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Enterprise Solutions Group

ESG is part of Solution Management Group (SMG – B). ESG provides

enterprise solution to various organizations which includes large corporate,
Government sectors, Education sectors (School and University campus) and
Retail sectors.

ESG concentrates mainly on card based solutions and software solution for
the above mentioned industrial verticals.

ESG solution offerings include:

• HR Suite
• Admin / Security Suite Functional offerings
• Campus Suite
• Loyalty Suite
• Parking & Tolling Suite

Service Offerings include:

• All the above solution can be taken as services as a system integration

and Outsourcing.
• Drivers License & Vehicle registration
• National ID
• Any other services which requires card interface

HR Suite

1. ID cards for the employees

2. Datacard printer to personalise the ID cards
3. Time & Attendance solution (Hardware and Software)
4. Payroll system OR interface Attendance system to the existing payroll
5. HR information and interaction Kiosk.
6. Leave management
7. Out Door duty management
8. Gate Pass management
9. Canteen Management
10. Salary Cash dispenser
Admin Suite / Security Suite

1. Access Control
3. DVR
4. Visitor management
5. Parking system
6. Vehicle tracking system
7. RF ID Asset management

Campus Works

1. Campus Management Software

2. Transaction management
3. Card & Communication interface
4. Multi application like
a. Cafeteria
Functional Applications

b. Library interface
c. Stores
d. Vending machine interface
e. Photo copier interface
f. Interface to other facilities

Loyalty Works

1. Loyalty Management software

2. Transaction management
3. Interface to front end application
4. Loyalty terminal

Parking and Tolling system

1. Enterprise backend system

2. Front end application
3. Parking and Tolling hardware
4. Interface to barriers

Attendance & Access Control

• Attendance terminal
• Access terminal
• Multi door controllers
• Readers
• Turnstiles (Tripod, Full height)

Hard Ware
• Flap barrier
• Boom barrier


• Finger print recognition

• Hand Geometry
• Face recognition
• IRIS scan
• Vein recognition
• PC and Server logon

POS terminal

• Desktop terminals (Contact & Contactless smart card)

• Hand held terminals (Contact & Contactless smart card


• RF ID readers
• Antennas
• Tags

• Time Keeper Attendance

• Datalog Pro Access control
• Calibre HR suite
• Web application
o Leave management
o Gate pass management
o Out door duty
o Attendance monitoring
• CampusWorks

Software application
o Card Management backend
o Transaction management middleware
o Card and Communication interface
o Applications
ƒ Cafeteria
ƒ Stores billing
ƒ Library interface
ƒ Other debit applications
• LoyaltyWorks
o Standalone application
o Enterprise Loyalty management backend
o Transaction management middleware
• RF ID applications
o Asset tracking
o Production & WIP
o Library
o Loyalty
o Event management
o Supply Chain management
o Warehouse management
o Cylinder tracking
o Container tracking
• Retail application
o VersaPOS
o Loyalty management
• Queue Management system
• Enterprise Parking system
• Enterprise Tolling system