Adjectives followed by prepositions A absent from acceptance to someone accompanied by accomplished in an art accountable to a person for a thing accused

of a crime accustomed to acquainted with smb addicted to a bad habit adequate for adjacent to afraid of (but: afraid for one’s life) allergic to amazed at / by ambitious of fame amused at / with angry at what smb does angry with smb about smth angry with smb for doing smth annoyed about smth annoyed with smb about smth answerable to smb for smth anxious about smth(= worried about) (be) anxious for smth to happen (=want very much) ashamed of astonished at / by attached to (un)aware of B bad/good at (but: he was very bad to me) be good of smb (to do smth)(= to be healthy or beneficial) bored by/with blind in ( one eye) brilliant at busy with C capable of careless about/with certain about/of characteristic of charged with a crime close to concerned for a person concerned about (worried about) conscious of confident of something content with coupled with a person covered in/with crazy about crowded with (people) cruel to smb cruel of smb to do smth curious about cured of a disease D dear to deficient in courage delighted with dependent on / upon smb or smth desirous of success descended from devoid of something different from disappointed with/about discouraged from disgusted by/at disgusted with smth/smth disqualified from displeased with smb for smth dissatisfied with doubtful about dressed in E eager for efficient at engaged to smb/ in smth enthusistic about envious of equal to excellent at excited about exempt from experienced in expert at/ in/ on (smth/ doing smth) (=done with skill or involving great knowledge) F faithful to familiar to smb (known to smb) familiar with (have knowledge of) famous for fed up with fit for a position fond of fortunate in friendly to / with smb frightened of full of furious with smb for doing smth furious about/ at smth G gifted with smth glad for / of good at smth (feel) good about (pleased with oneself) good of smb to do smth good to smb

good for nothing good with (=skilfull) grateful to smb for smth guilty of (but: he felt guilty about his crime) H happy about/with harmful to hopeless at I identical to ignorant to/ about ignorant of something ill with impressed by /with (but: make an impression on smb) incapable of independent of indebted to smb for smth indifferent to inferior to infected with the germs of a disease (be) informed about intelligent at intent on interested in intimate with smb irritated by J jealous of smb K keen on doing smth kind to smb kind of smb (to do smth) L lame of one leg late for liable for punishment loyal to (king, country, principles)

M married to mean to moved to tears N necessary for negligent of one' s duty nervous about new to nice to notorious for doing smth O obedient to obliged to smb for doing smth obvious to occupied with some work, in doing smth P patient with peculiar to pleasant to pleased about/with/at (im)polite to popular with prone to proud of puzzled about/ by Q qualified for quick at understanding R ready for related to smb relevant to respected for respectful to/towards one's superiors responsible to smb/ smth resulting from rich in right about/for

rude to S safe from same as satisfied with/ by smth scared of sensible of smth (=aware of smth) sensible to serious about shocked at / by short of shy of sick of silly to do smth(but: it was silly of him) similar to skilful in doing smth slow in /about doing smth/ to smth sorry about(= feel sorry for smb) sorry for doing smth subject to sufficient for smth/ smb suitable to an occasion superior to sure of/ about surprised at/by surrounded by suspecious of sympathetic to / towards T terrible at terrified of thankful for smth tired of (=fed up with) typical of U unaware of uneasy about upset about / over smth used to

V valid for (length of time) valid in (places) W weak in worthy of wrong about

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