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Volume 28, No. 1 January 2009
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From the Desk

of President Cable
George David Israel

Those of you who have visited our Clubhouse lately have noticed the construction in front of With Contributions from campaign in progress pushing
the main entrance. When finished (which, it should be by the time you read this), it will have the Cable Committee Digital Telephony. This sys-
achieved several objectives. Digital Transition tem is based on a technology
First, and foremost, it will have widened the road to two lanes for greater ease of egress. Converter Box; not for our called VoIP; Voice over
Second, a pedestrian path has been created through the center island so that walkers no longer Unit Owners Internet Protocol. In essence,
need to walk around the circle. Third, we have rerouted the down spouts so that they no longer We have all heard about your voice, during a telephone
spill the runoff on the pavers and fourth, we have created a spot where cars can safely drop off Digital Television (DTV) call, is digitized and transmit-
their passengers without blocking traffic in front of the Clubhouse. Last, but certainly not least, conversion, which is to occur ted via your computer across
the parking lot has been seal coated and restriped. on February 18, 2009. How the Internet. There are a num-
Those of us who have attended shows in the Clubhouse have had the opportunity to hear and could we avoid the endless ber of these systems which
meet our new MC Leo — isn’t he a delight? bombardment of commer- you may have heard of, such
The next topic I need to comment on is about a discussion which I heard that at least one of cials? In particular, there is as Vonage, or Magic Jack.
our Associations is considering lowering the age limit to purchase units in their building. I the one about the Federal These systems work, but are
consulted UCO’s attorney, who informed me that both Federal and State laws only allow a Government subsidy of they for our Villagers? Your
senior citizen minimum of 55 years. If an Association changes their bylaws to allow a lower $40.00, in the form of a cou- Plain Old Telephone System
age, that would be illegal discrimination, which means in effect that there would be no mini- pon, to apply to the purchase (POTS), which is plugged
mum age, despite what the documents say. of a Converter box. Unfortu- into a wall jack, is known as
A word about the speed bumps that are in front of the transponder gates on both entrances. nately, we have heard of some a “five nines” system by
Our Security Committee has been very concerned with the number of gate arms that are being of our Unit Owners actually Communications Engineers.
broken each week. Some cars do not stop to give the guards their information so that we can bill purchasing these boxes. This means that POTS is reli-
them for the repairs or replacement. This means the cost is borne by all the residents. When a Please do not get this box; able and available 99.999% of
gate arm is broken, it requires time and materials to fix the arm. If we have the information, we are all on a Cable system the time. No other system
UCO can bill for this and hopefully collect. Again, more time and effort on the part of UCO’s and those boxes are only de- available to us can boast such
volunteers. Prior to installing the speed bumps, we averaged about two to three broken arms signed for Broadcast over the a reliability statistic. VoIP sta-
every week. Since the speed bumps have been installed (about four weeks ago), we have only air signals. tistics by way of comparison
had just two. Please, if you stop in front of the bump and allow the car to proceed naturally (no Of course, there are those range at best from 94.8% to
gas), it will clear the bump smoothly. If you have any concerns, please use the other lane and who have battery powered 99.4% reliability. The point
show your ID. The Security Committee will continue to monitor and evaluate the speed bumps television sets for use in an being, that when you need a
and make changes if warranted. emergency power outage. telephone, it must be avail-
Roberta Fromkin has been appointed Chairperson of the Nominating Committee and I urge These sets have “rabbit ear” able. When there is a power
everyone to consider running for one of the 20 spots on the Executive Board. Bring us new antennae and would of course failure, POTS is usually still
ideas and new insight. receive over the air signals. available, VoIP requires your
This being the last issue of 2008, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of myself and Would those Unit Owners ben- Computer and Internet Ser-
my wife to wish each and everyone of you a Very Happy Holiday Season and a Happy and efit from the government vice Provider (ISP) to be up
Healthy New Year in 2009. o sponsored box? Sure, if they and running; thus you will
arrange a power supply for the need a husky battery backup
box in addition to the battery to keep your computer avail-
Save the Date able during a power outage,
power for the TV. By the way,
Sunday, March 15, 2009 is the date of the UCO Annual Installation Luncheon. This gala and when your Internet ser-
in a power outage, it is very
afternoon will be held once again in the Ballroom of the Marriott Hotel, Okeechobee vice is down, so is your Digi-
likely that Cable TV will con-
Blvd., in West Palm Beach. Two Vice Presidents and the entire Executive Board will be tal Telephony.
tinue to be operative, as
installed. We will be served a delicious lunch and, of course, a decadent dessert. One other issue of impor-
Comcast is developing emer-
For the past several years, many of the Condo Associations have paid for their Del- tance: If you decide to jump for
gency power backup. So, in
egates. Since your Association is forming its 2009 budget, this is the time to request a line the attractive pricing plan of-
this case again, the Govern-
item for Delegates. The cost will remain at $35 per person. fered by a VoIP provider, make
ment box is superfluous. Do
Dancing to the music of the Al Matos Orchestra will round out the afternoon. sure they have solved the 911
not waste your money. In a
Mary Patrick Benton, Chair issue, as not all providers have
power outage, simply remove
the coaxial cable from your done so as yet, despite FCC
main TV and attach it to your requirements. As a matter of
Delegate Meeting emergency battery powered
TV. You might be pleasantly
interest, although not related to
Cable issues, is the Cellular
Telephone. Cellular Telephony
Fri., Jan. 9, 2009, 9:30 am surprised.
Digital Telephony; is no more reliable than VoIP,
Clubhouse Theater is it for you? in a hurricane, the Cell towers
Comcast has a vigorous
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Page 2 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

into UCO by January 8, 2009.

Insurance: Dan Gladstone Are You on the List?
discussed his meetings with The following Associations had no representation at
various associations regarding the 12/5/08 Delegate Assembly.
At the Delegate insurance and the association’s If your Delegate arrived after 9:35 a.m., he/she was not
Assembly responsibilities. All were in- counted in the quorum. Delegates are asked to arrive and
vited to take advantage of sign in before 9:25 a.m. Thank you for your cooperation.
Betty Lapidus these meetings to update any ANDOVER A-D-G-H-I-J
areas that needed addressing. BEDFORD B-D-E-F-H-J
He also reviewed a home- BERKSHIRE A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I
owner’s insurance follow-up. CAMBRIDGE A-B-C-D
December 5, 2008 othy Tetro reviewed a handout (See attached.) CAMDEN F-G-I-M
Minutes submitted by regarding UCO billings for New Building: Pat Blunck CANTERBURY B-H-J-K
Antoinette Salometto. next year. A motion to accept advised that the new office is CHATHAM G-J
This meeting was called to the Treasurer’s report (see at- almost ready for occupancy. COVENTRY B-F-G-I-J-K
order by President George tached) was accepted. Q&A. There have been some minor DORCHESTER A-B-C-D-E-H-J
Loewenstein at 9:30 a.m. Transportation: Claudette problems with power and tele- EASTHAMPTON A-B-C-D-F-G
Attendance: There was a LaBonte advised that permis- phones but these will be com- HASTINGS B-E-F
quorum of 205 seated Del- sion to enter Lowe’s property pleted in the near future. KENT C-D-F-I-L-M
egates. is being worked on and this Security: Al McLaughlin KINGSWOOD C-E-F
Pledge of Allegiance: Re- stop will be added to the bus discussed the installation of NORTHAMPTON D-G-H-L-P-Q-S
cited by all present; led by Lt. schedule when received. additional speed bumps at the NORWICH C-E-H-I-K-O
Kronsperger. Check the UCO Reporter for gates having a positive effect OXFORD 200-400
Guest Speaker: Newly updates. She also asked that on the number of broken PLYMOUTH 3
elected State Representative with the popularity of the gates. There is construction SALISBURY C-E-H
Mark Pafford gave an intro- Clubhouse shows, residents at the front of the Clubhouse SHEFFIELD A-B-C-D-E-G-H-I-K-O-Q
ductory talk, discussing his consider taking the buses to to allow two lanes of traffic SOMERET C-L
background, and how to get in reduce the congestion in the for drop-offs. He advised that STRATFORD A- C-G-J-K
touch with him when neces- parking lot. The bus company after repeated attempts to SUSSEX B-D-G-I-J-K
sary. He also discussed matters has been cooperating in sched- enter the Village in the tran- WALTHAM B-E-F-G-I
that will be coming up in Tal- uling buses to show times. sponder lane, it will be nec- WELLINGTON D
lahassee regarding the state’s There have been problems essary for the residents to go WINDSOR E-F-G-H-K-L-N-O-Q-R-S
economy, budget, etc, and with the P.O. not arriving to the UCO office to rectify
what the changes will mean to when scheduled at the Club- the problem. Q&A.
residents of the state. Q&A. house and Claudette is work- Safety: George Franklin It’s UCO Election Time for 2009!
The phone number to get in ing on this and as well as discussed personal safety, and Another year has come and, before one realizes it, it’s
touch with Rep. Pafford is making sure there are sched- the increased use of scooters, time to vote for two UCO Vice Presidents and the UCO Ex-
561-582-0156 for any con- uled stops on Tuesday and golf carts and motorcycles in ecutive Board for 2009. Please bring your bio (preferably
cerns or questions. Thursday at the P.O. for those the Village. Please observe the typed) with a good picture stating in which office you would
Safety: Lt. Kronsperger re- who need to get there. speed limits and be courteous. like to serve. The bio must be in the UCO office, attention
ported that there were just two The annual installation ban- The second Town Hall Safety of Roberta Fromkin or Mary Benton. This must be done by
incidents in the Village last quet will be held March 15, meeting will be held on Mon- January 8.
month. One vehicle was sto- 2009 at the Marriott; reserva- day, December the 15th, 2009 Thank you and good luck to you all!!!
len from Wellington A and one tions will be taken beginning in Classroom B. There will be Roberta Fromkin
vehicle broken into. The January 5, 2009. Price will be a group of speakers on various
Sheriff’s office is following up $35, same as last year. topics, fraud, crime preven-
on these. Residents were ad- Nominating Committee: tion, and pedestrian safety. All Megan Veech, L.M.T.
vised to stay vigilant, as this Roberta Fromkin advised that are encouraged to attend.
is the season for more than election time is fast approach- George Loewenstein brought MASSAGE THERAPIST
usual criminal activity. ing and there are elections for up the topic of bike riders not HOUSE CALLS ONLY
Minutes — of the Novem- two Vice Presidents and the using the left gate at Haverhill,
ber 7 meeting were distributed entire Executive Board. Any- but going between the posts. Swedish Massage - 1 hour $75
and read as were minutes of a one interested in running for This is a safety problem, as Deep Tissue Massage - 1 hour $85
special Delegate Assembly of these positions needs to there are vehicles in this area Aromatherapy Massage - 1 hour $75
November 21. Corrections present to the committee a bio, and a security problem as these Swethai Massage - 1½ hours $110
were made and a motion to picture, and experience in the individuals don’t show their Cell: 561-358-5003
accept the corrected minutes Village and advise what posi- IDs. It was decided to place a 20% Discount to All CV Residents Lic # Ma243604
was passed. tion they’d like to run for. In- sign advising bike riders to use

Palm Beach Post

Treasurer’s Report: Dor- formation should be handed Continued on Page 3 Order Your
from a Century Village Resident
Open Meetings (Plymouth)
Please note: December Community Relations meeting is cancelled.
12/19 Fri 01:00 pm Safety
Cynthia Katz
12/24 Wed 10:00 am Officers 471-9647
12/25-26 Thu-Fri Closed Xmas Holidays UCO Offices NEW REDUCED PRICES
12/29 Mon 01:00 pm Executive Board Free $15 Gift Certificate for Publix
12/30 Tue 10:00 am Operations 2102
10:00 am
2009 New Year
Comm Rel
UCO Offices
Lowest Possible Prices!!
01/09 Fri 09:30 am Delegates Theater Note to Contributors: For ease in converting your
01/09 Fri 01:00 pm Editorial Music Room B articles to the UCO Reporter into print, please type your
01/09 Fri 02:00 pm Security
items on a full size 8½ x 11 paper, and double space so
01/13 Tue 09:30 am Irrig/Infrastr Channel 63
01/13 Tue 10:00 am Maintenance that we may be able to make editing insertions or changes
01/14 Wed 11:00 am Beautification when necessary. Please avoid setting entire words in capi-
01/19 Mon 01:30 am Transportation tal letters. The deadline for submission of articles is the
Please note: Times and dates are subject to change. seventh of the month.
January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 3

Delegate Assembly
Continued from Page 2

Investigations the left lane. Q&A.

Frankly Speaking
Cable: David Israel stated
David Frankel there is no need for residents Vice President
to get a converter box for their
Louise Gerson TVs if they have cable (Com- Frank J. Cornish
cast). The committee will soon
be negotiating with CSI and
the major objective will be
A Happy, Healthy New Year for the Associations! It is cost containment. If there any By the time my column will Associations fortunate enough
to All! up to the Association by- ideas, they should be brought be read, the Holidays will have to have dedicated individuals
Please make sure you have laws and Board. to UCO. Q&A. come and gone. to either serve on the Board of
updated your census for your If you reject with good rea- Census Bureau: The Bu- My family and I do hope Directors, or assist, have well-
Association. You need to keep son, we will send everything reau has scheduled two more yours was most enjoyable and maintained buildings, as well
a record with names, apart- to our Attorney to see if he le- sessions for those interested memorable! Our wishes for all as surroundings. Freshly
ment numbers and dates of gally agrees with you. in applying for positions. The the residents of our Commu- painted, lovely landscaping
birth of everyone living in your Please keep all confidential Tuesday morning, December nity is once more “Peace and which enrich the lives of all.
building. These records should Investigation envelopes in a 9 session is being rescheduled Harmony,” which we seem to For those Associations, that
be kept by the Association in- secure locked place and keep to Monday morning, January be achieving. do not have a working Board,
definitely, in case HUD or any them indefinitely. You never 5th from 9-12 am and there The full time residents I urge the residents once more
Official from the State of know when the State of will be another afternoon ses- have, for some time, been able to meet their respective Vice
Florida wants to see them. Florida will check for dis- sion on Tuesday afternoon, to enjoy all of the improve- Presidents of UCO for their
Again, everyone in Century crimination! December 16 from 1-5 p.m. ments accomplished during assistance in establishing a
Village must be investigated. The information in the en- Tests will be given to those the slimmer and fall months. “Federation or Umbrella
When reports come back from velope that is given to the interested. The location is in To name a few, the refurbish- Group” that would represent
our Investigation Company, Association is confidential the Party Room. ing of the Hastings Pool, the their interests.
we look them over and analyze and should not be given to President Loewenstein — additional landscaping on our If you call the UCO office,
them. Then, we tell the anyone to look at or discussed congratulated Bob Marshall perimeter roads, the ongoing or refer to the UCO Reporter,
Association the results. It is up with someone who is not on on running a successful Town excursions to various shop- you can determine which VP
to the Association to accept or your Board. When everything Meeting on Wednesday, De- ping centers, etc. represents your building.
reject someone with a troubled is complete, you must seal the cember 3 rd concerning the Our future plans, as previ- As always, I can be reached
financial background or crimi- envelope and file it away in a handling of delinquent main- ously mentioned, include during business hours, at the
nal background. locked place. If you have any tenance payments. Duck Island. Once the renova- New and Magnificent UCO
UCO Investigations questions, please come into Beautification: Sandy tion is completed, it will be- Office, which I know is where
does not make decisions our Investigation Office. o Cohen and her committee have come one of the most popular you will find, if not the an-
some plans adding birds and places in the Village. swers to your questions, then
Accident Outside the Village ducks to the Village. Q&A. I have noticed in my travels the direction in which you can
Sandy advised those with ideas throughout the Village, that find the solution. o
Dateline, November 30, 2008, circa 9:00 a.m.: As a resident
to attend her next meeting.
is pulling out of the Okeechobee entrance of Century Village, a
Maintenance: Jerry Karpf
pickup truck speeding from the side smashes it from the front
reported on some electricians
before flipping over.
An ambulance was called as there were injuries.
who are recommending un- EAST COAST TAXI
necessary work at inflated
These photos of the scene were taken by John Saponaro us-
prices. Watch for these indi-
ing his iPhone. o
viduals that may offer a free CALL FOR FLAT RATE
inspection. On Thursday, De-
cember 18, there will be a pre- TO AIRPORTS
sentation by the Department of
Condominiums, Timeshares,
and Mobile Homes concerning
basic finance and responsibili-
ties of Associations and unit
owners. You need to sign up.
Space and material is limited.
Time is from 12-3 p.m. Q&A.
One Vote: Jackie Karlan
and her committee are work-
ing on their presentation in
February to the Executive
Board. Each unit owner, in-
cluding snowbirds, will be
mailing in their votes. They are
working on amendments to the
bylaws and hope to be com-
pleted by the 2010 elections.
Community Relations:
Ted Silverman commented on
the CV Centenarians buffet. It
was a great success.
CERT — has need of
chairs and tables, so if you
have any available, please call
them. Their next meeting will
be in January; please check
Channel 63.
Meeting was adjourned at
10:55 a.m. o
Page 4 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

