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1. To take measures to meet the expectation of customer.

2. To make an estimation of the market value of the company.

3. To assess the most preferred mobile connections.

4. To get the knowledge of satisfaction level of the customer.

5. To get the knowledge of the trends in telecommunication


6. To get familiar with telecommunication sector.


In the competitive market scenario it is very necessary for a company to fully

satisfy its customers without which a company cannot survive in the future.
The topic of the project “STUDY OF GROWTH & SALES OF BHARTI AIRTEL” is
dealt with the study of how much customers are satisfied after using the
products and services of the company.

India’s largest cellular service provider Bharti Airtel is among the top ten
ranking telecommunications company in the world today. The company has an
enviable reputation in the corporate world for professionalism, fast track
growth and building shareholder equity.

It is required to ask customers for his satisfaction that will help the company
to develop a better understanding with the customers as well as to know
whether the company is going in the right direction or there is any need of
improvement. Therefore, we can say without satisfying customers a company
cannot satisfy its needs.


“ As we spread wings to expand our capabilities and explore new horizons,

the fundamental focus remains unchanged: seek out the best
technology in the world and put it at the service of our ultimate user
our customer.”
-Sunil Bharti Mittal (Group Chairan and Managing Director)

Bharti Airtel, India's leading private sector providers of telecommunications

services having an aggregate of 30,267,763 customers as on October 31, 2006,
consisting of 28,611,732 GSM mobile also provides 1,656,031 of its customers with
broadband & fixed-line telephone services

The Enterprise services group has two sub-units - carriers (long distance
services) and services to corporates. All these services are provided under the
Airtel brand.
The businesses at Bharti Airtel have been structured into three individual
strategic business units (SBU’s) - mobile services, broadband & telephone services
(B&T) & enterprise services. The mobile services group provides GSM mobile
services across India in 23 telecom circles, while the B&T business group provides
broadband & telephone services in 94 cities.
Company shares are listed on The Stock Exchange, Mumbai (BSE) and The
National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE).

The company has a strategic alliance with Vodafone. The investment made
by Vodafone in Bharti is one of the largest single foreign investment made in the
Indian telecom sector.
The company also has a strategic alliance with SingTel. The investment made by
SingTel is one of the largest investments made in the world outside Singapore, in
the company.

Bharti Airtel mobile network equipment partners include SonyEricsson and

Nokia. In the case of the broadband and telephone services and enterprise services
(carriers), equipment suppliers include Siemens, Nortel, Corning, among others.
The Company also has an information technology alliance with IBM for its
group-wide information technology requirements and with Nortel for call center
technology requirements. The call center operations for the mobile services have
been outsourced to IBM Daksh, Hinduja TMT, Teletech & Mphasis.


 Sunil Bharti Mittal

Chairman & Managing Director since October 2001

Board director since: July 1995
Age: 49 years

Sunil Bharti Mittal is the Chairman and Managing Director of Bharti Airtel Limited
(“Bharti”), India’s largest private integrated telecom player. The company has nearly 20
million customers on its well-respected brand “AIRTEL”.
Sunil was one of the first entrepreneurs to identify the mobile telecom business as a
major growth area and launched services in the city of Delhi and the National Capital
Region in the year 1995. Under his inspiring leadership the company grew organically and
inorganically, covering the entire country by providing integrated telecom services.
In his personal capacity, Sunil has received several awards such as:

• “Best Asian Telecom CEO”, Telecom Asia Awards 2005

• “Best CEO, India”, Institutional Investor, 2005
• “Business Leader Of The Year”, Economic Times, 2005
• “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2004”, Ernst & Young

Sunil has always been a pioneer. A first generation entrepreneur, he started his first
business in 1976 with a capital investment of Rs 20,000. He initially founded a number of
trading concerns, and established the first company to manufacture

push button telephones in India. This company is now one of the largest manufacturers of
telephones in the world.
Apart from his role at Bharti, Sunil holds the position of the Honorary Consul General
of the Republic of Seychelles in New Delhi, India. Some of his other roles include being a
member of the Prime Minister’s Council on Trade and Industry; Co-Chairman of the Indo-
British Partnership and a Board Member of the Global GSM Association.
Sunil is an alumnus of Punjab University and has completed the “Owner/President
Management Program” from Harvard Business School.

 Rajan Bharti Mittal

Joint Managing Director since October 2001

Board director since: July 1995
Age: 46 years

Rajan Bharti Mittal, is actively involved in overseeing the activities of Bharti Airtel Ltd.
at corporate level, and is a Trustee of Bharti Foundation. He is the Chairman of FICCI’s
(Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry) Infrastructure Committee, and
member of FICCI’s Executive and Steering Committees. He is also a member of several
other organizations and associations, such as the Managing Committee of PHD Chamber
of Commerce & Industry, Council of Management of All India Management Association, and
Executive Committee of International Chambers of Commerce – India Chapter. He was the
past President of Association of Basic
Telecom Operators (now it is known as Association of Unified Telecom Service
Providers of India – AUSPI ) during the period 1999-2000.
Rajan is also involved in many new business ventures within Bharti Enterprises.


FOR THE YEAR 2006 – 2007

1. Bharti Airtel draws Top Honors at the MIS Asia IT Excellence Awards 2006

2. Bharti Airtel among the top 10 best performing companies in the world according to
BusinessWeek IT 100 list

3. Sunil Bharti Mittal is ‘CEO of the Year’ at the Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT
Awards 2006 & Bharti Airtel bags ‘Wireless Service Provider of the Year' and
'Competitive Service Provider of the Year'

4. Bharti Tele-Ventures is the “BEST INDIAN CARRIER” at Telecom Asia Awards 2006


Airtel comes to you from Bharti Airtel Limited - a part of the biggest private integrated
telecom conglomerate, Bharti Enterprises. Established in 1976, Bharti has been a
pioneering force in the telecom sector with many firsts and innovations to its credit. It is one
of India’s leading private sector providers of telecommunications services. Bharti Tele-
Ventures also provides telephone services and Internet access over DSL in 15 circles. The
company complements its mobile, broadband & telephone services with national and
international long distance services.

Bharti created history by becoming first and only telecom operator to have an all
India mobile footprint across 23 circles. Airtel today connects India from the Indus to the
Indian Ocean and from Sabarmati to the Brahmaputra on a network of more than 14,000
base stations covering more than 3000 towns across all the 23 telecom circles in India.

Market Leadership: Airtel has maintained its market leadership over the last 2 years
by garnering the highest share of net adds (more number of customers have the preferred
Airtel vis-à-vis other operators in the circle.

Airtel has been the front runners in offering host of cutting edge and value for money
products and services to its customers in Maharashtra & Goa. This includes innovative
services like Hello Tunes, Missed Call Alerts, Blackberry, Assal Marathi, Konkani Hello
Tunes, Bi-lingual bills and host of other segmented products like 999 Lifetime Prepaid Card,
Airtel Friendz, 200 RC etc well accepted by the customers in Maharashtra & Goa.

Bharti Airtel Limited, a part of Bharti Enterprises, is India's leading provider

of telecommunications services. The businesses at Bharti Airtel have been
structured into three individual strategic business units (SBU’s) - mobile
services, broadband & telephone services (B&T) & enterprise services. The
mobile services group provides GSM mobile services across India in 23
telecom circles, while the B&T business group provides broadband &
telephone services in 94 cities.
The Enterprise services group has two sub-units - carriers (long distance
services) and services to corporates. All these services are provided under
the Airtel brand.

