Narberth Civic Association Monthly Meeting , April 11, 2012, 7:00 PM, minutes

Call to Order 7:00 Board members present: Deborah Lonsdorf, President pro tem Christine Jackson, Treasurer Liz Brown Andy Haackenson Jim Speer Audience: Ed Ridgeway, George Lonsdorf March minutes approved Treasurerʼs Report (attached) ! Issue: Is $301.50 payment for 6 or 12 months? Christine will check. Presidentʼs Report ! Environmental Work Day will be May 12 or 26. ! Girl scouts will re-do display in store window ! Increase of membership rates now in effect. Would like a voluntary extra level of membership for supporters. Old Business We sent out solicitation for volunteers for set up and clean up. Childrenʼs Garden Need to organize donations of plants for childrenʼs garden. Asking Spinelliʼs and Albrechtʼs. A flat each? Organizers will need spades and brooms. 12:00-3:30 Lynn Seng is serving whole fruit for NarbEarth Day, not cut up, so she will not need a food permit Looking for a way to have a form or brochure available for people to people to join the civic. Jim will work on sign to list exhibitors. Use a chalkboard, or chalk paint? Deborah seeks approval to purchase a printed 4x2ʼ banner. Not to exceed $70. Approved by vote

Discussion of whether to move the fence banner to the gazebo. We decided it probably would not work on the gazebo above the music performers. Liz signed us up for “Square,” a way for us to accept credit card swipe payments. New Business George Lonsdorf nominated to NCA board. George is elected. Welcome George! Thinking about getting a new bank that would not charge us fees. Ed Ridgeway suggests looking into Beneficial or PNC. Liz can ask around at the Federation of Civics meeting about 501c3 status. Website Report (by George Lonsdorf) Put up new advertizing elements for NarbEarth Day: NarBunny, NarBird! Purchased rights to NarBunny for $6. News page updated with pithy sayings randomly displayed in corner. Jim & George looking into ways to replace the services of Wild Apricot, so we can dump them. NCA looking in to ways to support or sponsor Public Rezoning meetings. -provide refreshments? - George will do a business card sized flyer, hopefully in time for NarbEarth Day, and then for leafleting. Environmental Workday possible activities: - Sorting recyclables - Scraping gum - Ed suggests having girl scouts leaflet businesses, to get them aware - Help trash and recycling cans get labeled properly Sidewalks Borough is taking a close look at sidewalk issues, for ADA compliance and other safety issues. Jim suggests writing a letter to Highway and Public Safety committees offering NCAʼs help in surveying and reporting on sidewalk issues. Approved. Jim will do first draft. Motion to adjourn 9:00 Next meeting scheduled for Wed, May 9

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