Century Village Emergency
Response Team
From the Desk of By Phyllis Siegelman
and Joy Bales Insurance
Vice President Hurricane season is now
over and we are so lucky that
Dan Gladstone
Ken Davis this year the CERT team was
not called into action.
For safety reasons; please
check the expiration dates on
We are now in the middle will be no more confusion as The new Florida State law items in his unit that are ex-
food items in your emergency
of the Holiday Season and it to where and who to contact. of condominium insurance, cluded by the new law regard-
supplies. If they are going to
is really the time for us all to There will be new SOPs known as HB 601, became ef- ing the responsibility of the
expire soon, please think of
be thankful for all the bless- (Standard Operating Proce- fective on July 1, 2008, is be- Association.
donating them to a food bank.
ings that we have. dures) in place. I know that ginning to show promising This is why we urge the
We will begin to prepare
Let us begin with “where we you are as anxious as I am to results. Many unit owners are board of directors to exercise
for the next hurricane season
hang our hats.” We are living be in there. “waking up” to the importance its option to buy insurance for
with our January meeting.
in a small piece of Paradise Please, be aware of your of home owners insurance. By units that refuse to do so. With
CERT meetings will be held
with all the amenities available neighbors who may need help looking at the items which the mitigation reports, there are
on the third Monday of the
to us in the Village. We also from time to time. Are the unit owner is responsible, we insurance companies that will
month at 6:30 p.m. in the
reside in a location that has newspapers picked up in the recommend the amount of insure a unit for $450 a year
Clubhouse. Room location
anything and everything imag- morning? Have you seen ac- $35,000 minimum to be in- and will include $35,000
may vary, so please check at
inable for any and all of our tivity in the unit? Every sured under part A of the dwelling, $30,000 contents
the security desk.
people within a five mile ra- Association in the Village has policy which is the building/ and $300,000 liability. If the
CERT is in need of fold-
dius. I won’t list them because unit owners who purchased 30 dwelling section. Associations do not pursue the
ing tables and folding chairs
I cannot think of anything we years or more ago. I need not The new law also says that matter, they might find them-
for emergency preparedness
can’t access. tell you that the ages have in- “all construction work after a selves in front of a dry well.
supplies. If you would like to
In a very short while, we creased on these residents. casualty shall be undertaken By the time that I write this
donate these items, please
will have access to our beauti- Let me finish by saying… by the Association.” That in- article, I have already prepared
call Laura Chevensky at 471-
ful new UCO office. There smile, smile, smile. o cludes the inside of the unit. “insurance presentations” for
5732 and she will gladly pick
them up. Where is the Association go- more than 60 Associations.
We look forward to the ing to get the money? Mostly The reviews are very positive.
coming year and hope to see from the home-owner’s policy, The information I present in
when the damage is inside. these meetings are most help-
Your Theater all our members and their
As of January 1, 2009, all ful. It shines more light on the
friends attending. During the
Claudette January meeting we will be the home owners policies must relationship between the Asso-
preparing for the Health Fair include the Association as ciations and the unit owners in
LaBonte to be held on February 4, 2009 “…co-insured and loss case of insurance casualties.
in the Party Room and for a payee…” Nevertheless, the This article is for informa-
drill which is to be held some- unit owner is still responsible tion only, not to be used in any
time in February — date to be for the cost of repairs for the legal matter. o
The last article of the year go over the details. announced.
is always special to me. I am January appears to be busy Joy and I would like to duo guaranteed to make your as smooth as velvet and
very lucky to have such large with a variety of shows that ap- wish all a Happy and Healthy sides hurt. Rossie, formerly must be heard to believe.
devoted staff always ready to pears to have something for ev- New Year. o of Allen & Rossi, has made Remember Cara Mia and
do a little extra. This makes the eryone. Please see which of the the world laugh for more Summertime? Also Doo-
roles of the captains so much following pique your interests. brought Broadway to the than five decades. Hackett is Wop Shout, Earth Angel, 16
easier. • Sat, 1/3/09, 7:00 pm: Al Catskills. He will bring the son of Buddy Hackett. Candles and many more.
I am taking the liberty of Martino — usually a sell- laughter to our stage. • Sat, 1/24/09, 7:00 pm: Bow- • Sat, 1/31/09, 8:00 pm: 3
speaking on behalf of the As- out. He is expertly backed • Tue, 1/13/09, 8:00 pm: Cav- zer and His All-Star Rock & Mo’s Diva Unplugged —
sistant Usher Coordinators: Jo- by 14 musicians and is al- endish Classics — “Hooray Roll Show — he acquired another debut on the Century
seph Favorito, Cynthia Kronish ways a crowd pleaser. for Operetta.” A talented worldwide fame from the Village stage. The ladies take
and Isabelle Scherel, in send- • Sun, 1/4/09, 8:00 pm: ensemble presents a delight- number one syndicated on the unbelievable task of
ing you all a very appreciated Showboat — live band, ful evening of operetta, fa- show in America and was crossing eight musical styles
“thank you,” and for myself, good old fashioned music. vorites by Gilbert & seen in 32 foreign countries. and 400 years of music.
my own personal thank you. Broadway on our stage. Sullivan, Victor Herbert, • Tue, 1/22/09, 8:00 pm: As you can see, favorites are
Without them, I would have an • Tue, 1/6/09, 8:00 pm: Tom- Johann Strauss and more. “Dixie’s” Tupperware Party returning, but many perfor-
impossible task. my Tune and the Manhattan • Wed, 1/14/09, 8:00 pm: It — humorous stories about mances are making their debut
For those of you who have Rhythm Kings — first ap- Had to be You — Renee Tay- life, peppered with interest- this year. We are trying many
been thinking of joining the pearance for Tommy Tune, lor and Joe Bologna, hus- ing tidbits about the latest different styles of entertain-
Usher Corps, January and Feb- who has earned nine Tony band and wife team, back by in storage containers. Con- ment and can only continue
ruary are recruiting months. If Awards. The Manhattan popular demand (am I glad tains adult language. next year with great shows if
you have just moved into Cen- Rhythm Kings are known as I missed this one last year) • Thu, 1/29/09, 8:00 pm: The you come and take advantage
tury Village, this is a great way for their harmony singing, where a B-actress holds a TV Dream Team of Doo-Wop of these and give us your com-
to meet people and make new instrumental work and spec- producer captive. — Tommy Mara’s voice is ments. o
friends. tacular tap dancing. • Thu, 1/15/09, 8:00 pm: Ab-
Snowbirds are also wel- • Wed, 1/7/09, 8:00 pm: Bar- racadabra: The Music of APPLICATION
come as there are so many rage — Around the World Mama Mia — Will take you THEATER VOLUNTEER
shows in one week, the extra performers with a high-oc- back 25 years. USHER CORPS
hands are greatly appreciated. tane fiddle fest. • Sat, 1/17/09, 8:00 pm: A Name ___________________________________________
If you are interested, please • Sat, 1/10/09, 8:00 pm: Bal- Tribute to Dirty Dancing — CV Address ______________________________________
CV Phone # ______________________________________
complete the application at the let Fedotov — another CV this hit movie will jump
Other Address ____________________________________
end of this article and bring it debut. The dancers will straight to the CV stage with Other Phone # ____________________________________
into either the UCO Office or present a performance a talented cast of 10 players Yearly Resident _____Seasonal from _______to _________
to the Ticket Office at the based on the music of who tell the story of an All- Second Language _________________________________
Clubhouse. Just put my name George Gershwin. American family in the 60s. Prior Experience __________________________________
on it and I will get it. When I • Sun, 1/11/09, 8:00 pm: • Tue, 1/20/09, 8:00 pm: Ros-
Please Return this Application to the UCO Reception Desk
receive it, I will call you and Freddy Roman — who sie & Hackett — a comic
January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 5

Diabetes: Are You

Aware of the
Symptoms? From the Desk of
Safety Many people may have the
disease for more than six years Vice President
George Franklin and not know they are diabet-
ics. Symptoms like increased
Jerry Karpf
urination, excessive thirst or
hunger, weight loss, fatigue,
wounds that are difficult to
What’s your chance of be- holder heal, and blurred vision may First, I would like to wish of Myron Solomon, George
ing a victim? • Electronics left in plain everyone a very Happy and Lowenstein and Dorothy Tetro,
be a signal; but unfortunately,
How would you rate your- sight: Thieves love laptops, Healthy Holiday and all the they have worked out a great
sometimes type 2 diabetes has
self when it comes to protect- cameras, portable TV/DVD no symptoms. best for a Great New Year. deal for Century Village.
ing your valuables? players, expensive stereo Early treatment to control As I write this article, I think By the time you read this
If you responded yes to any equipment and cellphones about all the improvements article, I hope we will be closer
blood glucose levels helps de-
of the following statements, • Shopping bags, gym bags crease a person’s chances ofand changes that have been to moving into our new UCO
you are a target for thieves. and backpacks visible developing blindness, kidneymade to Century Village in the building. It seems to me that it
• Car doors unlocked where a thief can see them disease, heart disease, and past year. The Beatification has taken forever and I have
• Windows down or partially • Items placed in trunk or eventually amputations. Dia-Committee, chaired by Sandy been a Vice President of UCO
down stowed away after reaching Cohen, has done a fantastic job for only five months. You can’t
betes cost Americans 174 bil-
• Car ignition left running your destination lion dollars annually. The making our grounds look imagine how it has been for
while you’re away from • Sporting goods or tools left economic impact of indirect great. Under the supervision of me and the other people who
your car in plain sight inside your car Sal Bummolo and Pat Blunck, have worked in that office in
cost is estimated to be 58 bil-
• Car/house keys under a car or in the bed of your truck lion when accounting for re-we are seeing the planting of the cramped quarters for the
seat or sun visor Police officers respond to pre- oaks and little gem magnolias, past three years!
duced productivity in the labor
• Keys left anywhere inside or ventable crimes where one or force, unemployment from which look terrific. You will be As most of you have known,
outside your vehicle when more of the above actions were able to see these new trees in I have been working to educate
disease-related disability, and
running, exercising, etc. committed. Don’t wait to be a vic- increased absenteeism. o the Village, by Dover and the as many Associations as pos-
• Purse/wallet/briefcase vis- tim; take your own action now. West Drive, and at many other sible on the new 995 law,
ible where a thief can see it
• Money left in a change
Stow your stuff. Lock it or
lose it. o &&& locations. I am sure many of which makes many changes to
you would agree with me that Chapter 718. I have set up a
the Village looks better before. class that will be taught by the
dren to be ready to enter kin-
The Officers Committee, of Department of Land Sales,
dergarten. A new federal
which I am a part, has worked Condominiums, and Mobile
funding source, the Early
diligently to cut the 2009 bud- Homes (Chapter 718) on De-
From the Desk of Learning Challenge Grant,
get to keep it in line with 2008. cember 18, 2009. As of now,
will be offered to promote
This should be reflected in the class is full, but I plan to
Commissioner “zero to five” efforts in
your Associations’ 2009 bud- hold more classes during the
Florida, hopefully accelerat-
Jeff Koons get. with little or no increase next couple of months .
ing a move toward voluntary,
for next year. At present, I am working on
universal preschool. Obama
As most of you know at this a couple of new projects that
has promised to quadruple
time, we have hired a company should help the future of Cen-
federal funding for the Early
Obama’s Plans — Not only that, space at day- Head Start program, increase to negotiate a new contract with tury Village. That’s it for now;
Yes We Can! care centers specializing in in- funding for Head Start, and Comcast. Thanks to the skills have a Great Holiday. o
As we welcome a new fant care is vanishing because improve the quality of both. Mentoring programs that It’s pretty clear our new
leader in Washington, there is providers can make more We should also soon see match experienced teachers President has some big chal-
a sense of renewed hope and money taking care of older more federal funding for af- with new recruits will be ex- lenges ahead, but I’m very op-
excitement throughout our na- children, who require less fordable high-quality child panded, and additional federal timistic that things will be
tion. A great deal is being ex- staffing per child. care to ease the burden on funds may be available to re- better four years from now. As
pected of President-elect Statewide, nearly 59,865 working families. ward teachers who work in always, I welcome your com-
Obama, and I think he will do children are on waiting lists for Obama has promised to re- underserved places such as the ments and suggestions. Please
well for us. Like any success- subsidized child care, 6,500 of form No Child Left Behind, Glades and some of our inner feel free to contact me or my
ful politician, Mr. Obama had them in Palm Beach County. and throughout the campaign, cities. staff at 355-2202. o
to make a number of promises Of these, 60 percent are age we heard the phrase “recruit,
in order to get elected, and it four or younger, a threefold prepare, retain and reward
is up to the American people increase since 2003. In Palm America’s teachers.” I’d like to
to see that those promises are Beach County, parents con- see the Palm Beach County
kept. Two areas in particular cerned about their children’s School District actively pursue
that I will be watching closely after-school care miss an av- Teacher Service Scholarships
are early education and early erage of five extra days of when they become available.
child care. work per year, estimated to These will pay for four years
It’s a fact that by age three, cost employers $496 to $1,984 of undergraduate or two years
the human brain grows to per employee, per year. Cur- of graduate teacher education,
about 80 percent of its adult rently, 8,914 children of work- including high-quality alterna-
size, 90 percent by age five. ing poor families are in tive programs for mid-career
This brief window can be a subsidized child care with recruits, in exchange for teach- Jeanette is Back!
period of tremendous learning, nearly as many on a waiting ing at least four years in a high-
but only if the child has the list; 2,200 of them have been need field, such as bioscience. Jeanettte’s Beaut
Jeane y Sal
Beauty on
right educational resources. waiting for up to two years. Let’s participate in volun- 687-1770
There is a critical shortage of President-elect Obama’s tary national performance as- • Men’s Haircut .................. $8 • High Light ............. $36 & up
early child-care centers, and comprehensive “zero to five” sessments to ensure that every • Women’s Haircut ...........$12 • Perm ............................... $45
funding for early child care plan is aimed at providing new teacher is fully prepared • Set ..................................$14 • Perm, Wash & Wear ...... $30
was cut by $14 million in critical support to young chil- to enter the classroom. New • Blow Dry ........................$15 • Manicure .......................... $9
2008. Children under 4 are not dren and their parents. It teacher residency programs are • Color...................... $27 & up • Pedicure ......................... $20
covered by the 2002 amend- places emphasis on early care expected to supply 30,000 ex-
ment that entitles four-year- and education for infants, ceptionally well prepared re- Open: Tuesday thru Saturday, 9am-4pm
olds to a year of free preschool. which is essential for chil- cruits to high-need schools. Turnpike Plaza, Next to Locksmith
Page 6 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

Beach County who utilize this At the Library

By Chuck Waugh
The cost for Palm Tran is
Okeechobee Branch
$3.00 one way. If you use this
Library Reopens
The official newspaper of Century Village service three times a week, it’s
The Okeechobee Branch
24 Camden A, West Palm Beach, FL 33417 about $72 a month. Many of
Library has reopened. In ad-
these people have to rethink
Tel: 561-683-9336 • Fax: 561-683-2830 dition to much needed up-
their priorities.
Email: grades to the building, the
One trip by cab, if the per-
furniture, paint, and carpet
Office hours: By appointment son can transfer into the car
have been completely redone
easily, costs $25 for a one way
Editor: Irv Lazar ............................ Co-Editors: Syd Kronish, in bold colors. Library visitors
trip, about the distance from
now have more public com-
Dot Loewenstein, Joe Saponaro, Myron Silverman Loss of the Wheelchair CV to the airport.
puter access, and lots of new
Editorial Board .................... All Editors, Pres and Vice Pres Van for CV HMOs and other insurance
books, DVDs and CDs. As
Are you aware that for the companies provide for service
Production .................................................... John Saponaro always, library personnel are
coming year 2009, a very vital only in their network. This ready to assist with all of your
Editorial Associate ........................................ June Saponaro service, the wheelchair van, means services are only pro- information needs.
Advertising Staff ............ Don McDonough, Mindy Weingart will no longer be available? vided with those physicians
Something else that is new
Many of your friends and contracted with that insurance at the Okeechobee Library is
Photographers ..................................... Ken Davis, Ken Graff
neighbors in wheelchairs and company or HMO. the addition of two Self
Artist .................................................................. Helen Siegler those with walkers relied on It seems to me if money is
Checkout Machines, located at
this transport service to take available for plants and shrubs,
Circulation ...................... Len Cohen, Jack Eisen, Bill Karp, the front checkout desk. All
them to physicians’ offices, the Clubhouse, a new UCO that is needed is a library card
Dave Rabinowitz, Paul Skolnick, Mindy Weingart chemotherapy, radiation ther- building, there should be ex- and one can quickly and eas-
To Be Accepted .. items must display name, address, phone #. apy, dialysis treatment centers tra funds available to help de- ily check out library materials.
Classified Ads for CV Residents Only: and hospitals. fray the cost for the service of
Ask a staff member for a dem-
Personal items for sale or wanted may be listed I hope that in the New Year, a wheelchair van. Let’s look at onstration today.
on a “space available” basis, FREE of charge. those who voted against this it another way: The price to
(Submit on 8.5" by 11" paper.) The Okeechobee Boulevard
service live to be 120 years of each unit owner would be the Branch Library is located next
Submissions & Articles ... Please type in caps and lower case
age without the misfortune of cost of buying one Sunday pa- to Dunkin’ Donuts. The hours
letters, double spaced, any item. On a “space available” basis.
waking up one day with per a month. I find it difficult are: Monday, Tuesday and
Deadlines ....... 7th of each month (call about special problems).
health problems that necessi- to believe that negotiations for Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to
Visit your Century Village web site: tate the use of a wheelchair, a contract for this vital and 8:00 p.m. and Thursday, Fri-
either for short or long term needed service can’t be day and Saturday from 10:00

24 Camden A, West Palm Beach, FL 33417
use. It was said these people worked out.
should use Palm Tran, which
does provide a good service; UCO
Act now and speak to your
delegates and let them
a.m. to 5:00 p.m. All Village
residents, including seasonal
residents, are eligible for a free
UCO Office: Tel 561-683-9189 • Fax 561-683-9904 however, you risk waiting and know you want this vital ser- library card with proper ID.
Office Hours: Mon-Thu 9am-1pm • Fri 12 noon-4pm riding around for long periods vice to continue and ask them Please visit the newly reno-
of time, as there are many to reverse their decision and vated Okeechobee Branch Li-
President: George Loewenstein
people throughout Palm make “nay” a “yay.” brary today!
Vice Presidents: Sal Bummolo, Myra Berest, R.N., M.S.N.
Frank Cornish, Ken Davis, Jerry Karpf January Programs
Treasurer: Dorothy Tetro • 1/02 — Adult Book Dis-
Corresponding Secretary: Avis Blank
Recording Secretary: Betty Lapidus
Community Assn. Manager:Pat Blunck
Administrative Assistant: Mary Patrick Benton
Personals cussion Series, Friday,
10:30 a.m.
• 1/08 — Natural Medicine,
Finding Trusted Resources,
Co-Office Managers: Mary Benton, Edie Levine Martin, my eldest grandson Thursday, 2:00 p.m.
Office Assistants: Sandy Levine,
Thank You
Florence Pires, Isabel Scherel, Irv Small, Thanks to the many who Chris Martin, were moved by • 1/22 — Protecting You from
Lillian Yanofsky, Marcia Ziccardy sent cards and visited me dur- the chapel filled with our Identity Theft, Thursday,
Receptionists: Sidele Bushaikin, ing my recent, unplanned stay friends and relatives. 2:00 p.m.
in Wellington Regional. Luck- We were inundated with • 1/27 — Presidents and
Rhea Cohen, Natalie Hauptman, Claudette LaBonte,
Marie Oliver, Harriett Arnovitz, Carol Fuchs, ily it was a false alarm and my contributions in Paul’s honor Their First Ladies: Richard
Estelle Steppler heart is fine. as well as many condolences. and Pat Nixon (tickets),
Dot Loewenstein I once again offer thanks for Tuesday, 2:00 p.m.
Executive Board my uplifted spirits from your • Friday Afternoons — Mov-
Dave Bernstein Claudette LaBonte sharing this hard time with me ies, 2:00 p.m.
Randall Borchardt Irv Lazar and my family. Okeechobee Branch Library,
Sandy Cohen Evelyn Leibowitz Pearl Shneyer 5689 Okeechobee Boulevard,
David Frankel Al McLaughlin
Thank You All for Pres, Stratford of Century WPB, FL 33417, 561-233-
George Franklin Haskell Morin Caring Umbrella 1880, o
Roberta B. Fromkin Marie Oliver I would like to thank the Pres, Stratford Bldg L
Louise Gerson Joe Saponaro many people who attended my
Dan Gladstone Phil Shapkin husband’s funeral service on Wish I Said That
David Israel Myron Silverman October Third. Paul passed “If men can run the world,
Jackie Karlan Ted Silverman away on September 30, 2008. A Loss in the Family why can’t they stop wearing
We, the family, were grateful The UCO Reporter neckties? How intelligent is it
Syd Kronish Carole Szepesi
Jeanette Veglia for the attendance at the ser- sadly reports that Eva to start the day by tying a little
vices celebrating his life. I es- Danziger, who volun- noose around your neck?”
The United Civic Organization Reporter is published Linda Ellerbee
monthly without charge to the residents of Century Village, pecially wish to thank my teered as bookkeeper
West Palm Beach, FL. friends from UCO, Seacrest for the UCO Reporter **********
The United Civic Organization, aka UCO, is a not-for-profit Management Co., and of for many years, has “Hi! We’re every social
organization. Its officers, directors, editors, staff, and any com- problem in America that you
mittee people are not responsible for typographical errors or
course our families from the passed away at the
misrepresentations in any advertisements or articles. They are Stratford Area here in Century home of her daughter in can name rolled into a herd of
not responsible and assume no liability for the content of, or and other areas of the Village. California. too many humans for one mere
any opinions expressed in, any contributed articles which rep- mortal to manage — let alone
My children, Rabbi David
resent the author’s own opinions are not necessarily the opin- She will be missed by teach. Where do you want us
ion of UCO. Acceptance of advertising for products or services Shneyer, his wife Dr. Diane
in no way constitutes an official endorsement of the product Jacobstein, Audrey Shane, her
all of us at the Reporter to sit?”
or service. husband William Neff, Ellen office. David Fitzsimmons
January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 7

