Annual Report 2012

O M ur ission

Eagle Ranch provides a Christ-centered home for boys and girls in crisis and in need of hope and healing. Partnering with their families, we pursue family restoration and reunification. We seek to influence and equip others who share a similar calling to impact children, families, and future generations.

M essage from T B he oard
Several years ago, I heard and decided to follow missionary Henry Blackaby’s instruction: “See where God is at work and join Him there.” Throughout my six years on the Eagle Ranch Board, I have seen God at work in amazing ways. When I first joined the Board, I knew Eagle Ranch had a great reputation caring for hurting children; however, I did not realize the impact the Ranch also had on the children’s families. The Ranch’s vision is rooted in the knowledge that sustained change in the child’s life can only take place by bringing healing and restoration to their family. The Eagle Ranch staff is the finest group of skilled and called men and women you will find. The Ranch’s leadership brings remarkable levels of wisdom and passion along with a genuine dependence on God to provide. Eagle Ranch is entirely privately funded – the vast majority of donations come from people like you. This year, our budget of $3.4 million will enable us to provide a home, counseling and education for hundreds of boys, girls and family members. Additionally, our Wings Initiative continues to strategically pass on the lessons learned over the past 27 years to other children’s homes across the USA and internationally. Thank you for joining us in this great work. Grace and Peace,

Rob Ketterer
President, Visionworks Consulting and Chairman, Eagle Ranch Board of Directors

Helping Children. Rebuilding Families.
Eagle Ranch serves children in an 80-mile radius of its Chestnut Mountain campus, including 40 counties in North Georgia and Metro Atlanta. It is the only children’s home in the region with a family-based program focused on the child returning home. Upon coming to the Ranch, children and their families set behavioral, academic and relationship goals designed to position the child and family for long-term success. Eagle Ranch’s 270-acre campus includes 10 homes accommodating up to 66 children – 42 boys and 24 girls.

Everyone Has A Voice Now
Nearly all families struggle at some point. But sometimes it becomes too much. When conflict, anger, resentment and outbursts become the norm, a family needs help. Eagle Ranch helps guide families through the struggle.
“Eagle Ranch is an answered prayer. I feel like I can breathe! That is the best way for me to describe my feelings. I felt our family was in such a crisis that at any moment, anything unimaginable could have been very real for our family. Personally, I learned that I had as many things to change as my daughter did. Before the Ranch, I felt that good parenting was keeping tight reins on your children. Honestly, in our house, there was no room for mistakes. I felt the need to control things and make sure that we looked very good to everyone on the outside. I don’t feel that anymore. Our family is much better at communicating and keeping everyone’s thoughts and perspectives on the table. Everyone has a voice now.”

The Year in Review
• 91 children and 327 family members were served in 2011. • For 2011 Eagle Ranch graduates, the average length of stay was 21 months. • 77% of children at Eagle Ranch are from families disrupted by divorce, single parenting or guardians assuming the parental role. • For the second year in a row Eagle Ranch was a top-ranked, 4-star charity with Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest objective charity evaluator.


of children at Eagle Ranch are being raised by a grandparent or great-grandparent.

Heather Alvira
Mom of Carlee, Eagle Ranch Resident

“Only 14% of charities we rate have received at least two consecutive 4-star evaluations, indicating that Eagle Ranch outperforms most other charities in America.”

Ken Berger, President & CEO, Charity Navigator

Positive Returns that Last a Lifetime
When you support Eagle Ranch, you are making a long-term investment. Children experience better childhoods and, as they become adults, many will raise their families based on the principles they learned during their season at Eagle Ranch. The positive returns extend beyond each child’s success as, year after year, graduates return with healthy families of their own.

Nearly 80 percent of your gift goes directly to the care of children and programs benefiting their overall development. This far exceeds the 65 percent standard set forth under

are O P ur riority

C hildren

national ethics guidelines
for U.S. charities.

Debt-free since


2011 Sources of Revenue
Based on our 2011 expenses of $3.1 million
General Contributions Endowment Revenue Honor and Memorial Gifts Program Service Revenue Special Events & Other

No loans or financing have ever been used to acquire land or pay for construction. Each year, the budget process is started from scratch, with all expenses reviewed before the annual budget is approved. 100% of Eagle Ranch’s budget is funded by private donations.

13% 67% 10% 5% 5%

The Eagle Ranch Foundation
Eagle Ranch is accredited through the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, which provides accreditation to leading Christian nonprofit organizations.

