TITLE: Snoop Detector SYNOPSIS Project Overview

The project entitled “Snoop Detector” is a windows application. The project has been designed and developed using Visual Studio.net technology with MS SQL for database creation. It is platform independent. It mainly used as a software kit where as it will be more helpful for the management to give instructions to the administrator as a secret informer. Moreover it will describe the number of users login, total time taken by each user and more provisions provided by this kit.

Project Objective
The project incorporates few special features that includes the following 1. Marking Attendance Information With this feature of the project it is possible to maintain the log records of users. The log information is marked along with the time stamp. 2. View Attendance Information View Attendance Information reports the log information in two dimensions. With the View Attendance module administrator can view the entire log status of the system while the users can view only the status of system during which the respective user logged on. 3. Program Launcher With program launcher the required program can be executed from the list. Program launcher shows the list of programs that can be executed by the system from which a program can be selected for execution. 4. MDI Notepad Multiple Document Interface (MDI) Notepad is the special feature of the project. More than one notepad can be opened under the parent form.

System Study: Existing system
In the existing system environment was developed using the programming language which increases the coding and occupies high memory. It requires linking dynamically to all the links and the entire coding has to be changed while any alteration or updation of the environment. The disadvantages of maintaining the attendance of the whole organization are,

4. The client can mark his attendance once in a day and once the day is over the employee cannot mark his attendance. the user maintain and done the projects easily. . So. The proposed system is used to maintain this project basic system. 3. The Proposed environment has following features: 1.1. This environment will act as an interface between the user and his computer. Marking attendance for the every user whenever they login. No proper shell execution 2. It would make the working of the company easier. 5. Instead of coding. the design environment uses IDE interface to create and design the format of the application needed. 6. These drawbacks are rectified in the proposed system. The server has the authority to control the database by accepting the request from the client. 2. Program launcher. Modules  My Computer This module is used to control the hard disk and then to view all the drives in the system and it can open all files in the system using the option open file menu and view some particular file. Multi Document Interface (MDI) Notepad. No proper shut down These are the problems which they are facing while developing the environment. The authority has been provided to the user as the client and server. In the existing system having the following loop holes: 1. the projects are done fast. The primary benefits of using application are simplified coding and reduced project time. Allowing the user to check their attendance status. 4. It will give the company a centralized controlling system where in users who are in need of viewing of the project details and project report details in online without much effort. The projects are distributed to do other user. Explorer with multi functional capabilities. 3. The client has the authority to mark his attendance and view his attendance record. 2. So. Proposed System The proposed system would break all the barriers faced by the company currently. The complex and professional-looking applications can be quickly created.

 MDI Notepad Notepad is a basic text editor that is used to create simple documents . looked pop-up menu. but many users find notepad a simple tool for creating web pages. Software Specification Operating System Front End Back End : : : Windows 2008 or Later C#.Browser With an internet explorer.txt) files. short cut keys can be used control task manager. By using the task manager all processes on run can be listed. The file format that can be viewed are jpeg format and gif format. it can find and view information about anything on the web Internet explorer displays an Information Bar where we can see information about download. receiving mails. o Each client can mark his or her attendance once in day o Server can only maintain & and control the database o Each client has his data in his own database o Everyone can view their attendance record   Picture Viewer The picture viewer has been used to view the pictures from the files. The composer provides the user with the facility to modify font. Form source viewer has been used to view the source. o Each client should have his or her own password and personal details.This is built on the whole network.Net SQL Server 2005 .  Task Manager The task manager is used to view all the programs that are been currently running in the system. font style by typing in pc sending the message through the intranet. It can be used for composing sending. The picture viewer can zoom in and zoom out and it can cut the pictures and paste the picture anywhere.  Intranet Mail Services Smart mail manages the mails to the users.  Attendance Maintenance This module is to maintain the attendance record of the whole concern .The most common use for notepad is to view or edit (. After entering the address the web page will be connected. Notepad supports only very basic formatting and can be used for creating web pages.

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