By 2010 Airtel will be the most admired brand in India:

• Loved by more customers

• Targeted by top talent
• Benchmarked by more business


» Bharti Airtel breaks into the 40 million Mobile Customer Club, Joins an Elite list of
Top 10 Global Mobile Services Operators
» Bharti Airtel Limited: FY 2007 - A Year of Accelerated Growth & Market Leadership
» Bharti Airtel Limited will announce results for the fourth quarter and full year
ended March 31, 2007 today, i.e. April 27, 2007 (Friday)
» Sunil Bharti Mittal conferred Degree of Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) by G. B.
Pant University
» Bharti Airtel Limited to announce results for the fourth quarter and full year ended
March 31, 2007, on April 27, 2007 (Friday)
» Airtel brings the Highly-Anticipated BlackBerry 8800 Smartphone to India

SingTel is the leading provider of international and local telephone
services , mobile communication services, data communication services
and postal services in Singapore. SingTel is also one of the leading
integrated communications service providers in the Asia Pacific region. It
has 19 offices in 14 countries around the world, extensive networks
through out the Asia Pacific region and significant investments outside
Singapore, particularly in Belgium, India, Philippines, Taiwan, and
Thailand. SingTel has a strong track record of adding value to its
International investments and supporting their growth.
Warburg Pincus
Warburg Pincus is a leading global private equity investment firm
managing approximately US$11 billion of investment with a further US$5
billion available for investment. Since 1971, Warburg Pincus has raised
ten private equity funds and has made over 435 investments across the
US, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Warburg Pincus has substantial focus on India and it has made

investments across various economic sectors – telecommunications,
financial services, building materials, pharmaceuticals consumer goods
and technology. Warburg Pincus has invested more than US$ 600 million
in India.


NYLIF is a part of New York Life Insurance Company, and is a fortune 100
company and is one of the largest insurance companies in the USA. It
offers traditional life insurance; annuities and long term care insurance.
NYLIF, through its affiliate New York Life Investment Management,
provides institutional asset management and trust services and various
securities products and services.
AIF was established in 1994 with participation from Frank Russel,
International Finance Corporation, Asian Development Bank and the
Quantum group of funds.
AIF is a part of AIF Funds Management Limited (AIFML), which manages
close to US$ 1 billion in direct investments across Asia. AIF has made
investments in power and transportation sectors in Asia. AIF has made
investments in various telecom project in Asia including wireless, fixed
and wholesale carriers.
The international Finance Corporation (“IFC”) is an international
organization established in 1956 pursuant to Articles of Agreement,
which govern its operations. As of January 1, 2001, 174 countries were
IFC shareholders.

The principal purpose of IFC is to bring further economic growth in its
developing member countries by promoting private sector development.

In partnership with private investors, IFC assists in financing the

establishment, improvement and expansion of private sector enterprises
by making investments where sufficient private capital is not otherwise
available on reasonable terms. In addition to project finance and
resource mobilization, IFC offers financial and technical advisory services
to private business in developing member countries. It also advises
member governments on private sector development matters.


About Bharti Tele-Ventures

Bharti Tele-Ventures (BTVL) has an aggregate of 4.9 million customers as

of august 31, 2003, consisting of approximately 4.4 million mobile and
469,000 fixed line customers. Our market share as on August 31, 2003
was 25.2% of which, mobile services constitute the largest portion.

For the quarter ended June 30, 2003 our revenue and EBITDA as per un-
audited IAS accounts were Rs.1,036 crore and Rs.289 crore respectively
and for the year ended March 31, 2003, our revenue and EBITDA as per
un-audited IAS accounts were Rs.3,050 crore (US$ 642 million) and
Rs.759 crore (US$160 million) respectively. During the quarter ended
June 30, 2003, the company has made a gross investment of over
Rs.10,650 crore (US$ 2.3 billion) in building telecom in India.
The Company offers mobile services in fifteen out of 22 circles in India. The Company also provides
fixed-line services in Haryana, Delhi, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu circles.

Bharti Tele-Ventures Bharti Global

Bharti Teletech

Bharti Infotrac
Mobility Infotel Leaders

Services Fixed Line Long Broadband
Services Distance Services

Bharti Healthcare Bharti Foundation



Airtel comes to you from Bharti Airtel Limited, India 's largest integrated
private telecom service provider. We are the first private telecom provider to
connect India in its entirety with the world's best technology. Bharti Airtel
since its inception has been at the forefront of technology and has steered
the course of the telecom sector in the country with its world class products
and services.

The businesses at Bharti Airtel have been structured into three strategic
business units (SBU's) - Mobile services, Broadband & Telephone services
(B&T) & Enterprise services.

We complement our mobile, broadband & telephone services with national

and international long distance services. We provide international
connectivity with our system SEA-ME-WE-4. We provide reliable end-to-end
data and enterprise services to the corporate customers with our nationwide
fiber optic backbone, last mile connectivity in fixed-line and mobile circles,
VSATs, ISP and international bandwidth access through the gateways and
landing station.

Airtel provide the following services :

Business Divisions

• Mobile Services – Bharti Airtel provides GSM mobile services in all the
23-telecom circles of India and was the first private telecom service
provider to connect all states of India .

• Broadband & Telephone Services – Our Broadband (DSL) &

telephone services (fixed line) are present in the 92 cities across
India .
• Enterprise Services (Carriers) – With 35,016 kilometers of optic fibre
network we are a leading national long distance service provider. For
international connectivity to east, we have a submarine cable landing
station at Chennai. For international connectivity to the west, the
Company is a member of the South East Asia-Middle East-Western
Europe – 4 (SEA-ME-WE-4) consortium along with 15 other global
telecom operators.

• Enterprise Services (Corporates) – The group focuses on delivering

telecommunications services as an integrated offering including mobile,
broadband & telephone, national and international long distance and
data connectivity services to India's leading 1300 corporates,
Our Partnerships :
We partner with world's finest companies like Vodafone, Singtel (Singapore
Telecom), Ericsson, Nokia, IBM and many more to bring the best of products
& service to you.

Our Innovations
We are changing the way India communicates by offering innovations that not
only add value to people's lives but also deliver an unmatched customer
We were the first to

• Provide electronic recharge for mobile phones.

• Initiate music retailing in the world with “Easy Music” and the first to
offer a Lifetime Prepaid service.
• Provide innovations such as Bollywood movie premiers, music services
such as ringback tones & many more.

Airtel Magic – Selling a Prepaid Cellphone Service

"Magic's success can be attributed to the one on one relationship that the brand has
built successfully with its customers. Add to that the vibrant colours, the local
language and simplicity that the brand communicates with, and the celebrity
association, Magic creates a lasting bond with its customers."
- Vivek Goyal, CEO, Bharti Mobitel Ltd., in January 2002


In 2002, the leading Indian telecommunications company, Bharti Cellular Limited
(Bharti) signed the famous cricket player Saurav Ganguly and leading movie stars,
Madhavan and Kareena Kapoor as endorsers for its brand, Airtel Magic (pre-paid cellular
card). Its objective was to create the highest recall for Magic in the pre-paid cellular
telephony segment by cashing in on the two biggest passions of India - movies and cricket.
Bharti also changed the tagline for Magic from 'You Can Do Magic' to 'Magic Hai To
Mumkin Hai' (If there is Magic, it's possible). The move attracted considerable media
attention, as it was unusual for a company to spend so lavishly to promote a single brand.

In October 2002, Bharti launched a television commercial (TVC), featuring Shah
Rukh Khan (leading actor, already endorsing Magic since a couple of years) and Kareena
Kapoor. The TVC, developed by one of India's leading advertising agencies, Percept
Advertising, was the first of the series of four TVCs for Magic's new campaign. According to
Bharti, the TVCs aimed at attracting young adults come true instantly, at Rs 300 per

However, industry observers felt that these actions were necessiated by the
intensifying competition in the pre-paid cellular card segment in India in the early 21st
century (Refer Exhibit I for a note on cellular telephony). Many new players (national as well
as international) had entered the segment and the competition had become quite severe.
Besides Magic, the major players in the pre-paid card segment in 2002 included Idea (Tata,
AT&T and Birla Group), Speed (Essar), Hutch (Hutchison), Wings (RPG), Cellsuvidha
(Fascel) and Yes (UshaMartin).

