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Ozone water antibacterial sterilizer

( 6 Patents, CE, RoHS certificates)

Application Areas

family, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, public health, food processing
industries, schools and kindergartens, Orphanage, finance, securities, office, entertainment,
the armed forces, industry, agriculture, fisheries, aquaculture industry, environmental

The pursuit of healthy life is the eternal theme for people, but the pollution is doing great harm to
human beings .Contaminated water, mainly from industrial wastewater, municipal sewage and the
extensive use of fertilizers in agricultural land, can caused more than 60 kinds of diseases for it does
not meet the health quality. Most people aware of the invisible killers:residual pesticide in
vegetables and fruit, antibiotics and hormones in meat, but people can do nothing about them.
Based on the research for many years, the small household appliance Ozone Water Antibacterial
Sterilizer was invented via advanced medical science and the latest ozone technology. It’s a broad-
spectrum and high effective disinfection product, can strongly remove heavy metal ions, toxic residual
pesticide, toxic inorganic and organic carcinogenic substance but will not form secondary pollution, is
known as the Patron Saint of Health.

The gorgeous appearance of Kangzhen-medical CYS300C. Ozone Water Antibacterial Sterilizer is

unique and simple, full of wisdom. It can be applied in various kinds of sectors, like families,
hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, banking offices, securities companies,
recreation areas, manufactures, food processing industries, agriculture, fisheries, poultry raising and
environmental protection.

Product Features

● Large screen dynamic display, distinguished temperament.

●Dual LCD display

●Touch-Sensor button

●Auto-induction start

●Separation of water and electricity installation, ensuring safety of users.

●Circuit design of environment friendly, voltage range:100V - 250V

●Automatic voltage regulation (AVR), produces right amount and stable ozone ions

●Automatic detection and protection of high pressure

●5 memory concentration regulation function

●Cellular strainer mixer, effectively mix water with ozone ions

●Automatic cut-off, suspended to produce ozone ions after 10 minutes ’continued use, guaranteed
there will not accumulate the excessively ozone ions in the air
●Elegant design, easy installation

Technology Parameter

Name: Ozone Water Antibacterial Sterilizer

Model: CYS300C
Input voltage: 100 V-250V, 50/60Hz
Rated power: 9 W
Ozone ions in water containing ozone (0.1 Mpa under pressure) ≥ 0.4-0.8 mg / L
The minimum amount of ozone occurred: 500 mg / h
Weight (g):620g
External dimensions (Long*thick*high): 135 (L) * 58 (W) * 188 (H) mm

Six Patents of the Ozone Water Antibacterial Sterilizer

★ Made by highly effective ozonizer, high-purity ozone production , small size and energy
saving characteristics, yield ozone production up to 0.5 g / h.
Patent No. : ZL 200720052701.5

★ Automatic induction disinfection, users can choose ozone water or tap water.

Patent No. : ZL 200720052698.7

★ Separation of water and electricity installation, ensuring safety and extending the service
life of the machine.
Patent No. : ZL 200720052743.9
★ Cellular device, effectively mix water with ozone ions, instantly produce ozone ions water
and with no ozone leakage.
Patent No. : ZL 200720052700.0 

★ Newly high-pressured packing, small volume but efficient.

Patent No. : ZL 200720052748.1

★ Appearance patent

Patent No. : 200730313980.1

Authoritative Detection

Candida albicans the average rate of sterilization 99.96%

E. coli the average rate of sterilization 99.92%
Pseudomonas aeruginosa the average rate of sterilization 99.98%
Staphylococcus aureus the average rate of sterilization 99.97%
Dichlorvos removal 99.50%
Alkalis Alkalis deal with the former water 12.32 treated water 7.78
Fluorid deal with the former water 2.28mg/L treated water 0.5mg/L
Organic impact test: negative

Medical Application
1. Health care workers’ Hand-disinfection
Operation: use ozone ions water to wash hands for 30 seconds
Function: replace the disinfectant, non-toxic and low-cost

2. Instruments' disinfection
Operation: immerse the instruments in ozone ions water for 5-10 minutes.
Function: eliminate the residuum and bacterial virus

Ten home Magical Effect

1. Hand-washing disinfection
1) Applies in sectors of higher demand on hygiene condition(such as medical units, catering services,
food processing, and beverage production, etc.).
2) Crowded public places (such as train stations, bus stations, airports, hotels, restaurants, shopping
malls, schools, hospitals, workplaces, etc.).
Operation: use ozone ions water to wash hands.
Function: to kill bacteria virus, prevent disease.
2. water purification: the machine can produce different density of ozone ions water for
sterilization and disinfection, decompose the impurities in the water.

3. Fruits and vegetables detoxification: Fully decompose the residual pesticide and fertilizers in
fruit and vegetables, eliminate bacteria virus, maintain freshness but won’t change the flavor of the
food, apply to all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

4. Detoxification and preservation in meat: soak the fish, eggs, meat into the ozone ions water,
surface bacteria and harmful microbe will be killed, residual hormone and fishy smell will be
eliminated. The meat will be more delicious, and the preservation period is prolonged 2-5 times.
5. Beauty care: for face-washing, hair-washing and bathing, epidermal cells can be activated and
skin bacteria will be eliminated.

6. Daily necessities disinfection

disinfect tableware, daily necessities and clothing, especially for child toys, milk bottles and
underwear’s disinfection.

7. Mouth cleaning: brushing teeth with ozone ions water, oral diseases like bad odor and gingivitis
are will be prevented.
8. Home treatment: Ozone ions water can be treated gynecological diseases that caused by
bacterial infection, and skin diseases, such as beriberi and onychomycosis.

9. Pet cleaning and disinfection: use the ozone ions water to prevent pet’s bacteria, reduce fleas
and eliminate fur odor.

10. Room-cleaning: the ozone ions water can be used to disinfect the living room, bedroom,
kitchen and toilet,or use as deodorant.

Hotel application
1. Kitchen
1)Food detoxification and preservation, like fruits, vegetables, fish and meat.

2)Fast-speed tableware disinfection

2. Washrooms

Installed in the washroom, guests can use the ozone ions water to wash face, clean mouth and
disinfect underwear.
3 Public health of lobby
For guests’ hand-disinfection, improve the hygiene condition of the hotel .

4 Hotel Laundry
Use the ozone ions water to wash bed sheet, quilt cover and pillow case, disinfection, sterilization,
deodorant and bleach are will be finished in one process, lower the cost.

5 Hotel administrative offices

Use the ozone ions water as the administrative staff’s daily hand- disinfection.