Continued from Page 1
are subject to damage to the
Transportation antennae and as the towers
drop out so does Cell Phone Security
Claudette connectivity. Under ideal con-
Al McLaughlin
ditions, Cell Phones are sub-
LaBonte ject to call dropping and
variable signal quality, espe-
cially when mobile.
Talks with CSI to begin
I can’t believe I am saying
A thank you also goes to In December, your Cable Good news: Since the now returning (15,976 cars in
this to you already. However,
Dan Gladstone, who is our Committee will begin talks speed bumps have been in- November), we want to re-
the year has gone by so Security Field Monitor for ID with Communications Solu- stalled, we have not had a mind people that our call-in
quickly. Happy New Year to
recognition. This is a recent tions Inc. (CSI). The discus- resident break a gate arm by system will only work with a
you all. project that has proven very sions will be aimed at crafting following another car too landline, no cellphones. We
I especially want to thank
beneficial. an RFP, Request for Proposal. closely. This has meant fewer are continuing the investiga-
my Committee individually, as
On Wednesday, November This “wish list” will be what cars using the Visitor Gate. tion of what must be changed
they have worked very hard to
26, 2008, I contacted the U.S. we Unit Owners would like Last month, November, we in building rules to allow the
make the changes that would
Government regarding our our TV/Broadband entertain- had 16 broken gates. use of cellphones.
conserve fuel, serve the need
new postal service and found ment package to look like in Security is now issuing let- There is one more thing that
of the Community and yet out the following information: the future and will be pre- ters at the gate to residents that we would like you to remem-
keep the runs within our time
There would be no service on sented to every potential con- are repeat offenders for using ber, a building allows an
limits. They are: Ken Davis,
the 26th or the 28th of Novem- tent provider. Candidate the transponder lane with owner to have a dog with per-
Joseph Favorito, Sylvia Ger-
ber. I asked if we could receive providers will include; knowledge that their transpon- mission only for the grounds
son, Sylvia Handel, Syd notification earlier of their Comcast, AT&T, Dish Net- der is not working. They must of that building. Dogs are not
Kronish, Dot Loewenstein,schedule changes, in order to work, Direct TV, Hotwire go to UCO to correct this prob- allowed on WPRF, UCO or
Claire Schneider, Neil Shu-
post them on Channel 63. Communications and others. lem. Please remember that ev- another building’s property.
mer, Nada Tauber, Elaine Since I had their ear, I asked We will be aiming for the best eryone entering the Village You may walk your dog only
Tresser and Lillian Yanofsky.
about the progress of the alter- package at the lowest cost. must have a transponder, pass, on your grounds, not the roads
We also thank Janice of
nate operator of the van and The Cable committee would call-in or show Century Vil- or perimeter road.
Community Transit. She has
found out that this training is like to hear from as many Unit lage ID. This includes walk- Palm Beach Sheriff’s Of-
shown extraordinary patience
done at their Orlando facility, Owners as possible. If you ing, bike, motor scooters, golf ficers have again reported that
with all our changes and sup-
on an as needed basis. He have a wish list for the Com- carts and etc. there has been very little
port of our Security issues. A
would not elaborate on “as mittee to consider, please Construction has begun on crime in the Village during
special thank you is extended
needed,” but I assume (danger write it down and leave it in a better “drop off” area at the November. They also suggest
to Pat Blunck, who is the link
zone) when there are enough my folder at UCO. main Clubhouse. There will be that when you are outside the
between our Committee, the
requests for the training. You may also send it to me a wider road, a new cross walk Village, you should be very
bus company and the printing
Therefore, we will put pre-no- by Email as follows: nsa and a much larger area with no careful and watch all around
of the actual bus schedule. We
tices on Channel 63 if we re- o curb so that people will not you. This is the season that
certainly have kept him busy
ceive them in time or call the have trouble getting into the many people have their
UCO office at 683-9189 re- Did You Know
this season. I personally appre- Clubhouse. There is no park- money stolen.
ciate his time spent with me in
garding the schedule. We prob-
viewing all the benches and
ably will have some changes
That... ing or waiting at the Post Of- The officers, guards and I
fice van. wish you a Happy Holiday Sea-
signs in the village. We have
for the day after Christmas and ...Thomas Edison, famous
With some winter residents son and a Great New Year. o
done an inventory of these
possibly some the week of for inventing the lightbulb,
items and he will prepare a
New Year’s. was afraid of the dark?
schedule of repairs or replace-
In the meantime, Happy ********** Wanted
ments in the coming year.2009. o ...Martha Graham was the Male and female singers for the well-established Village
first dancer to perform at the Songbirds choral group. Openings are limited. Please call
One Vote Committee Meeting on Thursday, Janu- White House? Marty 686-4988.
ary 8, 1:00 pm at the Clubhouse, room to be an- **********

We Care For Those You Care About

We Provide In Your Home:: • Live-ins • Homemakers • Companions • Nurses Aides Assisting You In All Areas Including: • Meal Preparation • Transportation • Medication Reminders • Homemaker Services… and much more
“Providing In-Home Services For Over 24 Years.”
Top twelve reasons to choose preferred care at home COUPON
1. Recommended by many nursing homes, 7. This business has been established for FALL SPECIAL
rehab facilities and retirement 24 years.
2. 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not
satisfied with our services you don’t pay.
8. All of our caregivers undergo a seven point
screening process before they’re hired and
you get to choose your own caregiver.
1495 Hr*
Includes Our Entire Package of
Home Day Care Services.
No one else in this business can make 9. We are always sensitive to the financial *Certain Restrictions Apply.
this claim. New Customers Only.
situation of our customers.
3. Our company is licensed, bonded and 10. When customers make that initial call to COUPON
100% Money Back Guarantee!
4. Our phones are always answered by a live
person 24/7.
our company and try us they always say
“I wish I had called earlier”.
11. Whether you’re in state or out of state we
100 Off
If you are not satisfied with our services
5. Our caregivers are the most responsible,
compassionate and reliable out there. We
always keep in contact with the immediate
family so you’re aware of what’s going on
Select Home
don’t hire insolent and uncaring people. in the home. Care Packages
Free evaluation and price quote 6. The owner/administrator personally does 12. We’re very flexible. You can choose one *Certain Restrictions Apply.
the first in home evaluation free and hour up to 24 hours daily or weekly. Shifts Call For Details.
7 Point Screening for with no obligation as well as personally can be divided. Shifts can be split between COUPON
checking in on all of his clients to make morning and afternoon and there is no
All Our Caregivers sure all their needs are met and exceeded. overtime for weekends & holidays. ROUND THE
One Hour Up To 24 Hours, 7 days CLOCK SPECIAL
No Minimum Time Requirement What Our Customers Are Saying…
$ 25
Visit us online at:
“My aunt fell down and fractured her hip. The rehab facility referred me to David and Vee from Preferred Care at home. After a free
in- home evaluation and no obligation consultation we hired them. I have seen a marked improvement in my Aunt’s happiness.”
– Chris Scaltas in Boynton Beach
6 Hr*
For 24 Hour Care
Special Reduced 24 Hour Live-In Rates Available Licensed, Bonded, Insured
Call Now! 561-304-2848 License #230437
Page 8 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

The Millennium Agreement: An Explanation

By Kurt Weiss
It was suggested to me once was the sole “decider” about of which was the creation of a Amendment dealing with such pable legal advice and we kept
more (and hopefully for the how much to raise our monthly modern, well-equipped health a horrendous calamity. If we Century Village fully informed.
last time) to explain, how we dues. Fact is that we achieved facility-gym at the Hastings would have known whilst ne- Rather than just having the Del-
arrived, at what is generally this goal between 2000 and Clubhouse. gotiating, what we knew after egate Assembly vote on the
(mistakenly) called “The Mil- 2022 increases will be be- Before I signed off on the the hurricane, we may well Amendment, we insisted that all
lennium Agreement.” tween 75¢ per unit/per month Amendment, I insisted that it have included clauses dealing Associations be partners, sign
First of all: There is, and to $1.50 per unit/per month in be brought to the attention of with such a disaster. with us before we signed off on
there never was, a “Millen- 20 of those 22 years. each and all Associations, be Generally, let me say this behalf of UCO. The Millennium
nium Agreement.” There is a Secondly, we wanted to cre- discussed in General Meetings about negotiated contracts or Amendment served as the prin-
“Millennium Amendment” to ate a binding document which and signed by their Presidents. amendments thereto: There is cipal legal basis in the recent
an all net-net contract, called would spell out what WPRF’s In the end, all but three Asso- none that could not be more negotiations with WPRF. o
“long term lease,” which was duties are towards us and what ciations signed while three inclusive, more going details
entered into and signed quite UCO’s rights are. We succeed asked for further clarifications. or assuming all possible even- Do not give your resident pass
a number of years ago. That in agreeing upon an addendum The Millennium Amend- tual future occurrences, be it
would have come to an end in called Schedule 2, Operational ment was attacked by some a political or commercial to a relative or friend. It will be
the year 2000. In 1998, the Agreement (32 pages), which after the Clubhouse was de- document. confiscated and there will be a
then-administration of UCO clarified this important chap- stroyed: There are no specific We did the best we could
(mine) named a negotiating ter in our relationship with the clauses in the Millennium when negotiating; we had ca- charge for replacement.
team and hired another law lessor. In the original long-
firm (Sachs, Sax and Klein) in term lease agreement, this im-
addition to our then (and now) portant aspect was completely
UCO attorney (Rod Tennyson) missing.
to assist us and help us over- The Executive Board and
come the expected legal the Delegate Assembly were
hurdles. We decided upon this kept up to date upon the
particular law firm because progress, or the lack thereof,
they had a history of success- in our negotiations. Although
ful negotiations and litigations I cannot remember the precise
against WPRF on behalf of date, I no doubt must have
other Century Villages. mentioned that we were told
The negotiating team set it- that, in the absence of a mutu-
self to achieve three distinct ally agreeable solution, the
objects: Firstly, we wanted to recreational facilities may well
make sure that our dues to be shut down, as they were,
WPRF will not be unreason- once before, prior to UCO’s
ably increased. Before the Mil- existence. We had additional
lennium Amendment, WPRF demands, the most important

MARTY & PATTY FARBER (561) 685-1722
Selling in Century Village for 20 Years • Email
KINGSWOOD D — Furnished 19,900 SHEFFIELD J — Furn Steps to Fit Ctr 39,900
NORWICH D — Furnished Good Buy 17,000 CHATHAM Q — Lkvw Furnished Nr Pool 39,900
OXFORD 200 — Tile CA All New 39,900
SALISBURY G — Furnished Nr Egate 19,900 BERKSHIRE H — Part Furn Nice 39,900
UPPER FLOOR 1 BEDROOM & 1 BATH SOUTHAMPTON B — Furn Golfvw Walk Pool 39,900
SOUTHAMPTON C — 3 fl Encl Pat Nr Pool 24,900 SUSSEX C — Furnished Central Air 39,900
SUSSEX C — Best Buy Furnished 19,000 WALTHAM E — Cnr Encl Pat 27,900 SUSSEX J — Corner Tile Floors 43,900
CHATHAM B — Lkvw Nu Kit & Pat DW 24,900 CAMDEN E — Corner Furnished Lagoonvw 44,900
SUSSEX G — Cnr Tile Nice 29,900 NORWICH K — Corner Near Egate 46,000
GROUND FLOOR 1 BEDROOM 1 & 1-½ BATH CAMDEN O — Cnr Tile Steps to Pool 29,900 SOUTHAMPTON A — Cnr Tile Nice Golfvw 69,900
DOVER B — Furn Nr Club Lkvw Corner 72,900
BERKSHIRE K — Needs Everything Corner 17,500 GOLF’S EDGE 17 — Furn Nr Pvt Pool 39,900
ANDOVER J — Furnished Waterview 25,000 GROUND FLOOR 2 BEDROOM & 2 BATH
WELLINGTON D — Renov Kit 39,900
SHEFFIELD O — Cnr CA Nr Fit Ctr 25,000 GOLF’S EDGE 15 — Renov Pvt Pool 45,000
DORCHESTER J — Renov Nr Pool 29,900 CANTERBURY C — Furnished Tile Cnr 39,900 WELLINGTON L — Total Renov Must See 89,000
NORWICH G — Corner Furnished Central Air 29,900 GREENBRIER A — Furnished Encl Pat 39,900 PLYMOUTH G — Lg w/WD Renov Kit 89,900
EASTHAMPTON I — Corner Furnished 34,000 GROUND FLOOR 2 BEDROOM 1 & 1-½ BATH STRATFORD M — Tile Unfurn Nr Egate 39,900
CAMDEN O — Tile Corner Furnished 34,000 STRATFORD D — Furnished Upgraded 49,900
WALTHAM F — Corner Furnished 37,000 CHATHAM I — Furnished Lake Nr Pool 39,900 STRATFORD M — Very Nice Walk Egate 49,900
BERKSHIRE F — Corner Tile Very Nice 37,900 OXFORD 200 — Lift Pets OK Tile Floor 59,900
NORTHAMPTON K — Furn Lagoonvw 39,900
CAMDEN P — Corner Furnished All Tile Nice 39,900 GREENBRIER B — Furn Great Vws 59,900
CHATHAM U — Corner Furnished Upgraded 39,900 COVENTRY H — Furn & Upgraded 45,000 GOLF’S EDGE 12 — Xcond Furn Nr Pool 65,000
WELLINGTON C — Nice Cond Lk Pools 65,000
GOLF’S EDGE 25 — Encl Pat Nr Pool 39,900 NORTHAMPTON K — Cnr Lagoonvw 45,000
WELLINGTON C — 2nd fl Furn Lkvw 65,000
WELLINGTON F — Lkvw Furn Encl Pat 39,900 CANTERBURY J — Cnr Furnished Tile 45,000 WELLINGTON F — Furn Renov Pools Wtr 69,900
BERKSHIRE E — Tile Corner Furnished 49,000 SOMERSET F — Lkvw Cnr Tile WD Renov 69,900
WELLINGTON B — Furn Tile Encl Pat 57,000 SHEFFIELD F — Cnr Furn Nr Fit Ctr 49,900
WELLINGTON C — Cnr Encl Pat Hurr Prot 75,000
DOVER C — Very Upgraded Lkvw 69,900 HASTINGS C — Furnished New Bath 59,900 WELLINGTON K — Corner Furn Encl Patio 99,990


In This Economy The Farbers Help You Sell Your Property:
January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 9

Library to pitch in! We thank you also, it is yours! And so, we wish
because even with 29 volun- everyone in the Village a
Committee teers, there is always daily Happy Holiday Season and a
By Dot Loewenstein work to be done. One volun- Healthy New Year. o
Maintenance People do read the UCO teer comes in three times ev-
CV Foundation
Reporter! We know this be- ery day, just to clear off the
Jerry Karpf cause Large Print books have tables. Another periodically By Lanny Howe
started coming in again! Thank removes those paperbacks that Lending a Hand to Those
you so much for sharing — it are in very bad condition. Still in Need
is very much appreciated. The another, who is able to reach There is a blank spot in Cen-
130 books donated by Rose the bottom shelves, takes the tury Village which a small
November 11, 2008 from poor workmanship and Mandrack are still missing, but time to check the dates on the group of people, now formed
I would to make everyone unsafe installation of anything we are happy with the twelve periodicals and takes out the into a committee, want to fill.
aware of a new scam that is that could cause a flood or fire. that came in last week. It’s a old ones (except National Most of us, whether year-
going on in the Village. There Before I started the meeting, beginning. Geographic, which is never rounders or snowbirds, are for-
is an electrician offering a free I had to read the Maintenance A resident reported to me out of date). tunate (and know it) to have a
inspection of your electric Committee’s disclaimer, recently that she watched a Now that the snowbirds place to live here. The Village
lines and box at no charge. I which is as follows: “UCO and woman removing every item have returned, we are grateful is the best buy in town for the
have seen one of the estimates the Maintenance Committee from the Foreign Languages to you for bringing in numer- money. It’s not a fancy place,
which came to thousands of does not endorse or approve of section and cleaning the ous new titles. Our system of but it is safe, there are nice
dollars. There were items that any product, manufacturer or shelves thoroughly, then re- replace or return insures a fan- apartments, and we have a
were not needed and the per- contractor. Opinions of any placing each item in a precise tastic turnover, and we have beautiful Clubhouse and state-
son offering the inspection guest speaker are strictly their manner, pleasing to the eye. I discovered many “new” au- of-the-art health club. There
plays on the fears of the unit own and not those of UCO or personally would like to thank thors, thanks to the exchange are swimming pools, a host of
owner that if they don’t make the Maintenance Committee. this anonymous volunteer, method. activities, a free bus service
the repairs they could have a This article cannot be used in who is not a member of our If you are a new resident and second to none, and many
fire. If you are offered a free any legal matter.” committee. The understanding haven’t yet visited our Club- other amenities.
inspection of your electrical This meeting was a little was, when these extra book house library, we encourage For some of our folk,
system, tell them to take a walk different from my regular cases were installed, that due you to stop in, perhaps while though, life in the Village is
and don’t become a victim! meetings. I had decided to to the many different lan- waiting for a bus, or for a hard. These are neighbors we
I would like to remind ev- have a very well-known condo guages involved, our commit- show. You will not have to sign all know — some, the elderly
eryone about the big Town lawyer, David St. John, Esq., tee could not accept anything, and there is no time and infirm, who, often through
Hall Meeting I am sponsor- to give a lecture on operations responsibility for arranging limit. Perhaps you are going on no fault of their own, cannot
ing, which will be held in the of condo associations and their titles properly. To date, every a cruise and don’t feel like car- make ends meet. Many have
Clubhouse, in the theater, at controversial members. He time we enter the library, these rying the book home — donate no relatives who stand ready
10:00 a.m., on Thursday, started his lecture by describ- two bookcases are always neat it to the cruise line for their to help. Many are lonely and
February 12, 2009. Every- ing the way condominiums and attractive. library, then replace it with isolated, don’t have friends,
one is invited; don’t miss should be operated. It would If you are reading this and another title for our Clubhouse and don’t know the places one
this meeting. be great if every association would like to identify yourself after you return. can turn to for assistance.
Our guest speakers will be would have a full board where for a personal thank you, If you love jigsaw puzzles We would like to help them.
Mr. Bill Raphan with his everyone participated and all please walk across the hall and but don’t have enough space An organization, made up
wife Susan from the Divi- members of an association are give your phone number to at home, spend some time in of Village residents and out-
sion of Florida Condomini- kept informed by meetings. Noreen or Marge. I will respect our library and insert a few siders, that might secure the
ums, Timeshares and Mobile Many boards are being run by your confidentiality, but would pieces whenever you stop in financial backing and exper-
Homes (Chapter 718). He one or two people who do not really like to thank you person- — everyone is invited to par- tise to provide help for these
will tell you about the keep other members informed ally. You have done, and are ticipate. people, has long been in the
changes that have come about things, like who is late continuing to do, a tremendous Books without dust jackets heart of Jean Dowling. A few
about because of the passing on their maintenance pay- job, and we really respect your absorb light and make the li- years ago, she and WPRF’s
of House Bill 995 and what ments, what kind of mainte- commitment. Thank you! brary appear dingy, so we im- Mark Levy, who contributed
we can expect from his di- nance work has to be done, and We are aware of unsolicited mediately place them outside, $60,000 to the cause, were
vision on enforcement, edu- many other things. volunteers who stop in at any for you to take, or we will con- able to arrange for financial
cating and helping The next subject discussed hour, any day, and just alpha- fiscate them. assistance to a number of our
Associations and unit own- were proxies. He recom- betize the fiction (red dots) We just caught a big mis-
mended that associations only without recognition. Feel free take: It is not “our” library — Continued on Page 13
ers to understand all the new

laws and what effect it will use limited proxies, which must
contain certain elements which Ladies’ Hair Cut - $16
have on them.
Ladies’ Style - $17 & Up
There was a letter to the edi- are as follows; date/time/loca-
Ladies’ Cut & Style - $26 & Up
tor in the December issue of tion of meeting and signature Men’s Haircut - $13 Senior Men’s - $10
the UCO Reporter asking we of unit owner or owners .The Full Service Salon
print ads from unlicensed proxies should also state their Happy New Year: January Specials
workers. I have spent a lot of purpose (Example: change in Tue-Thu 9:00 am-4:30 pm
time trying to stop these ads, reserve policy, elections, etc.). “I am Appeal Package” - $96 Fri & Sat 9:00 am-7:00 pm
1 Manicure & 1 Spa Pedicure
but some get through. When I He then described how to live 1 Haircut, 1 Hairstyle 5772 Okeechobee Blvd, WPB, FL 33417
do see an ad that is from an in a condominium association 1 Deep Hydrating Facial Century Plaza South
unlicensed person, I report it and maintain your mental 1 Paraffin Hand Treatment Across from Century Village
to Department of Licenses. health. He listed all the factors (total time 3 hours)
But I can’t do it all by myself. that causes problems, such as Mini Facial Treatment - $32 561-721-0002
It is up to every Association moving to a new home, retire- Basic Cleansing and Hydrating Facial
Hair Services, Skin Care,
and the people who live here ment, and the biggest problem, Includes 1 Facial Hair Removal
Nail Care, Waxing
in the Village to help stop un- someone is parking in your
Deep Hydrating Facial - $49 Florida State Notary Public
licensed people from doing spot. David went on to tell ev- Peel Exfoliation for Definitive Skin Renewal
any kind of work in Century eryone that when you buy into Antioxidant Serum Treatment to Repair Damage,
Se Habla Español
Village. If you see an un- a condo association, you give Restore Elastin and Collagen
up certain rights and you are Gentle Massage to Face and Neck (1 hour)
marked truck, or someone do-
ing work without a company obligated to follow all rules of Manicure/Spa Pedicure Package - $30
name on their shirt, call the the association’s documents, $2 OFF Any Hair Service
Color, Cut, Style Special - $53 (Matrix)
Department of Licenses and and those of the Board of Di-
Perm, Cut, Style Special - $55 (Matrix)
$4 OFF Any Facial Service
file a report. Don’t wait to pro- rectors, which runs your Coupon Expires 1/31/09
tect your building and home Continued on Page 10 Gift Certificates Are Also Available!
Page 10 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

Maintenance is to get you mad.

