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No. 4659 PP 2644/12/2008 (020369)

December 15, 2008

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from the
dead? T by R. Nadeswaran

HESE two pictures are

telling indeed and related
to the questions posed by
Thanarajah Kanagaratnam,
whose wife, S. Yogeswari,
was killed in the landslide
in Taman Bukit Anatarabangsa
10 days ago. After the funeral rites
on Sunday evening, he returned
6.30pm. And that’s when I looked
at my watch. It showed 6.50pm.
We walked up to the house and
saw this group in front of the
house,” said Ravi.
Many other residents have
reported to the police their
houses had been broken into.
Three members of the Bukit
Antarabangsa Residents
Association have lodged police
Everyone had a field day. Instead
of controlling the situation to
prevent ‘outsiders’, there were no
checks,” he said.
As an immediate reponse,
Selangor police chief Datuk
Khalid Abu Bakar was quoted as
saying his men had secured all
areas, had set up floodlights at
night and escorted residents who
wanted to enter their homes.

WHAT were these people to his parents’ home when he

received a call from a doctor living
Thanarajah and other residents
are also upset that unauthorised
Khalid claimed that although
many were crying foul over
alleged break-ins and looting, only
doing in my house at 7pm in the neighbourhood.
“He told me that he saw a
people, including those who had
nothing to do with the search and
six police reports had been lodged.
“These reports related to loss
on Sunday when the search man in uniform carting away a
trolley bag from my house. When
rescue operations, were
allowed in the area.
of items and damage to property.
What needs to be investigated will
and rescue operations were I got there at about 7pm with
my cousins, I saw this group of
“There was
total chaos on
be investigated,” he said.

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called off at 6.30pm? uniformed men in front of my
house. One of them was holding a
bag,” said Thanarajah.
Saturday and

HOW come my clothes His cousin, Ravi Poobalan,

who snapped these pictures using
his mobile telephone, says he
are on hangers and put remembers looking at his watch
while walking up to Thanarajah’s
out to dry? house which was buried under
tones of mud. He noticed that
the excavator driver had stopped
WHY did they have to touch work and was walking down.
“I asked him why he had
my personal belongings? stopped and he replied that
the instructions were to stop at

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