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3 knowledges

1) Knowledge of earth (No revelation from God, use own mind and material
2) Knowledge of Deeds (Revelation, comes through prophets)
3) Knowledge of insight (No revelation from God, Use Nafs and Mind and fight with
Devil, get yourself)


3 Lights[Struggle] (Each light is attached the knowledge shown above)

1) Jihad for yourself [Struggle in the Job/Bussiness]

2) Jihad against Enemy [Struggle to make the world peaceful]
3) Jihad against yourself (Nafs+Aqal) [Struggle to eleminate evil from inside]


Fire Devil in 3 states (each state is related to above)

Fire Devil is attached in the childhood and work
according to the state

1) Fire Devil = Atheist

2) Fire Devil = Mushrik
3) Fire Devil = Kaafir


Earth enemies in 3 states (each state is related to above)

1) Atheist [Made submission to God if material profit continues to come from God]
They do not have any spirit of Life
God denied this and assume that it should be on self effort
2) Mushrik [Made submission to God if he given status above others] They have -ve
spirit of Life
God will not accept Shirk in any case
3) Kaafir [Made submission to both God and Iblees, which ever suits in different
situations] - They are Devil
God will call it Deception to God and treat them as Earth Devil


Defeating the X Devil [If defeated party to Family in Avaari]

1) Increase X power in Devil ANFB to 100%

2) Decrease X power in insaan ANFB to 2%

Reality: X devil is injected as an addition in second life, age 1


1) Devil has no Firewall

2) Insaan will have 100% protected firewill against X in Life2 and Life3

The tree in Jannat

- The tree in the Jannat was having X satan. When Adam and Awa eats the fruit of
that tree they
were having x desires so they were eliminated from Jannat and send to earth as a
test. After the
death of earth Body they were born from a different body and this fruit was re-
allowed to them.

- Why God disallowed this fruit in second life and allowed in 3 rd life. God
wanted to ensure that
after X sin human should make Taube otherwise he will be in Fire.

- Since Adam was made from Earth his X comes from this tree.
- His children made from Nutfa. And this Nutfa is not having any X satan. So when
a child is born he
is born without X satan. At the age of 10-12 years Bad farishta injects the X
satan into Human Nafs. This satan only prolongs
till the death of Human Body. In the age 2 of second life Human is born again
without X satan. When ever any human needs X desires
he has to eat the fruit of that tree. This tree is available in each home in
Jannat.The insaan body will start making X temptations
to each other for a duration depending upon the amount of fruit eaten. So in
normal situations the Insaan body will not have any X
temptations to each other.


- The jin X satan is also injected by Bad farishta at some reasoable age


- The Devil x satan comes from the Nutfa of his father and mother so the child X
satan is more powerful if his/her father
and mother are powerful. So the Mother of the Devil looks for a man who has very
strong X satan so that her child is
having most powerful X satan as they are doing Devil worship.