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Park View City

Learning Centre
Annual report 2007/8

Annual Report 2007-2008


Park View City Learning Technology, by its very

Centre is proud of the work it nature, is a constantly
does with its network schools changing force and the pace
and wider partners. We are of change today is as fast as
constantly testing new ever. Emerging web
technologies and their technologies and online
potential use in education and learning will shape education
using established technologies in the future and it is essential
in new and innovative ways. that these developments are
used for sound pedagogical
We have been at the forefront reasons.
of delivering innovative ICT
practice to schools and During 2007/8 we have
researching technologies supported teachers and pupils
since we opened in 2002. Our in using these new technologies
aim is to be an approachable and have impacted on
source of help and guidance classroom success.
on the practical classroom use
of emerging technologies.

Mohammed Ishaq
Central Birmingham CLC Manager

OVERVIEW OF 2007/8 4


This VLE is being populated with
courses and content directly
“You have all
Park View City Learning Centre relevant to educators and will
done so much has worked successfully in greatly support the work done by
2007/8 across its network the CLC.
research and
schools and in all Key Stages
taken the time and subjects. Its experience and To help cascade best practice,
impact remains valued by its Park View CLC has developed 2
to save users and this is reflected in staff new websites to showcase
teachers from feedback forms which remain excellent work and provide online
overwhelmingly positive. guidance for using ICT in the
having to classroom. These websites will be
This year, the CLC has continued populated in 2008/9 and will
re-invent the
its work both within the centre provide a wealth of information and
wheel. A joy and with schools using its experience for teachers to draw on.
Outreach projects. The loan of
to be involved ICT solutions and in-class Whilst Park View CLC offers solid
support has proved especially and proven face-to-face learning,
in a great
popular. Our usage statistics our planned developments will
team pushing reflect this, with our overall mean we are able to deliver online
usage, with outreach included, training and support.
back the
being 116%.
frontiers”, Once again, we have expanded
The CLC has recognised the the number of sessions that we
Chris Traxon, offer. Whilst maintaining existing
huge developments that are
sessions ( which can be browsed
M.B.E. taking place with virtual and
online education. To meet this on our website and booked by
future demand and need, the teachers ) we have worked closely
CLC began development of a with teachers and ASTs to provide
major Virtual Learning new and innovative sessions that
Environment to provide training directly impact on results.
for teachers.
3. Our pioneering forensics session
During 2007/8 Park View City Learning involves a murder mystery produced in
Centre has continued to deliver a wide conjunction with CLC staff and the
range of curriculum sessions as well as University College of London which can
developing new projects. be solved by pupils using scientific
New sessions were created from feedback experiments and reasoning. By the end
and suggestions by network teachers and of the day pupils have undertaken 5
also with an eye to new and future separate experiments and produce a
directives in education. prosecuting argument against their
prime suspect. The session has been
Our top five sessions for 2007/8 were: adapted for use across Key Stages 3
1. Animation and 4,
2. Robolab NXT
3. Forensics 4. Space and its Mysteries is aimed at
4. Space and Its Mysteries GCSE Science pupils and is structured
5. SATs revison as a self-devised assessment. Pupils
learn about life in a space station, the
1. Animation has been popular across many of science behind the technology. They
our network schools. At the CLC we use are then tasked to create their own
on our Apple Mac computers. space station using 3D modelling
Pupils are instructed in the software and then software. Pupils are then able to assess
create a short animation using lego models their progress using the GCSE marking
and backgrounds. They are then able to add criteria
music, titles and credits. The final movies are
burnt on to a DVD to view back at school. 5. This year we expanded our popular
Animation has been used to meet the SATs revision days. As well as running
curriculum needs of a wide number of more days for English and Science, we
subjects, e.g: D&T, ICT, Art and English. also introduced a Maths day using the

2. Robolab NXT has proved a very popular

progression from the older Mindstorms lego
robots. Using icons and flow charts, pupils
are able to program robots to perform a
number of different tasks using sensors and
motors. Pupils are able to meet the needs of
several curriculum areas and topics. After
using NXT robots at the CLC some visiting
schools have purchased their own robots to
use in the classroom
S e s s io n s Ru n 2 0 0 7 /0 8

