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8 theSun | MONDAY DECEMBER 15 2008

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Strike pushes
by Kong See Hoh

I C E N T seafood prices up
P R O M THE prices of local fish and other seafood
went up by 20-30% on Saturday, a day
after a nationwide strike by fishermen to
force the government to reduce the price
of subsidised diesel, the Chinese press
although there is no shortage of supply.
A check at Kuala Lumpur fish markets
showed that the price of squid has jumped
50% from RM10 a kilogramme to RM15 in
some areas. Prawns (small to medium) are
reported yesterday. retailing at RM13 a kg, up from RM10, while
Fishmongers said they believe the prices kembong is sold at RM14-15 a kg from RM12

- 3 1 J AN ‘09 of imported fish and seafood will go up in previously, crabs at RM16 a kg (RM13), and
‘08 tandem in a day or two. bawal hitam at RM23 (RM20).
12 D E C The strike by some 20,000 fishermen National Fishing Industries Association
from seven states which started in Perak president Chia Ka Seng said on Saturday
on Thursday, continued yesterday as a 13 there was still supply of fresh fish but not
sen per litre cut hurriedly promised by the enough to meet demand, forcing prices up
government to pacify the fishermen fell by up to 30%.
short of their demand. “The strike began yesterday (Friday), so
The fishing community, which is the shortage (of local supply) will only be
asking the government to lower the price felt tomorrow (Sunday). The demand for
of subsidised diesel to not more than RM1 imported seafood will go up, especially that
a litre from RM1.43 currently, said on from Indonesia and Thailand,” he said.
Saturday the strike would continue until “As demand outstrips supply, prices of
tomorrow. imported seafood will also go up.”
HF100 RRP RM4,199

The strike has cut the supply of fresh If the strike continues, it will not
seafood to wet markets in the Klang Valley only affect consumers, but also seafood
by up to 80%, causing prices to go up by processing and export industries as well as
RM3-5 a kilogramme. animal feed manufacturers, Chia said.
Some fishmongers worry they will not In Klang, seafood supply and prices did
have catch to sell for the celebration of the not appear to be affected by the strike, to
Winter Solstice, which falls on Dec 21 this the relief of housewives who were bracing
year. for the worst. A fishmonger explained that
Fish in short supply include bawal hitam, there was ample supply at fish markets as
kembong and tenggiri. Other seafood such supply comes from both local and foreign
HF10 RRP RM4,599 HF11 RRP RM4,999

as prawn, squid and crab are also dearer, trawlers.

I will not apologise, says

Confucian school principal
CONFUCIAN Private Sec- Yap had earlier sought Goh, who ignored Yap’s
ondary School principal Goh an apology from Goh for the demand, said he had been
Kean Seng, who is being latter’s remarks in public told Yap had filed a suit
sued by Dong Zong (United on a number of occasions against him.
Chinese School Committees describing him as bai jia zi He told the daily after
Association) president Dr (one who squanders family attending a national
HG21 RRP RM4,999 Yap Sin Tian for defamation, wealth or ruins a company seminar for private Chinese

said he would not apologise or an institution) and a bai school heads in Kajang on
to Yap for his remarks, lei (black sheep) of Chinese Saturday that he was setting
Nanyang Siang Pau reported education. up a multi-racial legal
yesterday. In a letter from his defence team.
Goh said he was ready lawyers, Yap had demanded Goh said he was not
to face the suit and was that Goh apologise and worried about the suit as
gathering a team of lawyers retract his remarks by Dec 8 he had not made any false
HG20 RRP RM4,699 to defend him. or face legal action. accusation.

Regular checks will Poor English on NRD

prevent mistreatment website corrected
of workers: MTUC PETALING JAYA: The poor use of English
on the National Registration Department’s
KUALA LUMPUR: The government should carry website has been rectified following public
out regular inspections on companies employ- complaints.
ing migrant workers to prevent mistreatment, The department’s public relations officer
Malaysian Trade Union Congress vice-president Janisah Mohd Noor said the mistakes were an
A. Balasubramaniam said. oversight and the public relations department
He said S65 of the Employment Act 1955 which manages the website together with the
authorises the labour department to conduct NRD’s web team was baffled as to how they
inspections, adding that there are adequate laws were allowed through.
to protect migrant workers. The problem, he said, “We are checking on this and assume that
is in the lack of enforcement, which employers someone had taken the initiative to upload the
take advantage of. content without going through the necessary
Balasubramaniam was speaking at Tenagani- procedures first,” she said.
ta’s Solidarity Day with Migrants and Refugees, Janisah said the department usually sends
themed “No human is illegal”, at the Kandiah Hall all materials that are to be posted on its web-
at SRK Vivekananda, Brickfields yesterday. site to the National Translation Institute for the
The event was held in conjunction with terms and responses to be standardised before
FS11 RRP RM2,799 FS10 RRP RM2,299

International Migrants Day which falls on Thurs- they are uploaded.

day. About 500 migrant workers and refugees “But we do not have any records of this
from countries including China, Burma, Indo- particular page which carried about eight
nesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka questions and answers,” she said, referring
attended. to a section on frequently asked questions on
Tenaganita director Irene Fernandez said identity cards.
there must be a safety net plan established for “The rectification was done immediately to
workers in light of the global recession. avoid confusion among the public.”
HEAD OFFICE & SHOWROOM : Block D, Peremba Square, Saujana Resort, Section U2, • SURIA KLCC Tel: 03-2166 2382 • MID VALLEY Tel: 03-2282 7037 BaIasubramaniam said employers who Earlier this month, a reader forwarded a
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Tel: 03-7844 6000 Fax: 03- 7844 6037 • PAVILION Tel: 03-2144 6200 • SUNWAY PYRAMID Tel: 03-5633 1818 copy of the atrocious content in English on the
Customer Careline: Tel: 03-7844 8333 (Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:30pm) E-mail: • PLAZA GURNEY Tel: 04-229 2585 • 1 UTAMA Tel: 03-7726 8861 chose to retrench their migrant workers should
website to theSun, expressing concern that it Website: honour the terms of their contract with the
CANON BRAND STORES: would taint the country’s image.
BRANCHES: • THE CURVE Tel: 03-7710 7112 • PLAZA LOW YAT Tel: 03-2141 8188 workers.
The questions and answers posted per-
• PENANG Tel: 04-238 3838 • IPOH Tel: 05-255 6311 • MALACCA Tel: 06-283 8331 He said the workers should be given benefits
• JOHOR BAHRU Tel: 07-355 4777 • KUANTAN Tel: 09-517 3688 • KUCHING CANON EOS PRO CENTRE: tained to the application, cost and waiting
Tel: 082-481 133 • KOTA KINABALU Tel: 088-437 799 • BERJAYA TIMES SQUARE Tel: 03-2143 9148 as per their contract and sent off in a decent
period for identity cards, in addition to those on
locations at which renewals and applications
could be made.