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Holiday Project Topics List

1.Meaning of Christmas
2.Different versions of Santa Claus
4.Chinese New Year
5.Christmas Worldwide
6.Celebrations around the globe
7.Candy Cane History
8.The History of Christmas
9.Popular Christmas Foods
10.Traditional Holiday Dress/Costumes
11. Christmas in Other Cultures
12. The History of Gift Giving
13.The History of Hanukkah
14.The History of Santa’s Reindeer
15.The History of Elves
16. *Scrooge, “A Christmas Carol”
17.The History of Muharrum (Muslim)
18.The History of Ramadan (Muslim)
19.The History of the wreath

*Must be able to show research

Holiday Research Project Instructions

1. Choose a topic to research from the Holiday Research
Project list

2. Conduct research on your topic, finding at least three

different sources. You may use:
a. Book from the public library
b. Website (see the hotlist on our class website)
c. Movie (if you can cite the title, producer, and
year of the film)

3. Remember this is a research project. You must be

able to show your research in your paper, not just
what you have in your head. If it is in your head, you
must find it in your research in order to use it.

4. Write the paper;

a. Open up a Word Document
b. Write a 1-2 page paper (double spaced) in your
own words, summarizing your research.
c. Your paper should be divided into 5-7
paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a topic
sentence explaining what the paragraph is
d. You should also include an introduction and

5. Include a Works Cited page

a. Make sure to give references to tell where you
got your information from.
b. Look for a help sheet that will be sent home in
the future to help show you how to cite your
Holiday Research Checklist
Due Thursday, December 18

This project will be done primarily at home.

Editing & Revising Checklist

_____ I have listed all important information

_____ I used correct punctuation
_____ I used correct capitalization
_____ I spelled words correctly using two steps:
_____ I proof-read myself
_____ I used spell check on the computer

Formatting Checklist
_____ The document was formatted correctly with the following:
_____ My title is centered on the paper and underlined,
using the centering button.
_____ I have a heading on the first page of my paper that
includes my first and last name, my student number, and the
date. The heading should be aligned to the right side of my
______ The font style may be changed from the default,
but must be easy to read and legible.
______ The font size is 12 pt.
______ My paper is aligned to the left.
______ I have double spaced my paper.

This project will count as two grades for the second nine weeks and will be
turned into your homeroom teacher.
(Writing and Social Studies)