In October 2002, Magic led the market, with 30% of the market share. Bharti
claimed that its strategies were one of the most ambitious experiments ever in the Indian
pre-paid cellular telephony market. However, given the increasing competitive pressure,
doubts were being expressed regarding the ability of Bharti's marketing initiatives to help
Magic retain its 'Magic' in the future

Mobile Division


Bharti Tele-Ventures vision for its mobile business is “To make mobile communications a
way of life and be the customers first choice.”

The mission is to meet the mobile communication needs of the customer through :

• Error free service

• Innovative products and services and
• Cost effitiency.

The Company’s strategic objectives is to consolidate its leadership position amongst the
mobile service providers in India.

Bharti Tele-Ventures believes that the demand for mobile services in India will continue to
grow rapidly as a result of the following factors:

• Lower tariffs and handset prices over time

• Growth in pre-paid customer category
• Greator economic growth and continued development of India’s economy
• Higher quality mobile networks and services and
• Greater variety and usage of value added services.

Bharti Tele-Ventures Limited

Cellular Access Long Distance Broadband

Cellular Network Fixed-Line National Long
Network Distance Services
Andhra Pradesh M.P. Circle All India Internet
Chennai Haryana VSAT
Delhi Delhi International Network Solutions
Gujrat Karnataka Long Distance
Haryana Tamil Nadu Network
Himanchal Pradesh All India
Kolkata Landing Station
M.P. Circle
Maharashtra Chennai
Tamil Nadu
U.P. (West) Circles

Bharti Tele-Ventures’ Strategic Objective is “To capitalize

on the growth opportunities that the Company believes are
available in the Indian telecommun ication s market and
consolidate its position to be the leading integrated
telecommunications services provider in the key markets in
India, with a providing mobile services.”

The Company has developed the following strategies to achieve its strategic objectives:

 Focus on maximizing revenues and margins.

 Capture maximum telecommunications revenue potential with minimum
geographical coverage.
 Focus on satisfying and retaining customers by ensuring high level of customer
 Leverage strengths of its strategic and financial partners and
 Emphasize on human resource development to achieve operational efficiencies.


Bharti Tele-Ventures current businesses include:-

 Mobile Services.
 Fixed-Line Connections.
 National and International long distance services.
 VSAT, Internet Services and Network Solutions.

Competitive Strengths

Bharti Tele-Ventures believes thet the following elements will contribute to the Company’s
success as an integrated telecommunication services provider in India and will provide the
company with a solid foundation to execute its business strategy:

Nationwide Footprint – As of May 31, 2004, approximately 92% of India’s total mobile
subscribers resided in the Company’s sixteen mobile circles. These 16 circles collectively
accounted for approximately 56% of India’s land mass;

Quality management team with vision and proven execution skills; and
The Company’s strong relationships with International Finance Corporation, Asian
Infrastructure Fund Group and New York Life Insurance.

The key demographics of Bharti Tele-Ventures’ mobile circles are set forth

All India Bharti Circles Bharti as % Of All

Number of Circles 22 15 68%
Are of the circles 3278 1848 56%
(in sq km)
Population in the 1027 593 58%
linced areas (in
Market Mobile 28.15 25.86 92%
subscribers in the
licensed areas
(in Mn)

Job profile

I was a trainee in the organization Bharati Airtel. My job

was to market Airtel products and also to produce better return for

the company

As the company deals with all the major telecom services

like Prepaid, Postpaid, Fixed line, national and international long

distance call, VSAT, Internet and network solutions

Airtel has already proved to be a distinguished company in

the telecommunication sector hence it made my objectives of

increasing the sales volume.

As far as the fact and figure available with the companies

local office are concerned, I analyzed that my regular efforts has

brought about and considerable change in the sales volume and in

the satisfaction of customers.

During the course of my training I had many observations

and also some recommendation, which I had given, in the latter

part of the project report.

I feel that my job was a pleasant one and it was a great

learning experience working for Bharti Airtel

Before being employed in the company I was given an

orientation training session of 3 days. They taught us how to go

for the sales of the company’s product.

My territory sales manager was Mr. Vivek Asthana. I was

being given the target to have a sale above the Rs 5000, in a

month. I was successful in achieving the target during my Job


My job profile also includes the extra curricular activities like

presentation of the company at local level.

Finally, according to me, I have not left any area untouched in the

marketing of the Airtel products. By my regular and sincere efforts I

was able to increase a part of sales of Airtel in Kanpur city.

Working Experience
My working experience with Airtel is mentioned below:

I have earned a little during my working period. It was a great experience of working with the
company. I have worked with the company for last one month. I was recruited in the company as a
sales executive.

I made a hypothesis in mind to get at least a deal in a day but it was hard to make it, but then
also completed my monthly target .

Advantage of Working with the company

 It made me improve my curricular skills

 I learned how to deal with customers and learned that earning money is really a hard task.

 It gave me motivation.

 It created a zest in me to work for the company.

Disadvantages of working with the company

 I was restricted to the telecom industry.

 I was working at company’s local level so I was limited to the local market of the Kanpur city.

 The senior executive of the company were not very co-operative so I had to struggle a lot.

 The major problem with me was that I was handling the job with my studies so I was unable to
concentrate a lot on the work.

 Live experience

Name of the customer: Mr. Kamesh Varyani

Location: Ratan lal Nagar

Date: 26/10/2007

I got the training and during the training period I started visiting some people in my relation,
to sell postpaid connections of Airtel, in this process I went to Mr. Kamesh Varyani

On 26th of October, I went for the sales of the company’s product. I made a list of the
customers to which I had to target. I went to the customer’s workplace at noon. I arranged the
address previously.

I went to the customer’s home and introduced myself. After my introduction I was greeted
well and was allowed to start the conversation.

Salesman-“sir my name is Kabir Bhagtani and I am here to tell u about our company’s new
schemes which I hope will suite you the best.

Customer-“Thank you but I am not interested in any new schemes as I am completely

satisfied and happy with my current Mobile phone service provider, that is Vodafone”

Salesman-“I completely agree with your words sir but let me tell you that I have some great
schemes for you which will definitely be beneficial to you”.

Customer- “OK you go ahead, but just see that you don’t take much of my time”

Salesman-“thank you sir, but before starting with, I would like to know that what is the
present average bill you are paying per month to your present service provider.”

Customer-“oh its actually very reasonable, its just about Rs. 650 per month and that too out
of those 650 I make STD calls of almost Rs.400of that for business and personal use. So I feel it
is the best thing I am getting in this competitive market.”

Salesman-“ Nice! Sir, may I know what are the tariffs your mobile phone operator is
charging you for making STD and local calls ? ”

Customer-“I pay 50 paise per minute for local calls on the same network, 75 paise/min for
local calls on other network, and Rs. 2.50/minute for making an STD call to any network.”

Salesman-“So, I have the right plan for you and I am sure it will definitely save your hard
earned money. As you told me that the maximum number of calls made from your number STD.
Our company has recently launched a new scheme as per which you will be charged Re.1/minute
for making STD calls, 50 paise/minute for making a local call to any network, also you can
register two local and two STD numbers for which the company will charge you 50 % of normal
tariffs, this is a limited period offer which is of great benefits to you.

Customer-“Really? I mean I will get what I am listening then I feel this is the right time and
place you have come to.



Bharti Tele-Ventures current businesses include:


In mobile services Bharti Tele-Ventures basically provides facility of prepaid and postpaid
connections. In these connections they provide the facility of telecommunication using wireless

Prepaid Connections: - In prepaid connections customer has to go to any of the sales representative
of Airtel and he has to ask for a prepaid connection. Then he has to fulfill some formalities that are: -
1. Photos.
2. Identity proof.
3. A form duly filled.
4. Amount required for the connection.
Then he gets his prepaid card which can be installed in any of the wireless set.

Postpaid Connections: - In postpaid connections same thing happens but here after full filling all
the formalities customer has to go through a verification in which address proof of the
customers are verified. This verification is conducted by the senior authorities of Airtel.

