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Rahul Malik

105 E. Armory Avenue - Champaign, IL 61820 Tel: 216-262-2691 Email:

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), Champaign, IL
College of Engineering: Bachelors of Science in Computer Science (2009)
Specialization: Human and Computer Interaction and Social Visualizations
Entrepreneur/President/Lead Developer - - Champaign, IL January 2008- September 2008

Designed a productivity tool to handle the overload of social network notifications in your inbox.

Lead 5 employees to deploy an alpha level product in under 6 weeks.

Trained employees to use Python, Django Framework, and the MVC design pattern.

Networked with other entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, lawyers and accountants.

Prioritized features and managed the development progress towards our alpha release.

Designed deployment process using Apache, PostgreSQL and Gentoo Linux
Software Developer Intern - Yahoo! Inc - Santa Clara, CA May 2007- August 2007
• Designed a social mapping platform that allowed users to embed, share, and create custom maps.
• Researched and prototyped a procedure for overlaying custom data sets from Yahoo! Pipes onto Yahoo!
Maps to compete with Google’s Mapplets.
• Researched the capability of utilizing elevation data sets to create a three dimensional map display option.
• Prototyped a “mashup builder” that extends the social mapping platform by incorporating code generation.
• Produced over 20 code usage examples and documented the Yahoo Maps AJAX API v3.7.
Vice President - Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Alpha Alpha Chapter - Champaign, IL Fall 2006
• Administered over 12 chairman positions and coordinated all internal fraternity activities
• Directed efforts toward meeting charter requirements
• Designed the Enlightened Leaders Academy, a leadership-training program that has been implemented
nationwide starting Fall 2008 to over 100 universities.
• Designed and Implemented a new academic plan that raised chapter GPA from 31st to 10th among all frater-
nities and exceeded the “All Men’s Campus Average GPA.”
Recruitment Director - Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Alpha Alpha Chapter - Champaign, IL Spring 2005-2006
• Coordinated 28 men to execute an 8 week rush period.
• Increased membership by 71% to 48 members
• Designed a Recruitment Plan in order to ensure success in recruitment in the future.
Speakli (
• Developed a site to produce niche microblogging services in under 24 hours
• Yahoo University Hackday Overall Winner (2nd place) Fall 2008
• Best Mobile Hack Award and use of Yahoo Blueprint.
• Developed application to provide instant messaging capabilities to any site that has a social graph.
• Architected the application such that new networks could be added with ease and that we could facilitate
cross network communication via Jabber/XMPP.
MyMapr (internal to Yahoo! Inc.)
• Wrote client-side Javascript to interface with Yahoo! Pipes, Yahoo! Maps AJAX API, Flickr API, Upcoming API,
and Yahoo! Local API.
• Finalist at the LMC Yahoo Internal Hackday competition, Summer 2007
YApplets (internal to Yahoo! Inc.)
• Reverse engineered Google Mapplets
• Created a prototype using Yahoo! Pipes as a data source to compete with Google Mapplets.
• Prototyped a simple specification to demonstrate the concept for LMC Hackday.
Languages: Python, Javascript, PHP, OCaml, Ruby, HTML, CSS, SQL, Java, C/C++/C#
Web Frameworks/Libraries: Django, Ruby on Rails, YUI, JQuery, Prototype, Scriptaculous, Mootools, WPF
Tools/Enviroments: SVN, CVS, Firebug, YSlow, JUnit, VIM, Trac