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“We are destined to get burned….” Gary Veh commented, the
editor of,

“The Nebi who left the field notes suggest we find deep shade
and rock covered shelter of be pierced and slain by what comes
from the sky…I guess thermal particles rain down and perforate
anyone caught out in the open, hot thermal neutrons cut through
chert like it's butter so flesh is no barrier, the larger you are the
more neutrons can hit you.

“The megafauna were big targets and collected more direct hits
than mice and crickets. Nothing over 45 kilo survived here close
to the event horizon, that's where all your mammoths and sabre
tooth cats went too….” Gary Veh of Viewzone Research

And with Tom Horn in mind….(appearing on the Steve Quayle show)

>> I am a researcher into paleobotany and astro-archaeology in CHINA.
(I am an Australian/American by the way).
Recently after listening and relistening to Radio Show 4 with Steve
Quayle, I went to task with all my resources on your behalf to help you
qualify the 2892 BC date and the ENOCHIAN connection.

*The Radio Show

>> YOu of course if I do hear back from you can add to this detail. But
as I listened to your show and found the vague comment of BIBLICAL
scholars adding information on this date, I went to task to see if I can
find any info on this.

>> My background in the last 3 years has been the study of

cosmogenesis and the resurrection of lost cultural artifacts that were
based in the Indus-Valley cultures and Egyptian cultures from 3200 BC.
>> Below is the precis EMAILS that ensued to support the 4900
configuration and what actually was happening in 2892 BCE on planet

>> I'm attaching some additional comments, pictures graphs to make

this research more interesting for you and open a door between us, I'm
certain that the discuss of the BEASTS OF HEAVEN COME ALIVE
(from my works on the Denderah Zodiac over the last 2 years!) is part of
the LION's GATE COSMOLOGY and the lifting of the paw, Apollyon
that holds the hells-gate closed.
and I began wondering what the 2892 BC date was all about. It was
ENOCH's configuration based on a solar clock that by 2008 or 70 x 70
generations we would awaken the BEASTS of Heaven and they
would begin entering into our Earthly domain. Well, it has been known
since 1979 and before that this has been a possibility.
I worked out the following to realize that 2892 was a real date, but had
less to do with floods and cataclysms (see attached chart Chronology
of PX Theories) Thanks for reading the former Emails. From the
consecration of the closing of the AGE OF ARIES in 98 BCE, the
Temple of Hathor's Denderah Zodiac was transmiting it's messages in
math and story and sealed inside the temple.

There are some distinctive calculations that do fit in with your 2892
value. There are 2 cycles of sun changes that have been noted to weave
between one another a 700 year Brown Solar cycle and a 1050 year
Boyle Cycle (from Charles Boyle research available upon request)
Lets focus on the 700 year cycle whereby a starting point in a solar
cycle would suit ENOCH's mathematical mindset.
2892 - 700 = 2192 -700 = 1492 - 700 = 792 - 700 = 92 BCE ( a place to
comment on the transient place of URANUS crossing the Hathor
Temple ( a coincidence? ) but the temple was completed
in 98 continue
92 - 700 = 688 AD + 700 = 1388 AD plus quarter cycle of 175 = mini
ice age ends 1483 AD plus 525* = 2008 !!!!!!!
Now that is interesting, the mini ice age finishes off with a 1/2 cycle
from BOYLE cycle. So ENOCH may have calculated this computation
based on the value 7 as a key, 700 years for example or 7 cycles of x
700 years = 4900 that makes perfect sense.

>> FOR THE BOYLE's CALENDAR for the CULDEE science: 1050
value.... 2007 was chosen minus 525 minus 525 = 957 AD

** minus 5 equals 952 AD noted on the ROCK ART in New ENGLAND

957-525 = 432 - 525 = 93 BC - 525 = 618 BC - 525 = 1143 - 525 =
1668 - 525 = 2193 - 525 = 2718 plus 175 years (a quarter cycle ending
from the 700 cycle to complete the count !) the 2892 BC value.
>> FOUR CYCLES of 1050 plus one 1/2 cycle plus a 1/4 cycle of the
700 cycle ! or FOUR CYCLES of 1050 plus a 700 year cycle to
complete the count. The point is that the 700 year cycle and the 1050
cycle cross at the head and the tale of the 4900 count.