As in mobile technology in fixed line also facility of telecommunication is provided, but in fixed
line we cannot move the electronic equipment with us. Method of providing the connection is


In this service basically firm concentrates on the long distance calls. It has its own call rates
which are higher than the local call rates.


In this service basically Airtel provides Internet connections to local persons through leased lines
or directly through mobiles. Now they have introduced broadband services which are cheaper
than the leased line connection.

Welcome to the World of Airtel Prepaid

Convenient, affordable, and easily available - Airtel Prepaid

offers you the best rates and coverage on the islands along
with a wide variety of value-added services and 24-hour
Customer Care.

Total cost control:

• No rentals, no bills, no hassle!

• Simple and instant re-charge process

• Balance inquiry online

• Affordable rates

• Available everywhere in Seychelles


Peak Hours SR 2.99 / min

Off-Peak Hours SR 1.50 / min
International weekdays SR 6.75/min (exclusive of trades tax)
International - weekends
SR5.00/min (exclusive of trades tax)
& public holidays (full days)

Where to buy
Available at Airtel showrooms in Victoria, Providence, Anse Royale & Praslin and also
through Airtel prepaid dealers on the three main islands.

Getting started

1. Your Prepaid pack has two cards in it - a SIM card and a Re-charge card.
Identify your SIM card and insert into your mobile phone and switch it on.
2. Then enter your PIN, pre-set at 1234. Your mobile phone will now display
SEZ AIRTEL. or network code 633-10.
3. Loading calling value on your Prepaid Account:
a. Gently scratch the silver panel on the supplied recharge card to reveal
the 16 digit Recharge PIN number.

b. Dial 100 from your mobile phone and press OK

c. Follow the voice prompt and press 1 for the recharging option
d. Follow the instructions and enter the 16 digit Recharge PIN number
when requested
e. Your Prepaid card account is automatically loaded with the calling
value as per the amount of the recharge card.

You are now ready to make and receive calls.

Making and Receiving Calls

It’s simple …

a) A local or mobile number on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue :

Dial The full number without any area codes

Example If you want to call 600600, you must dial 600600

b) A destination outside Seychelles :

Dial 00 or + followed by full international code and the phone

number, as you would from a regular phone


If you want to call 6002600 in India, Delhi, you must dial

International code country code area code called party number

00 91 11 6002600

When dialing an overseas mobile number that starts with 0, you need to drop the 0.
eg. + 27 (0)826006000

Balance/Expiry inquiry

Dial 102 from your phone.

Follow the prompts and press 2 for current balance/expiry date of the card.

Recharging your Airtel Prepaid Card

The calling value on your card keeps reducing as you make calls, as per the applicable
tariff option. Recharge your Airtel Prepaid Card when the calling value on your card account
is exhausted or its validity period is over.

The Airtel Prepaid Recharge Card comes in denominations of SR25, SR50, SR100, and
SR200. To recharge calling value on your Airtel Prepaid account: refer to Getting Started

Please Note:

If you continue to key in the incorrect 16 digit PIN number over five times, your recharge
option can get barred. For assistance call Customer Care on 600600 (toll free).
Once your validity period expires, your Airtel Prepaid Card gets deactivated.

Special Messages and Tones

• A welcome message greets you as soon as you dial 100 to load your Airtel Prepaid
Card for the first time and asks you for your language preference. If, for example,
you choose English, you will hear all further messages and prompts in English only.

• After your calling value reduces to SR20, a voice message will remind you, every
time you make a call, to recharge your Airtel Prepaid Card.

• When you have only 60, 30 or 10 seconds remaining during a particular call, you will
hear 1,2, and 3 beeps respectively, to alert you that your Airtel Prepaid Card account
balance will soon be reduced to zero and your call will get disconnected.

• When you have reached the last 3 days till the expiry of the validity period of your
Airtel Prepaid Card, you will be reminded about the same at regular intervals, every
time you make a call.

PIN/PUK Number

What is a PIN number?

The Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a 4-digit security code programmed on your
SIM card.

What is my PIN number?

Your PIN is 1234, to begin with. We strongly recommend you change the PIN to your own
personal code. Your handset user guide gives the full information on how to do this.
Remember to enter 1234 the first time when your handset prompts you to ‘Enter PIN’.

What is a PUK number?

If incorrect PIN number is entered three times in succession, your SIM card will get blocked.
To unblock it, you need the PUK (Personal Un-blocking Key) code. To know your PUK code
you would need to call our Customer Care helpline on 600600.

Your PUK number can also be found at the back of your starter pack.

In case incorrect PUK code is entered ten times, your card will get permanently blocked
and would need to be replaced at an additional charge.

Value Added Services

• Caller Line Identification (CLI)

This feature on your Airtel Prepaid Card facilitates the display of the number that is
calling your cellular. This facility comes to you at no extra charge and allows you to
recognise the caller.

• Voice Mail

This feature allows voice messages to be delivered to your mail box in instances
where you cannot be reached, your phone is switched off or you miss a call. There is
no rental or registration fee for this service, however, there is a charge of 99 cents
per minute to listen to your messages. You would need to call 600600 for a free
registration before setting up your voice mail box.

Retrieving Your Messages

• Dial 106 from your handset and follow the voice prompt (Your Password is set at
default code 1111. This can be changed to your preferred 4-digit number.)

Helpful tips
1. You must keep your Airtel Prepaid Card very carefully. If it is
lost/stolen/misplaced, it cannot be deactivated and therefore may be
misused. You will then lose out on any credit remaining on your card.
2. Airtel Prepaid recommends that you recharge your card within your
validity period and before your calling value drops to SR20.
3. If you do not get your card recharged within the 30 days of expiry of your
validity period, your Airtel Prepaid Card will be deactivated.
4. Airtel Prepaid strongly advises you to change your PIN from 1234 to a
personal four digit code for reasons of security.
5. Retain your original receipt of purchase at all times. In case you need any
assistance, please call our 24-hour Customer Care Helpline on 600600
(toll free) or just 100 from your cellular (toll free).

Terms and Conditions

A Provision of cellular services

The company reserves the right to change the validity period at any time, at its
sole discretion and without any notice whatsoever.

B Payments and charges

1. The actual credit/calling value as per the Company’s records and played on the
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system of the Company, shall be treated as the
correct value and be binding on the customer. Thus, deactivation, cancellation,
barring, etc. shall be carried out on the basis of the credit as played on the said IVR
system of the Company.

2. The detail of the calls made or received on the card shall not be made available to
the customers. The customer agrees that the Company need not entertain any
correspondence/calls in this regard. The customer may, however, call the
Company’s IVR system in order to know the residual calling value on the card.

3. Not all Value Added Services available with the Company can be made available on
this connection. The Company is entitled to charge, vary, add, withdraw any services
and / or to vary the charges/prices on these services at its sole discretion. All Value
Added services are chargeable services. Any service which is not initially or at any
stage charged by the Company may, at the sole discretion of the Company, be
charged at any time subsequently and at the same shall be adjusted in the calling
value automatically. Each Value Added Service is to be separately applied for.

4. Any increase /addition/introduction in taxes and /or levy of any taxes, levies, duties
or any other statutory charges etc. (present/future) shall be to the customer’s
account without any notice to him and at all times shall be deemed to be part of the

C Suspension and disconnection

1. The Company may at any time suspend the services wholly or partially and/or
disconnect any customer equipment from the network for any reason which is found to be
reasonable by the Company including any of the following circumstances:

• During technical failure, modification, repair or testing of the network

• Expiry of validity period and grace period, if any, and as specified by the Company
from time to time.

• Depletion of calling value as per Company records, such that no more calls are

2. If the customer equipment or SIM card is lost or stolen the Company will not be in a
position to take any action, or to be held liable for any make good.

3. The SIM card and the cellular number are and shall always be the sole property of
the Company and shall be returned by the customer upon termination and/or
deactivation or temporary suspension of services. The customer shall have no right
to the same, at any point, for any reason whatsoever.