Nu m b e r o f S e s s io n s
0 5 10 15 20 25

A b o r ig in a l A r t

A f r ic a n De s ig n

A n ima tio n

A r t in Mo tio n

A r t: Po r tr a its

A s tr o n a u t Tr a in in g " L e ts g e t Ph y s ic a l

B a c k to B a c ks

B o o k Clu b

Ca th o lic S c h o o l p a r tn e r s h ip

Clima te Ch a n g e

Co mic Clu b - Ex c e lle n c e a n d En jo y me n t

Cr e a tin g W e b s ite s

Cr e a tiv e W r itin g - W iki's

Dig ita l Ph o to g r a p h y

Ec o h o u s e - s u p e r le a r n in g d a y

Emis s io n

En r ic h me n t Da y - K in g a r th u r

Fo r e n s ic s
N a m e o f S e s s io n

Fr e n c h

G r a f f iti a r t

Jo u r n e y s

K S 5 Me d ia S tu d ie s Pr o je c t

L e g o Ro b o L a b

Ma th s in Mo tio n

Ma th s in Mo v e me n t

Me d ia S ta g e

MFL c o mic lif e Pr o je c t

Mo v ie Ma kin g

Mu s ic

O p e r a tio n Mo n s e r a t

PE: Pe r f o r ma n c e A n a ly s is

Ph o to s h o p

Po d c a s tin g

Ro c ke tr y

S A Ts r e v is io n

S p a c e a n d it's My s te r ie s

S to r y Te llin g

Te x tile s

G e o g r a p h y : W e a th e r

W W 1 tr e n c h e x p e r ie n c e

“Really good,
This year Park View CLC has Although the CLC is booked
teaching,” increased it work with teachers with mostly secondary pupils
and educators and has we are still proud to host
developed a number of new sessions for KS2 pupils. This
McNamee, INSET sessions. pioneering decision has shown
We have also seen an clear benefit at the Year 6/7
Head of increase in bookings for our transition.
English SATs revision days for year 9.

Year Groups 07/08

Year Group


0 20 40 60 80 100


As befits a CLC, ICT is our biggest Science is an important part of

overall subject. However, the term ICT the work we do at the CLC. Our
here covers a wide range of topics session on Space and its
across the subject. Increasingly the Mysteries has proved very
sessions we run are cross-curricular. popular as both a Year 10 and a
Year 9 session. The CLC has
For example, some of our Animation created a website to host links
sessions are booked by an ICT and resources so that schools
department to meet the needs of their could replicate the session.
curriculum but the skills and content are
equally transferable across other
subjects, e.g: English, Maths, Science

Subjects run Year 07/08

Art and Design
Design and Technology

Media Studies
Modern Foreign Languages
Web design
0 20 40 60 80

“All parts 4. CASE STUDIES
Case Study 1: Using Wikis in
worked well the Classroom 1. Exploring Language -
Identify, discuss and use the
to promote Outline: conventions, structures, and
Hailed as a powerful educational language features of narrative
excellent resource, the e-medium has not
texts, and discuss how they
relate to the topic.
only revolutionized the whole
speaking and 2. Multimedia presentation
composing process but has also
been found to encourage Using Wiki Pages to write
listening” online. This project was done
participation in writing activity. as an outreach session. Pupils
Rob Feasey One reason for this is that e-mail were exposed to the elements
and online writing provide a of writing online. They used all
the features of the Narrative
non-threatening atmosphere in genre to create an online story
which writers feel less inhibited of an Adventure Island.
about expressing themselves,
encouraging even timid students EVALUATION
who usually refuse to speak in This project was evaluated by
face-to-face discussions to ac- the pupils who took part in a
tively take part. When students self and peer assessment.
realize that they are going to put Pupils were motivated by the
challenge and the ability to
their work on the Web for collaborate online.
readers in the real world, they
are motivated to write better.
The CLC developed two online
writing projects for both Primary
and Secondary schools which
was run successfully with
substantial pupil progress

Case Study 2: Lego NXT Evaluation / Impact:
“A very good This day introduced pupils to
the software and hardware These sessions proved to be
day of learning
needed to program the Lego very successful; both teachers
for all pupils” NXT robots. Pupils spent time and pupils enjoyed the given
working through 10 set tasks tasks. The pupils were very
“Very effective to familiarise themselves with enthusiastic to programme
in term of the robots and were then set a their Robots and build the
number of challenges that Judder robots.
control and required higher-order thinking
systems” and teamwork to complete. The session is used by several
schools to address key
“A great day components of the curriculum
After the pupils were given a in Design and Technology and
out for both brief introduction to the NXT ICT. Departments plan the
students and Robot functions they were session into their timetable and
staff” asked, in groups of two, to now book the CLC a year in
complete their given task advance.
booklets by conducting 10
different programming
functions such as sound,
display, movement etc. Once
completed, this was observed
and signed off by a

Finally, pupils built a simple

robot of their own and compet-
ed in the “Judder challenge”.

During 2007/8 Park View City Learning
Centre began to compile its experience
and advice into formal reports. These
are designed to be practical and with
clear pedagogical guidance.