>> IN TEANGA (secret language of light the CELTS USED) the missing
5 years as a cache-code. 5 cryptic years (-1 -0 0 +0 +1) 5 years
meaning the CULDEE were SHORT FIVE YEARS...when they
engraved a value of 952 it was in the Gregorian count 957, when they
wrote 2007 it would be 2012, the did write 2002 which would be 2007/8
-98 BC plus 525 = 427 +525 = 952 * recorded on rocks in NEW
ENGLAND plus 525 = 1477 (mini ice age) plus 525 = 2002 AD

- 98 B.C. STARTING POINT "ZERO" IS : -97 plus 525 = 428 + 525 =

953 + 525 = 1478 + 525 = 2003 (5 year discrepancy to 2008)

>> III.
>> Let's move to a topic of unique length and breadth. Cosmic portals
that are known to exist and have now been registered in our history by
sargel 18 and varion 11 for example:
>> Steve:
Was I asleep on the Beasts coming into our domain? For sometime I
knew about sargel18 and varion11 who independently work to make the
rebuttal against those that say these beasts of other dimensions don't
exist. Well they do. I was aware for some time that my photographs
have revealed this. Sprites and elementals for example (see photo I took
of a beauty of a fire demon). But for these creatures of the universe to
move into our world seems a bit like the movie CONSTANTINE.
I also had to remember that my study on the Beasts of Heaven found
In the Denderah Zodiac and the position of Regulus under the Paw at
The Lion’s Gate, was the key to the demon star being let loose on the
Earthly population.

See this link...a place to start:
>> JJ Hurtak was keen to represent a vortex-warrior who has living proof
>> beyond the normal sasquatch that these demons and other
dimensional beings are coming into our world.
I have been close to that New Jersey reservoir one night when going
out to that area near NYC, and had a whopping ufo experience. But the
point is that a vortex is a vortex and this one is big! and inspired the
writings of the script Ghostbusters.
Also have a read of Varion 11 's site
>> So the idea that the BEASTS of HEAVEN come alive is something
that seems so vile and arcane to our normal senses that we actually
forget that they can come knocking at any time, especially if...too many
portals open by mistake! or by design.
>> I sent Steve the links to the Denderah Zodiac research i wrote and
>> mentioned to him that those beasts are mathematical moments
frozen in stone's space time to talk about the cosmic beasts of heaven
who were the representatives in 98 BC on who are present when the
>> precessionary age closes.
>> footnotes:
>> I communciate
with Dr Paul from time to time and he added some important info in the
research paper "Evidence for a Global Warming at the Termination I
Boundary and Its Possible Cosmic Dust Cause”
and “Confirming evidence that the Pleistocene extinction had an
extraterrestrial cause" .
Prof. Peratt, on the TP9 EVENT, Torus Plasma 9 event witnessed
during this galactic core energy volleys that change the DNA of our
higher spiritual platforms: "Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-
Current Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity Part II: Directionality
and Source"



The appearance of the 4th of November Solar glyph that appeared on the
SOHO photo was striking to me instantly! That was no sunspot of
ordinary design…this had some intelligent design.
In a short time I had the glyph decoded using Boyle’s notes and
teachings on reading TEANGA as old Irish script that is actually
First Tongue or Solar Tongue scripts that now carry the name
Proto-sinaitic vocabulary that carries meaning on 3 levels:
Geometric/ arithmetic/ harmonic frequencies.

From Rush Allen:

“But, it appears that the Master of the World Tree (Bruce) has again
brought our attention to a moment of Synchronicity.

Twietmeyer's conjecture about the Changing Sun is a projection of

human emotion on Earth. But, the timing of the projection and the
sense of righteousness of the conjecture has profound Synchronicity
with the election of Barack "O My God" Obama, whose name is
synchronous with the beast of Muhammad's Night Journey from
Jerusalem to Seventh Heaven and the adoration of the spirit of
mother, O Ba Ma.

