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The Highs and Lows of being a 'Space Cadet'

by Tania Collier
© May 2008

Walking in a world that I do not know wondering where it is I am going. Searching for something
that seems ever elusive and yet within my reach at the same time. Illusions of space and time,
illusions of self, illusions within illusions.

Have you experienced the frustrations of knowing something is there but not know what it is? Have
you experienced the sense of being 'between worlds', of walking in another time, experiencing life
somewhere else but still be here in this present space? Have you ever experienced times of
vagueness yet still be full of clarity? Have you experienced so many things that you begin to
question your own sanity, your own mind, your own being?

You may not realise this but there are many people who have and are experiencing these very
things and more.

I have walked into a coffee shop and instead of smelling the aromas of coffee being brewed and
grounded I instead smelt roses. I have walked in many places but felt that my steps, my feet were
walking somewhere else and not here. I have eaten foods that previously brought me joy but now
taste foreign and odd. I have felt 'out-of-this-world' but know that I am here as people talk to me.

I have had many minutes, hours and days of being a 'space cadet'. Yes you may laugh but at times
I haven't thought it to be funny. At times I was concerned and even afraid of what was happening to
me. At times I felt unable to control my own inner space, my own environment, myself.

And it was in these times that I found my 'problem'.

There was nothing wrong with me apart from the very fact that my 'ego self' tried to take back what
it has had control of for so long. All I had to do was allow and have faith that all will be well. All I
had to do was surrender to spirit with the knowledge that it is a time of change, a time of evolution.
A time of endings and new beginnings.

I have changed in so many ways. I am not the same person I was yesterday, nor am I the same
person I was last week. I can even say that I am not the same person I was last year or years ago.
I have changed, I have grown, I have come to understand that this is and will be an ongoing thing
that occurs to all of us... everyday of our lives.

We all understand that our bodies and minds change on a molecular level. That the skin cells we
have today are not the same skin cells we had as teenagers. That the hair we have today is
definitely not the same hair we had as a small child! That the mind we think with today has
changed, grown, evolved over the years. It now holds more information than it did 10, 20, 30 or
even 40 years ago. It stores the memories of days gone by.

Yet we are more than that.

Within our very cells our own DNA is changing or should I say awakening. Which is exactly what it
is doing. Our DNA holds so much information of past lives, past knowledge and ancient ways that
is now beginning to come to the surface of our 'being' and starting to integrate with the rest of our

It is called many things and known by many names but one of the most common names being
used at the moment it that we are ascending.

This is not the first time that the human species has gone through such a process. But this time it is
different, this time it is with urgency that we 'get it'. That we understand why this information is
bombarding into us. We need to awaken. We need to evolve so that we can live in a different world
and a different time.

This is a time that has been prophecised by so many past and ancient cultures. The Egyptians, the
Incans, the Native Americans, the Aborigines, the Mayans. All have stories that tell of these 'end
times'. The days when all that what was once known will no longer be. The days of change and
changes. The days of enlightenment.

Be assured that we are not going to 'end'. That our world is not going to become space dust as
some would have us believe. We are instead becoming different people.

We are evolving into a different species.

Is this so scary? Is this something to run away from? Is this something that should make us find the
biggest rock we can and hide under it?

The answer is no. Just a plain and simple no.

The truth is you cannot hide, run away or even find other excuses to not be a part of this process.
These very things you have agreed upon before you entered this realm of existence. You 'knew'
beforehand that these changes would be occurring to you in the physical realm and you agreed to
allow them to happen to you.

You agreed to the changes within yourself to occur.

So many people have troubles come to terms with this concept of pre-agreement or pre-
arrangements having been made before their earthly descent. But they did and have happened or
you would not be here right now experiencing the very things that you are trying to justify, explain
away or ignore!

Now you can deny that you have agreed to anything. You can try to explain the things that have
and are happening in your life is simply because that is 'your lot in life' or you can reach the
understanding that these choices were made by you and that it is just your ego trying yet again to
gain control over something that it 'believes' it is losing.

The ego tries ever so hard to gain control over you as it has had the reins of control for so long. It
does not know or understand that it is not going to be lost and disappear into nothingness. It will
instead become a part of something so much bigger than it currently is. It will become a part of a
collective consciousness that we are all apart of. In time your ego self will understand this but until
that happens there will be an ongoing internal battle between your ego self and what you feel is
right and know to be true.

The truth is there for us to understand.

We have allowed our cultures our countries, our selves to be lead into false knowledge, false
understandings, false securities. We have accepted these falsehoods... until now. It is now that we
are beginning to question just what is the truth, what has been hidden from us. We can now see
and feel the deceptions that surrounds us and we no longer want to be a part of them.

What we seek is unconditional love.