Park View CLC produced two research

documents in the course of the Summer
term and made them available to visiting
teacher as paper copies and also online The report on Podcasting gives
via our website as e-copies (in a pdf advice on software and
format for greater accessibility). hardware needed and also tips
on copyright, sound quality and
uses in the curriculum.
The documents were on Podcasting and
Creating Wikis and they were produced
following a number of sessions using
these emerging technologies.

Visiting teachers were therefore able to

experience the use of podcasts and
wikis in a classroom setting and were
then able to use the guides to replicate
the experience back at school.

The documents have proven to be very

popular and Park View CLC plans to
produce more in the series, focusing on The report on Wikis gives
new web technologies in the classroom. practical classroom advice on
uses this innovative and
collaborative web-publishing

“We have
been able to 6. SUPPORT MANUALS

work with To allow teachers to take back

best practice to the classroom
software that Park View CLC have produced
a series of Support Manuals
is used in the on various “hot” topics in ICT.
creative These include blogging,
industry” podcasts and wikis. They are
designed to be short, practical
Lisa Newell, guides to each subject. These
are designed to be used by all
Head of Art visiting teachers bringing
classes to the CLC and also
staff attending INSET at the

The support manuals have

proved very popular and are
regularly re-printed. Pdf
versions of each document are
available on our website. They
will be used to support the
online teacher training that is
being developed at the CLC.

“It was really English ICT champions
During 2007/8 Park View CLC
fun doing the put together a number of loan Park View CLC enlisted the support
kits for schools following a very of 5 English ICT champions from 5
activity and I successful and pioneering different schools.
Outreach for Primary schools.
have made These kits were supported by They were loaned a laptop,
training and follow-up support. software, visi-view, digital camera
new friends. and camcorder. During the first
Four of these kits are
described below. day’s training the champions were
The teachers shown how to use the hardware
and software.
were nice”, Apple Trolleys

Year 7 pupil This academic year, 5 Apple They were then given the kit for a
Mac trolleys were loaned to 5 year to use as a teaching tool. The
Secondary Schools. Each champions were tasked with
trolley comprised of: creating resources to share and to
trial new practices in the
- 16 Laptops classroom.
- 1 Projector
- 1 printer The English ICT champions will
- 1 wireless access point meet regularly throughout 2008/9
and it is hoped that the scheme will
Training was given to all be rolled out to other subject areas.
teachers who used the trolleys
and in-class support was taken
up. The trolleys were a huge
success, with teachers and
departments reporting an
increase in pupil engagement
and attainment.

The trolleys provide a solution

for a class to access high-end
machines with professional
level software. The project is to
be continued in 2008/9.

“The laptops Digital Literacy Kit MFL support kit

have had a The CLC put together a loan A kit of Apple Mac computers
kit of Apple Mac computers to was put together to loan to
superb impact promote digital literacy. The MFL departments. Full staff
kits were used by Key Stage 2 training was provided and in-
on pupil and 3 classes. class support was given.

performance The kits comprised of 15 Secondary school pupils used

laptops with the software the kits to make some
and Comic Life and also excellent MFL resources,
Kar2ouche. Digital cameras creating role-plays in their
creativity” were also provided. studied language.
Mr Anil Teli
Pupils were able to construct The kits were aimed particularly
comic adaptations of stories at Year 9, to encourage
and to create storyboards. The language take-up at GCSE
kits were used very level, and also Key Stage 4 to
successfully to produce some improve pupil attainment.
outstanding work.
Pupils were excited by the
Key Stage 2 pupils used the software and teachers reported
kits in a SEAL (Social and a rise in pupil engagement.
Emotional Aspects of Learning)
project which looked at the
anxieties associated with the
transition to Key Stage 3.

“Great! It 8. Staff Training The CLC also provides follow-up
This year saw an increase in the support with many teachers
allowed time number and variety of CPD that contacting the centre for advice.
the CLC offered. Sessions were Feedback has been
to focus more overwhelmingly positive.
planned into our calendar and
and flyers and emails were
distributed to all of our network Sessions run this year include:
professionally schools.
Photoshop for Beginners
it’s given me
CPD is provided on a free basis Photoshop Intermediate
other avenues to our network schools, with only
a small charge for lunch. CAD – free, professional and
for extending easy!

my pupils Sessions focus on skills and PowerPoint for beginners

software that are most useful in
learning”, the classroom across subjects. PowerPoint Intermediate
The sessions are “hands on”
Dawn where teachers get a chance to An introduction to using
fully explore the software and Apples in the classroom
Wellings” ask any questions. A certificate
of completion is provided. Multimedia for Free!

