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Top 10 Hottest Geek Girls on Cable TV
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When we are not wasting away our days online we are waisting away our days watching these hot geeky girls on cable TV. On cable TV it may not be as easy like on premium channels to spot hot geeks but with a little surfing you’ll find them. If you aren’t sure where to find these hot nerds check out our guide below.

10.) Tina Fey – Grammar Geek

Under that sometimes ratty hair and those dark rim glasses. Tina Fey is best known for her work on SNL but she now appears weekly on the show 30 Rock on NBC. Send us a message if she actually has one. But.When you think of Hot Geeks on TV I bet Tina Fey doesn’t come to mind right away. Blog: Not a Clue. there is one hot babe screaming to come out. 9. TV Show: 30 Rock on NBC How to Stalk Her: Twitter:@tinafey (Blame Gawker is this isn’t correct). it’s true.) Lea Michele – Glee Geek (Gleek) .

Check out that photo though. that lasted about 3 minutes. Well. Kinda. TV Show: Glee on FOX How to Stalk Her: Twitter:@msleamichele Blog: http://www.org/ (Fan Site) 8. Wonder Woman?!? HAWT! 4 TV Show: Bones on FOX How to Stalk Her: . So much attention that we thought we would check the show out.leamichele.So we are still unsure as to why Glee is so huge but Lea Michele who plays Rachel Berry on the show definitely grabbed our attention when she did the sexy photo shoot for GQ magazine. When’s she’s not hiding herself behind the lab coat S she’s showing off the goods. Show is not our thing but she is for sure.) Emily Deschanel – Medical Science Geek Emily Bones Deschanel Wonder Woman Known on TV as “Bones” Emily Deschanel is another undercover hottie.

We always knew she was hiding something under her office sweaters.4 Twitter:Not Available.myspace. That was until this scene in Blades of Glory where she let those magnificent sweater kittens come out to play.) Jenna Fischer – Design Geek 74 g 1 She plays Pam on NBC’s the office. TV Show: The Office on NBC How to Stalk Her: Twitter:@jennafischer (Not Verified) Blog: http://www.com/pambeesley 6. artsy sales representative for Dunder Mifflin Paper Company who dreams of becoming a graphic designer. a cute.) Erin Andrews – Sports Geek Erin Andrews is a Sports Caster on ESPN who was voted America’s Sexiest Sportscaster by Playboy magazine in 2007 and . somewhat quiet. Sorry 7. Sorry Blog: Not Available.

) Kris Williams – Paranormal Geek . When she’s not giving game reviews she’s probably staring at herself in the mirror…at least that’s what we’d do if we were her. Sorry 5.com/80352726 4. I think she still holds the title today.myspace. TV Show: X-Play on G4 TV How to Stalk Her: Twitter:@morganwebb Blog: http://www. TV Show: College Gameday on ESPNU How to Stalk Her: Twitter:@erinandrews Blog: Not Available. She’s probably best known now for the creep who video taped her nude in her hotel room without her knowing then posted online. So what’s this gamer girls favorite video game? Phantasy Star III.2008. she’s a real.) Morgan Webb – Gamer Geek Morgan Webb is a super hot gamer girl who hosts the show X-Play on G4 TV. hot gamer girl. Yeah.

updating her Twitter and Blog with hot pictures. Kris Williams is a Paranormal Investigator on the show Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International on the SyFy channel.TV Show: Ghost Hunters & Ghost Hunters International on SyFy Channel.kriswilliamsblog.) Kari Byron – Art Science Geek . Is it just us or does she look like she could be related to Olivia Wilde? How to Stalk Her: Twitter: @kriswilliams81 Blog: http://www.com/ 3. When she’s not tracking down Ghost’s she’s traveling around the world.

karibyron.TV Show: Mythbusters on Discovery Channel Kari is the hot red head girl who’s always designing and blowing sh** up on Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters.) Olivia Wilde – Medicine Geek . She can blow’d us up anytime How to Stalk Her: Twitter: She’s too cool for Twitter Blog: http://www.com/ 2. We’ll let the picture speak for itself.

) Olivia Munn – Tech Geek TV Show: Was: Attack of the Show. Remy Hadley or “Thirteen” on the show House.TV Show: House on FOX Olivia is known as Dr.wildethings. Not only is she hot but she gets more bumps on the list for being in the latest Tron Movie. You can catch her now on Perfect Couples on NBC Thursday nights. How to Stalk Her: Twitter: @oliviawilde Blog: http://www. How to Stalk Her: Twitter: @oliviamunn . Now: Perfect Couples on NBC Olivia Munn has been making nerdy guys gadgets hard for a long time but even though she’s no longer talking nerdy to us on G4 she was still voted as the hottest geek on cable TV since we know her skills.org 1.

Like Top 10 lists? Get more top 10 lists from Top 10 King.. Check out these other popular posts from Top 10 King 1. digs great music. Felicia Day! She’s always involved in the geekiest projects.com/ Think our list is missing someone or is just crap? Let it out in the comments.) Top 10 Tough Guys Who Carried Man Bags 3. 5. 4. steve | February 27. Good job in the list. and is a real person. Josh | February 20.) Top 10 Craziest Objects Found in Peoples’ BumbBums 4.Blog: http://oliviamunn. ME | February 27. 2011 . She’s smokin hot.) Top 10 Drunk Yoga Poses 2. 2. Doesn’t need a make up team to make her look good. Rick Spear | February 27. 2011 Not a bad list but Kris Williams should be closer to # 1. 2011 Good group of beautiful smart ladies.) Top 10 Most Evil Mustaches in History 11 Comments 1. smart. uck 3. Chris | February 19. It’s the only way to be heard my friends. 2011 11. 2011 They all have dark hair. Kris Williams is my personal fave.

4..[.] 6.... philip | February 28. Top 10 Hottest Geek Girls on Cable TV « Netcrema – creme de la social news via digg + delicious + stumpleupon + reddit . EZ AutoShippers | March 3. THHS Michael | February 28..com [.. 2011 Holy shit!!! THat tech geek is next to naked!!! I would like to have her ride in my auto transport with me!!! 11. Cuban Linx – 3 in the Mornin’ | The Rap Up . 2011 Kris has got my vote…. sweet person and has the girl next door look as well… 8. 5.Your “Number four” Kris Williams sent me…She’s number one IMO…Sorry Olivia Squared and Kari 6... Top 10 Hottest Geek Girls on Cable TV : Popular Links : eConsultant ..] this article: Top 10 Hottest Geek Girls on Cable TV 18 February 2011 | Uncategorized | .] Top 10 Hottest Geek Girls on Cable TVtop10king.. 7..[..[.] 2..[.. 2011 Holy Schmolly Batman!! Trackbacks/Pingbacks 1. 2011 Why is it that any female pic with lots of great cleavage always ranks #1? My favs are #1 and #5.=== popurls.] ..com. Jack Brag | August 3... top10king..) Top 10 Hottest Geeks on Cable TV [.com === popular today ...] 3.com === popular today.. === popurls.. 2011 All the other women are gorgeous but Kris williams should have been #1 she is the best 9. Tony C | February 28. yeah! this story has entered the popular today section on popurls. Oh yeah!! 10. Top 10 Best Drunken Yoga Poses | . 2011 Chris Williams wins it hands down…pretty.] ♣ 10 Hottest Geek Girls on Cable TV [Top 10 King] [.[..com [.] 3. John Tod | March 1.] check out our guide below. Click Cable Tv Guide | More More Pics ...

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