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November 2008

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” – Philippians 4:13.
Dear Members of the Worldwide Christian Endeavour Family,
It is very comforting to reflect on the verse of scripture above and recognize that after 127 years, there is still something of
tremendous value in the “Principles of Christian Endeavour” as established by our Founder, the Rev. Dr. Francis Clark.
That something of value is the consistent and continual sharing of stories, experiences and our being living examples of
what the next generations can learn and benefit from. Such a privilege and responsibility should be proudly worn as a
badge of honor as we share the reasons why our churches need Christian Endeavour. Therefore we are to teach our
children the stories of God’s love for us. And some day, they will thank God for these memories and perpetuate them “for
Christ and the Church”. Oswell M. “Sonny” Rankine, Vice-President for the Americas and the Caribbean

News from the WCEU member) give one (of your resp. Endeavourers are ready to
Board Meeting currency)” idea for collecting a translate the manual into French.
th st
Sept. 18 - 21 the WCEU Board contribution to the WCEU. In the coming year a seminar for
of Trustees, the Nominating Com., Board Elections 2010 active and potential CE leaders on
the Finance Com. and the The Chairman of the 2010 practical CE work is planned. To
Convention Program Committee Nominating Committee, Harry allow more people to attend it will
met in Northern Ireland. Wedekind from The Netherlands, be held twice, one in the Eastern
The board received reports from has sent Suggestion forms for the and one in the Western region of
various areas of the world which 2010-14 Board of Trustees to all West Africa.
gave a mixed picture about CE Presidents and Secretaries of the
around the world. There were National Unions. Being a teacher The Gambia and Senegal
encouraging news and reports he could avail the service of 33 A. Rudolph visited the CE Unions
about stagnating unions. Secretary-trainees to do the in these two West African states
It was agreed that the office of the mailing. Never ever WCEU had after the meeting in Ghana. In
WCEU’s General Secretary will be that much staff. Senegal a group of interested
moved to Kassel, Germany, next World’s Convention 2010 pastors came together to hear
spring. However the World’s Union There is a proposal to have an about Christian Endeavor.
continues to be an American exhibition of material and In Gambia he could meet the
Incorporation as in the past. programs of the National Unions. Executive board of the union and
The plan to publish a book about Plan already now what you would speak at a youth rally with well
Christian Endeavor basics from a like to contribute. over 100 young Endeavorers.
worldwide perspective and written
by authors from various cultures News from National Unions Americas and Caribbean
was accepted. Africa Guyana
CE Day 2009 CE Leaders Meeting Sheila Yaw-Fraser, VP of the CE
February, 2 , the day when the CE Leaders from Côte d’Ivoire, Union Guyana reported they had
first CE society was founded, is Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, and The celebrated their 64th anniversary
observed by many Endeavourers Gambia met in Accra, Ghana, on September 28. 2008. It was a
as CE day. It is a day to thank th th
from October 15 to 17 . It was a great afternoon.
God for the movement, to time of encouraging fellowship United States
remember the blessings in the with profound bible studies, Mid-Atlantic CE, formerly known
past but also to refocus on the reports from the Unions and lively as Pennsylvania.CE, announced
goals of CE. In some places discussions about the future of CE its 2009 workcamps.
Endeavourers come together for a in West Africa. The meeting (
day of prayer. It is an ideal time to revealed the leaders enthusiasm
inform the Endeavourers about the for CE but also a need for better Asia
WCEU. CE day could be the date training. The WCEU was India
to collect an offering for the work requested to produce a CE The prosecution by Hindu
of the WCEU. We encourage the manual as a guideline for local extremists is still threatening
Unions to use the “Each one (CE- leaders. The Senegalese Christians in Orissa and some

WCEU-NEWS November 2008 page 1

other places in India. Your prayers Hyundai Hotel, Kyoung-ju on 11 Christ who have shared their
and intercessions are still Aug. 2008. 427 participants were passion to us.
requested. Our Sisters and challenged and pledged to devote With great thanks, Yours sincere,
brothers are grateful for your their life to God in order to become Moo Ler, Director KBCDYW “
support. responsible future leaders of the
The National Association of Asian Korean church and society. Europe (
Indian Christians in the USA Speakers included Eui-soong Ireland
organized in front of the UN Cheae, president of Dae-woo The
building in New York on October Company, who attributed his WCEU
11 an Interfaith Demonstration success in life to prayer and Board of
Rally to protest against the following the bible. Trustees
violation of human rights in India. June 3 2008 Sang-bok Lee, and the
Five CE boys from the South Tip President of KCEU, inaugurated Finance
of India (Kanyakumari Dist.) plan a an orphanage in Kang Tung, Committee met from Sept 17th –
bicycle tour to New Delhi (3000 Myanmar. The building costs 21st in Northern Ireland in
kms in 30 days) to create about $ 50 000, a gift from the conjunction with the 94th Irish
awareness against militancy and Korean CE and includes a hall for National Christian Endeavour
for communal harmony. worship to serve the local mission Convention. The Convention
Sept 28 the South India CE church. Korean missionaries care speaker Rev. Dr. Paul Blackham
Union gathered in the Rama- since 2004 for children orphaned spoke on the theme, “Work in
varmapuram C.S.I. Church to by the civil war and now by the Progress”, based on Romans 12.
celebrate 125 years CE in India. cyclone. Mrs. Carole Dillon was installed on
the Saturday night as Irish CE
Lebanon Myanmar (Burma) President for the year 2008-2009.
CE (Chanitz) of the Armenian The World’s CE President, the
Evangelical Emmanuel Church, Rev. Faataape Lavata’i brought
Beirut, reports about church and greetings on behalf of the World’s
CE activities in their blog CE Union. The Irish CE Union presented its
Many summer activities of their new logo along with their new
senior and junior CE are held in website:
their ‘Kchag camp’, the beautiful At an informal gathering of Irish
CE-campsite in the mountains CE Council members and Con-
above Beirut. Many Endeavourers vention Committee on Sunday
connect important spiritual night the World’s CE President
This is the pick-up bought last
experiences with this place. was presented with a plaque from
September for the use of the
Karen Baptist CE Union in the City of Belfast by the Irish
Japan Union President Mrs Carole Dillon
Myanmar; especially to help the
The 2008 Convention of the Margaret Houston, PR officer Ir.CE Union
villagers who suffered from the
Japanese CE Union (JCEU)
cyclone in May. Donors from the
( Germany
USA, Germany and Australia
collected the funds for the car, „Zerrissen zwischen Himmel und
which were transferred by the Erde“- (Torn between Heaven and
WCEU. Earth) - was the theme for the
The letter of gratitude reads: Youth Congress ‘ECht 2008’ in
“We, now, have already bought Baunatal near Kassel (Sept. 26 -
and the kind of vehicle is TOYOTA 28 ). It dealt with the discrepancy
HILUX (84 model) - and is pretty in a Christian’s life, being citizen of
th th
good in engine and bodily the kingdom of heaven but still
was held from August 25 to 27
materials. It is, even though not a walking the earthly soil. About 400
in Oshino village, at the foot of Mt.
brand new, great and very fix to young adults heard a lot to think
Fuji. Rev. Atsuo Jinnouchi,
our context in this country. … We about – and to practice at home.
chairman of JCEU, spoke about
are, now, start using it for the Participating were also 8 students
“Christ—our only hope”.
office works and the other social from India. They are in a sponsor-
affairs. Please pass on our ship program of the Social
Trustee Ko Tong-un from Korea
gratitude to our colleagues in Missionary Service of the German
reported about the 83 Summer
Youth Federation for CE.
leadership competition, held at