The Internet and the future of


ICT in English

Using Kar2ouche in the


Mission Maker

CPD Breakdown 07/08

4% 1% 4%
1%1% 6% 1%1%
3% 3%
3% 3%

4% 6%
4% 6%
7% 3%

Access Apple Training

Art Blogging for Beginners
Cad - free and easy Cascade - Uni of Hull
Digtal Literacy Kit - CPD English Champions
EPICT ICT in the Classroom
Internal Staff Inset Joomla training
Kartouche training Krucible Training
Lotus notes training Mission Maker
Moodle Multimedia in schools
Photoshop Begginners INSET Photoshop Intermediate INSET
Podcasting in the classroom Powerpoint Advanced INSET
Powerpoint for Beginners INSET TA Courses
Using Apples in Class

9. ONLINE TEACHER Online courses will be available EPICT is designed for
TRAINING AND RESOURCES to those who attend training at educators and is an eight
the CLC and will allow teachers module course that
Park View City Learning Centre to revisit course materials for a results in an
has devoted a considerable refresher and sign up to further internationally recognised
amount of staff time and courses, qualification.
expertise on the development of
a teacher training Virtual All courses will have assigned The University of Hull
Learning Environment online tutors and will be Foundation Course is five
( and two supported with forums and modules long and, as
online resource sites for discussion groups. well as being a
teachers. qualification in itself,
( Teaching staff at the CLC have gives successful
and ) become accredited in the participants credits
delivery of both EPICT (The towards a degree.
The VLE has been recognised European Pedagogical ICT
by the Birminham Learning Licence) and a University LINKS
Platform Group who are Foundation Course (through
interested in taking the project the University of Hull). These PARK VIEW CLC VLE
city-wide. courses are aimed at
classroom practitioners and
It is designed to complement provide a recognised SHOWCASE OF
and expand the face-to-face qualification. EXCELLENT ICT USE
INSET that we offer.



“A very good 10. CLC Project Development handheld learning and web 2.0
Time technologies. This research is
working being compiled into reports
CLCs are tasked with introducing and also forms the basis of
rapport was new sessions offered at the
new and emerging technologies
in the classroom. To fulfil this, staff CLC.
at the CLC continually pursue new
established ” and innovative projects. Teachers are encouraged to
sign up to the CLC’s weekly
Christopher bulletin which highlights useful
This year, staff have been and exciting developments that
Cockle researching developments in have a practical classroom
online education, outdoor internet use.
connectivity (with 3G wi-fi cards),

Internal Staff Project Development Time

8% 19%

26% 26%


Creation of online resource repository Curriculum development

Misc VLE Development
Website Updates Internal Staff Training

11. Usage Statistics
“I wish we These Outreach sessions are
As can be seen, the CLC is aimed at both pupils and staff.
could go heavily booked. Bookings at the Taken together, CLC staff and
CLC itself ( for pupil sessions equipment have achieved a
again and and staff training ) are running at 116% usage figure for 2007/8.
have more By intelligent use of CLC staff
Park View CLC has one open and resources, working more
fun” closely with schools and
plan room which is used for all
Year 8 pupil the varied activities which are making the CLC sessions
run. Sessions are offered as more explicitly targeted to
either a half or full day; as a National Curriculum Programs
result the CLC can potentially of Study we are able to deliver
see a maximum of two classes on more than our expected 2
per day. sessions per day

To increase our impact, Park

View CLC undertakes Outreach
sessions where CLC staff
deliver sessions and loan
equipment to schools.

Bordesley Green Girls
Catholic School Partnership 35
Central Collegiate
Golden Hillock 30
Hodge Hill
Holy Trinity
James Brindley
Network Schools 20
Parkview 15
Small Heath 10
Springfield Jnr School
St Albans
St Saviours
Washwood Heath
Waverley 0

Usage stats for Pupil sessions booked at Park View CLC. The number nest to the school is
the number of sessions booked with the CLC. Please note that staff CPD and Outreach loan
solutions (Apple Mac trolleys, animation kits, eco kits, literacy kit etc) are not included:

Al-Hijrah 26 Bordesley Green Girls 13 Calthorpe 3

Catholic School Partnership 5 Central Collegiate 2
Golden Hillock 3 Hallmoor 1 Highfield Primary 1
Hodge Hill 1 Holy Trinity 9 James Brindley 6
Nansen 14 Parkkfield Primary 8 Parkview 29
Saltley 4 Small Heath 23 Springfield Jnr School 4
St Albans 41 St Saviours 2 Washwood Heath 10
Waverley 1

About Park View City Learning Centre

CLCs were set up to be innovative practitioners of ICT and therefore most of

what we provide has an ICT focus. Park View City Learning Centre is a state-
of-the-art technology centre set up for the benefit of central Birmingham
schools. Our key work is with pupils and staff.

We offer sessions and work with departments on most curriculum areas and to
most Key Stages. We also offer a varied CPD programme.

Park View City Learning Centre

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tel: +44 (0)121 464 8106
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