The Eagle Ranch Foundation was established in 1994 to assist in providing operational support for the Eagle Ranch mission. Gifts to this foundation become part of an endowment to provide for the ongoing care of Ranch children.

Leaving the House to Come Home
A new setting and fresh perspective can help a child in crisis find a path that leads to healing. Eagle Ranch offers a stable, consistent environment that addresses each aspect of a child’s life.
Physical • Children live in one of 10 beautiful homes staffed with a houseparent couple who models a healthy family. A variety of facilities, including a gymnasium, athletic fields, a pool, and equestrian riding ring provide numerous options for activities. Emotional • From angry outbursts and disrespect to low self-esteem and lack of confidence, a counselor and assistant counselor work with each child to address the source of problems and set a course for lifelong change. Intellectual • A small, focused classroom limited to 12 students is staffed by a certified teacher and paraprofessional, who provide individual attention and meet each student at their point of academic need. Spiritual • Eagle Ranch’s Christ-centered program encourages spiritual growth and is supported through devotionals and Bible studies, attending worship services in the community, and developing a personal relationship with God. Social • Eagle Ranch emphasizes life within a community. Children have opportunities to relate to peers and to strengthen their social relationships.
Equine therapy builds confidence and renews trust

The Ranch basketball league helps children learn teamwork and leadership.

Children return home periodically to give families an opportunity to implement the skills and principles learned during the child’s time at Eagle Ranch.

A Fresh Start in School
Eagle Ranch School offers a fresh start for children in grades 6-9 who have struggled academically and socially. Classes are limited to 12 students and are staffed by a certified teacher and paraprofessional. Each child is met at their point of academic need, receiving the individual attention necessary for success.
Hailey, 14, improved her math scores by two grade levels within the first four months of school.

Transformation through Ownership
By Jessica Smith, Instructional Coordinator, Eagle Ranch School

An interesting thing happens when you give children ownership in their education — they want to succeed. In 2011, Eagle Ranch transitioned to a new model of academic progress testing. Rather than establishing a benchmark at the beginning of the school year and measuring improvement at the end, the new approach looks at progress throughout the school year. This year, we began sharing test results with the students. We not only shared scores but also how the results translated into grade equivalency. We then let students set goals for scores they’d like to receive on their next progress test. Nearly every student wanted to achieve scores far beyond those set automatically by the computerized testing standards. Even more significant, is that students are actually meeting their goals. For example, one 9th grader scored at a 5th grade level in reading and math. When he realized this, he had an immediate desire to catch up to his grade level. By winter testing, he had reached his grade level in reading and advanced two grade levels in math. He has set his goals even higher for his year-end test. We often learn that the children have posted their test scores on bulletin boards in their homes or carry them in their backpacks. In the past, our students have averaged an improvement of two grade levels after a year at our school. Many children have already surpassed this and are experiencing success through ownership.

Positive Accountability
“I used to come to school not having my homework. I was always forgetting something. My locker would be a mess. I’ve gotten a lot of help getting organized – having a planner is a huge help. But Eagle Ranch School also holds you accountable. I now can see exactly what I need to do to bring up my grades and be prepared for the future.” Gavin, 14
Eagle Ranch School Student

“Eagle Ranch continues to fill a crucial role of providing support and structure to young people who have faced great challenges. It is an honor to consider them partners in our common mission of serving the boys and girls of our community.” William Schofield, Superintendent, Hall County Board of Education

Creating an Environment for Success
Families often turn to Eagle Ranch because a child’s behavior has gotten beyond their ability to manage. With a focus on helping the child reach goals so that he or she may return home, it is important that the family is able to provide an environment for success. Family counseling sessions and parent groups are held regularly at the Ranch, family members’ roles are clearly defined, and a network for ongoing support is developed.

Excelling through Teamwork
When the Eagle Ranch basketball season started, Gulnaz, 11, wanted to stay on the sidelines. Born without a left hand, she was anxious about how she would look trying to play. “When I first got out there, I didn’t really want to do it. I worry a lot. I felt embarrassed about my hand,” she said. For Gulnaz, fitting in has been a lifelong struggle. Adopted from a Kyrgyzstan orphanage when she was 5, Gulnaz had trouble adapting to her new family and a completely new way of life. “When we met Gulnaz, she was struggling with her self confidence and her place in her family, in the world,” recalled her Eagle Ranch Housedad, Jordan. The Eagle Ranch basketball league offers opportunities for the children to learn teamwork, leadership and listening to instruction. “My coach taught me how to shoot. The first time I tried it, I made it! It was awesome!” Gulnaz exclaimed. “I’ve learned how to cooperate with a team and I’ve learned how to not be embarrassed about my hand. Once I play, I think, ‘who cares.’ I can tell them to pass the ball to me when I’m open. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.” The lessons learned through her experience in basketball have extended well beyond the court. “Now I tell how I feel. I used to think it was better to not talk about it, to hide how I felt until I blew up,” she said. “It’s ok if things don’t go my way. In your weakness, you can be strong.” “We are very proud of Gulnaz,” Jordan said. “We have seen a noticeable change in her life. We have seen a girl who was afraid to connect with anyone learn how to be a child who connects well with her family, siblings, adults and her friends.” And Gulnaz has found a new passion. “I think basketball will be my favorite sport forever.”