WCEU-NEWS November 2008 page 2

CE people teens. He has represented his Pray for …
* WCEU Honorary President for Society and Union at local and * the matters you just read
life, Rev. Jim Murdoch (93) from international events and was about
Scotland celebrated with his wife elected WCEU Vice-President * Christians in India, Middle
Betty their 64
wedding 1994. East, Central Asia who suffer
anniversary on Sept. 22 2008. An Educator by profession, he persecution
* Saw Eh Keller, Ass. Secretary of spent about thirty years in the * young Christians in
the Karen Baptist CE Union in Cayman Islands Civil Service. Western countries not to get lost in
Myanmar married Naw Eh Mwee During this period, he served in the abundance of opportunities
Eh Poh on 8 November 2008. the Choir, as Sunday School and material wealth
* Virginia McCoy, President of Teacher, was an Elder in his * those who are leading
the Cayman Island CE Union Church for two terms and national CE unions and the WCEU
passed away Sept.14 , 2008. Chairman of several Church that they make sound decisions in
committees; District Leader and obedience to our Lord
eventually Chief Commissioner for * the political situation in
Who is ... ? the local Scout Association, and
Here you will find brief information about countries like Zimbabwe
the officers and trustees of the WCEU. You was actively involved in other * unity in Christ’s church
should know who is behind the names. In community, social and political and among Endeavourers,
this issue: organizations. humility and readiness to forgive
Oswell “Sonny” Rankine each other
WCEU Vice-President for the CE-Volunteers * for the conventions and
Americas and the Caribbean England, Germany, India, Latvia, meetings mentioned below
Lithuania, Mexico, Romania and * and do not forget to praise
USA are countries, where CE- God for all his blessings given also
volunteers can find a placement. through Christian Endeavor.
The WCEU office will have a
volunteer for 3 months next year
(provided the visa is granted).
Next Board Meetings,
For all who are interested in the Conventions . . .
WCEU International Exchange Please notify your events to the WCEU if you want
them to be listed here.
Program for Volunteers write to:
2008 .
Nov. - CE Convention on Renell Island,
A volunteer in these program is usually Solomon Islands
expected to pay for his travel and health
insurance and will get free customary 2009
accommodation, food and maybe a pocket Jan. 18th: Induction of the new Australian
money from the hosting institution. CE President Justin Gilfillan
April, 17th – 19th: Meeting of the Executive
Finances Committee in Liberty Corner, NJ, USA
We thank God who provided the July, 3rd – 5th: English Union Conv. in
necessary funds for our Conway and Rhos-on-Sea
Born in 1946 in East End, Grand operations. After a “fat” surplus in July 29th to Aug. 2nd: 8th National
Cayman, Cayman Islands, he 2007 we had to transfer this year Fellowship, UNSEC, Mexico
became involved with CE through some funds from our capital to July, 29th - Aug. 3rd: Convencion Nacional
his family members who keep up liquidity. Fortunately it UNDEC, Arequipa, Peru
worshipped at the local was just before the value of the August 25th – 27th: Convention of the
Presbyterian Church where WCEU portfolio went down almost Japanese CE Union in Higashi-Izu,
several members held positions 50% because of the crashing Shizuoka Prefecture
within the Society. stock markets. As we pursue the Sept. 18th – 19th: Irish CE Union Conv. in
He grew and matured in the goal to cover current expenses Belfast; Theme; ”Building Foundations”
equivalent of the Junior CE with income through current 2010
Society and held various positions donations we do thank all who July 11th to 15th - 26th: World’s CE
prior to becoming more active in contributed to our funds. Convention in Lancaster, PA, U.S.A.
the young adult society in his late


World’s Christian Endeavor Union,

3575 Valley Road, P.O.Box 326, Liberty Corner, N.J. 07938-0326, U.S.A.
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Tel.: ++1-908-604-9440 Fax ++1-908-604-6190

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