1. A:Do you like my new car? B:Yes, I like it very ________ . 2. A:_________ does he go to work? B:By bus. 3.

A:______ he work in a bank? B:No, he works in a library. 4. A:The princess is attractive. B:Yes ? she is ______ beautiful than her sister. 5. A:You were not at home yesterday. B:That's right, I _______ staying with my friends yesterday. 6. A:_______ you ever had a car accident? B:Yes, I have. 7. A:Have you been crying? B:No, I ______. 8. A:Is Sylvia a good student? B:Yes, Sylvia's good, and Susan is also good. In fact Susan is ____ than Sylvia. 9. A:What does she look _____ ? B:She has thick, curly hair and brown eyes. 10. A:Have you been to Sweden? B: Yes ! I lived there _______ two years! 11. A:Have you ______ eaten Sushi? B:No, never. What's Sushi? 12. A:How long ______ you been in England? B:Since last year. 13. A:Had the play already started when you arrived? B:No, it ______ . 14. A:I went to Singapore in April. B:_______ you often go abroad? A:Yes ! about ten times a year.

18. 16. A:Did you hear the weather forecast? B:Yes. A:Have you enjoyed yourself? B:Yes. A:What _______ you do if you had a million pounds? B:I'd stop working. no _____ me the truth! 21. 19. I think. it ______ been a lovely day.. it's more expensive. 17. 20.15. B:No it isn't. A:Do you ______ if I smoke? B:Not at all. B:Yes he has ______ working hard lately. B:Neither does mine. . 27. B:Oh yes! _______ do I! 28. A:My book is ______ than yours. Can you tell me which newspaper you would like to work _______ ?. The Independent. B:Er . A:So you want to be a journalist. Go ahead. They say it _______ definitely rain later. A:Why can't she walk? B:She _______ broken her leg. 29. 25. 23. 24. 22. B:No. I've _____ playing since I was a boy. A:My son ______ like school. A:What are the hotels in Rome ______? B:Elegant and comfortable! 26. A:Your father looks tired. A:Can you run fast? B:Not now. A:I like skiing. A:When ____ it happen? B:In 1879. A:Do you play tennis? B:Yes. But I ______ when I was young.. A:I weigh a hundred and forty pounds.

A:There hasn?t been _______ rain for weeks. 42. A:Is it true that you come from a very poor family? B:Yes. A:Is Rosemary tall or short? B:She's _______ tall nor short ? she?s just medium. A:Would you _______ helping me with this? B:Of course not ! it will be a pleasure! 39. Don?t we need to call _____ the garden party? B:No. A:When I was young. 40. I think you _______ see an optician. B:Really? None at all? 35. I ______ go to see him. 38. Life ______ very easy for us when I was young. . A:If I were you. Is that better? 34. 36. A:It's raining.30. The train _________ already left by the time we got to the station. it's in the fridge. 33. 31. A: ________ the milkman brought the milk? B:Yes. 41 A: That's a strange machine ? what is it _______? B:It cuts holes in roads. I ________ to be shy. B:______ have I. B:It's probably your eyes. A:Why didn't you tell me? B:I would have told you if I ______ known. B:You certainly aren't now! 43. A:That radio is very loud! Could you turn it _____ a bit? B:Of course. 37. 32. B:OK ? I will. A:I’ve got three brothers. you shouldn't cancel it. A:I get headaches when I read.

A:Is the party still going to be on Saturday? B:No ! they've _______ it off till Sunday. A:Are you coming to Southampton with us? B:I wish I _______ the time to come with you. A:Where's your dishwasher? B:It's _______ repaired. If I you. A:Let's go to the cinema. . 51. that's all. 55. 47. A:What will Anne be ________ ? B:A white blouse and a blue skirt. A:He ________ have gone away ? nobody has seen him for weeks. 50. But it _______ longer than I had expected. 45. 56. A:If I _______ known you were coming. look ! there she is! 49. 52. Could you wash the vegetables? 53. 48. coming from Edinburgh by bus? B:Not bad. B:Yes. A:What have you done to your hair? B:I’ve ________ it cut. A:How's Ron these days? B:He's in Japan. I agree. I'm sure he's gone away. I would tell him the truth straight away! 54. A:What was it like. 46. A:When will my meal be ready? B:It will be ready ______ the time you get home. and _______ is Sue. I'd have cooked something. Yes.44. A:Can I give you a _____ with the cooking? B:That's very kind.

job. he would have drowned. 61. hobbies and other things that define you. friends.B:I won't go _______ you come with me. family. A:OK ? I’ll come. You haven't changed a bit! 59. A:What was your childhood like? B:I remember _______ very happy as a teenager. A:How did you get on? B:Very well. Long time no ______ . I would have failed. 57. . But if it ______ been for Alan. Please write a few sentences (10-20) about yourself: education. A:Why? What did he do? 58. thanks. 60. A:If people on the ship _______ seen him.