“Abe came to the Ranch just before his 10th birthday. I couldn’t handle him. I didn’t know what to do. Eagle Ranch was the best decision I ever made. He’s 14 now and it’s still hard, but I’m using the guidelines I learned at Eagle Ranch, and I see Abe using them too.” Lorraine Gruskin

Mother of Abe, Eagle Ranch Graduate

“ While at Eagle Ranch, we were uncertain as to how our story would unfold. We can now look back and see that Eagle Ranch was a place for our entire family to receive healing and to grow, not just individually but as a family unit.”
Mike and Lauri Brown

Mike and Lauri Brown, Parents of Eagle Ranch Graduate

Finding the Missing Piece Creating Points of Influence
Founded in 1997, the Wings Initiative provides information, coaching and assistance to existing children’s programs and to people who are considering starting a children’s home. In addition to sharing its own blueprint for success, Eagle Ranch offers expertise in each facet of its program, including home life, education and counseling. The Ranch also provides advice on business planning, communications, fundraising and other aspects of operating a successful charity. In 2011, Jamaican-based American Caribbean Experience (ACE) partnered with Eagle Ranch to explore the development of a children’s village. ACE is a Christ-based outreach ministry dedicated to community transformation in the parish of St. Mary, Jamaica through strategic initiatives in education, enterprise, health-care, and discipleship. “The missing piece of our program is a children’s village, where we can provide children a home and help families care for their children and thrive,” said ACE Founder and Executive Director Marla Day-Fitzwater. “Beyond helping us with our business plan, we received valuable advice about our branding and communications. We soon will be working with Eagle Ranch to help secure land and establish a leadership team for the development of a children’s village that will serve as a model throughout the country.”

“It was the time spent in the early years with the mentorship of the Eagle Ranch staff that has helped us weather storms and achieve the success we are experiencing today.” Steve Finn, Founder Chestnut Mountain Ranch
(pictured to left)

2011-2012 Update

Morgantown, WV: In 2011, Chestnut Mountain Ranch Chestnut Mountain Ranch in Morgantown, WV, opened opened its school and family its school and family counseling center in 2011. Founded by counseling center. Founded by former Eagle Ranch Houseparents Steve and Dawn Finn, former Eagle Ranch Houseparents Steve and Dawn Finn, Chestnut Mountain Ranch expects to open its first boys’ the home will be named a home later this year. This225-acre campus has the Joy variety of planned building Home after the Eagleprojects under way, the Finns spent Ranch home where including their season as houseparents. a basketball court, food stor-

2011-2012 Update
Mission to the World, the mission-sending agency of the Presbyterian Church in America, is partnering with Eagle Ranch to develop a children’s home in Gonaives, Haiti. The home will be part of a larger community plan that is designed to be a model for future community programs throughout the country. In 2012, Eagle Ranch Founder Eddie Staub is traveling to Gonaives to look at potential sites for the beginning of this important work.

Eddie Staub with Mission to the World Haiti team.

A Caring Community
We are grateful for our neighbors, volunteers, supporters and advocates who make the Eagle Ranch mission possible. The continued growth of the Ranch over nearly three decades is a living testimony to a community that cares about its children and future generations. Each meal provided, every acre mowed and landscaped, each quilt sown, every dollar given is what makes it possible to continue to provide a home for children in crisis and offer them a hopeful future.