There are no lies or falsehoods within unconditional love. There are no demands, deceptions, or
hidden agendas. There is only truth, truth of spirit, truth of self, truth of all. There is no room for
anything else but truth.

When we reach this space of unconditional love we reach a space of unity, of oneness, of
completion, of fulfillment. We are aware of all that is and all that has been. We can see more
clearly, understand more and share more of ourselves without fear of ridicule or failure.

We are at peace.

We have reached our destiny. We have become the new species, the new humans, the new
dwellers of a new earth.

As a species that questions, interacts and explores their own world we have yet to understand
what it means to evolve, to change. We have seen over the millennia of time that there have been
many species of animals that have adapted and changed according to what was required of them.
We have learnt from our history books that many creatures that now inhabit this earth are direct or
indirect descendants of dinosaurs. We have learnt that they have evolved over time into a new
more suited species for their environment.

What we do not know however, is what they went through at the times of this changing. We do not
have an understanding or knowledge of what it felt for these species of animals to evolve into
something new. It is only now that we have this understanding as we are going through this very
process ourselves. We are now undergoing our own 'upgrading'.

We are beginning to understand how it feels to change into something new.

Our DNA is what holds the key to all that we are. We are holders of a DNA sequence that for so
long has been shut off but that is no longer going to be the case. We need all of our DNA strands
to be active and alive. It is our very own DNA that is hot wiring us into a new way of being. We will
soon understand and be able to do that things that we once thought impossible. We will have full
access to all parts of our minds. We will be able to utilise our brains to their full functioning.

We will be aware.

You will find that your body requires more in the way of nutrients to sustain it and maintain it. This
is a big plus as this will mean that our intake of foods will simplify into a more organic and
wholesome need. We will no longer crave or want the high fat foods that we have been 'taught' to
eat. We will no longer find them compatible with us. We will seek foods that our body needs and
not what we have been convinced is 'good' for us.

This in turn will make us healthier as a species than we have been for a long time. Have you ever
wondered why there are so many people with food allergies, poor health, blood disorders, skin
conditions, weight problems and even cancers now? It is because of all the foods that have been
made available for us to make our lives 'easier'. All the prepackaged foods that have been filled
with additives that our bodies simply cannot assimilate or breakdown.

These additives have been a slow poison within our bodies. It has been fed to us on a daily basis
and we have not been aware of it until now. These have been part of an illusion that was given to
us making us believe that it was OK.

Our bodies will go through their own detox process and this can make us feel down right awful. You
may feel sick to the stomach and think that you have some sort of bug going around your system.
You can feel dizzy and 'out-of-place'. You may suffer from headaches or an inability to stay
focused. You can also feel extremely tired. These things are all a process of your body getting rid
of the crap that has outlived its welcome.

When you get past all of this you will see changes within you. You will be a much better person for
it. You will wonder why you never undertook the process of detoxifying your own body years ago!

Our sense will be heightened. We will at times feel like we are being bombarded with too much
information but this will slow down in time. We can alleviate this by simply allowing ourselves time
to sit in silence and not take in anything. While we are going about our everyday lives our senses
will continue to evolve into a new awareness. Our bodies do not have any concept of time it is our
ego self that recognises this. We can however allow and help the process run more smoothly for
us so that we do not feel we are going into overload.

Simple steps to undertake are meditation or even yoga. Even allowing our creativity to come to the
surface will help. By drawing, painting or even writing things down it helps us to go through the
process of what is occurring to us. Being creative allows us to be playful and by doing things that
take us out of our logical way of thinking even for a short time helps our minds and bodies to slow
down and not be in such a hurry all the time.

In the end we will have a greater understanding of all that we hear, see and feel. We will recognise
so much more and know more than we think we currently do. (The truth is that we already know
this it is just dormant at the moment.) We will be able to access information that we thought was
unobtainable. We will see, hear and feel more clearly as the veil will have been lifted from us.

We will realise that all the information that has been coming forward in books and internet are
about things of ancient knowledge and do have truth in them. We will see into all of them and know
how they are all connected. We will realise that we have seen and perhaps heard of all this
information before. We will resonate with it.

The information that is becoming more and more forward has been about the Flower of Life, Mary
Magdalene, the Mayan Code, Sumerian Texts etc. We know deep within us that they hold some
sort of significance for us. That within them is a key that will unlock yet more knowledge for us.

We will have knowing.

Our time for change is upon us. We are going through this process of ascension at an alarming
rate. At times we may feel that we are running at full speed and getting no where. But we are
getting somewhere. We are getting closer to our point of destination when we will be able to be
more 'human' than we have been before. We will arrive at a place where we will be more complete.

We are the Star Seeds.

We will be awakened and aware.
We are the ones that have been spoken of.
We are the ones of which have been waited for.
We are here and we are ready.

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