Continued from Page 9 The only way to handle this

association. type of person is to be cool and
His next subject is one of calm when dealing with him. GOT
my favorites: how to deal with Don’t be defensive; be factual.
At meetings, when they inter- Handy Work
difficult people (or the crazies,
which Mr. St. John likes to re- rupt someone, tell them that
fer to them). Every association they are out of order and must Electrical Contractor
has one, and their only func- wait their turn. Air Conditioning • Portable/Windows
tion in life is to make it as dif- In closing, I think all asso-
Licensed & Insured
ficult as possible for everyone ciations should get a copy of "Another association EC13003025 Robin Reeves
in the association. These Robert’s Rules of Order to use meeting tonight, Office: 561-575-2653
people really like being diffi- as a guideline in running all
cult, their purpose or objective their meeting. o

Marianne Smith Erwin, Broker-Associate, Keller Williams Realty of the Palm Beaches, Inc.
2901 PGA Blvd., Suite 100, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 • email: • website:
W V Looking to Buy or Sell? Call the “Condo Specialist” for Century Village!
H E Everything I List Turns to “Sold”
Inventory Needed NOW For This Season • The Most Professional Service with Proven Results!
Norwich H 1/1.5, 1st fl cnr, immac, furn, updated
Norwich K 2/1.5, 2nd fl, OS cnr, comp tiled,
Sussex A, 1/1, 2nd fl, lovely unit,
L T kit & bath, great loc & XL price, rentabl bldg. Make
offer today!
updated appls in kit, updated baths, fresh paint,
Waltham I 1/1.5, 2nd fl, immac, comp furn, nuly
accordion shuts thruout, gdnvw, xcel unit at compl
furn w/updated kit appls &
$575 ann $1,000 sea
terrific price! $52,500
E I paint, updated appls, encl balc w/gdnvw, nuer roof

Dorchester G 2/1.5, 2nd fl, comp remod &
(2006), rentabl, open to all offers, close to CH & E-
updated, neutral 18" tile thruout, fresh paint,
Camden H, 1/1, 2nd fl, immac,
furn, tot turnkey unit w/lovely
S C cust mirrs, updated appls, baths, elect & plmbg,
Cambridge B 2/1.5, OS cnr, 2nd fl, comp remod
& in pris cond, new appls, new CAC, new bas, cptg,
MIP, rentable bldg.
lift incl in sale, no xtra fee, encl balc, fully furn, a
gdnvu, walk to Camden pool, close to
West Gate
real beauty, new price $55,000
A A Chatham M 2/1.5, 1st fl cnr, spec lkvw fr all
Norwich N 2/1.5, IS cnr, 2nd fl, immac & MIP,
wndos & encl pat, comp tiled, remod & updated,
furn, updated apps & bas, small pet OK in this
$625/mo ann $1,000/mo sea
Sheffield J, 2/1.5, 2nd fl outside cnr,
furn, mint cond. $79,900
L L friendly bldg.
Kent C 2/1.5, 1st fl, mint cond, newer CAC, furn, Great Price: $59,900 immac, nuer cptg, nu tile, furn,
Norwich F 2/1.5, 2nd fl, part furn, excel cond,
immac unit w/wide lkvws of wtr, truly spec setting gdnvu, walk to Fit Ctr & Synagogue
great gdnvw, quiet area, rentable bldg.
in nonsmoking bldg, great unit, excel loc $65,000
E S Coventry F 2/1.5, 2nd fl cnr, fully furn, CAC,
rentable, make offer $55,000
Xcel Value: $49,900
$1,100/mo sea
Andover C, 1/1, 2nd fl, comp remod
Norwich K 2/1.5, 1st fl, unfurn, updated appls
QUALITY PROFESSIONAL & baths, CT, new gdnvw, bring all offers $51,000 w/new kit, bath, paint, new berber,
INSTALLATION & SERVICE gorgeous New Price: $475/mo
Happy Holidays and Cambridge I 1/1, 2nd fl, updated & furn,
gdnvw, close to Dorchester pool, make offer Kingswood E, 1/1, 2nd fl, furn, all
TINA CLEMMONS New Year Wishes to All! $29,900 updated, gorg unit $600/mo
Sales Representative

6001 Georgia Ave. • Suite 10

West Palm Beach, FL 33405
(561)585-1485•(561)722-2212 Cell
Call Today to List with a Proven Professional!
I Have Buyers Calling to Buy Everyday! Phone 561-371-3311


Troops Dr. Michael S. Bess
Podiatric Physican & Surgeon
The Palm Beach Board Certified in Foot Surgery by ABMSP
Sheriff’s Office, the Citi-
zens Observer Patrol CROSSTOWN PLAZA
2885 N. Military Trail, Suite J
Program and UCO are West Palm Beach, FL 33409
supporting a driver to 689-0303
send new and used Conveniently Located Near Publix
DVDs to our troops. on Century Village Bus Route
You will find a box in
our Clubhouse office • Specializing in Treatment of Foot or Leg Wounds
where you may deposit • Diabetic Foot Care
any DVDs you can con-
tribute. These must be • Diabetic Shoes Dispensed in Office
originals. • Fungal or Ingrown Nail Problems
We will be collecting
these items through the • Heel or Arch Pain
holidays. Copies cannot • Foot and Ankle Injuries, Broken Bones
be accepted and no
porn please.
• Corns and Calluses
We hope you all en- • Bunions, Hammertoes, Bone Spurs
joy your holidays and
wish you all a Happy,
• Custom-Made Arch Supports and Orthotics
Healthy New Year. • House Call Visits
Won’t you please • Urgent Problems Seen Same Day
help us make life a little
For Appointments Call
bit better for our ser- 689-0303
vicemen and women? Medicare and Most Insurance Plans Accepted
Vol. Maj. House Calls Are Available
Evelyn Leibowitz
January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 11

MedSpeech, Inc. Warning!!!

Voice and Swallow Center, Inc. Do not hire any handyman,
3375 Burns Rd, Suite 204•Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 contractors or painters with-
Stamps in out seeing a copy of their li-
Rebecca L. Gould, MSC, CCC-SLP cense and insurance.
the News Stephanie Miskew, MA, CF-SLP Remember, if the workers
do not have insurance and
Syd Kronish Elizabeth Owens, MA, CF-SLP
are injured on your property,
Phone 561-833-2090•Fax 561-355-8348 you can be sued and may also be held responsible for
Evaluation and Treatment of Voice, Swallowing, any damage that they may
Airway and Neurogenic Language Disorders cause to your Association.

CSI Plumbing, Inc.

Exclusive Discounts for Century Village

January 20, 2009 will be a “Where By It Appears that

• Tub to Shower Conversions
day which will long live in George Washington, Esq, was • Water Heater — Repair or Installation
fame and history. It will be In- unanimously elected President
auguration Day for President and John Adams, Esq. was
• Faucets & Toilets — Repaired or Installed
Barack Obama and Vice Presi- duly elected Vice President of Faucets, Sinks, Garbage Disposals, Water Filters
dent Joe Biden. the United States of America.”
Millions of people will view Inauguration Day, April 30, Washing Machine & Dishwasher Installation
the ceremonies at the White 1789 began with the sounds of Replacement of Washing Machine Hoses
House via TV while countless ceremonial artillery and
others will be there in person church bells ringing across the
outside the gates.
The U.S. Postal Service will
city. At noon, General Wash-
ington made his way through
make this special day more large crowds to Federal Hall, Customer Satisfaction is Job One
memorable with the issuance where both houses of Con-
of an official “Inauguration gress were assembled for the Licensed and Insured We Accept Cash, Checks
Lic. # CFC 1426805 American Express
Day Commemorative Souve- swearing-in.
nir.” The collectable stamped Thomas Jefferson was the
envelope will feature portraits first to be sworn in as Presi-
of President Obama and Vice dent in Washington D.C., the
President Biden plus a com- location chosen for the per-
memorative color postmark manent capital. His second
with the White House in the inauguration also began the
background. The envelope tradition of the Inauguration
size is 9-1/2 by 4-1/8 inches. Open House, when the ex-
These official souvenirs ecutive mansion was open to
will not be available at your all who wished to greet the
local post office and are not President.
for mailing purposes. They Presidents have celebrated
are special envelopes for the in many ways since Washing-
occasion. The price is ton danced the minuet after his
$14.95 each. inauguration in 1789. Later
You may order these enve- ceremonies even had specially
lopes by calling 1-800- built pavilions for dancing.
STAMP-24 or shop on line at The balls were held at several Postal sites throughout the city.
officials say a credit card will The Inauguration parties
suffice in ordering. It’s a lim- have been held with much fri-
ited supply, so order today! volity and fun for all who at-
The first inauguration was tend. It was reported that at
held in New York City, our President Clinton’s party, he
nation’s first capital. That was jumped on the bandstand,
when George Washington be- picked up a saxophone and
came the first President of the played jazz tunes as the crowd
U.S. Our Congress had boogied into the night.
planned for the new govern- From the minuet to the
ment to begin its responsibili- mambo and salsa to swing,
ties on March 4, 1789, but a time dances on for the nation’s
harsh winter made travel dif- inaugural festivities.
ficult, and it wasn’t until April Remember that supplies of
6, 1789, that enough Con- the special envelopes are lim-
gressmen arrived in the city to ited, so order quickly, not to be
count the electors’ votes, left out. o

Put a smoke detector in

your apartment and
change the battery once
a year.
Page 12 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

2911-E N. Military Trail • WPB
In the Crosstown Plaza at the corner of Military TTrr., Community Dr
Mon-Sat: 6am-8pm • Sun: 6am-3pm
Early Bird Dinners Available at Royal Palm & WPB/Crosstown Plaza Locations


(Monday-Friday 6:00 am til 10:00 am)

One Egg, Bagel & Coffee, Tea or Soda ................................................................................................ $1.99

2-2-2: Two Eggs, Two Pancakes, Two Bacon Strips or Sausages & Coffee, Tea or Soda ...... $6.39

One Egg, Ham, Potato or Grits, Toast & Coffee, Tea or Soda ...................................................... $5.39

Bagel, Oatmeal, Cottage Cheese or Fruit Cup & Coffee, Tea or Soda ........................................ $5.19

Two Eggs, Potato or Grits, Toast & Coffee, Tea or Soda .............................................................. $4.29

Waffle, Bacon or Sausage & Coffee, Tea or Soda ........................................................................... $3.39

One Egg, One Pancake or Waffle, One Bacon Strip or Sausage & Coffee, Tea or Soda ....... $3.99
4631 Gun Club Rd. • 471-0879 1145 Royal Palm Beach Blvd. • 792-8723
Military Trail & Gun Club Road NW Corner of RPB Blvd. & Okeechobee Blvd.
Mon-Fri: 6am-3pm • Sat & Sun: 6am-2pm Mon-Sat: 6am-8pm • Sun: 6am-3pm


January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 13

CV Foundation connect people with organiza- might be able to assist us or

Continued from Page 9 tions and government agencies donate to the cause, this would
poorer residents. This was that can help and give advice be most welcome. If you think
done quietly, discreetly, and on a variety of topics. you could help in any way,
Kurt’s as anonymously as possible. To raise the needed money, please call Jean Dowling at
Opinions In time, the money simply we will seek donations from 561-640-7606.
ran out. foundations and apply for The CV Foundation is
Kurt Weiss Jean and the committee en- grants. We will also ask for about lending a hand to those
vision something broader and donations from within the Vil- in need. These are tough eco-
self-sustaining now, a not-for- lage — from individuals, from nomic times. Our hope and our
profit organization called CV our Condo Associations ($100 purpose is to make life in the
Of all the freedoms we en- of the newspaper needs to be Foundation. We hope to raise a year has been suggested), Village a little happier for our
joy in this great country of ours, certain that none of the articles 2-3 million dollars, and with from our clubs, from vendors, less fortunate residents by re-
the most jealously guarded is published defame anyone; oth- the interest on this, assist and others. We are hoping ev- moving some of the financial
the freedom of expression. In erwise the writers have free people financially. eryone will pitch in. The stress in their lives. o
this respect, we compare favor- range to say what they want, But this is only one thing we money received will be used
ably with any other country, protected by the Constitution will be doing. We hope to be wisely and well. Our plan is to
especially those which are one- of the United States, the Bill able, perhaps once a month, to keep administrative expenses Too Bad to Be
party entities, or “guided” so- of Rights and the State of buy food from a food bank, down to a bare minimum. False
called democracies. Florida Constitution.” bring this back to the Village, What else might be done From The Las Vegas Sun:
Rumor has it that the UCO I concurred with our editor’s and break it down for individu- through this program? Much, Parents of a 10-month-old
Executive Board discussed re- note, which read in part: als who have placed orders. By which we will share with you baby abandoned it in front of
cently restrictions as to what Editor’s note: The Reporter paying $18, an individual can later. Right now we are getting a casino. They were arrested
articles will be published in the will publish any opinion, as get $60 worth of Publix-qual- our sea legs. Details about the for their act of abandonment.
UCO Reporter. Nothing — long as it does not attack any ity foodstuffs. various facets of the program Are they not aware that casi-
thus far — was reported in the individual by name or impli- We hope also, through our will be forthcoming. In the nos are no place for children?
UCO Reporter. cation, or any article using own research, to be able to meantime, if you feel you **********
Let me remind you. Never- obscene language.
theless, one of my columns, I hope that any new defini-
which appeared in the May
2008 issue of our newspaper,
tions of what is acceptable for
publication in the UCO Re-
Annuity Owners Could Pay
the contents of which are
worth repeating:
porter do not differ from what
was the policy in May 2008.
50% to the IRS in Taxes!
In Gary Poliakoff’s column After all, freedom of expres-
in The Palm Beach Post, he sion is an integral part of de- Many annuity owners are losing half of their annuity value to taxes
answered a question which mocracy. Any entity, be it a and most are not even aware of the problem. The IRS is not required
pertains to censorship. Let me country or any other body,
to notify annuity owners about a little known secret that could save
repeat — verbatim — this large or small, which is guided
noted attorney’s response: by democratic principles, must thousands of dollars in income and estate taxes.
“The association cannot guard that freedom, which is
stop publication nor censor its the very soul of a free, open A FREE booklet is available that shows current annuity owners how to
comments. The editorial staff society. o avoid big mistakes and save thousands!
One Vote Committee Meeting on This FREE booklet shows you the most costly annuity owner mistakes!
Thursday, January 8, 1:00 pm at the
Call 1-877-374-3966 today to get your FREE copy of the booklet that
Clubhouse, room to be announced.
the IRS and insurance companies would likely prefer you never read!
The Century Village Orchestra is looking for
musicians to fill our string section (violin, viola, cello
and bass). We also need French horn, percussion, bas-
Call 1-877-374-3966
soon players and an associate conductor. Call Rickie
at 683-0869 for more information
Today for Your FREE Booklet!
In Your Grand Opening
Memory loss? All-U-Can-Eat Buffet
Same questions Pizza • Salad • Soup
asked over and
over? Alzheimer’s
support group
Pasta Made to Order
meets every
Thursday, 1:00
pm, in The Crafts’
Desserts • All for $5.49
Located on the NE corner of Okeechobee Blvd. and Haverhill
Room (note (next to Babies R Us)
4869 Okeechobee Blvd. • West Palm Beach, FL 33417
change). No doc- With This Coupon
561-686-5560 Expires 1/31/09
tors! No sales!
Changes and supply new Proof
Page 14 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

KIT KITTREDGE (G • 100 min)
Abigail Breslin, Stanley Tucci, Joan Cusack
Aspiring reporter Kit Kittredge can’t resist bringing home
strays, whether it’s an abandoned basset hound or a pair of
young hobos willing to trade work for meals in this drama
based on the American Girl doll line about a young woman
who grows up in the early years of the Great Depression.
Thu, 1/01, 6:45 pm; Sun, 1/04, 1:45 pm; Mon, 1/05, 6:45 pm;
Tue, 1/06, 1:45 pm

DARK KNIGHT (PG-13 • 152 min)

Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Michael Caine,
Morgan Freeman
Welcome to a world without rules. Why so serious? Batman,
Gordon and Harvey Dent are forced to deal with the chaos
unleashed by an anarchist mastermind known only as the
Joker, as it drives each of them to their limits.
Thu, 1/08, 6:45 pm; Sun, 1/11, 1:45 pm; Mon, 1/12, 6:45 pm;
Tue, 1/13, 1:45 pm; Sun, 1/18, 6:45 pm

GET SMART (PG-13 • 110 min)

Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Alan Arkin, Terence Stamp,
Bill Murray
Saving the world and loving it. Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 for
CONTROL, battles the forces of KAOS with the more-
competent Agent 99 at his side.
Mon, 1/19, 6:45 pm; Tue, 1/20, 1:45 pm; Thu, 1/22, 6:45 pm;
Sun, 1/25, 1:45 pm; Mon, 1/26, 6:45 pm


(PG-13 • 117 min)
Amber Tamblyn, America Ferrera
Four young women continue the journey toward adulthood
that began with The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Now
three years later, these lifelong friends embark on separate
paths for their first year of college and the summer beyond,
but remain in touch by sharing their experiences with each
other as they always have — with honesty and humor.
Discovering their individual strengths, fears, talents and
capacity for love through the choices they make, they come
to value more than ever the bond they share and the
immeasurable power of their friendship. Artwork has been enlarged 30% to show clarity.
Tue, 1/27, 1:45 pm



“For years, I was having trouble hearing clearly. Everyone around me knew it.
Even my grandkids. But like many of us, I was stubborn and avoided the issue.