D Safe custody

1. The customer must ensure the safe keeping of the card, original receipt of purchase,
and any other important documents, as these might be required from time to time
under different circumstances during interface with the Company.

2. In case of lost/stolen/misplace card etc., the entire reliability of the lost/misplace

etc., will be borne by the customer. No credit shall be given on the available balance
of the lost/misplaced card etc. to the customer.

E Illegal usage

The customer shall not use the services for any unlawful or abusive purpose, or for sending
obscene, indecent, threatening, harassing, unsolicited messages or messages
affecting/infringing upon national or social interests, nor create any damage or risk to the
Company or its network or customers or any other person, natural or legal whomsoever.

Other matters

1. The Company shall not be liable for any act of omission or commission of any
dealer/retailer/distributor/third party/supplier including any leasing company offering
any privilege or benefits to the customer.
2. The Airtel Prepaid Card is non-refundable for cash under any circumstances.

3. Reference to the terms "The Company" in all the clauses above shall mean
"Telecom(Seychelles) Ltd."
4. For further details or information please contact:

Telecom (Seychelles) Ltd

P.O Box 1358
Victoria, Mahe
Customer Care Centre : 600 600

Here are some of the many advantages that New Airtel
Prepaid brings you.

» Total Cost Control

» Pre activated STD/ISD without deposits or rentals

» Strong Network coverage

» Instant Balance and Validity Enquiry

» Recharge your Airtel Prepaid

» Prepaid Roaming

» More with Airtel Prepaid

» Reach us Anytime Anywhere

Total Cost Control

You can control your Airtel Prepaid like never before. No more rentals or deposits – simply
recharge as much as you need to from as low as Rs. 10, to as high as Rs. 10,000/-.

Pre activated STD/ISD without deposits or rentals

You can now enjoy a pre-activated STD/ISD on your Airtel Prepaid. No more paying
deposits or having a minimum balance in your account to make an STD/ISD call. Hassle-
free calls are here to stay!

Strong Network Coverage

Enjoy complete clarity when calling with Airtel’s world-class technology and unbreakable
network coverage that spans over 23 circles across the country.

Instant Balance and Validity Enquiry

Your account balance is updated on the screen of your handset at the end of each
chargeable call. You can also call 123 from your mobile phone and listen to the voice
announcement or simply dial *123#, press 'OK' or 'YES' button and your account balance
will be displayed on the screen of your handset.

Recharge your Airtel Prepaid

Recharging is Easy. The calling value on your card keeps reducing as you make calls or
use any other chargeable service. Choose the Airtel Prepaid Recharge Coupon that’s right
for you, from a variety of tailor– made recharge coupons with different denominations,
which are available at a number of outlets across your city. Simply follow the procedure
mentioned below, to recharge your phone.

Gently scratch the silver panel on the reverse of the recharge card for a 16-
digit number.
Call '123' and choose your preferred language.
Follow the voice announcement and enter the 16-digit recharge number,
when requested.
Your prepaid account will be automatically recharged by the calling value
amount and validity of your coupon.

More Recharge options:

Flexible recharge voucher
This unique recharge voucher gives you the option to choose between validity or talktime,
as per your need.

Recharge your Airtel Prepaid Card electronically with value that suits your needs, starting
from Rs. 10 till Rs. 10,000. You can also recharge your Airtel Prepaid while roaming
anywhere in the country. Click here for Airtel Easy Charge options.

Recharge your Airtel Prepaid round-the-clock at your nearest ATM. Just walk up to your
nearest ATM, insert the ATM card and enter your ATM PIN number. Select 'Mobile
Recharge / Bill Pay' from the main menu and follow the prompts to recharge your prepaid.
This recharge option is available with all leading banks.

SMS Recharge
You may also register your mobile number at any of the member bank's ATM to avail the
SMS recharge facility. Upon registration you will receive a registration PIN number. To
recharge your prepaid, type, RC <Recharge Amount> <Registration PIN> and SMS it to the
3 digit SMS code of your bank. All future transaction will require this PIN.
The code to which this SMS needs to be sent for various banks is as follows: Bank of
Punjab: 550, Centurion Bank: 565, Citibank: 530, Corporation Bank: 545, DCB: 585, HDFC
Bank: 540, ICICI Bank: 575, IDBI Bank: 520, ING Vysya Bank: 552, SBI: 535, UTI Bank:

Internet Recharge
You may log on to the Internet banking website of your bank and select the prepaid
recharge option to recharge your Airtel prepaid. Many leading banks provide Internet based

Airtel Prepaid comes preactivated with 'National Roaming', so you stay connected no
matter wherever you are. You can also send or receive MMS, check your email and access
other GPRS services while roaming in India as you would in your own city. While traveling
abroad you can receive calls & send or receive SMS.
For coverage & charges while roaming,
In case you are not able to login to any network while roaming,
please follow these instructions:

Go to "menu” option of your mobile.

Select Network option (Can be a sub option in setting, depending on the handset you
Select "Manual" network.
Select desired network.

More with Airtel Prepaid

Airtel brings you, a wide range of Services that will change the way you communicate.

Try them and discover a whole new world of fun and excitement.

Call management Services

Call waiting, call hold, call divert and Caller Line Identification Presentation –
all with your Airtel prepaid connection.

Voice Mail
When your handset is switched off, or you’re too busy to answer the phone,
Airtel Voicemail will answer your calls and record a message. The best part is
that there's no extra monthly cost for setting up Voicemail - you just pay for the
phone call when you use the service.

SMS (Short Messaging Service)

Send messages quickly and easily using text, if it's too noisy to talk or you
don't have much time. It's the way to share those interesting one-liners,
important reminders and rib-tickling jokes, with anyone, anytime, anywhere in
the world.

Subscription Alerts
Get regular alerts on news, jokes, business, health and films on your Airtel
mobile phone with Subscription Services. SMS <SUB NEWS> to 3333 for
News, <SUB JOKE> for Jokes, <SUB BIZ> for Business News, <SUB SPO>
for Sports Alerts & <SUB VAASTU> for Vaastu tips.

MMS (Multi-media Messaging Service):

Jazz up your messages with pictures, images and video clippings, with MMS
from Airtel! To activate MMS on your phone, SMS 'MMS' to 56465 and save
service settings.

Airtel Live!
Make your mobile the most happening entertainment destination with Airtel
Live! Airtel brings you the latest in entertainment and information services,
right on your phone!

Airtel Live! WAP Services: Download the latest ring tones, games,
wallpapers, videos and much more. You can also get news clips, watch live TV
and download full songs on you phone. To get Airtel Live! settings on your
phone, SMS 'Live' to 56465 and save the settings that you receive as your
preferred connection. Airtel Live! Portal can be accessed from you GPRS
enabled phone, by sending a SMS 'FUN' to 56465.

Airtel Live! Voice Services: Just Dial 56465, and name the service. For e.g.
say ring tones to download your favorite ring tones. You can also choose a
variety of content options like Live Cricket Commentary, latest National /
International News, Movie Reviews or Stock Market Updates.

Airtel Live! SIM Services: Access loads of fun content and exciting services
like cricket, stocks, on your phone at the touch of a few buttons with Airtel Live!
SIM based Services on your SIM card menu. To download new services on
your Airtel SIM, choose the "What's new" option under the "Airtel services"
Airtel Live! SMS Services: You can enjoy a host of services by sending a
keyword as an SMS to 56465! Choose Astrology / Horoscope, Cricket,
Bollywood / Hollywood / Indi Pop Ring tones. In case you need assistance
SMS, Help to 56465.

