Waktu 120 menit


5. Semua Jawaban di isi di lembar jawaban komputer (LJK) yang telah disediakan. 7. 9. Anda harus segera berhenti bekerja bila ada tanda berhenti dari Pengawas. 8. 7 Februari 2010 Petunjuk : 1. Anda dapat mulai bekerja bila sudah ada tanda mulai dari pengawas. Soal ujian boleh dibawa pulang. Jumlah soal sebanyak 50 dalam bentuk pilihan ganda. 6. & KOMPUTER TINGKAT SD KECAMATAN CILODONG & TAPOS SMP ISLAM RADEN PATAH DEPOK Senin. BAHASA INGGRIS. Bacalah soal dengan teliti dan ikuti petunjuk tiap soal. Lakukan yang terbaik dan SELAMAT BERLOMBA!!! OSMIK-SD CILODONG & TAPOS OLIMPIADE BAHASA INGGRIS SMP ISLAM RADEN PATAH 2011 . 4. Letakkan jawaban anda di meja sebelah kanan dan segera meninggalkan ruangan. 2. 3.2011 OLIMPIADE SAINS. Waktu yang disediakan: 120 menit. MATEMATIKA.

and D. Bye C. Open the door. Men 10. Wave your hand. blackboard The appropriate command expression is « A. I¶m in 1C. they are not. 1. C. they are. The woman are teachers. Pleased to meet you 5. are B. please. C. The women are teacher. Nice to meet you. Are you a new student? Deni : Yes. radio C. I am. D. my name is Deni. A. is C. b. The women are teachers. Something you can find in your classroom is a« A. Good evening 6. I don¶t have « sugar. Look at the pictures. Questions 1±3 are based on the dialogue. pillow Choose either a. Close the window. A man C. please C. the 12. D. Nicky : I¶m going to sleep now. The boys « reading. Do you have « coffee? A. The plural form of the sentence is « A. Sri.SOAL PILIHAN GANDA B. am D. Sigit : I have to go now. Look at the pictures. and B. Deni meets Hari in « A. were 7. Deni : Hi. please. He meets Hari in the canteen. please D. OSMIK-SD CILODONG & TAPOS OLIMPIADE BAHASA INGGRIS SMP ISLAM RADEN PATAH 2011 . A. please. 11. the library D. any D. too. some C. It « a fish. B. Deni is a new student. B. Sri : «. but B. Bye B. «. a new teacher C. too B. some C. some C. a new student D. No. they are not. « is sitting on a beach. stove 9. Deni is « A. What is your name? Hari : Hi. any D. A. The appropriate command expression is « A. C. the classroom C. a librarian 2. Are they classmates? A. Close the book. are B. No. A. The woman is a teacher. or d for the correct answer. B. A. the yard B. and B. How do you do? D. Then we are classmates. Raise your hand. a 13. they are. Man B. please 15. the 14. were 8. the canteen 3. Open the book. my name is Hari. A. A men D. Nice to meet you. is C. The woman is a teacher. Is there « book in your bag? A. Sigit. Stand up. c. please B. Goodbye D. Stuart : OK. Good night C. a teacher B. 4. Yes. am D. and you? Hari : Me. Yes. D.

please. Is there B. Sit down. There are 31. Thank you C. Riri : Mam. 18. Anto : « Rima : Why? Anto : The library is closed until Saturday. « any ink in the bottle? A. Are there B. No. What is she doing? A.D. I am very sorry D. It¶s near the lab. Sit down. There is D. Is there D. « three girls waiting for the bus. She is jogging. Do 22. thank you 32. 19. He study English. 24. Thank you C. my pleasure D. B. you¶re welcome B. 16. Look at the picture: What are they doing? A. Stand up. These are B. Those are 28. Ranti : I¶m sorry. please? Liya : « A. Sure B. D. There is C. A. He studies English.. « a book on the desk. Are B. Fitra : What is Eka doing? Linda : He (study) English. You are welcome. Wulan : What is Susan doing? Citra : She (cook) fried rice. D. Is C. « you coming here? A. C. They are talking. I am B. Yes. I¶m sorry. She is cooking fried rice. Never mind D. Is C. She cooking fried rice. please. B. are there D.. D. A. A. Mother : What? How could you forget? . Sorry C. Anto : « A. Do 23. I forgot to buy 1 kg of sugar as you requested. OSMIK-SD CILODONG & TAPOS OLIMPIADE BAHASA INGGRIS SMP ISLAM RADEN PATAH 2011 . It doesn¶t matter B. D. please. D. C. So. is there B. She is sleeping. B. B. Are B. A. Am D. thank you C... « Betty working in the post office? A. There are D. there is C. how is Citra¶s answer should be? A. They are smiling. Are there 29. She is cooks fried rice. close the door. Look at the picture: C. Angga : « A. There is C.. They are crying. She cooks fried rice. Here you are D. Linda : Can you show me where the library is? Nina : «. There are C. A. never mind 27. Rima : I want to go to the library. 17. Thank you C. 20. Teacher : Rika. Am D. Thanks. She is cooking. there are 30. How many children « in your family? A. He studying English. Please excuse me B. Dont go there. I broke your ruler. A. She is closing. My pleasure D.. I don¶t think so 33. C. C. B. You are welcome 25. Please excuse me.. You are welcome 26.. Citra¶s answer is gramatically wrong. B.. Ami : « A. They are laughing. Don¶t smoke. Rima : Thank you for your attention. Santi : Could you pass me the sugar. 21. Rono : I apologize for my mistake. He is studying English. You know D. C.