Finally, I got smart & visited HEARx for a free screening. NOW
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that proper ear care is no more
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Today, my new Siemens hearing Buy a Pack of Batteries
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my ears. Fantastic.” Limit one per customer
*Offer expires 1/30/09
Not valid with any other offer or discount.


Hearing aid wearer
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Hearing aid candidate
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“…just find out!

I’m glad I did.” Your insurance plan may provide full or partial payment for
hearing aids. Call today to inquire about coverage.

Schedule an appointment for

a free screening! Call today: LAKE WORTH 561.432.1211 | WEST PALM BCH. 561.471.3340
January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 15

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univers_bold_condensed_italic_ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;',./

For your silver years,

univers_ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;',./

health insurance plans

univers_italic_ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;',./

univers_bold abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;',./

worth their weight in

univers_bolditalic_ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;',./

univers_light_ultra_condensed abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;',./

walbaum abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;',./

I'll help you enhance your

Medicare coverage with
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Blue Shield of Florida plans
• Plans to fit every budget
and need.

Stacey Zeitlin

770 Northpoint Parkway
A Contracted General Agency for
Suite 102
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
(800) 243-2326 EXT. 2213

Not connected with or endorsed by the U.S. Government or the Federal Medicare program. The amount of benefits provided depends on the plan selected and the premium
will vary with the amount of benefits selected. These policies have limitations and exclusions. While factors such as medical cost increases and inflation will increase the
premium, you will always pay the premium for your age at enrollment.

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Page 16 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

Support Our
The Palm Beach
Sheriff ’s Office, the Citi-
zens Observer Patrol
Program and UCO are
supporting a driver to
send new and used
DVDs to our troops.
You will find a box in
our Clubhouse office
where you may deposit
any DVDs you can con-
tribute. These must be
We will be collecting
these items through the
holidays. Copies cannot
be accepted and no porn
We hope you all enjoy
your holidays and wish
you all a Happy, Healthy
New Year.
Won’t you please help
us make life a little bit
better for our servicemen
and women?
Vol. Maj.
Evelyn Leibowitz


Where your comfort is our priority

Dr. Craig R. Jayroe

Specializing in Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Residents of Century Village

We invite you to be part of our dental family with this
Comprehensive Exam
$79 X-Rays

We are a Full-Service Office

Mercury-Free Fillings Peridontal Treatment

Root Canals Extractions
Partials Same Day Emergencies
Teeth Whitenings Sedation Dentistry

Conveniently located at 1920 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., Suite 116

Call today for an appointment (561) 688-7933

January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 17

renov etc & by the owner door lock, new roof, clean &
negot. $145,000. 786-473- painted, new flrg, new pat tile,
Classified 2682; 561-478-6564 wndos & scrs, 3 fans, cpt &
From the HW tank 6 yrs old, 2 new toi-
Classified ads are printed on Dorchester, furn, upper fl, 2 lets, $4,000 53" Sony TV,
Listening Post a space available basis. Ads BR, 1½ ba, CAC, cust mirrs, sleeps 4 adults, 2 steps to pool,
should be submitted by the sev- WD on fl, recently inst new outdoor bldg pat, laundry &
Syd Kronish enth of the month in which they AC, WH & roof. Must see: bus stop, very motiv seller.
are to appear. Articles must be $45,000 negot. 689-3019; Redu price already by $30,000
submitted every month if they 640-3744 to $50,000; make offers. 845-
are to be repeated. 246-4319; 845-246-2060;
Food for Thought Do we listen to the medics? All Classified ads must be Windsor I, 2 BR, 1½ condo, 561-687-9324
Americans have an addic- Records show that we Ameri- on a full sheet of paper (8-½ 1st fl. $42,000. 744-5565
tion for food. Anyone disagree cans (men, women and chil- x 11). Scraps of paper will Golf’s Edge, 1-1½, scr pch, nu
with the premise? dren) are getting heavier and not be accepted. Plymouth, desirable, upgraded paint, fans, CAH, lg, brite,
We have just finished de- some are even obese. All items submitted must 1/1½, nicely furn, great vw, no close to Temple & CH. 516-
vouring our Thanksgiving din- So I’m taking this advice seri- include name and address of parked cars or garbage bins on 643-5463
ners — and are headed for ously — no more doggy bags. o contributor. Name and ad- per rd, lots to see, immed poss,
feast fulfillments at Christmas dress will not be printed; this pvt pool, lg res fund. Was Miscellaneous
and perhaps a New Year’s cel- If You Need is for our information. The $70,000; now $44,000. 616-
ebration. Classified ads are a service 5771 1998 Lincoln Town Car Sig-
Our Thanksgiving tables Assistance for UCO members only. nature, $1,500 in repairs, I
were packed with eating spe- from For Sale or Rent have receipts, new brakes, ro-
cialties from multi-pound tur- For Sale tors, ignition, tires, oil, wipes,
key added by stuffing, all kinds Security, Furn, 1-1½, 2nd fl, new 23 etc. Kelly Blue Book val
of potatoes, vegetables and call Greenbrier, lux 2/2, 2 ba & Fl cubic side by side Whirlpool $6,000; selling for $4,400.
desserts featuring such pies as rm, lux furn, CAC, tile fls, fridge, nu Tappan stove, nu 616-5771 o
pumpkin, apple, cherry and 662-1591
cheesecake. Let’s not forget
SPECIAL FAMILY & FRIENDS PREVIEWS: Wednesday, Jan. 28 at 8 pm and Thursday, Jan. 29 at 2 pm
the cranberry sauce. Drinks
BUY 2 TICKETS - GET 2 FREE TICKETS • Call Box Office 954-462-0222 Use PASSWORD: “Previews”
(hard and soft), of course,
helped the flow of the food. SEATING AVAILABLE FROM $16 – $65
Each ethnic group has its Evening Performances at 8 PM Wed. through Sat.
Matinees at 2:00 PM Thurs. & Sat.
individual special food fa- Show Closes Sun., Feb. 1 with Special 3 PM Matinee
and Early Evening Show at 7:30 PM
Often called the Jewish Mark Twain, Sholom Aleichem wrote the stories that gave us
The Italians have many Tevye the Milkman and inspired the landmark Broadway musical “Fiddler on the Roof”…
family get-togethers providing And the great actor Theodore Bikel played the role of Tevye more than any other
actor—2,094 performances! “Sholom Aleichem: Laughter Through Tears,” an important
a variety of pasta creations, new musical play written by and starring Bikel, brings one of literature’s most beloved
authors and a bevy of his colorful characters back to life. Lovingly portraying slices
soups, cheeses, and delicacies of life from their memorable stories, Bikel sings an enchanting trove of music from Eastern
like chicken cacciatore and Europe, played live onstage by world-renowned musical director Tamara Brooks and
calamari — let’s not forget acclaimed accordionist Merima Kljuco.Singing in English and Yiddish, Bikel delivers
rare insight into the life and literary works of this fascinating storyteller, magically
everybody’s favorite, pizza. melding long-gone lives and times with matters that tug at our heartstrings even today.
Jewish families like to as- Sholom Aleichem’s last will and testament implored that we remember him only with
laughter… and laugh you will as Theo Bikel’s heartfelt creation touchingly fulfills that wish.
semble on important religious A Theater J Production
holidays. Passover specialties Presented by American Theater Festival & National Jewish Theater
Arnold Mittelman / Producing Artistic Director
are matzo ball soup, gefilte
fish, kugel, brisket, chopped
liver and matzo brei.
The Irish and the British For Tickets, Group Sales, Entourage Premium Seats
advertise their pubs with such or a Season Schedule call 954.462.0222
All programs, artists, dates and times are subject to change.
items as fish and chips, All special offers cannot be combined with other discounts or previous purchases and certain restrictions apply.

Sheppard’s pie, bangers and Direct from World Premiere Performances at Theater J in Washington DC
mash, and of course corned One Week Only • January 28 - February 1
beef and cabbage. The food
items are complete with a long
list of beers and ales.
You don’t have to be Chi-
nese to salivate on this orien-
tal food — egg rolls, General
Chow’s chicken, pot stickers
and, of course, fried rice.
Across America, from China-
town to small towns, we see
such restaurants primarily oc-
cupied by Caucasians. I must Discover what nearly 11 million
mention Chinese buffet restau- people across the world
rants. All you can eat. And ev- are laughing about!
erybody eats as if it were their
last meal because we must
“You’ll love it! It’s hilarious!
have at least one helping from
Go see it!”- Joy Behar, The View
each of the food trays.
Our appetites do not cease
at the restaurant door. No, ev-
eryone takes home a “doggy
bag” of leftovers.
707 NE 8th St. • Fort Lauderdale
Doctors warn us to watch
our diets, eat sensible food, For tickets call 954.462.0222
cut out salt and fats, don’t or
overindulge. All programs, artists, dates and times are subject to change. All special offers cannot be combined with other discounts or previous purchases and certain restrictions apply.
Page 18 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009


BFS will repair all your major appliances and air conditioning equipment
for one low annual fee.
$ 00
CENTURY VILLAGE 30 Years Satisfying
Package Includes:



WALL THERMOSTAT 24 Hour Emergency


OVEN and RANGE All Labor Charges

Including SELF CLEAN Unlimited Service Calls


Water Heater 30 Gallon Visit us at

Door Seals and Gaskets


CALL 1-888-237-8480
Broward Factory Service
BFS is licensed and registered with the Florida Insurance Commissioner.
CACO56774 • CACO57400 • CFCO56867 • CACO56778 • ES0000336
January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 19

B’nai B’rith Century: We Jewish culture, will talk onRoom. We are a social, volun- tour and boat ride of Biscayne
Organization meet every 4th Sun, 9:30 am, how a Jewish spy was given ateer organization, open to Bay and islands. For info, call
News for breakfast meetings at British identity, the story un-
former or present residents of Rose, 683-1564.
Anshei Sholom, to promote folds into the creation of agent
Brooklyn, as well as spouses
Jewish identity and support the 007, James Bond; 2/22, ADL and significant others. Coming Canadian Club: Meets 4th
State of Israel (only $3 for speaker, attorney Joseph events: 1/5, lunch at Bellante’s Wed, Party Room of CH, 1:15
Amit Rishona Chapter: In- guests; free to members). Our Sabag, will provide an update
Pizza and Pasta Buffet; 2/8, pm. Membership open to all.
vites you to join us 2nd Tue at Anti-Defamation League on current and international“LIPS,” the ultimate in dining Lots of great activities. Betty,
Aitz Chaim, collation 12:00 branch fights for human rights affairs. and entertainment by female 684-0766; Franne, 478-9526;
pm and meet 1:00 pm (Malca and against Anti-Semitism. impersonators; 2/22, annual Madelaine, 684-5595.
688-2698). Our upcoming Our schedule: 12/21, Brooklyn U.S.A.: Meets 2 nd
luncheon and dance; 3/18, a
plans: 1/18, ann party, kosher Chanukah party at the CH, Wed 2:00 pm in CH Party day in Miami w/guided bus Continued on Page 22
Chinese food at Aitz Chaim 9:30 am, featuring entertain-
(Anita 686-9083, Estelle 688-
9015); 2/1, foreign Israeli film
ment (Steve Dropkin) and re- AVIA-CARE, INC
freshment (catered breakfast),
at 7:00 pm at CH, refresh only $7 for guests (free to “Where Quality Care and Service is our Aim”
served (Nellie 471-4935 or members), if a new member
call Malca); 2/10, Bealls out- joins before the meeting, no
Our Services Are Affordable:
let fashion show, 12:00 pm at charge ($50 for men, $25 for
• Bathing • Register Nurses
Aitz Chaim (Bess 478-0735 or women), reservations neces-
call Malca); 3/11, Purim sary, call Myron 687-7784 or • Dressing • Licensed Practical Nurses
Shotel, 12:00 pm at Aitz Lenny 471-9247; 1/25, Frank • Medication Supervision • Certified Nurse Aides
Chaim (Nikki 689-1735). Handler, lecturer/educator on • Light Housekeeping • Home Health Aides
• Shopping • Companions
• Skilled Nursing • Homemakers
• Diabetic Teaching • Live-Ins

Call Sylvia at 561-640-0821 • Lic. 30211277


The Century Village Art Committee

is Requesting Your
for Display in the Main Clubhouse

Artwork Will Be Shown

for Four Weeks on a Rotating Basis

Please Bring Your Art to the Clubhouse on

Monday, Jan. 22, 2009 10 am to Noon
in Meeting Room C
Additional Information:
1) One or two original pieces can be submitted per
Century Village artist.
2) All work must be framed or gallery wrapped and
ready to hang.
3) Please include your name, address and phone on the
back of each piece.
Thomas Jones — 689-7008

Adria L. Kaplan
5 Years Experience in CV

(561) 687-1727
Licensed Certified Nursing Assistant
Licensed Home Health Aide

We Buy
For Information Call
Page 20 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

etable brush, dry and place in

dripping pan. Bake 40 minutes For Sale
or until soft, in very hot oven 2 BR, 1-1/2 ba, 2nd fl cnr
(450°-500° F.), remove from Professionally redone - all new appls, fridge, stove, microvw,
Recipes oven, and serve at once. countertop, tile fl, new sink w/faucet. New Berber thruout. Main
Baked Potatoes, Hotel Style bath: new tile, new fl, vanity sink. Guest bath: pedestal sink,
Avis Blank (1936 Cookbook)
new tile fl. MBR: New Berber, WI mirr closet, sliding closet, sldg
Cut two crossed gashes
across baked potato. Pinch glass dr leads out to newly furn FL rm. Guest BR: New Berber,
potato to open cut. Put a bit of mirr closet, new AC less than 6 mo old! Enjoy the beauti sun-
butter in opening and sprinkle sets from your fr porch! Rentable bldg. Call ffor
or sho wing.
According to the November ger pangs. My aunt used to with paprika. 561-712-8720
2008 issue of the Mayo Clinic select medium-sized potatoes A very Happy New Year to
Health Letter, the lowly potato to bake among the coals in the you all! o
is a healthy vegetable to consume furnace, which was heating the
whether or not you are dieting. house (when there was enough
There are many myths about money to purchase coal). Bak-
potatoes that the article states ing the potatoes among the
as false. coals served two purposes;
The facts are: A medium being a delicious, nutritious
sized potato baked in its skin food, and saving the cost of
has just 160 calories. None of cooking them on the gas stove.
those calories are from fat, If your New Year’s resolu-
cholesterol or refined sugar. tion includes dieting, a baked
The average medium potato potato, topped with steamed
contains 37 grams carbohy- vegetables along with a three-
drate, 22 milligrams Vitamin ounce serving of fish or poul-
C, 952 milligrams of potas- try, makes for a healthy,
sium (more than a banana, or low-calorie meal. A baked po-
serving of broccoli or spin- tato, eaten with margarine or
ach), four grams of fiber (if the olive oil, is a delicious snack.
skin is eaten) and 15 milli- Don’t forget to wash and then
grams salt. coat the skins with olive oil or
Most of the nutrients are margarine before baking, if
found right below the potato you eat the skin.
skin’s surface. During the De- Baked Potatoes
pression years, people ate a lot (1936 Cookbook)
of potatoes. They were inex- Select smooth, medium-
pensive and satisfied the hun- sized potatoes. Wash with veg-

Peterson Rehabilitation, Inc.

5912 Okeechobee Boulevard, WPB, FL 33417 • Tel 561-697-8800 • Fax 561-697-3372
(Opposite Century Village on Okeechobee Boulevard) •

Dr. Ron Peterson Carmen Peterson Tony Armour

CEO Chief Financial Officer Chief Operations Officer
Are You Fed Up with the Status Quo of Pain, Stiffness, Weakness
and Unsteady Gait?
We are experts at restoring your Quality of Life!
Our Services are personally supervised by Dr. A. Ronald Peterson,
PT, PhD, GCS, Board Certified Clinical Geriatric Specialist and
Diplomate of the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialities.
Massage Therapy $5.00 Off With This Ad!
When Life just gets you down, there is a solution!
January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 21














Bereavement Support Group DID YOU KNOW?

Sponsored by Dignity Memorial Chapels
Date & Time: JFCS has an expert Psychiatrist,
nd th
2 & 4 Thursday of Month Dr. Arthur Small
10:00am - 11:30am NOW ACCEPTING PATIENTS
Call Dale Kinzer 561.684.0236 WITH MEDICARE!


561.684.1991 or visit
Page 22 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

Organization News Anshei Sholom. Suzanne, Irish-American Cultural

Continued from Page 19 686-4241. Club of CV: Tea social and
Century Village Computer meeting, Party Room, 1/20, 2-
Club: Meets 1st and 3rd Thu, Holocaust Survivors of the 5 pm, members only. Robert,
Nov-Apr (1st Thu only May- Palm Beaches: 1/14, next 917-704-0223; Annastasia, 561-968-7520
meeting at JCC; 2/11, Purim 561-688-2389.
Oct), 1:00 pm, CH Party
Room. You must have a com- Party; 3/8, next meet; 4/22, Yom • Window Screen Replacement,
puter or WebTV to be a mem-
ber. Dues are $12/year ($18/
Ha’Shoah (Kathy, 689-0393). Continued on Page 26
Replace Old or Torn Vinyl
couple) and entitles you to at- • Window Cleaning
tend lectures, register for free
classes. Meetings consist of
Q&A period, business session,
occasional speaker, drawing
Lady Buyer •

Glass Tinting
Handyman Home Repairs
and door prizes. Visit cv- will pay the best prices for your or call antiques — sets of china — costume
615-4094. jewelry — real jewelry — sterling — 20% OFF
Christian Club: Meets Wed,
figurines — colored glass — paintings ALL WORK
Jan 7, 1:00 pm in Room C. Our — perfume bottles — men’s old watches Licensed and Insured
big events: 1/16, trip to Mardi — old evening purses — prints — 2008-07498 2008-07499
Gras casino; 2/27, Valentine sconces — pairs of lamps • Family Owned • FREE • Professionals
Call 561-865-2009
Dinner Dance at Poinciana
& Operated Estimates Since 1979
Country Club; 3/10, Picnic at
Okeeheelee Park. Rose, 640-
0014; Tillie, 616-3421.

Congregation Anshei Sholom:

What we’re doing: 1/14, The-
ater party w/show, bus, dinner,
$45 (Rae, 478-3221); 1/20, the
Sisterhood will host Chef Eliot,
who has turned food preparation
into an audience participation
sport, the group will choose an
unusual and unique food item
and Chef Eliot will prepare
enough for everyone in the au-
dience while keeping up a run-
ning humorous commentary.
For more information, call the
Temple at 684-3212 any week-
day morning.

Duplicate Bridge at Hastings

Clubhouse: Every Mon at 7:00
pm and Wed at 1:00 pm. If you
need a partner, call Mimi, 697-
2710, leave message.