DeWitt Weaver, Eagle Leader
The DeWitt Weaver Eagle Ranch Golf Classic is the largest annual event that supports the boys and girls of the Ranch. The tournament first teed off in 1994, shortly after the golf legend became Eagle Ranch’s neighbor when he moved to Château Élan. DeWitt’s support of the Ranch began long before the tournament. “In 1989, I attended a meeting of the Cleveland, Georgia Rotary Club. The speaker for the day was Eddie Staub,” he recalled. “I then took a tour of the Ranch and read On Eagle’s Wings. I was deeply touched.” DeWitt brings far more than just his name to the tournament. He is actively involved in the planning and execution of the event. Over the years, the tournament has raised more than $700,000 benefiting the Ranch children. Beyond the golf tournament, DeWitt has volunteered his time and energy telling others about Eagle Ranch and providing golf clinics for the Ranch children. Notes DeWitt, “Eagle Ranch provides a wonderful, peaceful community and Christian family atmosphere, where dreams come true for boys and girls.”

“I saw your billboard”
is a phrase we often hear from families and supporters. Eagle Ranch is grateful to Fairway Outdoor Advertising and CBS Outdoor for their assistance in providing visibility to our mission. “Eagle Ranch is an essential resource for children in our community,” said Marshall Henderson, North Georgia sales manager for Fairway. “We are proud to help raise awareness of their mission and availability to help families in crisis.”

Have you seen an Eagle Ranch billboard?
Let us know where by emailing

“DeWitt is truly an ambassador for Eagle Ranch. In addition to initiating this important event, he spreads the word about our mission throughout the community.”

Eddie Staub

You Can Make A Difference
Pray • Your prayers for our children and staff Share • Schedule a speaking engagement for

ROB KETTERER, Chairman President, Visionworks Consulting ERIC ANDERSON Consultant, Egon Zehnder International MIKE CALLAHAN Executive Vice Persident and CFO, Gypsum Management & Supply JIM COPELAND Retired Senior Director, Human Resources, Wrigley DAVID FARMER Vice President, Innovation and Service, Chick-fil-A TOM FULLER Chief Financial Officer, 22squared, Inc. BETH BRAGG HENON The DeMoss Group ROY JONES Managing Director, Walton Opportunity Fund DAVE POLSTRA Founding Partner, Brightworth LYNN PRICE Chief Financial Officer, Compliance Services, LLC KIRBY THOMPSON Senior Vice President, Community/Government Affairs, SunTrust Bank JIM WEBB Chairman of the Board, Triaxia Partners


are our most important resource.

one of our staff members at your church or organization.

volunteer support through a variety of opportunities compatible with their talents and interests. with a child, encourage them to visit or call 770.967.8500. If we are unable to help, we can direct them to appropriate resources.

Serve • Individuals or groups may offer

More than

200 volunteers

Refer • If you know a family who is struggling


1,300 hours,
the equivalent of

Give • Private donations provide 100 percent

130 work days,
to support the Ranch mission in 2011.

of Eagle Ranch’s budget. Honoring a loved one in our Honor & Memorial Program, making a monthly gift or providing for a specific need are just a few ways to help our children.


A Lasting Legacy
Leave a legacy that will live on for generations. Include “Eagle Ranch, Inc., Chestnut Mountain, Georgia,” as a beneficiary in your will, trust or life insurance policy. For more planned giving options, contact Eddie Staub at the Ranch at 770.967.8500 or

“From the moment Eddie Staub came into our lives when Joe Frank was Governor, we knew God had His hand on this young man’s vision. Amazingly, the journey to the fulfillment of Eagle Ranch required diligent determination, patience, prayers, and the sacrifices of so many.” Elizabeth Harris, Former First Lady of Georgia and Eagle Ranch Advisory Board Member

Supporting our Children


$1000 $





Post Office Box 7200 Chestnut Mountain, GA 30502



gift supports Eagle Ranch children.

This gift is made by: Name Address City This gift is: Name City Please send honor/memorial card to: Name Address City State Zip Relationship to honoree/deceased: State In honor of State Zip In memory of

F ounder’s M essage

A visitor recently asked me if back in 1985 I had envisioned Eagle Ranch as it is today. My immediate response was, “No.” When the dream of Eagle Ranch first became a reality, the primary goal was simply to provide a home for needy boys. Since that time, the Ranch has evolved to include a program for 42 boys and 24 girls, a SACS-accredited middle school, and counseling for our children and their families. We also are touching children’s lives far beyond Chestnut Mountain through our Wings Initiative. Each new part of our program was created in response to a persistent need in our community and was undertaken with the counsel of our Board of Directors and Advisors. Our growth has been conservative yet pioneering. We are so blessed by God’s provision through people like you along the way that has enabled us to take on these new frontiers. Thank you for believing and investing in the Ranch mission.
Eagle Ranch Founder and Executive Director Eddie Staub with Kelsey, Eagle Ranch Alumna.

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