Tired of that boring old ‘tring tring’ on your phone? Well now when a friend
calls, you can make them groove to the hottest new tracks burning up the
music charts with Hello Tunes from Airtel! You get a wide choice of songs in
the Popular & New Arrivals categories that are updated regularly. What's more
you can directly call the number for your kind of music, e.g. call 678005 for
English New and 678001 for Hindi New. This would directly take you to your
favorite artist's Hello Tunes listing

Buying your favorite Hello Tune or Ring tone is as simple as recharging your
phone with talk time. Simply walk into your nearest Airtel Shop and walk out
with your favorite song. Choose from Bollywood Hits to Indipop Remixes, Hard
Rock to Gujrati Garba, Bhajans to Jazz, Bhangra Beats to foot tapping Tamil
Hits from a list of more than 18000 songs.
It's as simple as:
Choose your favorite song from the music catalogue available with the
Retailer will just press a few keys on his phone and download a song
(Hello Tune or Ring tone) to your mobile phone. In the case of Hello
Tunes you will be required to dial 674 (toll free) to confirm acceptance
of the song.

Finally you can pay the retailer for the song and walk simple
as that.

In case you need assistance, dial '121' - our toll-free number, accessible from anywhere in
the country, even while roaming. You can also send us an SMS to 121 or mail us at
*In case of email, mention your mobile no. like, 9810012345, in the subject of the mail for a
quicker response.

Handset Offers

Now choose from a wide range of mobile handsets available exclusively
with special offers from Airtel

Motorola C123

Only Rs. 1599

Motorola C123 + Airtel Prepaid connection
with 2 years validity and 1599 min of free
Airtel to Airtel local talktime

Contact your nearest retailer for this exciting

offer !

Nokia 1110

Only Rs. 1599

Free SIM Card plus 300 minutes of Local
A to A free talktime plus 18 months
Validity or Free Lifetime Prepaid.

Contact your nearest retailer for this exciting offer !

Handset available in Punjab, KK, TN, CH, OR & Delhi

Nokia 1110i

Only Rs. 1599

Free SIM Card plus 300 minutes of Local
A to A free talktime plus 18 months
Validity or Free Lifetime Prepaid.

Contact your nearest retailer for this exciting offer !

Handset available in J&K, BIH, KOL, WB, NE, AS, MUM, Haryana, UPW,

Nokia 1112

Only Rs. 1849

Free SIM Card plus 300 minutes of Local
A to A free talktime plus 18 months
Validity or Free Lifetime Prepaid.

Contact your nearest retailer for this exciting offer !

Handset available in AP, MAH & RAJ

Experience complete freedom
Airtel welcomes you to a vibrant world of unlimited opportunities. More exciting,
innovative yet simple new ways to communicate, just when you want to, not just through
words but ideas, emotions and feelings. To give you the unlimited freedom to
reach out to your special people in your special way.
As an Airtel Post-paid customer you can enjoy the following facilities -
1. Easy Billing
Now enjoy the luxury of viewing details of your last 3 billing cycles and the
convenience of paying your Airtel bill online! Experience complete freedom
with Airtel!
2. Call Divert, Call Hold and Call Wait
Avail of special services like call waiting, call hold and call divert – all with
your Airtel postpaid connection!
3. Short Messaging Service (SMS)
With Airtel's Short Messaging Service (SMS), send unlimited messages and
jokes to your friends and colleagues, anytime

4. Caller Identification
Call Identification gives you the power to know the phone number of the
calling party even before you answer the call, thus giving you the choice to
either reject or take the call. It provides the added advantage of saving the
incoming number directly in the Handset Phone Book. So that the next time
you want to call the same person, you don't need to retype his number, simply
use your phone book.
5. Voice Mail
Voice Mail lets you receive messages even when your handset is switched off
or when you are outside the coverage area. You can listen to your messages
whenever you feel like, from anywhere in the world. Voice Mail can store up to
15 messages, with each message of one- minute duration.
6. STD/ISD Facility
Now experience complete freedom like never before with Airtel! Our STD/ISD
facility allows you to make long distance calls in India and Overseas from your
cellular phone!
7. Roaming (National and International)
Airtel's Roaming service allows you to use your mobile phone to make or
receive calls from almost anywhere in India and abroad! Enjoy roaming within
the country as well as across international destinations!

Handset Offers

Now choose from a wide range of mobile handsets available exclusively with special offers from Airtel

HTC Touch
Only Rs. 19,900
The HTC Touch will be available for
Airtel users in 10 cities, which includes -
Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore,
Kolkata , Pune, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad,
Hyderabad, and Jaipur.
Contact your nearest retailer for this exciting
offer !

Palm Treo 750

Only Rs. 26,990/-
The Palm Treo 750 is available in 10
locations namely Delhi-Mumbai-
FREE Unlimited Data Usage for 1 Month
FREE Palm Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard worth Rs.5,800
Contact your nearest retailer for this exciting
offer !


Riding on the back of rising network coverage in the world’s second most populous
country, India’s leading mobile services provider Bharti Airtel Ltd. today announced a 48
percent increase in profits for the quarter.
In a statement Bharti said its consolidated profit rose to Rs. 7.55 billion ($160 million)
in the first quarter to end-June from Rs. 5.1 billion a year ago.
Sales for the same period were 38.56 billion rupees and its EBITDA rose to 39 percent
from 37.4 percent a year ago.
The statement quoted Bharti chief Sunil Mittal as saying: “The Indian telecom sector
continues to demonstrate a strong growth led by the mobile segment, crossing the 100
million subscriber mark this past quarter. The company has started the year well with strong
operational and financial performance and we are confident that the growth momentum
would be sustained.”
Bharti claimed earlier this month its mobile base rose 88.2 percent to 23.07 million
users. Including fixed-line users, its total customer base grew 86.4 percent to 24.58 million.
India’s total mobile user base is more than 102 million customers.
Bharti added 3.49 million new GSM users in April-June against 1.27 million in the
same period last year.
Nearly 77 percent of mobile customers in India are on the widely prevalent GSM
The company says it intends to further expand its base by spending $2 billion on
expansion in the current fiscal through March 2007.
Bharti is 30.8 percent-owned by Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. The company
offers phone services including mobile and fixed-line services and national and international
long-distance services. It also provides VSAT services, Internet services and network

Bharti has established strategic relationships with financial investors such as SingTel,
Warburg Pincus, International Finance Corporation, Asian Infrastructure Fund Group and
New York Life Insurance.

Bharti Values

• We will generate and implement entrepreneurial and innovative ideas, which will
continuously create new growth engines.

Customer First
• We are committed to deliver service beyond the expectations of the customer. Our
quality of customer responsiveness clearly differentiates us from others.

Performance Culture
• We benchmark our processes and performance against world-class standards. We
distinguish between performers and non-performers by valuing achievement at the
individual as well as the team level. Ours is a culture of inclusively where feedback,
learning and ideas are actively encouraged, sought and acted upon.

Valuing Partnership
• We are committed to building exemplary relationship with our partners, which stand
on the principles of mutual growth.

Valuing People
• We nurture an environment where people are respected and their uniqueness is
valued. We believe that people are our key differentiators.

Responsible Corporate Citizenship

• We are committed to making a positive and proactive contribution to the community.
As a responsible corporate citizen we will contribute to and abide by environmental
and legal norms.

Ethical Practices
• We will uphold the highest ethical standards in all internal and external relationship.
We will not allow misuse or misrepresentation of any kind.