Small clove garlic . Marisa works aboard the plane. 4 large tomatoes B. 1 cup of water B. Sri : « A. 8 cups of water OSMIK-SD CILODONG & TAPOS OLIMPIADE BAHASA INGGRIS SMP ISLAM RADEN PATAH 2011 . « A. Wawan is Sigit¶s « A. The rose smells « A. No problem D. fifteen past five C. 4 small tomatoes C. pen B.. I don¶t know B. A stewardess. That¶s OK C. It is part of the service. 4 ± 1 ± 3 ± 1 ± 2 D.Rika :« A. 1 large tomato D. uncle 48. Sure 41. How much water is needed for tomato soup? A. 49. five thirty Questions 49 ± 50 are based on the recipe below. and pepper. Any time D. Fry tomatoes. It is a painting « A. 3 ± 5 ± 1 ± 2 ± 4 43. sure 35. How many tomatoes are needed for tomato soup? A. girl C. cruel B. Anto : « A. A. mother B. Sorry C. today ± is ± the ± weather ± nice 1 2 3 4 5 A. salt. 45. 4. 1 small tomato 50. 2.¼ teaspoon butter 1. 4 ± 3 ± 2 ± 1 ± 5 B. My father puts his wallet « the table. A flight engineer. Turn down the heat and cover the lid. Heat until the water boils. What is she? A. 5 ± 4 ± 3 ± 2 ± 1 C.½ teaspoon salt . beautiful C. 1 ± 2 ± 3 ± 4 ± 5 C. son 46.4 Large tomatoes . beautiful C. grandfather B. neat 37. brother D. brother D. Yes. Look at The Picture: Andi :What time is it? Rita : It¶s . I don¶t think so C. B. good C. D. No problem B. under D. Sinta : Watching the midnight movie is fun. father D. had ± wonderful ± a ± I ± holiday 1 2 3 4 5 A. The soup tastes « A. table D. A. Susan is Mr Surya¶s daughter. Mr Surya is Susan¶s . Ma¶am D. Arif is Evi¶s « A. unusual 36. A steward. beside C. on 44. at B. Thank you C. A. She is helpful and friendly. 3 ± 4 ± 1 ± 2 ± 5 B.. father C... Evi is Arif¶s sister. onion. Never mind 34. fifteen to five D. house 38. ugly B.¼ teaspoon pepper . 3 ± 4 ± 2 ± 5 ± 1 D. A co-pilot. and garlic in a pan with butter for five minutes. thanks B. Eka : No. She is a nice little « A. father C. I disagree with you D. spices.8 cup of water . 5. Irwan : Thank you for coming. She serves drinks and meals to the passengers. delicious D. 4 ± 5 ± 3 ± 2 ± 1 42. C.Spices . five forty-five B. 3. delicious D.1 small onion . naughty B. TOMATO SOUP . uncle C. uncle 47. Cook for one hour. Add water. Sigit : I¶m sorry for not calling you. beautifully D. kind 39. Sigit is Wawan¶s nephew. Sure 40. You¶re welcome B. mother B.

2 cups of wat I PIA E BA ASA I IS SMP ISLAM RADEN PATAH 2011  ¨ § ©  OSM SD C ODONG & TAPOS £   ¦¥ ¤ ¢¡   .C 5 cups of wat D.

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