The Synchronicity at Washington, D.C. at the moment of the SOHO EIT

195 photograph at 11/04/08 14:48 UT was the alignment of Heaven
and Earth in the Land of Freedom built in great part by slaves from
Africa. In short, the message is one of Cosmic Intervention to reward
the African American People with an occupant in the White House of
their own color. No matter what your political persuasion, it is time to
consider these omens as signs of Change.
Last, but certainly not least pay close attention to the Comet Barnard-
Boatini, whose hyphenated name is the result of a name change upon a
second coming.

Here is the full story of the Comet that Change the Color of the White
Boattini.html Click on the "O My God Comet" link to go right to the
evidence of Synchronicity.

It would appear that a Caucasian Grandmother from Kansas has raised

a child to walk the Yellow Brick Road to the Shining City on a Hill.

To accomplish the task she died just before the election in order to
have time to intercede with the Saints and Right a Wrong in
accordance with Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech.
Although her vote was counted posthumously, it was the most
important vote in African American History.

I would say that the "right angle glyphs" are more than a "natural
occurrence" for the give evidence that solar-earth magnetic portals are
susceptible to human emotion, especially when the emotion encircles
the Earth.


Within our cosmic internet com group is Peter Struzzi a rock art
Researcher in the USA who discovered his own sacred site of rock-art
Walls in the southwest. This sacred site carried the same message
that the deliturgization of the scripts spoke of as prophecy back in
957 AD . Same message of an energy shift in consciousness, one
of slaughter vs following a new liege. We met through a website
that still generates some attention from my days in Australia.

Cosmic Coups: This would be a cosmic coup, if the essentials of this

decoding remain cogent to the works of Charles Boyle who taught me
enough and left me with copius notes to decode this using epigraphic
expression of late Sinatic peoples and Old Irish scripts found in many
parts of the world.

But to be cognizant that the solar-keys, solar tongue can be poured out
through the Adonai Tsbehoth as a warning , then I would say our time
is limited, perhaps 2 months max. The positioning of the parts will be
refined again , but the magnification I got to, gave me these quadrants
of meaning. The epistemology is clear.

The reading of the record for the ‘sense of it’ resembled a similar set of
research dated exactly 957 AD during the winter solstice period when a
similar event was scheduled or had taken place,

The Glyph of the Sun reads:

"The swelling / appearance concerning that which is prophecy/

science., a thrust indeed" date 2009 , also "misfortune/fate of man'
With copious notes I saw in Boyle’s study at Danbury Connecticut’s
rock art site, I saw the same scripts and story-line emerge in
Connecticut as it was played out in Arizona!
Since early 1981 astronomers have been discussing the likelihood that the perturbations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune can
be explained by another larger body coming into range of the outer edge of our solar system. Finding the orbital position of a
Planet X has involved more than 5 astronomers who independently agree that a variety of brown dwarf-like bodies need to be
considered as candidates in this argument.

Sitchin is an archaeologist who argues that Planet X is the 10 th planet that is

part of a Chaldean myth of Nibiru that returns every 3660- years in a elipsoidial
circuit into our solar system, reeking destruction and displacing space debris and
cometary activity in and around Earth.
Prof. McCanney explains the disruptive cycles on cometary activity based on a 4000
year periodicity. Therefore, the arrival of Venus would explain the appearance of
the serpent in the sky (Quetzacoatl), the comet with tail as it was brought into
our solar system around 2194 BCE. Current research indicates that our sun is in a
belligerent cycle,more so than predicted by the standard sun-spot cycle that was
supposed to have culminated in 1999. Below is a simple time chart that cross-
references with major earth changes noted in myth and cultural habitats spanning 13
000 years. Charles Boyle, Phd in Geology and Education calculated the solar storm
cycle at 1050 year and a half-cycles of 525 year intervals.

Since the writing of these notes 5 years ago, new information is

applying itself for a renewal of understanding that a very strong
solar/galactic center manifestation of plasma physics and the
transformation of the sun’s heliosphere.