Highlights for Second Quarter and Half Year Ended September 30, 2006

• Market leader with a market share of all India mobile subscribers at 21.4%
• Highest ever-net addition of 41.1 lakh customers in a single quarter.
• Q2 Total Revenues of Rs.4,357 crore (up 61% Y-o-Y)
• Q2 EBITDA of Rs. 1,702 crore (up 67% Y-o-Y)
• Q2 Cash Profit of Rs. 1,644 crore (up 75% Y-o-Y)
• Q2 Net Profit of Rs. 934 crore (up 79% Y-o-Y)
• First Half Total Revenues cross Rs 8,000 crores and Net Profit crosses 1,600 crores

New Delhi, India, October 27, 2006:

Bharti Airtel Limited (“Bharti” or “the company”) today announced its un-
audited US GAAP results for its second quarter and half year ended September 30, 2006.
It has once again maintained its strong growth momentum as it announced its operational
and financial results.
The consolidated total revenues for the quarter ended September 30, 2006 of
Rs. 4,357 crore grew by 61% and EBITDA of Rs. 1,702 crore grew by 67% on a year on
year basis. The cash profit from operations of Rs. 1,644 crore grew by 75% over the
corresponding quarter last year. The net profit during the quarter ended September 30,
2006 was Rs. 934 crore, a growth of 79% from the corresponding quarter of last year. The
revenues & net profit for the first half ended September 30, 2006 was Rs. 8,214 crores and
Rs. 1,689 crores, a growth of 57% & 64% over the same period last year respectively.
Bharti had over 2.86 crore customers, as on September 30, 2006, an increase in the total
customer base of 90%, over the corresponding period last year and further consolidated its
leadership position as on September 30, 2006.
Commenting on the results and performance, Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal,
Chairman & Managing Director, Bharti Airtel Limited, said, “this quarter, for the first time
ever, India’s mobile net additions surpassed those of China. Wireless services continue to
drive the growth of telecom services across the country with over 126 million subscribers.
Bharti Airtel Limited - Summary of Consolidated Financial Statements (Un-audited) -
represents Consolidated Statement of Income as per United States Generally Accepted
Accounting Principles (US GAAP)

(Amount in Rs. crore, except ratios)
Particulars Quarter Ended Y-o-Y Half Year Ended Y-o-Y
Sept 2006 Sept 2005 Growth Sept 2006 Sept 2005 Growth
Total revenues 4,357 2,709 61% 8,214 5,226 57%
EBITDA 1,702 1,021 67% 3,205 1,962 63%
Cash profit from operations 1,644 937 75% 2,977 1,863 60%
Income before Income
1,078 580 86% 1,938 1,178 65%
Net profit 934 521 79% 1,689 1,031 64%
EBITDA / Total revenues 39.1% 37.7% 39.0% 37.5%

Sept 30, June 30, Q-on-Q Sept 30, Y-on-Y

Parameters Unit
2006 2006 Growth 2005 Growth
Customers on our Network
Mobile Services
000's 27,061 23,073 17% 14,068 92%
Broadband & Telephone
000's 1,631 1,505 8% 1,061 54%

Total 000's 28,693 24,577 17% 15,129 90%


Total Shareholders Funds









31-MAR- 31-MAR- 31-MAR-
06(12) 05(12) 04(12)

Total Shareholders Funds


Annual Income Statement
In Millions of INR 2007 2006 2005 2004 03/31/03
(except for per share items) 03/31/07 03/31/06 03/31/05 03/31/04 Restated

Revenue 184,589 115,056 78,936 47,647 23,501

Other Revenue, Total 607 1,160 1,092 673 669
Total Revenue 185,196 116,215 80,028 48,320 24,170

Cost of Revenue, Total 107,332 69,464 48,275 32,273 18,244

Sell/General/Admin. Expenses,Total 28,425 19,031 13,185 7,631 5,965
Depreciation/Amortization 148 234 377 268 505
Total Operating Expense 135,905 88,729 61,838 40,172 24,714

Operating Income 49,291 27,486 18,190 8,148 (544)

Interest Expense, Net Non-Operating (3,044) (2,958) (3,114) (4,644) (2,450)

Interest Income, Non-Operating 1,606 446 1,119 2,264 435
Investment Income, Non-Operating (2) (5) (38) (68) 653
Inter/Invest Inc, Non-Oper 1,604 441 1,081 2,196 1,089
Interest Income (Exp), Net Non-Operating (1,441) (2,517) (2,033) (2,448) (1,362)
Other, Net 1,010 397 447 276 33
Net Income Before Taxes 48,860 25,366 16,604 5,976 (1,873)

Provision for Income Taxes 5,822 2,539 1,528 901 145

Net Income After Taxes 43,039 22,826 15,076 5,076 (2,018)

Minority Interest (467) (260) (98) -- --

Net Income Before Extra. Items 42,572 22,567 14,978 5,076 (2,018)

Net Income 42,572 22,567 14,978 5,076 (2,018)

Income Available to Common Excl. Extra. Items 42,572 22,567 14,978 5,076 (2,018)
Income Available to Common Incl. Extra. Items 42,572 22,567 14,978 5,076 (2,018)

Basic/Primary Weighted Average Shares 1,892 1,874 1,844 1,839 1,838

Basic/Primary EPS Excl. Extra. Items 22.503 12.043 8.121 2.759 (1.098)
Basic/Primary EPS Incl. Extra. Items 22.503 12.043 8.121 2.759 (1.098)
Dilution Adjustment -- 79.6 4.1 -- 0.0
Diluted Weighted Average Shares 1,894 1,892 1,881 1,839 1,838
Diluted EPS Excl. Extra. Items 22.476 11.967 7.963 2.759 (1.098)
Diluted EPS Incl. Extra. Items 22.476 11.967 7.963 2.759 (1.098)

DPS - Common Stock Primary Issue 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Gross Dividend - Common Stock 0 0 0 0 0

Pro Forma Net Income -- -- -- -- --

Interest Expense, Supplemental 3,044 2,958 3,114 4,644 2,450

Interest Capitalized, Supplemental 0 (2) (13) (24) (109)
Depreciation, Supplemental 23,702 14,206 9,908 10,256 10,256

Normalized Income Before Tax 48,860 25,366 16,604 5,976 (1,873)

Inc Tax Ex Impact of Sp Items 5,822 2,539 1,528 901 145
Normalized Income After Tax 43,039 22,826 15,076 5,076 (2,018)
Normalized Inc Avail to Common 42,572 22,567 14,978 5,076 (2,018)
Basic Normalized EPS 22.503 12.043 8.121 2.759 (1.098)
Diluted Normalized EPS 22.476 11.967 7.963 2.759 (1.098)

Annual Balance Sheet
In Millions of INR 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003
(except for per share items) 03/31/07 03/31/06 03/31/05 03/31/04 03/31/03
Reclassified Restated Reclassified Restated
03/31/07 03/31/06 03/31/05 03/31/04

Cash & Equivalents 7,464 2,649 3,087 1,303 606

Short Term Investments 2,004 2,527 4,992 3,359 3,149
Cash and Short Term Investments 9,467 5,176 8,079 4,662 3,754
Trade Accounts Receivable, Gross 19,654 15,548 11,636 8,021 4,900
Provision for Doubtful Accounts (6,561) (4,974) (4,327) (2,991) (1,781)
Trade Accounts Receivable, Net 13,821 11,249 7,476 5,311 9,829
Other Receivables 4,890 3,629 2,790 2,067 983
Total Receivables, Net 18,711 14,878 10,266 7,378 10,811
Total Inventory 912 381 545 317 188
Prepaid Expenses 13,711 9,590 4,677 2,543 1,267
Restricted Cash - Current 134 189 168 2 103
Deferred Income Tax 1,178 1,562 2,441 1,005 1,051
Other Current Assets 729 532 422 236 60
Other Curr. Assets, Total 2,041 2,283 3,032 1,243 1,214
Total Current Assets 44,843 32,308 26,598 16,143 17,234
Buildings 1,725 1,489 1,449 1,382 1,296
Land/Improvements 525 544 475 438 403
Machinery/Equipment 242,315 153,941 105,308 73,124 44,096
Construction in Progress 25,018 24,411 10,370 4,582 5,027
Leases 1,764 1,164 689 382 247
Property/Plant/Equipment - Gross 271,347 181,550 118,291 79,908 51,070
Accumulated Depreciation (60,743) (39,138) (25,694) (16,325) (9,886)
Property/Plant/Equipment - Net 210,604 142,411 92,597 63,583 41,184
Goodwill, Net 23,684 23,687 23,247 20,602 13,763
Intangibles, Gross 21,764 21,261 20,963 19,313 15,149
Accum. Intangible Amort. (7,648) (6,388) (4,999) (3,527) (2,076)
Intangibles, Net 14,116 14,873 15,964 15,786 13,073
LT Invt. - Affiliate Comp. 182 190 160 108 2,257
LT Investments - Other 500 500 511 50 51
Long Term Investments 682 690 671 158 2,307
Def. Inc. Tax - LT Asset 20 0 0 837 0
Restricted Cash - LT 54 56 70 1 1
Other Long Term Assets 3,887 3,218 2,400 1,911 1,096
Total Assets 297,888 217,243 161,547 119,021 88,659

