Portals Some of us on this world come from another place/reality.

We come here via a portal and are 'born' into human families. Most of the ‘children’ born were usually to parents that would never have had children. However as the technology on your planet became more advanced this became increasingly harder. Because of this we have had to devised new ways of assimilating ourselves into your lives. We have come to your world to learn. Our world has become sterile in all aspects of life. We come to learn these things from you. We come to learn all the emotional lessons so we may teach our own the joy of life that you seem to have forgotten. We don’t always stay on your world now like we use to as we can just come in and out of your lives without you even noticing. This is due to many reasons some of them being that you are so busy with your own little dramas that you do not acknowledge what is happening around you. Staying on your world for any length of time now has become detrimental to our own well being. At one time this was never a problem for us but as more and more pollutants are poured into your atmosphere it has become toxic for us. If you look around, more and more of your people are becoming sick. I know that most of you do and also come up with answers as to why these things are happening most of which are the right answers. Yet although these things are discussed and you think of the right things to do to improve your lives nothing is done. You get up the next morning and continue your day as you do every other day. Some of you do make the changes. Although we see these things we cannot interfere with your evolution, to do so would be detrimental to your progress through your lives. There have been some things that we have assisted with but they have been indirect help. Our help is subtle and of benefit to your evolvement. Some of you do notice us. We appear to you as somehow different, we seem ‘new’ to you and often you have heard our conversations. We are not here to harm you as mentioned earlier we are here to learn from you. You have so much to offer if you would just stop and look around you. We have learnt from all your societies and generations until the day comes that we will no longer be able to learn from you. _______________ My dream continued, I saw ‘portals’ opening at various points. It reminded me of the show “Quantum Leap” and how the main character would ‘appear’ in a new place and time with no ill effect on people or surrounding environment. These ‘people’ seem to have lost something somewhere in their own evolution and through us are trying to find or get it back. They are a kind and gentle race but somehow seem ‘empty’. Their own emotions have been suppressed. I saw them when they first began to become a part of our lives as babies. Over the generations they have changed to the method they use now. As I was told due to our ‘busy lives’ they are hardly noticed in our environment. Most of us talk to them - for example - when we are in a line waiting for service. How often do we talk to a stranger about the day etc, sometimes it is our ‘visitors’ that we are talking to. They observe us and live as we do in our daily lives only they return to their ‘real homes’ more frequently than we do. They also interact with us in ways that are subtle and unnoticeable. Through all this I was also shown a future - our future and it contained a warning. Sure we are heading towards a big shift in 2012 but if we do not look at our past and learn from it our future will

be marred by problems mainly due to our constant destruction of our planet. It isn’t too late to begin this change and it only takes one person to begin the chain reaction of more changes o be made to our environment. Some of these changes can begin within ourselves just by being more observant of what we are doing to our outside environment as well as what we are putting into ourselves. “By looking back and learning from it we will learn to go forward and fly” The day will come when our visitors will no longer need us to help them learn but it is ourselves that we must learn to improve our future for our generations and the many to follow. ______________________ I am taken to their world and shown many things with the knowledge that they have gained from their observations of us, of our history they have ‘lessons’. It felt odd to see an advanced society having lessons on how to be ‘human’. But as I ended up finding out they have lost the ability to express emotion even though they are a kind and gentle people. It is an enigma, a conundrum actually. To try to understand how one can be kind and gentle yet show no emotion. Their biggest lose has been the ability to love and this is what they are learning. The true value and benefits of unconditional love. When I think of people here I know of many people who have a deep passion for certain things - for example people who try to save trees, forests or animals, they have a deep understanding of these living entities, a form of unconditional love. They are doing things for these divine species asking for nothing in return from the species they are trying to save. ___________________ When we began to evolve we created many problems for ourselves. Many of us began to battle for the ‘lead role’ of our culture. This created many wars on our plane of existence. We ended up destroying our existence. However, there were some of us who had the wisdom to save many of our life forms so that they would not be lost to us. In the end our lands were blackened, they became valleys of the dead of many life forms. The lands were dead to us forever. It was through our greed for power that we did not see what we were doing to our own home. Due to this we created a new home by building a large area something similar to what you would call a city. But much, much larger than your biggest city on your world. As we saw the destruction we had created we became afraid that it would happen again and so we created new ‘laws’ and rules of how our people would continue to live. Our children were created differently to yours - they are created from our cells but we have no input into their upbringing. They were placed into different centres - I think is the correct term here according to their development. And so they continued to grow and learn the laws in here. Our laws were simple, or so we thought. We began to care more for our surroundings and life forms but a lot of our emotions were repressed - in the beginning it was from fear of what we had done but over the years it became our way of life. This is how we lived for thousands of years. Slowly some of us began to feel empty. We cared for things, but had no understanding of why we cared. If one of us died we did not pause as you do and celebrate their life. We would express nothing and this in itself made some of us feel even more empty. We came to realise that we needed to find what it was we had lost over the years, as we were becoming no better off than our predecessors. Through research we found some parts of our history from records that were kept. We didn’t even realise how much of our world, our plane of existence, had been destroyed until we looked. We did