Evangelical Christian Net-

working Club: Meets 1st Fri,
6:30 pm, Classroom B of CH.
We share relevant info among
ourselves and with our com-
munity. Dee, 827-8748; Steve,

Gun Club of CV: Meets 2nd

Tue, 7:00 pm, Classroom B of
CH. This club offers some-
thing for everyone and you do
not need to own a firearm to
participate. We have many fe-
male members as well. This
club is free to all CV residents.
All meetings are attended by
current or former police offic-
ers who ensure all safety poli-
cies are met. We helped
dispose of firearms of de-
ceased persons, gaining the
highest possible prices for the
survivors. George, 471-9929.

Hadassah, Judith Epstein

Chapter at CVWPB: Meets
3rd Wed at 11:45 am for mini-
lunch, 12:30 meeting at Cong
January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 23

This & That

Dr. Marilyn

I am a woman seventy- most difficult for our physical

seven years old and of no spe- and mental health. Too much
cial courage. Here I am at food, drink, sitting around
holiday time in the midst of watching football, family to-
world events. We hold our getherness, losing sleep over
breaths and grit our teeth and credit card balances, layoffs,
think, “What next?” 401(K) balances and health
At Century Village, we insurance.
have what my friend Simon A happy and healthy New
refers to as the word “diver- Year to all my friends and
sions” (happenings that may neighbors. We have a new
take our minds off not only clubroom for “This & That”
slaughterhouse disturbances, the first and third Monday at
but our own personal ailments 1:30 in the art room.
as well). Alessia
I am extremely capable of In the early twilight golden
writing my “Woe is me list,” clouds below
such as the pain of my spinal And a love that blossoms is
stenosis that mysteriously dis- here before me.
appeared when I gazed into the Alessia, pure of heart, a head
bluest of eyes of my tiny two- of golden sunlight,
year-old grandchild, Alessia, at Soft porcelain skin and the
Thanksgiving time. soft,
May joy recede to memory Steady look emanating from
since we are at an age where the bluest innocent eyes.
we can take only “one day at a Her gaze, I try to hold it, it will
time” and use it wisely. Live in the heart of her Nana
The next six weeks are the Forevermore. o


5405 Okeechobee Blvd.
Suite #306 (3rd Floor) West Palm Beach
The Century Village Entrance Has Been Closed
and Is No Longer Available
Century Village Residents Can Take
the Shuttle Bus, Which Will Stop
at the Okeechobee Blvd. Entrance
By Appointment Tel: 561-683-8700
Accepting New Patients
Page 24 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

tennis courts on any Wednes- not at the meeting, you need

Petanque Snorkel Club
day or Friday at 8:45 a.m. For to get this information from
Jerry additional information, con- her at the dock. Pat
Karpf tact Jerry at 684-1487. It was discussed and voted Izzo
News A form of ground bowling Sailing
that tickets for the Sunday,
It never ceases to amaze me
January 11, 9:30 a.m. break-
It’s Petanque Time how short the time seems to be
Gail fast, in the Party Room will be
The season has started, so while I am escaping the sultry
Fei $3.00 for members and $4.00
Hastings come on down to the courts and heat of the Florida summers.
for guests. So, here I am, beginning
Cue Club let’s start to play Petanque. The Rear Commodore Ron
On December 1 at 5:30
Al Weiskopf courts are in pretty good shape, Helms presided over the No- another season reporting for
p.m., there will be a Pot Luck
the Century Snorkel Club.
now that we have a timer for vember 14 General Meeting,
Join us for a new season of Picnic after the 1:00 p.m. Fun
Although many of our
the sprinkler system, which where it was voted to have fu-
fun and recreation at the Races. Thanks were extended
members were gone during
should keep the court surfaces ture meetings at 9:30 a.m. in-
Hastings Fitness Center every to Pat Romnosky for donating
last summer, those who stayed,
firm. We also have a backup stead of the traditional time of
morning between 9:00 a.m. a new wind sock to the Club.
kept active with outings to lo-
watering system, if needed. 10 a.m., still scheduled for the
and 12:00 noon. A reminder that shirts, visors,
cal snorkeling sites.
I would like to thank Anita second Friday of every month.
Welcome to new member caps and hats with Sail Club
We had our regular
and Dan Cruz and John for all Nominations were open for
Jack McHugh! Why don’t you logos, are still available from
monthly meeting for Novem-
their help in keeping the courts the new year and continued at
join us for fun and competition Ron Helms. ber on the 21st.
in great shape. Remember, we the December 12 meeting.
at our tables? play on every Wednesday and Helga Lieb, Dock Master, dis- Shuffleboard The club meets on the third
Our tournament committee Friday, starting at 8:45 a.m. tributed a handout of Sailing Friday of the month at the
Jack Fahey
is planning a 9-ball tourna- Anyone looking to meet Rules and explained all the Clubhouse.
Paula Mantle
ment for February 2009 — new people, make friends and rules to the members present. Anyone interested in our
take the challenge! learn a new and easy game, Helga also spoke about the Learn and enjoy! We supply all activities is welcome to join.
Our meetings are held every come down to the Petanque new dock hours, which have the equipment. Tuesday, Wednes- For more information, you
last Thursday of every month. courts, located by the been cut in half, and about the day and Thursday, 1:15 p.m., be- may contact me at 683-1106.
For information, call John at Somerset Condominium buddy system in place when hind the CH. Jack Fahey 640-3373
683-3887 or Ted at 682-3130. Association, at the pool and the dock is closed. If you were or Paula Mantle 689-0151. Continued on Page 28
Ladies’ Golf

Don’t miss it: It is Turtle

Bay Ladies’ Golf Club yearly
awards luncheon, which will
be held on January 27, 2009
at the Fountainview. We have EVERY TUESDAY, THURSDAY
a great time identifying our
members as they show up in
their fancy finery instead of the
usual golf attire.
It is always a great affair,
Seminole BUS
this year chaired by Jean
Siciliano and Honey Sager. Coconut Creek FARE
Our Victory Tournament
awards will be presented.
Casino $20.00
Also, Ringer and Birdie win-
ners will be announced. It is
the culmination of last season.
We have had a steady in-
crease in participation as our
• $20.00 FREE PLAY
snowbirds return. The win-
ners of our weekly tourna-
ments are Rosemarie Vitullo,
Mikie Conti, Gloria Avig-
none, Edie Reiter, Ann Libby,
Barbara Sandomenico, Kathy
Rudnic, Norma Brown, Bev-
erly Klein, Renee Kreisworth,
Sally McCarey, Dot Rogers,
Faye Rossetti, Honey Sager, Seminole
Juggie Gaum, and Jean Sicili- Hard Rock BUS
ano. Ann Libby had an Eagle
on the 12th hole. Hotel & FARE
We still have many months Casino $20.00
to play. Come join us. For
more information, call Renee
When driving, • $20.00 FREE PLAY
slow down at school
zones, especially Reservations are required
when the lights are Contact Corporate Coaches at (954) 452-7771
blinking on the Bonus packages are issued to individuals 21 years or older. Casino bonus offers are subject to change without notice and are extended by the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
and the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino. To be eligible for this offer you must register as a Players Club Member at either Casino. Please pay your driver upon boarding and help
us by having exact change. Your free play coupons and food vouchers will be provided to you upon arrival to the corresponding Casino. WPBCV1108
warning sign!
January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 25 •
Office: 561-804-9603 • Fax: 561-228-6216
2101 Vista Parkway, Suite 107, WPB, FL 33411
Directions to Office: Okeechobee Blvd. W., over the turnpike to Vista Parkway. Turn right to 2101 Vista Parkway (Crexent Building suite 107, West Palm Beach, FL, 33411)
CHATHAM furnished, carpet, waterview $500
furnished/unfurnished, ceramic tile
furn, new carpet, freshly painted, wtr inc
BERKSHIRE G furnished, carpet, bright, near West Gate $550
Lenore Velcoff SHEFFIELD Q furn, redone, sleeper sofa, encl patio w/AC $550
EASTHAMPTONON B unfurnished, green carpet, new appls $500
SUSSEX B furnished/unfurnished, carpet/tile $625
NORWICH furnished, Berber carpet, ceil fans (3) $500
NORTHAMPTONON H partly furnished, ceramic tile, wtrvw $495
SUSSEX F furnished, carpet/ceramic tile, wall units $600
The Brass Verdict by quently overlaps with the de- BERKSHIRE G furnished, carpet/ceramic tile $495
Michael Connelly is a legal fense work as Haller searches WAL THAM G
ALTHAM furnished, screened patio, ceramic tile $650
ALISBURYY G furnished, carpet, tile $625
thriller which brings together for the “magic bullet” — the CANTERBUR
CANTERBURY Y H furnished, carpet, nice!!! $475
two of the author’s most one piece of evidence that will WAL THAM F
ALTHAM furnished, near East Gate, carpet $550
SUSSEX A unfurnished, redone, CDS, cpt, tile in kit $600
memorable characters. Mickey clear his client. Haller be- BERKSHIRE G furnished, near West Gate, rent to own $495
Haller is a troubled defense comes involved with issues of GROUND FLOOR 1/1
CAMDEN G furn, carpet, new appls, fresh paint, nr pool $650
attorney and Harry Bosch is a bribery, jury tampering, fraud, SALISBURY F
ALISBURY furnished, ceramic tile, carpet, garden $575
Los Angeles police detective police misconduct, legal mal- NORTHAMPT
NORTHAMPTONON H unfurnished, ceramic tile, wood canal view $500
SUSSEX G furnished, carpet, encl porch $500
who has been the hero in 13 practice and federal crimes. CANTERBUR
ANTERBURY Y H furnished, CT, new appls $550
previous Connelly mysteries. There are so many twists NORTHAMPT
NORTHAMPTONON R furnished, carpet, nr pool $550
and turns in this novel that NORTHAMPT
NORTHAMPTONON N unfurn, carpet, wtrvw $495
But this book is mostly DOR CHESTER J
DORCHESTER furn, new carpet, new appl $500
Mickey Haller’s story. It puts keep you guessing and saying NORTHAMPT
NORTHAMPTONON L furnished, CT, comp remodeled $550
too much will ruin a good ANDO VER E
ANDOVER furnished, carpeted/ceramic tile $600
Bosch in the background with CHA THAM N
CHATHAM furnished, carpet/linoleum $500
a minor role. You only see him story. While Haller is a mor- BEDF ORD G
BEDFORD furnished, carpet & ceramic tile $575
through Haller’s eyes. He ally conflicted character who WAL THAM F
ALTHAM unfurn, carpet, linoleum, nr E-Gate $450
NORWICH furn, carpet, near Fit Center & E-Gate $475
seems out of character. is not above some dishonesty, CAMDEN H furn, new AC, living room, newer fridge $450
The story begins with Haller he is basically a believable KINGS
KINGSWWOOD D unfurn, CT, carpet, new appliances $550
CAMDEN J unfurn, CT, carpet, newer AC $625
“inheriting” the law practice of man. The book contains a very WAL THAM F
ALTHAM furnished, new bath, wood floors $600
a murdered former associate. authentic trial and the legal CANTERBUR
ANTERBURY Y F furn, new bath, wood floor $600
CAMDEN B sweet w/lakeview, newer appls $625
One of the cases is a gem — machinations behind every BERKSHIRE I great condo carpet, partially furn $550
the case of a lifetime. A successful defense. I find le- SHEFFIELD F near Hastings Fitness Center, furn $525
SHEFFIELD D furn, nr the Fitness Center, gardenview $600
wealthy Hollywood studio gal and police procedural de- UPPER FLOOR 1/1.5
owner is accused of murder- tails fascinating. But the very WELLING
WELLINGTTON A furn, unfurn, carpet, ceramic tile, wtrvw $650
ALTHAM furn, CT, carpet, near East Gate $550
ing his wife and her lover af- end of the book is disappoint- CHA THAM O
CHATHAM unfurnished, carpet, central air $475
ter finding them in flagrante. ing and unnecessary. EASTHAMPT
EASTHAMPTONON D furnished, carpet, near East Gate $700
While Connelly is consid- NOR WICH M
NORWICH furnished, Berber carpet, ceiling fans (3) $500
As the tale continues, HASTINGS B furn or unfurn, gardenview, pergo floors $575
Haller meets Bosch, who is ered by many to be one of this EASTHAMPT
EASTHAMPTONON F furnished, carpet, near East Gate $550
era’s great mystery writers and SOUTHAMPT
SOUTHAMPTONON A furnished, golfview, appliances $500
investigating the death of SOUTHAMPT
SOUTHAMPTONON B furnished, carpet, near pool, golfview $500
Haller’s late associate. The I enjoyed this book, it was not WINDSOR L unfurn, new baths and kit, redone $500
detective’s police work fre- one of his best. o PLYMOUTH R
PLYMOUTH completely redone! move right into $800
NORWICH furnished, gardenview, carpet $575
ALISBURYY F ceramic tile, new appliances, furnished $525
NORWICH upgrades galore! ceramic tile, furn $550
Bad Hair Day (No More) CANTERBUR
furn/unfurn, pergo fls, CT, new appls
golfview, partially furnished, ceramic tile
DORCHESTER furn/unfurn, CDS nr pool, gdnvw, wtr incl $550
Mr. Stanley, Hairdresser to the Stars, Sutton Place, EASTHAMPT
EASTHAMPTONON C beautiful condo, cpt & ceramic tile, unfurn $850
Plaza Hotel, NYC, owned a shop in Riverdale until GREENBRIER B furnished, ceramic tile, move-in condition $600
ANTERBURY unfurnished, carpet, gardenview $500
moving to the Washington, DC area, CANTERBURY F
ANTERBURY furnished, lower set back, near pool $550
Georgetown, then Columbia, Maryland, managed UPPER FLOOR 2/1.5 OR 2 BATH
DORCHESTER furnished, carpet, near pool $700
and worked ’til moving to CV. Will now precision CAMDEN H unfurnished, carpet, upgrades $575
TFORD furnished, large patio, ceiling fans $600
cut your hair at home (at area prices). WAL THAM B
ALTHAM furnished, carpet, new roof, rentable $600
WINDSOR G partly furn, ceramic tile, gdnvw $600
Call Stanley 561-242-1103 KENT F
furnished, near Kent Pool, Great Deal
furnished, wood, carpet, nice patio
NORWICH furnished, nice $650
NORTHAMPTON ON J furnished, waterview $600

Need a Good Used Car? CAMBRIDGE A

furnished, great location
unfurn, new counters, DW, disp

HASTINGS B furn/unfurn, CT, near Fit Cen, lift $700

Quality Late Models DOR

furnished, carpet, pergo floors, 2 baths
close to pool, fully furnished

CV Resident SUSSEX A
furnished, ceramic tile, central air
furnished, carpet, ceramic tile
partly furn, ceramic tile, encl patio, CA
SUSSEX B furnished, ceramic tile, enclosed patio $600
Cell 561-308-0753 COVENTR
unfurnished, ceramic tile, carpet
unfurnished, carpet, central air
beauty! ceramic tile, furnished

Finance If Needed WINDSOR G

furn, ceramic tile/carpet, gdnvw
unfurnished, carpet/ceramic tile, wtrvw
ANTERBURY Y G furn, CT & linoleum keeps cool, add appls $600
ANDOVER newly furnished, pretty, walk right in $900
Home is where the care is CAMBRIDGE D furnished, carpet, dishwasher $750
BEDFORD mirr walls in LR, queen beds, scr patio $600

T&T Nursing Services, Inc. WAL

furn, cook island, central air conditioner
unfurn, ceramic tile, redone completely
Academy of Health Services SHEFFIELD O
beautiful! extra clean cul-de-sac
newly redone
$7 75
We Work Harder for You • We Give You Peace of Mind
WINDSOR C furn/unfurn, waterview, near West Gate $700
NORWICH unfurnished, remodeled, carpet $500
furnished, ceramic tile, central air
furnished, carpet
2790 N. Military Trail, Suite 7, West Palm Beach, FL 33409 WINDSOR J furnished, ceramic tile, garden, beauty $750
NORWICH carpet, furnished, gardenview $575
Phone: (561) 688-5112 • Fax: (561) 688-5113 NORTHAMPT
NORTHAMPTON ON N furnished, cul-de-sac, carpet, central air $600
ALISBURYY F furn, nr E-Gate & CH, clean, tile $525 BBB Lic # 30211091 NORTHAMPT
NORTHAMPTON ON B furnished and waterview $650
Page 26 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

Organization News torium for mini-lunch and in- West Coast and picnic. For Bell’s Chanuka Program; 12/
Continued from Page 22 teresting programs. Sylvia, more info, come every 2nd Mon 30, Betty Palmer; 1/6, Phyllis
Italian-American Culture 686-5350; Marlene, 684-8357. at 3:00 pm in the Party Room. Berk; 1/13, Gary Lawrence; 1/
Club: Meets 3rd Wed, 3:00 pm, 20, Troim and Frank Handler.
Party Room of CH. Member- OWLS (Older Wiser Loyal Yiddish Culture: Profes-
ship open to all. Lots of great Seniors): Upcoming events: sional performances in CH
Troim and Frank Handler,
activities. Jerry, 686-8942; Jan, “Sock Hop,” dress up in Auditorium, 10:00 am every
who will entertain with Yid-
Michelina, 684-0089; Franne, the 50s w/music, food, prizes Tue, Dec 2-Mar 31, except Jan
for the best costume; Feb, 27 (UCO elections). Admis- dish-English humor at 10 a.m.
“Mardi Gras” in the Party sion free to all CV residents. Tuesday, January 20, in the
Clubhouse. Continued on Page 28
Jewish History: Taught by Room; Mar, overnite trip to the The roster: 12/23, Cantor Irvin
Frank Handler every Tue at
1:30 in CH. Reg at office (each CounterTops
term can be taken separately).
1/6-26: Philo-Semitism vs. CounterTops WILLS, TRUSTS,
Anti-Semitism. 2/2-23: Con- Fabricators of Formica ESTATE PLANNING, PROBATE,
troversial Jewish Personali- & Solid Surface Counters
ties. 3/2-23: Forgotten Jewish
Our “Only” Business!
Deal Direct 772-979-2902 GEORGIANA F. DAMBRA
Knights of Pythias: You are Free Sink KAREN LEVIN ALEXANDER
invited to join Palm Beach
With Every Installation Attorneys at Law
Rainbow Lodge #203, meeting
2 nd and 4 th Mon at North ALEXANDER & DAMBRA
County Senior Center, ACCUPUNCTURE & MASSAGE
Northlake Blvd. We welcome
new members, duals, rein- HOUSE CALLS 5737 OKEECHOBEE BLVD.
statements and transferees Accupuncture SUITE 201
Laser Therapy • Massage Therapy
from out of state. We are a fra-
All Auto Accident Insurance Accepted (561) 471-5708
ternal brotherhood fostering
the credo of friendship, char- Frances Post, AP, LMT WEST PALM BEACH, FL 33417
ity, benevolence. Mike, 615- Accupuncture Physician #AP1665 LOCATED IN THE
0218 Massage Therapist MA36521
Reiki PPractitioner
Na’Amat USA (Pioneer 561-632-0098 1/4 MILE EAST OF THE TURNPIKE
Women): Meets 4th Tue, Sep- CV Resident

May, at Cypress Lakes Audi-

Exp 2/28/09 Exp 2/28/09 Exp 2/28/09

January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 27

Attention people with Medicare

Humana Gold Plus®

is still giving
Palm Beach County
something to talk about
Monthly plan premium
still $O !
It’s no wonder people are excited about Humana Gold Plus.
Just look at what you get with this all-in-one Medicare health plan:

s $0 monthly plan premium s Discounts on over the counter

medication such as: cold medicine,
s Prescription drug coverage aspirin, and vitamins to
s Vision and hearing checkups name just a few

s Preventive coverage s 24 hour nurse hotline

s Gym membership at s Emergency coverage at home

no additional cost or when you travel

s Quit smoking program s Humana Active Outlook®

wellness program
s Meals delivered to your home
after you’ve been in the hospital s And more!