Accounts Payable 59,541 39,220 24,373 10,585 9,907

Accrued Expenses 12,523 8,313 5,974 3,813 2,273
Notes Payable/Short Term Debt 4,056 7,448 5,142 5,223 6,992
Curr. Port. LT Dbt/Cap Ls. 6,869 5,444 6,095 3,535 --
Customer Advances 17,370 13,026 6,246 3,089 949
Deferred Income Tax 14 0 131 0 --
Other Current Liabilities 6,276 4,528 3,531 3,231 1,084
Other Current Liabilities, Total 23,660 17,554 9,908 6,320 2,032
Total Current Liabilities 106,649 77,980 51,491 29,477 21,205

Total Long Term Debt 41,536 34,503 37,803 36,965 22,736
Total Debt 52,461 47,395 49,040 45,723 29,729

Deferred Income Tax 3,616 3,508 3,494 2,970 2,290

Minority Interest 1,801 957 749 0 --

Pension Benefits - Underfunded -- -- -- -- 36
Other LT Liabilities 8,733 8,117 6,945 3,694 1,713
Other Liabilities, Total 8,733 8,117 6,945 3,694 1,749

Total Liabilities 162,335 125,065 100,482 73,105 47,981

Common Stock 18,959 18,939 18,534 18,534 18,534

Additional Paid-In Capital 56,645 56,363 47,987 48,116 48,197
Retained Earnings (Accumulated Deficit) 60,083 17,511 (5,056) (20,034) (25,109)
Treasury Stock - Common (134) (216) (331) (559) (812)
Other Equity, Total 0 (419) (69) (141) (131)
Total Equity 135,553 92,178 61,065 45,916 40,678
Total Liabilities & Shareholders’ Equity 297,888 217,243 161,547 119,021 88,659
Total Common Shares Outstanding 1,896 1,894 1,853 1,853 1,853

Key Financial Ratios

As on (Months) 31-MAR-06(12) 31-MAR-05(12) 31-MAR-04(12)
Key Ratios
Year End 31-MAR-06 31-MAR-05 31-MAR-04
Debt-Equity Ratio 0.83 0.60 0.07
Long Term Debt-Equity Ratio 0.63 0.50 0.03
Current Ratio 0.41 1.10 17.30

Turnover Ratios
Fixed Assets 0.72 1.19 0.00
Inventory 455.34 500.51 0.00
Debtors 12.53 22.08 0.00
Interest Cover Ratio 10.65 5.93 0.39
PBIDTM (%) 35.22 36.70 0.00
PBITM (%) 22.47 23.80 0.00
PBDTM (%) 33.11 32.69 0.00
CPM (%) 30.68 28.22 0.00
APATM (%) 17.92 15.32 0.00
ROCE (%) 22.55 23.96 0.16
RONW (%) 31.82 23.88 -0.27

As on 31-MAR-06 31-MAR-05 31-MAR-04
EPS 10.62 6.53 0.00
CEPS 18.19 12.03 0.02
BV 38.71 24.44 26.03
DEPS 0.00 0.00 0.00




HFCL Infotel




Vital Commun.

SALES (In crores)

Bharti Airtel


Mkt.Cap. (in crore)

HFCL Infotel




Vital Commun.

Bharti Airtel


• With the introduction of the new Airtel magic, Bharti Airtel has moved up in number of
pre- paid connections.
• Network is better as compared to other GSM/CDMA mobiles in the country.
• Tarrif Vouchers and full talk value schemes are found effective.
• Bill details are adequate as charged by other mobile operators for bill details.


India has leapfrogged into the wireless age. It is perched on the ascendancy of a huge J-
curve that is estimated to cross the million mark by 2010. Making cellular telephony the
biggest & fastest growing sector in India.
Kanpur being the industrial capital of Uttar Pradesh definitely serves as a good host of
After the overall analysis of the report following suggestion are mede which may serve as
milestone for the company in reaching its target.

 Since the largest number of users belong to service class & are of 5000 – 10000
income group therefore Rs.324 recharge coupon should be introduced more.
 Student group (college going) is not explored to the fullest thus attractive proposals
should be made to target them.
 Apart from various advertising techniques, companies should try to attract people by
providing other facilities;
1. For example installing recharge zones at restaurants & other food joints, etc
where people generally hang around.
2. Making recharge coupons available at college canteen.

 Internet facility should be provided at reasonable charges.

 MMS facility is also too costly. As students mainly use it, so this facility
must be available at lowered tariffs.
 An extension counter can be provided at railway stations, petrol pumps
& bus stands.
 Recharge coupon disposable machine could be introduced.
 While filling up the inquiry form of the customer a separate column
should be made regarding the information which individual demands for i.e.

• A businessman requires information on share market.
• Examination result & dates, movie schedule, television schedule, &
news at local level are demanded by the students
 Since company is at launching stage therefore more emphasis
should be made on customer care.
 Road show should be organized at the period of launching in
order to enhance publicity.
 As there is sim memory for phonebook similarly sim memory
should be provided to store other kind of important notes.
 Company should sponsor the program conducted at local level.


• Post paid connections of the corporate sectors were not targeted.

• Features based Tariff plans in post paid connections were not highlighted.


Dear Sir/Madam

I would be highly obliged if you help me in filling the questionnaire as it is a part of
my summer training Project.

Ques 1. Do you have a cell phone?

(a) Yes (b) No

Ques 2. Which Cellular Services do you have?


Ques 3. Is it ________________?

(a) Postpaid (b) Prepaid

Ques 4. Who had promoted you for it?

(a) Family members (b) Friends (c) Self-Decision

Ques 5. Does your Cellular Operator provide free messaging?

(a) Yes (b) No

Ques 6. Does your cellular Operator provides Multimedia Messaging System (MMS) facility?

(a) Yes (b) No

Ques 7. Does it provide access to Internet (GPRS)?

(a) Yes (b) No

Ques 8. Does exposure to an advertisement effect your buying behavior?

(a) If Yes (b) No
 Rational
 Emotional
 Celebrity
 Moral
 Any Other ___________

Ques 9. Are you provided with free information on ________? You can tick more than one option(s).

(a) Cricket Match (b) Results (c) Election (d) Movie Schedule

(e) Other_________(f) None

Ques 10. Your monthly expenditure (in INR) on cellular service is?

(a) 300 (b) 301 – 500 (c) 501 – 1000 (d) 1001 – 2000

(e) More than 2000.

Ques 11. What is your attitude towards Cellular Present Operator of your choice?

(a) Extremely Favorable (b) Favorable (c) Neutral

(d) Unfavorable (e) Extremely - Unfavorable

Ques 12. Are you planning to switch on to AIRTEL?

(a) Yes (b) No (c) Uncertain

Respondent Profile
Name: _______________________________________

Male Female

Age (in years) Income Family Educational Occupation

(Monthly) (in Size Qualification
a) 16-20 a) <5000 a) SSC/HSC a) Student
b) 21-30 b) 5000-10000 b) Graduate b) Business
c) 31-40 c) 10001- c) Graduate c) Service man
d) 41-50 15000 Professional d) Retired
e) 51+ d) Above d) Post Graduate g) Housewives
15000 e) PG+ Professional f) Any Other

Your Family Life Cycle:

a) Bachelor
b) Newly Married Without Children
c) Married Youngest Child Under 6
d) Married Youngest Child Over 6
e) Married With Dependent Children
f) Married With Independent Children
g) Any Other Please Specify________________