not feel it necessary to go beyond our border (which is really a very high wall that has a dome on it with a controlled atmosphere). The ones who were doing the research found that there were other societies in other planes of existence that could teach us what we felt we were missing. It is from this that we began to make ‘visits’ to your world and learn. We found out many things and feared many things about you. From our collection of observations we took note of things that created feelings that you describe as joy, happiness, love and all the other ‘good’ emotions. We also learned that these emotions had to be balanced and so we looked at your other emotions of anger, fear and sadness. We became frightened of these emotions as it was emotions similar to these that caused our destruction. From further research we realised that both sides have to be learnt for there to be a balance. It would also benefit us as a species so that we would have a greater understanding of ourselves. We are by no means perfect and it would be foolish for us to say so. Although we may be more advanced than you are there are many things in which you, as a species, surpass us. We realised we had much to learn. This has been a slow process as we are being cautious with the knowledge we gather from you. We do not implement it into our society immediately. The knowledge is put to many tests so that we can properly assimilate it into our society without ill effects and it must be done slowly. As I have said earlier, we have been like this for a long, long time. ____________________ I am shown a world that was once not that dissimilar to our own. They had vegetation with deep pockets of ‘rainforests’ (I can only call them rainforests as that is what they remind me of here on Earth) They had mountainous regions that seemed to go on for miles. Plus grassy plateaus. Everything was thriving from the tallest tree down to the most miniscule of insects. Everything was perfect… and that in itself posed the problem that took hold of this culture… perfection. The lands have changed now. Everything that was once lush and vibrant with life is now reduced to ash. The ash floats away on the gentle breezes that now caress the land. It is like watching the life essence of all that once was leave the world. What caused thi destruction and death? _______________ We did… we destroyed ourselves and our homes… To give you some understanding I will have to tell you about our history. My people of long ago were divided into many different ‘houses’. They all vied for one thing power. Power to control all things, power to rule over our world. There would be fights among these houses to see who would be the next ‘ruler’. There was no order of heritage as has been seen among some of your people and lands. It was determined by who had the strongest house. Even within these houses there were many arguments, many fights to see who would be leader of the houses. There were many deaths, many murders, many plots within plots. Our people all thought they were perfect and some believed they were more perfect than others. Through their gain for power they had feelings of jealousy, envy and greed. This was their, our, downfall. Many generations this continued for. For you see our Ultimate Supreme Being, our Ruler, was not elected, or part of a hierarchal group as you have. That position was fought for. Our ‘fights’ were not dissimilar to your wars. So destructive we were in the fight for rulership. Our weapons shot out beams of light that reduced anything they touched to ash. The destruction was pointless, it decimated our populace, our creatures, our land. Everything.

But through all this there were ‘others’ among the houses who did not understand or want to participate in these wars of destruction. They saw the beauty in everything around them. They saw each other as equal. They saw everything as equal. The peoples of the upper houses saw these people as flawed and so used them as their own personal slaves. Some of the people in the upper houses took great pleasure in making these slaves suffer. But not all were like this. And so it continued until someone, somewhere used a weapon of such tremendous power that our world was reduced to a place of death. Where nothing existed anymore. Instead in its place was ash. _____________ I began to wonder how some people managed to escape. From what I was hearing their weapons were far more destructive than what I believe we have here - or at least I hope we have no weapons that are capable of such atrocities ______________ Not everyone, or everything was destroyed. For if it was I would not be here with you now.
August 20th 2007

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