(Culdee calculation: at 2007 AD,
a five year discrepancy based on Gregorian Calendar)
(2002 minus 1050 years equals 952 AD,
Boyle’s research from Culdee writings)
Extreme weather and solar disturbances
Gamma burst radiation from Aquila August 1998

1673 AD
End of Mini-Ice Age in the Northern Hemisphere

1673 BC
Thera Event and the Santorini Explosion: suggested arrival of “Venus” into
Solar System

2198 BC
(1673 plus ½ cycle of 525 years)
Suggested date by McCanney for the arrival of Venus as a
Mastadon remains specifically Wrangle Island N.E.Siberia

-----------2982 BC-----------

Minor Superwave Volley

Enoch’s date for the 70x70 generations to 2007
Time of a Great calamity *actual changes 2200 BC in Levan
2920 BC was Manetho’s Chronology of the 30 Dynasties of
Eygpt to 343 BC
3242 BC
The Rise of the Scorpion King
2198 plus 1050


The Rule of the Dragon Stars around the North Celestial

5348 BC
(3248 plus 2100 = 5348)n.b. 2100 years equals 4 x 525 ½
Ice Caps melting, seas rising, Bosporus Strait collapses,
expanding the current Black Sea

8494 BC
( 5348 plus 3150 years / 3 cycles of 1050 = 8494 )
Maya record the destruction of Earth’s habitat by a cometary intruder
8498 BC calendar recalibrated by early-Mayan Cosmologists
(n.b. 3 cycles of 1050 plus 5300 equals 8494 BC)

10 594 BC
( n.b. 2 cycles of 1050 plus 8494 equals 10 594 )
Younger Dryas Period and Pleistocene Extinction(n.b. Sphinx

13 880 BC
Acidic peak: “Main Event” lasting 100 years
LaViolette Research: see:

Boyle’s Deligaturization
using TEANGA, the science of a solar language of the words
NIBIRU (Sumerian) and MARDUK (Babylonian)
Dated: April 1997 Danbury, Connecticut

” It is suggested that neither is a planet.

Following the Gaelic, one finds an alternative truth or meaning”
Ni (from the verb De-an) Bi = Bigh Ru = Ruibh
1) { Creating Pitch Brimstone

2) {Ni B’ = BA IR- Fior ‘U= NU

{Not It is, An ordeal Indeed
1) { Ú = Nu Ri Bi = Bigh ‘U= IN
Indeed a ruler pitch in

2) { Úr Í ‘B = Ba -ÍN
A Slaughter It , It is a smaller (‘sun of the sun’)

MARDUK: { M’ = MO ÁR D’= DE UG (note: K=G=CH)

1) My slaughter From The Egg

2) { M’= MO ARDÚ CH’= CHA G= BH’= BHA

My exhaltation of which of it is

3) {MÁ= DÁ R’=RO’ DÚCH

Of IT’s Excess Black Coloring


of the sun refuse
2) { CHÚ D’=DO R’= RO’ ÁM
Of the Sun Your Excess Indeed
Of it is Yonder/A Beginning Alternative(a second) My

Note: M’= MO ARDUK= ARDUG means : My Ascension

“It is my feeling that we are not dealing with a planet but a comet!”
Boyle, 1997

Kathy: greetings...I've been reading about the

The Legend of Lemuria ...and wonder if the
Culdee, Monks of the Black Order who
were the custodians of the ancient calendar
used the Inti...they canonized the cycle of
1050 years and 525 1/2 year cycles that
set the cycles of the Sun in its destructive
cycles (no mention per se of the planet x
situation..but I sense it is there)...

2 records are dictated in the scribings/engravings

of the Culdees here in America:
Native American Culdee/Irish
2002 2002

1652 1477

1302 * 952

602 * 427

-98 BC -98 BC

NOTE: Boyle suggested that the Hopi,

Anastazi , Hohokham and Cohokian stories of a
solar disturbance or storm were noted in
those years shown above with star....
suggesting a 700 year or 350 1/2 cycle
time line...but notice that the Culdees also
found that another cycle was also noted
based on a 1050 year and 525 1/2 cycle
AND they would cross every 2100 years!.

So it would appear there was a sub-cycle?

of activity based on another return of
phenomena. The Hohokham called it
a great flame from the sun that burned
700 000 people....

What can you make of this?



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