DETAILS       Since  releasing  the  media  application  to  join  with  the  California  Delegation  to  the  2012  Republican   National  Convention,  we’ve  received  questions  related  to  the  one-­‐time  $900  Participation  Fee.    It’s  a   straight  pass-­‐through  expense  that  covers  the  costs  for  Delegation  events  and  logistics  over  the  six   days  that  we’ll  all  be  enjoying  sunny  Florida.  This  is  the  same  amount  that  was  charged  for  media   covering  the  2008  Delegation  in  Minnesota.    For  your  benefit,  we’ve  detailed  in  this  memo  the   activities  covered  by  the  Fee.    Please  note  that  this  is  in  addition  to  the  cost  of  your  hotel  room;  we’re   still  working  to  determine  which  hotel  we’ll  be  assigned  for  the  Convention.     As  a  reminder,  completed  applications  and  participation  fees  (per  person)  are  due  on  June  15.    Please   let  me  know  if  you  have  any  questions.    A  copy  of  the  application  is  attached  for  your  convenience.     Best  regards,   Mitch       MEDIA  PARTICIPATION  FEE  DETAIL     Saturday  Night,  August  25   Transportation  to  and  from  Welcome  to  Tampa  Party   Hosted  at  Welcome  to  Tampa  Party  (Food  &  Drink)     Sunday,  August  26   Transportation  to  and  from  Host  Committee  Tampa  Party  with  all  50  Delegations   California  Gift  Bag  at  Registration   California  Guest  Credential  to  Convention   California  Credential  to  all  California  Parties  and  Events       Monday,  August  27   Transportation  to  and  from  Morning  Session  to  Convention     Transportation  to  and  from  Evening  Session  to  Convention   CA  Delegation  Breakfast  –  Entrance  and  Breakfast  –  Access  to  Delegates  and  Speakers   CA  Delegation  After  Session  Party  –  Food  &  Drink  -­‐  Access  to  Delegates  and  Speakers       Tuesday,  August  28   Transportation  to  and  from  Evening  Session  to  Convention  

8105  Irvine  Center  Drive  #1170  Irvine,  CA  92618  •  949-­‐271-­‐2115

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CA  Delegation  Brunch  –  Entrance  and  Brunch  –  Access  to  Delegates  and  Speakers   CA  Delegation  After  Session  Party  –  Food  &  Drink  -­‐  Access  to  Delegates  and  Speakers       Wednesday,  August  27   Transportation  to  and  from  Evening  Session  to  Convention   CA  Delegation  Caucus  Breakfast  –  Entrance  and  Breakfast  –  Access  to  Delegates  and  Speakers   CA  Delegation  After  Session  Party  –  Food  &  Drink  -­‐  Access  to  Delegates  and  Speakers       Thursday,  August  28   Transportation  to  and  from  Evening  Session  to  Convention   CA  Delegation  Excursion  -­‐  TBD  –  Entrance  and  Food–  Access  to  Delegates  and  Speakers   CA  Delegation  After  Session  Party  –  Food  &  Drink  -­‐  Access  to  Delegates  and  Speakers       Friday,  August  29   CA  Transportation  to  Airport       For  more  information  about  the  California  Delegation  2012,  please  visit       #   #   #    

Media Application & Housing Request August 25 to 30, 2012 Tampa Bay, Florida Republican National Convention 
First Name Media Organization Mailing Address Last Name

Bus Phone E-Mail Twitter Handle @

Cell Phone

□ Yes, I would like to stay and travel with the Republican California Delegation. This includes:
     A room reservation with the California assigned Hotel for the California Delegation (that I/my organization am responsible for paying for); Ground travel with the California busses to/from California Delegation events & RNC Convention site; Access to California Delegation events; A Guest Pass to the Republican National Convention (if requested); Please take into account that your travel to and from Tampa Bay is an out-of-pocket-expense for you or your organization.

□ Yes, I will/my organization will pay the California Delegation a one-time Participation Fee of $900 that
covers the above-listed ground travel, event access and guest pass (but does not include hotel room costs or transportation costs to and from Tampa Bay) by no later than FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2012     Checks may be made payable to: CALIFORNIA 2012 GOP DELEGATION for $900 and mailed to: California 2012 GOP Delegation, Attn: Tricia Kent, 455 Capitol Mall, Suite 600, Sacramento, CA 95814 Please attach a copy of this form with the check You will be receiving a call in May from our Housing Coordinator to book your Hotel Room You will be receiving a call in June from our Press Office about the California Delegation schedule and the printing of your California Convention Badge.
Paid for by California 2012 GOP Delegation FEIN #: 45-4476533

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