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2008 Masters of Photography Presentation Schedule

Reservoir High School

Photo 1

Tuesday, Dec. 16th

Period 1
Alex Z. – Minkkinen Becky S. – Alfred Stieglitz Becky L. – Julia Margaret Cameron
Bishop – Helen Levitt Brendan – Larry Clark Bria – Lisette Model

Period 5
Alex – Tina Modotti Charlene – Diane Arbus Matt– Karl Blossfeldt
Katie B. – Ansel Adams Kelly – Minor White Lisa – Abelardo Morell

Period 6
Justin – Ernst Haas Norma – Minor White Sarah G. – Gabriel Orozco
Sunny – Richard Misrach Vicky – Imogen Cunningham Zoe W. – Ansel Adams

Wednesday, Dec. 17th

Period 1
Chloe – Cindy Sherman Cory – Manuel Bravo Heather – Tina Modotti
Kristen – John McLaughlin Krysta – Irving Penn Laura – Josef Sudek
Matt Holloway – Brassaii

Period 5
Megan – Robert Frank Nick – Richard Avedon Sarah – William Eggelston
Sonadji – Lee Friedlander Stephanie – Irving Penn Trevor – Andre Kértesz
Herbert - Weegee

Period 6
Natasha – Helen Levitt Zoe B. – Berenice Abbot LaChae – Josef Sudek
Trenedie – Karl Blossfeldt Kayla – Duane Michals Kathleen – William Klein
Jennifer - Cindy Sherman

Friday, Dec. 19th

Period 1
John – Weegee Shelby – Anna Gaskell Ariana – John Gutmann
Renee – Robert Doisneau Caroline – Abelardo Morell Nicole – Ansel Adams

Period 5
Adam – Paul Outerbridge Clark–? Tabitha – Duane Michals
Caroline – William Klein Collin - Richard Misrach Kelsey – Karl Blossfeldt

Period 6
Cynthia – Arnold Newman Jessica – Robert Frank Alex – Robert Doisneau
Sarah T. – Lisette Model Hope – Anna Gaskell Nicole – Alfred Stieglitz
Presenting a Master Photographer Name_____________________________
Visual Handout and Presentation Criteria Photographer_______________________

Handout Criteria

_______(10 points) Objective

• You have created a well-designed, elegant 2 page visual handout to accompany your presentation that clearly
informs your classmates about the life, work, and major highlights of your master photographer.

_______(30 points) Content

• You have addressed each of the major research questions listed on your worksheet in reference to the major
contributions, biographical info, and origins and influences of your photographer:
• Your handout demonstrates thorough research to all topics, including the photographer’s legacy, personal history,
and how he/she became inspired to make photographs for a living.
• You have translated all research into your own words.
• You have included an accurate bibliography for each of the sources you’ve used on the back of your handout.
• You have included at least 3 images by your master photographer that also include titles and dates for each work.

_______(10 points) Design & Presentation

• Your handout has been typed using a clearly legible font.
• Your handout is free of all major grammatical or spelling mistakes.
• The images included on your handout are of high quality, and are not pixilated, distorted, or unclear.
• The content of your handout is clear and succinct.

_______(50 points) TOTAL

Presentation/Powerpoint Criteria

_______(10 points) Objective

• You have presented the work, biographical info, major contributions, and origins and influences of your master
photographer through using a handout and powerpoint presentation.

_______(30 points) Powerpoint & Preparation

• Your presentation is clear and well-planned. There is evidence that you have researched your master photographer
well and can speak confidently about them.
• You are prepared for your presentation by providing each student with a copy of your handout.
• You have included 5 works to show by your master photographer. Each slide also shows the title and date for that

_______(10 points) Performance

• You speak in a clear and confident voice throughout your presentation.
• The images you choose to present are important for clarifying the photographer’s major ideas and intentions, and
you refer to them in order to clarify these ideas during your presentation.
• You have taken time to share your analysis of a selected work, and have interpreted one of the master’s most
interesting works in order to identify the major interests and legacy of your photographer.

________(50 points) TOTAL