possible and give the maximum information. You'll definitely need to fill it up and email it to us at or submit it online at (8) Please mark clearly if your submission is "public" or "confidential" (9) Again, groups that submit early have a slight advantage because we have more time to read their applications. Good Luck dreamZhunt Team application form

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Please type in your answers appropriately:
1. What's the name of your group/company? 2. If your company already has a web site, what's the URL? 3. Who's the primary contact for this application? 4. Email address to reach that person: 5. Contact number to reach that person: 6. Are you already incorporated? If so, when and where? It's fine if you're not. 7. Have you had any funding to date? By whom and how much? 8. What products will your company make or what services will it provide? 9. What's new or different about what you'll be doing? 10. How will your company make money? 11. What excites you most about your idea? 12. Have you already started working on your idea? Is there a demo or prototype yet? If so, provide more information such as a URL. 13. What do you consider to be your competitive advantage against existing or possible competitors? 14. Who are your competitors, or who will they be? Provide any relevant details about them. 15. What are the risks in your business? What could go wrong? 16. Are any of your ideas hard for competitors to duplicate? Why? 17. How long will it take you to complete a working prototype? How long will it take you to complete a marketable product? 18. If you're going to build software, what tools do you plan to use? 19. What will be the major costs of implementing your idea? 20. If somebody offered to buy your company at the end of the summer program, how much money would it take to get you to say yes? 21. Please list the name of each founder, his or her education level and status, personal web site (if any), email address, and present employer (if any). 22. For each founder, please tell us what makes them special or demonstrates that they have what it takes to succeed in your market and company. application form

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23. For each founder, list any cool things they've built in the past and provide URLs if possible. 24. How and when did the founders meet? Have any of the founders worked together before? If so, where and on what? Provide URLs if possible. 25. Can all of the founders come to Chennai, India for the summer of 2007? If not, which founders cannot come, and why? 26. How much of the company will each founder own? If there will be other shareholders besides the founders, please elaborate. 27. What other commitments (if any) do any of the founders have during the summer of 2007? What about beyond the Summer of 2007? 28. If after the summer the business appears to be viable, which o the founders will commit to working on the business full time for several years? 29. What does entrepreneurship mean to you? 30. Tell us why you should be accepted into the program in 200 words

Please treat my application as CONFIDENTIAL (YES / NO) I hereby declare that I have read and understood the terms and conditions and agree the same. NAME: Date: Contact Details: application form

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