All from a company that has been serving people

with Medicare in Florida for over 20 years.
Call today for more information or for your personal consultation:
   sTTY 1-877-833-4486
8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week

An HMO with a Medicare contract available to anyone enrolled in both Part A and Part B of Medicare through age or disability. Enrollment period restrictions
apply, call Humana for details. Plans may be renewed annually. Copayment, service area, and benefit limitations may apply. You must continue to pay your
Medicare applicable premiums if not otherwise paid for under Medicaid or by another third-party. Benefits described apply to Humana Gold Plus plans:
H1036-044, H1036-037, H1036-038, H1036-047, H1036-065, H1036-054, H1036-062, H1036-040, H1036-052, H1036-067 and H1036-025.
H1036_GHA02VPRR_FL PB 01/09
Page 28 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

Organization News Snorkel Club be reviewing our budget with along with entry forms for
Continued from Page 26 Continued from Page 24
Tennis WPRF for the coming year. those who wish to “try-out” for
Jerry Reelection of Officers will be this year’s teams.
Yiddish Culture Chorus: 50 The November meet was Goldberg held at the January breakfast We want to extend our ap-
members, men and women. chaired by our President, John
meeting. preciation to Tom Speerin, our
Leader is Shelley K. Tenzer. Odoardo. The Century Village Tennis Arnold Rimm and Jerry Tennis Center Director, for
Knowledge of Yiddish not John is near ending a two Club will be scheduling a Goldberg attended a meeting maintaining the condition of
necessary. Rehearsals begin year term. “welcome back” breakfast of the South Palm Beach Se- our courts, managing court as-
Wed, 12/3. Edy, 687-4255. The meeting was called to meeting in January at the nior Tennis League held at signments, and organizing
order and began with Joan Somerset Tennis Center. It will Whisper Walk. We expect to tournaments. Residents who
Yiddish Class: Teacher: Ford reading the previous give both old and new mem- enter a team again when the wish to join the Tennis Club
Gloria Shore. Meets every month’s minutes. bers the opportunity to hear League begins play in early should see Tom during week-
Thu, begin 1/8. Reg: Staff of- And Sandy Wynn gave us a what has been planned for the January. We have also been day mornings, and he will ar-
fice. Gloria, 697-3367. report on our finances. winter season. Club dues will invited to enter a “traveling range to match you up with
An announcement was remain the same as last year. team” to compete in a senior others of your level of ability.
Yiddish Advanced Reading made about a “pot-luck” din- Watch for an announcement men’s soft court league with He also has a limited number
Group: Menke Katz Reading ner to be held on the follow- on the Club bulletin board. other teams from this area. We of Club shirts and visors avail-
Circle invites readers to join ing Tuesday. Alan Cutler, our Club hope to make a good showing able to our members at re-
group headed by Troim Han- These affairs have become President, is taking sugges- in both leagues. A “sign-up” duced cost. A ball machine is
dler. Currently reading Night very popular and there is al- tions for improvements of sheet has been posted on the available to be used on the
by Elie Wiesel in Yiddish. ways a great attendance. our tennis facilities and will Tennis Center bulletin board, practice court. o
Meetings are twice a month Unfortunately, the day
in private homes. Troim, turned unusually cold, and was
684-8686. cancelled as these gatherings
are outdoor. Mark B. Grumet, D.M.D.
Yiddish Vinkl: An informal On Thursday, November
group of Yiddish lovers who 27, a group from the club went GENERAL DENTISTRY
gather to speak, hear and sing to Peanut Island in Riviera
the language, this group is Beach to snorkel. Conveniently located where you shop
under the guidance of Edy Peanut Island is our club’s
Sharon. Meetings are held favorite snorkeling destination. Crosstown Plaza
the first and third Sun from This outing was particularly Between Publix and Blockbuster Video
1:30 to 3:00 pm year-round. exciting as for the first time
For information, call Edy, since the club has been going • Exams, Cleanings Call
• Crown and Bridgework
687-4255. o there, manatees were spotted.
I did not attend, but I can’t • Implant Bridgework
• Partial and Full Dentures
UUU wait until the next trip to have
a personal encounter with
these lovable creatures.
• Same Day Repairs, Relines
• Other Phases of General Dentistry
2885-H N. Military Trail
Hours by Appointment
January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 29

Tales from the ing station operated by the CIA of the clan, he undoubtedly It was to be made clear to he agreed to introduce him to
from 1961 until 1968. It was had connections leading into Roselli that the United States a friend, Sam Gold, who knew
Cold War headquartered in building 25 the Cuban gambling interests. Government was not, and the “Cuban crowd.” Roselli
Researched by David Israel on the South Campus (for- Maheu was asked to ap- should not, become aware of made it clear he did not want
Blowback: In the Intelli- merly the site of Richmond proach Roselli, who knew this operation. any money for his part and
gence Community: Unin- Naval Air Station, an airship Maheu as a personal relations The pitch was made to believed Sam would feel the
tended extreme domestic base about 12 miles south of executive handling domestic Roselli on 14 September 1960 same way.
consequences of Extra-Judi- the main campus) of the Uni- and foreign accounts, and tell at the Hilton Plaza Hotel, New Neither of these individu-
cial foreign actions by Govern- versity of Miami in Miami, him that he had recently been York City. Mr. James O’Con- als were ever paid out of
mental Agencies. Florida. It was also referred to retained by a client who rep- nell, Office of Security, was Agency funds.
It may be argued that the as the CIA’s “Miami Station” resented several international present during this meeting and During the week of 25 Sep-
assassination of President John or “Wave Station.”) business firms which were suf- was identified to Roselli as an tember, Maheu was introduced
Fitzgerald Kennedy was a re- Certain TSD (Technical fering heavy financial losses in employee of Maheu. O’Connell to Sam who was staying at the
sult of direct Blowback deriv- Services Division) and Com- Cuba as a result of Castro’s actively served as Roselli’s con- Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami
ing from the following events. munications personnel partici- action. They were convinced tact until May 1962 at which Beach. It was several weeks
In August 1960, Mr. Rich- pated in the initial planning that Castro’s removal was the time he phased out due to an after his meeting with Sam and
ard M. Bissell (CIA Director stages, but were not advised of answer to their problem and over seas assignment. Joe who was identified to him
of Operations) approached the purpose of the mission. were willing to pay a price of His initia1 reaction was to as a courier operating between
Colonel Sheffield Edwards to Robert A. Maheu, a cleared $150,000 for its successful avoid getting involved, but Havana and Miami, that he
determine if the Office of Se- source of the Office of Secu- accomplishment. through Maheu’s persuasion, Continued on Page 31
curity had assets that may as- rity, was contacted, briefed
sist in a sensitive mission generally on the project, and At Century Village
requiring gangster-type action. was directed to ascertain if we
The mission target was Fi-
del Castro. Because of its ex-
could develop an entree into
the gangster elements as the
John H. Merey, M.D., P.A.
treme sensitivity, only a small first step toward accomplish- Ophthalmology/Diseases
group was cleared for the ing the desired goal.
project. The DCI (Director Mr. Maheu advised that he of the Eyes
Central Intelligence) was had met one Johnny Roselli on Accepts Medicare
briefed and gave his approval. several occasions while visit-
Colonel J. C. King, Chief, WH ing Las Vegas. He only knew and Most Insurances
(White House) Division, was him casually through clients,
briefed, but all details were but was given to understand 5405 Okeechobee Blvd. Ste. 302B
deliberately concealed from that he was a high-ranking West Palm Beach, FL 33417
any of the JMWAVE Officials. member of the “syndicate” and
(JMWAVE was the controlled all of the ice-mak- (Midtown Imaging Building)
codename for a major, secret ing machines on the Strip.
United States covert opera- Maheu reasoned that, if Call 686-8202
tions and intelligence gather- Roselli was in fact a member
Page 30 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

Too Bad to be
Real Headlines —
Read ’em and Laff!
From The Palm Beach
Post: A court has ruled that a
Palm Beach Gardens man no
longer has to pay his former
wife alimony on the grounds
that she’s “cohabitating.” The
woman in question is in jail,
and her roommate is her
cellmate. I thought gay mar-
riage was illegal in Florida.
From The Chicago Sun-
Times: A local sports grill is
offering as an appetizer
breaded, deep-fried bacon
served in gravy. And it gets
even better: Another eatery is
offering bacon served like
chicken-fried steak. Now, if
only they can offer bacon
served by Kevin Bacon.
From The Christian Sci-
ence Monitor: While other
Special Phone Numbers newspapers have thrown staff
overboard like sinking ships,
for Residents the Monitor has redesigned its
Guest Entry (automated) ..............689-1759 ship from a daily print model
to an Internet edition supple-
Security (talk/emergency) ............689-0432 mented with weekly hard copy.
Clubhouse: Main..........................640-3120 The paper has won journalis-
UCO Office..................................683-9189 tic accolades and was founded
when the religion that backed
UCO Reporter .... 683-9336 • Fax 683-2830 it was accused of not really
being scientific. Now, the
question is: Is this new direc-
tion evolution or intelligent
From The Cincinnati
Enquirer: A local TV station
has changed its call letters to
WKRP — the same ones that
are the basis for the ficticious
radio station in the sitcom
WKRP in Cincinnati. As God
is my witness, I swear this tur-
key had wings.
From The Pittsburgh Post-
Gazette: Newly-elected Presi-
dent Barack Obama is a fan of
the Spider-Man comic book.
He has a collection dating back
to the 60s wrapped in Mylar.
He’s half-black, half-white and
From WKMG TV in Or-
lando: The story you are about
to read is true: A man dressed
as a woman fired a gun inside
a Wal-Mart. Just the facts: The
fashion police are calling out
a dragnet for this guy.
From The Daily News in
New York: A man invented a
realistic-looking simulation of
a woman. While she does
chores, her voice chip comes
out awkward. It’s so realistic,
it even has PMS.
January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 31

Tales from the Cold War He asked, as a prerequisite

Continued from Page 29 to the deal, that he be given
saw photographs of both of $10,000 for organizational ex-
these individuals in the Sun- penses and requested $1,000
day supplemental Parade. worth of communications
They were identified as Momo equipment. Dr. Verona’s po-
Salvatore Giancani and tential was never fully ex-
Santos Trafficant, respec- ploited, as the project was
tively. Both were on the list of canceled shortly after the Bay
the Attorney General’s ten of Pigs episode.
most wanted men. Verona was advised that the
The former was described offer was withdrawn, and the
as the Chicago chieftain of the pills were retrieved.
Cosa Nostra and successor to Of significant interest was
Al Capone, and the latter, the an incident which involved a
Cosa Nostra boss of Cuban request levied by Sam upon
operations. Maheu called this Maheu. At the height of the
office immediately upon ascer- project negotiations, Sam ex-
taining this information. pressed concern about his girl-
In discussing the possible friend, Phyllis McGuire, who
methods of accomplishing he learned was getting much
this mission, Sam suggested attention from Dan Rowan
that they not resort to firearms while both were booked at a
but, if he could be furnished Las Vegas night club. Sam
some type of potent pill, that asked Maheu to put a bug in
could be placed in Castro’s Rowan’s room to determine
food or drink, it would be a the extent of his intimacy with
much more effective opera- Miss McGuire.
tion. Sam indicated that he The technician involved in
had a prospective nominee in the assignment was discovered
the person of Juan Orta, a in the process, arrested, and
Cuban official who had been taken to the Sheriff’s office for
receiving kick-back payments questioning. He called Maheu
from the gambling interests, and informed him that he had
who still had access to Castro, been detained by the police.
and was in a financial bind. This call was made in the pres-
TSD (Technical Services Di- ence of the Sheriff’s person-
vision) was requested to produce nel. Subsequently, the
six pills of high lethal content. Department of Justice an-
Joe delivered the pills to Orta. nounced its intention to pros-
After several weeks of re- ecute Maheu along with the
ported attempts, Orta appar- technician.
ently got cold feet and asked On 7 February 1962, the
out of the assignment. He sug- Director of Security briefed
gested another candidate who the Attorney General, Robert
made several attempts without Kennedy, on the circum-
success. Joe then indicated that stances leading up to Maheu’s
Dr. Anthony Verona, one of the involvement in the wiretap. At
principal officers in the Cuban our government’s request,
Exile Junta, had become dis- prosecution was dropped.
affected with the apparent in- In May 1962, Mr. William
effectual progress of the Junta Harvey took over as Case Of-
and was willing to handle the ficer, and it is not known by
mission through his own re- this office whether Roselli was
sources. Continued on Page 34
Page 32 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

Slosberg Report produces some of the
best factual television programming TV 42, Public TV (PBS)
about Israel. Playful and unexpected, Comcast Channel 6
Slosberg Report connects you to (check your local listings)
what makes Israel special – Monday 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm
the people, places, business,
and politics. December 22, 2008
January 5, 2009
So tune into Slosberg Report
January 19, 2009
on your television – it’s fun,
February 2, 2009
it’s fresh and it’s coming to February 16, 2009
PBS in your area. March 3, 2009
January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 33
Page 34 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

Did You Know Get the Facts Tales from the Cold War belief that Johnny would not and it was decided that the
Continued from Page 31 seek out the Agency for assis- Agency would not in any way
That… from Ms. MS tance in the deportation pro- assist Roselli. Maheu was ad-
…the year 2009 in the Chi- Multiple Sclerosis is an au- used operationally from that ceedings unless he actually vised of the Agency’s posi-
nese Lunar Year is known as toimmune disease, whereby point on. faced deportation. Roselli ex- tion, and he was in complete
the Year of the Ox? the body’s own immune sys- It was subsequently learned pressed confidence that he agreement with our stand. He
…the year 2008 was the tem, which normally targets from the FBI that Roselli had would win an appeal. further advised that he was
Year of the Rat? and destroys substances for- been convicted on six counts On 17 November 1970, not concerned about any pub-
…Mickey Mouse made his eign to the body such as bac- involving illegal entry into the Maheu called James O’Con- licity as it affected him per-
first appearance in 1928 in the teria, mistakenly attacks United States. nell, Roselli’s first Case Of- sonally should Roselli decide
world’s first synchronized normal tissues. In MS, the im- Our records do not reflect ficer, to advise that Maheu’s to tell all.
sound cartoon created by Walt mune system attacks the brain the date of conviction, but it is attorney, Ed Morgan, had re- Subsequently, Roselli or
Disney? The film was entitled and spinal cord (the central believed to have been some- ceived a call from a Thomas someone on his behalf fur-
Steamboat Willie. nervous system). time during November 1967. Waddin, Roselli’s lawyer, who nished Jack Anderson (News-
…James Madison, Amer- Early symptoms of MS in- On 2 December 1968, stated that all avenues of ap- paper Reporter) details of the
ica’s fourth President, and his clude tingling, numbness, loss Roselli, along with four other peal had been exhausted, and operation, which he did not
wife Dolley, were the guests of of balance, weak limbs, blurry individuals, was convicted of his client now faces deporta- hesitate to publish in the Na-
honor at the first official Inau- or weak vision. Less common conspiracy to cheat members tion. Waddin indicated that if tional Press.
gural Ball held at Long’s Ho- symptoms include slurred of the Friars Club of $400,000 someone did not intercede on The last known residence
tel in Washington, D.C.? speech, paralysis, problems in a rigged gin rummy game. Roselli’s behalf, he would of Roselli was the Federal
…in 1817, James Monroe, with thinking. Mr. Harvey reported to the make a complete exposé of his Penitentiary in Seattle, Wash-
our fifth President, was the Exercise, such as tai chi and Office of Security of his con- activities with the Agency. ington. o
first to speak directly to the yoga, can reduce stress and tacts with Roselli during No- On 18 November 1970, Mr.
American people in his Inau-
gural Address?
increase energy.
From the Internet
vember and December 1967 Helms was briefed on the lat-
and January 1968. It was his est development in this case, p p p
…the great comedian Bob
Hope’s first major film role
was in The Big Broadcast of
1938? With his costar Shirley
Ross, he performed what
would become his trademark
song, Thanks for the Memory.
…Betsy Ross reported that
she sewed the first American
flag in May 1776?
…John “Duke” Wayne,
who specialized in rugged
macho roles as cowboy and
soldier, starred in 200 films
over a period of 50 years?
…baseball is the only pas-
time with its own theme song
— Take Me Out to the Ball
Game? It was written 100
years ago by a man who had
never seen a baseball game in
his lifetime! o

Hello, Dolly!
Heiress Lisbon Burberry
entered the exclusive depart-
ment store Whamburger’s one
day. Clerks waited on her hand
and foot (especially the latter:
Her designer shoes go on sale
today — only $299.95,
marked down 25%).
Lisbon wanted to buy a de-
signer dress — her own de-
sign, of course. But she
wanted it in a dolly size for her
Barbie doll.
The clerks were surprised as
they brought out frocks.
Lisbon Burberry originals do
not come in doll sizes, and
even with her discount, it’s
going to cost her chauffeur’s
arm and leg to pay for a size
A nervous clerk standing by
a watercooler tipped it over
and splashed water over one
dress, shrinking it to the de-
sired size. Lisbon told the
clerks, “Wrap it up and put it
on my account.”
From the Internet
January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 35

Stores Are Closing • Zales closing down 82

If this is true, we are in for a
stores and 105 after January
• Piercing Pagoda closing all
Block & Hexter Vacation Center
big mess in 2009. In Northeastern, Pennsylvania
This doesn’t mean you
shouldn’t purchase items from
these chains. Just be sure you
• Disney closing 98 stores
and will close more after
Spend Your Summer
really want the items you pur-
chase and they fit, since you
• Home Depot closing 15
stores, one in NJ (New
In The Cool Pocono Mountains
may not be able to return or
Brunswick) Air Conditioned Double RoomsThree Supervised Kosher Meals A Day
exchange them. Watch those
• Macys to close nine stores Fine Arts Ceramics State of the Art Fitness Center Computer Lab
store money cards and gift
after January Dance Classes Lecture Series Heated Pool & Whirlpool Tennis
cards and credit slips. They
• Linens and Things closing Bridge Boating Hiking Trails Golf and More...
will be worthless!
all stores Open June - October - Plus Passover 2009
Stores that informed the
• Movie Galley closing all
Security Exchange of closing All Inclusive Door to Door Packages From Florida
plans between October 2008
• Pacific Sunware closing
and January 2009: Receive a Free Gift, See a Video & Learn
• Circuit City: 150 stores About Our Great Programs….
• Pep Boys closing 33 stores
• Sprint/Nextel closing 133
• Ann Taylor: 117 stores na-
stores JCC of Boynton Beach
tionwide are to be closed
• JC Penney closing a num- 8500 Jog Road, Boynton Beach
• Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, Monday, January 19, 2009 - 10:30 AM
ber of stores after January
and Catherine’s to close 150
• Ethan Allen closing down
stores nationwide JCC of the Greater Palm Beaches Associated Camps, Inc.
12 stores. 271 Route 46 Unit A-109
• Talbots closing down all 3151 No. Military Trail, West Palm Beach
• Wilson Leather closing Fairfield, NJ 07004
stores Monday, January 19, 2009 - 1:00 PM
down all stores
• J. Jill closing all stores RSVP 1-800-400-1924
• Sharper Image closing
• GAP closing 85 stores Temple Sinai
down all stores
• Footlocker closing 140 2475 West Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach
• KB Toys closing 356 stores
stores, more to close after Tuesday, January 20, 2009 - 2:00 PM
• Loews to close down some
• Wickes Furniture closing
• Dillard’s to close some B’Nai Torah Congregation
down 6261 SW 18th St., Boca Raton
• Levitz closing down re- Wednesday, January 21, 2009 - 1:00 PM
From the Internet
maining stores
Page 36 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009


Office: 561-804-9603 • Fax: 561-228-6216
2101 Vista Parkway, Suite 107, WPB, FL 33411 •
Directions to Office: Okeechobee Blvd. W., over the turnpike to Vista Parkway. Turn right to 2101 Vista Parkway (Crexent Building suite 107, West Palm Beach, FL, 33411)


1.5 TH
BATH Camden J - New bathroom utilities, New water heater $35,000
Salisbury y B - Furn., carpet/ceramic tile, new kitchen $39,900 Kingswood
Kingsw ood C - Pretty, rentable, close to amenities $55,000
Sussex x B - Furn, carpet, rentable $56,000 Co
entry y E - Pets ok, Central AC, new furn, mirror walls $39,900
Nor wic
wich h G - Unfurn., carpet/vinyl tile, remodeled $28,000 Cant erbur
erbury y F - Furn., New Shower & tile in bathroom, AC $39,950
Nor wic
wich h O - Furn., Rentable, near E. gate Great $29,900 UPPER FL OOR CORNER 2 BED 1
1.5 TH
Camden H - Unfurn. Lots of light. Carpet, Rentable $29,900 Kingsw
Kingswoodood D - Furnished, Rentable, carpet, outside corner $49,000
Dorcc hest
hesterer D - Furn. Parquet floors, near pool $45,000 Cant erbur
erbury y J - Unfurn, ceramic tile $38,900
Golf’s Edge E - Unfurn, ceramic tile & encl patio $38,000 Waltham I - Furnished, Carpet/Ceramic Tile $52,000
Bedf ord E - Includes lift!! Lots of light! Carpet
Bedford $27,000
$27,000 Bedf ord H – Furn/unfurn, Corner, carpet/ceramic tile
Bedford $49,900
Sussex x A - Ceramic tile, New AC, lots of light, rentable $39,000 Shef
Shefffield E - Unfurn., Redone! Ceramic tile $59,900
Kent H - Furnished, rentable building $64,900 Nor thampt
thampton on O - Furn carpet/ceramic tile, rentable $46,000
Waltham C - Furn., newer refrigerator and counters $44,000 Dor
Dorcc hest
hesterer B - Carpet/ceramic tile, new ac, furn, turn-key $57,2
$57,2 40
Easthampton on H - Furnished, carpet, garden view $39,000 Susse
Sussex x L - Carpet/ceramic tile, furnished cen. air $52,000
entry y E - Furn, near E. gate and fitness center $69,900 Kent M - Furn., Ceramic Tile, Central Air $79,000
1.5 TH
Dovver C - Partly furn, waterview, ceramic tile $85,000
Nor wic
wich h O - Unfurn, ceramic tile $50,000 Shef
Shefffield O - Beauty!! Furn. Quiet area, near Hastings $75,000
Chatham O - Furn., carpet, ceramic tile $33,000 Shef
Shefffield M - Furn, enclosed patio, Move right in!! $40,000
Waltham F - Unfurn., carpet, great deal $22,000 Nor wic
wich h H - Redone, Beauty, Rentable, furn. Best Offer $60,000
entry y J - Unfurn., Carpet, Ceramic Tile $35,000 Cambridge H - Stunning! Furn, new hurricane windows $69,900
Andov ver A - Furn., Carpet/Cer. Tile, rentable $39,000 Cambridge E - Carpet, outside corner, furn. Carpet $43,000
Nor wic
wich h G - Part. Furn, Pergo Floors, near east gate $24,000
$24,000 Waltham I - New AC part furn. Lots of light! East gate $47,900
Plymouth V - Furn. 2 bath, w/d ex large condo/cent air $49,900 Easthampt
Easthampton on F - New AC Near east gate, Priced to sell!!! $39,000
Sussex x A - Furnished, ceramic tile, rentable building $29,900 Waltham A - Furn. Rentable, carpet, near club, east gate $58,000
Shefff ield M - Sweet and cozy, near Hastings fitness ctr. $30,000 Hastings B - Unfurnished, lift, carpet, light and bright $49,000
Windsor M - Furnished, central AlC, garden view $49,000 Cant erbur
erbury y C - New water heater, central air, enclosed patio $59,000
Cambridge G - Lots of upgrades!! Ceramic tile, near pool $36,000 Waltham A - Rentable, Near Amenities, Furnished $68,000
1.5 TH
Shefffield M - Corner unit, modern app, close to Temple $45,000
Camden H - Unfurn., Upgrades, Rentable $35,000 Nor wic
wich h L - Furn. Rentable, great location $69,000
Bedf ord F - Furnished, Pretty, Great Deal
Bedford $35,000 Shef
Shefffield O - Ceramic tile, Pretty Garden View $75,000
Windsor C - Furnished, Waterview, Redone $49,000 GR OUND FL
1.5/2 THS
Southampton on C - Unfurnished, Deal of the century, near pool $32,000 Somer
Somerse se
sett D - Furn., Ceramic Tile, Redone, Waterview $99,900
Kent J - Furnished, near pool, beautiful $59,999 Plymouth K - Ceramic tile, beauty, upgrades galore! $1 79,500
Golf’s Edge B - Handyman Special, near east gate $35,000 Nor wic
wich h J - Furn. Near east gate. Great Price! $49,000
Nor thampt
thampton on L - Furn., ceramic tile, completely remodeled $49,500 Co
entry y E - Furn, ceramic tile, Pets OK near clubhouse $66,000
Andov ver A - Furn., carpet/ceramic tile rentable, cen air $39,000 Camden F - Waterview, unfurn,. Washer and dryer $75,000
Dovver B - Waterview, beauty, near clubhouse $65,000 Kent D - New everything!! Tenant in place $95,000
Camden E - Waterview, near pool, rentable, furnished $42,000 Nor thampt
thampton on J - Rentable building, Waterview, very pretty $89,900
Windsor N - Beauty, Near pool and west gate $46,900 UPPER FL OOR 2 BED 1
1.5/2 TH
Easthampton on C - Furnished, ceramic tile, newer appliances $55,000 Ber kshire H - New Furniture, central AC, rentable
Berkshire $49,900
1.5 TH
BATH Wellingt
ellingtonon M - Upgrades!! Waterview, newer carpet $11 0,000
Waltham I - Furn-Neg, Carpet/ceramic tile, garden view $35,000 Wellingt
ellingtonon H - Unfurn, carpet great waterview, shutters $58,900
Windsor L - Unfurn., Redone, new kitchen & bath $39,900 Waltham B - Rentable, furn, carpet, near east gate $49,000
Wellingt on A - Partly Furn., ceramic tile, waterview
ellington $45,000 Oxf ord 500 - Unfurn., Carpet, Redone
Oxford $50,000
Dovver C - Partly Furn., ceramic tile, berber carpet $45,000 Nor wic
wich h B - Carpet, furn. Newer appliances. $44,000
Hastings F - Furn., carpet, 2 aa units, newer hot water $25,000 Easthampt
Easthampton on C - New countertops, cabinets, dishwasher $59,000
Chatham T - Furn., ceramic tile, carpet waterview, lift $52,000 Stratf ord B - 2 bath, ceramic tile, lots of light
tratford $52,500
Chatham O - Central Air, rentable, upgrades $35,000 Nor thampt
thampton on J - Very nice, Furnished, Carpet, rentable $43,000
Sussex x B - Furn/Unfurn., Carpet/Tile $39,000 Bedf ord H - Part. Furn. Waterview, storm shutters, NICE
Bedford $40,000
Greenbrier A - Unfurn., New refrigerator, golf view $62,000 Wellingt
ellingtonon J - Beautiful Designer furnished. Granite tops $1 49,000
Bedf ord F - Furn, -Pretty, great deal
Bedford $35,000 Kent F - Furn, near Kent Pool GREAT DEAL! $32,000
Nor thampt
thampton on E - Lift, Waterview, ceramic/carpet, furn $34,000 Susse
Sussex x E - Unfurn. upgrades, ceramic tile $52,000
Chatham U - Heart of community. 6 mths free maint. $39,000 Oxf ord 1
Oxford 00 - Furn. Waterview, Steps to pool
100 $50,000
Salisbury y D - Lift included!! Walk to east gate. Furn $25,000 Shef
Shefffield G - New bathroom, furn, great design!!! $65,000
Dovver B - Unfurn, ceramic tile, waterview, Beauty $55,000 Windsor G - Furn, gardenview, ceramic tile $50,000
Dovver A - Unfurn. Ceramic tile, waterview, new ac $53,000 Greenbrier A - Golfview, renovated, part furnished $1 05,000
Waltham A - Furn. Carpet, Come enjoy $36,500 Co
entry y C - Newer appl., Berber Carpet $35,000
Greenbrier A - Unfurn., ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! $83,900 GR OUND FL
1.5 TH
Stratf ord N - Furnished, nice location
tratford $27,000
$27,000 Wellingt
ellingtonon H - Furn, 2 baths, ceramic tile, carpet $58,500
Southampton on A - Unfurn. Redone, golfview $49,900 Oxf ord 200 - Furn, Ceramic Tile, New Kitchen
Oxford $73,500
Golf’s Edge G - Beauty, carpet, ceramic tile $49,000 Wellingt
ellingtonon C - Ceramic Tile, Furn., New AC $85,000
Dovver C - Central ac, elevator bldg, Near clubhouse $56,000 Nor wic
wich h H - Unfurn, Rentable, Upgrades $65,000
Easthampton on G - Furn, Berber carpet, 2 ac units $49,000 Nor wic
wich h G - Furnished, near East gate, rentable $59,000
Easthampton on D - Lovely furnished condo, near east gate $50,000 Hastings C - Ceramic tile. Across from Hastings Pool!!! $59,000
Nor wic
wich h H - Lots of upgrades, near E. gate $42,000 Nor thampt
thampton on H - Furn., waterview, rentable $49,900
Chatham K - Newer appliances, near amenities, furnished $44,000 Nor wic
wich h L - Private area, rentable, furn, new AC, neg. $45,000
Wellingt on F - Water view, furnished, elevator in bldg.
ellington $73,000 Shef
Shefffield A - Waterview, Rentable decorator’s delight! $55,000
Cant erbur
erbury y D - Furnished, Motivated, near pool, No TV $35,000 CONDOS/HOUSES OUT SIDE OF CENTUR
Sussex x G - Unfurnished, carpet enclosed patio $25,000 Cypress T rail - 2/2 cpt, unfurn, CT, lift, over 16 yrs of age
Andov ver B - New Kitchen, 2 AC units carpet/ceramic tile $35,000 sale $159,000/rent $900
Camden K - Unfurn., Ceramic Tile, Clean, Clean $20,000 WES
Nor thampt
thampton on L - Furn-neg, Remodled, Ceramic Tile $49,500 Piper
Pipers s Ca
Cay y - 3/2.5 unfurn, cpt, CT, DW, vol ceils, CA, ice mkr, range, auto
Shefff ield K - Furn, carpet, great condition $49,900 gar dr opener, beautiful! sale $119,900
Bedf ord G - Furn, ceramic tile/carpet
Bedford $29,900 GOLDEN LAKES
Nor thampt
thampton on S - Beautiful ceramic tile, upgrades galore $28,000 Lak
Lakee Dora - 1/1.5, 2nd fl, furn, cpt/tile, lake & gdnvw sea (5 mos) $900
Camden J - Unfurn. Near west gate, and pool $25,000 GOLDEN LAKES
Cant erbur
erbury y H - WOW! 50 in TV, Ceramic tile in kit/dining $30,000 Golden RivRiverer Dr - 2/2 2nd fl cnr, unfurn, cpt, CT, wtrvw & poolvw fr both
Ber kshire I - Drive right up Very pretty, new appl.
Berkshire $22,500 patios, WD sale $73,900/rent $700
Nor thampt
thampton on Q - First floor, ceramic tile, 1 year old ac $27,000
$27,000 TERRA
Cambridge E - Ceramic Tile, upgrades galore!!! New!!! $30,900 Cresta Cir cle - 4/2.5, single fam home, incred lkvw, burg alarm, tile fls,
Ber kshire F - Furnished, great buy, just walk right in
Berkshire $28,000 furn, hurr shtrs, comm acts & amits, abs gorg!!! $369,000 will rent
Chatham S - Beautiful water view!!! Furnished $26,000 MYLA LANE
Chatham K - unfur., rentable, very nice area, lake view $27,000
$27,000 2 BR 1 ba unfurn very, very clean $700 mo & $1 ,000 dep
Camden H - Lovely furnished unit; must see! $25,000 ANDR
Cant erbur
erbury y D - Furnished, new carpet, gardenview, must see $36,000 Sandy Ca Cayy - 2/2 + den, cpt, wtrvw, skylites, 2 car gar, lg WI closets, 2 patios
BATH encl w/brick $345,000
Cant erbur
erbury y K - Furnished, ceramic tile, upgrades $25,000 L OXAHA TCHEE
Sussex x C - Furn, Carpet, New Appliances, Redone $19,900 Wilkshire - 3/2, unfurn, CT, 1+ acres, pool rent $1 ,500
Dorcc hest
hesterer A - Furn, Carpet, New AC Unit $26,000
Nor wic
wich h M - Furn., Berber carpet, ceiling fans (3) $33,000 SPECIAL FEATURES
Easthampton on A - Furn, near east gate, near clubhouse $28,000 GREENBRIER
Sussex x M - Beauty! Furn. Lift included!!! $33,000
Easthampton on G - Furn., Carpet, Gardenview $47,500
$47,500 This 2 BR 2 full baths is compl walk right in to. Fant golfvu in
Waltham G - Furn., Ceramic Tile, Scrnd Patio Rentable $23,000 front. Poolvu in front. $98,500
Cant erbur
erbury y H - Carpet, rentable, furn. Quiet area. $28,000
Nor wic
wich h L - Carpet, Rentable, Part furn near Hastings $20,000
Shefff ield A - Waterview, pergo floors, wall units, new a/c $35,000 This 2 BR & 2 full baths is state of arts, architectually des, incl
Windsor D - Furn. Waterview, near west gate. $37,000
$37,000 spec wtrvw, HW flg thruout, comp renov kit, feat gran ctrtps, X-
Ber kshire G - Carpet, Ceramic Tile Rentable
Berkshire $27,000
Ber kshire G - Rent to own, Close to west gate
Berkshire $28,900 storage, built-in shlvg, custom closets. All this ffor
or $165,000
January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 37

“Renew your
Service Contract
with ECM”

They fix it right the first time,

R Central A/C - Units x
R Refrigerator - Standard models x
R Icemaker in Refrigerator - Parts & Labor x
Ice & Water Dispenser x
R Oven/Range - Standard, self-cleaning, including clocks x
R Water Heater - Up to 52 gallons x
Plumbing/Electrical - Up to 2 bathrooms x
Extended Plumbing x
Appliance & A/C Circuit Boards - Max. $100 x
Lavatory Sink Pop-Ups x
Smoke Detectors - Electric only x
Exhaust Fans - Bathrooms only x
Obsolete Appliance Parts x
GFI Outlets x
R = Replacement


$ $

* Special introductory offer for first time customers only.

CALL 265-1770 TODAY!
CACO-36812 • CFCO-48260 • EC-0000442 • WARRANTY 80196 Any reproduction printed or graphic without written consent of ECM is prohibited. © Copyright 2008 by ECM. 10608
Page 38 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

The Night Before LifePlanning their adult child with a disabil- Seminar 1: You’re not • 02/02, 2:00 pm-4:00 pm,
ity often struggle with constant alone! Prosperity Oaks Senior
Chanukah Project for anxiety about how to get their This seminar will introduce Community
By Suzanne Cohen Persons with child’s needs met when they to families some of the ques- Seminar 3: The Roadmap
T’was the night before are no longer able to care for tions they may need to con- to Legal and Financial
Chanukah when all thru Disabilities the child due to their own poor sider when planning for the Security
the house, The LifePlanning Project health or death. Many times, future of an adult family mem- This seminar will examine
Not a dreydel was turning for Persons with Disabilities denial takes the place of plan- ber with disabilities, allow the legal and financial issues
except old Rabbi Krauss. at Alpert Jewish Family & ning. Parents will hope against them to feel supported in their affecting a disabled adult
He sneezed and he snorkeled Children’s Services educates hope that someone, perhaps a concerns and less isolated, and child’s future security, such as
like a man from the dead aging parents and siblings of sibling, will take over for learn that many gaps may be estate plans, wills, trusts,
And the yarmulke wiggled persons with disabilities about them, even when the evidence bridged through planning! guardianship, and the possible
around on his head. the most current resources and is to the contrary. Lack of plan- • 01/05, 2:00 pm-4:00 pm, consequences of failing to ad-
The eight copper pennies sat options available to help plan ning by families and inad- Prosperity Oaks Senior dress them.
safe on the couch, for an adult with disabilities. equate community resources Community • 01/13, 9:30 am-11:30 am,
For no one would steal them, The program, sponsored by create an uncertain future for Seminar 2: Bridging the Mae Volen Senior Center
of that he would vouch. United Way, is non-sectarian all involved. There are many benefits gap • 02/05, 9:30 am-11:30am,
When silently tiptoed a and is offered free of charge. obstacles to planning and pro- This seminar will provide Prosperity Oaks Senior
figure so small A significant number of viding long term care of adults an overview of the services Community
Who carried a pishka he adult children with develop- with disabilities. and benefits that may be pro- • 02/11, 2:00 pm-4:00 pm,
brought from the hall. mental disabilities and mental AJFCS will offer the fol- cured for adults with disabili- Mae Volen Senior Center
He had seen copper pennies illness are dependent upon their lowing series of workshops ties, including resources • 03/02, 2:00 pm-4:00 pm,
so shiny and bright. aging parents, many of whom specifically targeted to provid- available in both the public Prosperity Oaks Senior
They were ready for stealing have no knowledge of the spec- ing families and parents of and private sector. Community
without having to fight. trum of benefits and services children with disabilities with • 01/07, 2:00 pm-4:00 pm, Seminar 4: “There’s no
When out on the lawn there available to them and their chil- the resources and information Mae Volen Senior Center place like home!”
arose such a noise dren nor how to even begin ac- needed to make major and • 01/08, 9:30 am-11:30 am, This seminar will help par-
That would scare all the cessing these resources. minor life decisions for the Prosperity Oaks Senior ticipants learn how they may
children who played with Aging parents caring for disabled adult. Community Continued on Page 41
their toys.
It was Bubba and Zayda, a
real kosher pair,
They were always suspicious
of those living there.
They screamed and they
yelled and the small
pishka flew
Right into the face of the
Rabbi, who knew
Something horrid was coming
or so it would seem,
That all of this tumult was
not just a dream.
They had caught them a thief
with the Chanukah gelt.
Can you picture the way that
all of them felt?
They badgered and bullied
the poor little yid,
Til they finally realized the
yid was a kid.
And he cried he was poor, he
was hungry and cold
And he thought he would faint
(that’s the story he told).
Then the Rabbi remembered,
when he was a boy,
There was never a Chanukah
that brought him much joy.
He too had been poor when
the storm troopers came,
and he wasn’t allowed to
play dreideling games.
And instead of the sound of
the chanting of prayers,
There was only the sound of
the bombs in the air.
So he handed the child the
pennies that shone
And reminded the boy that
he wasn’t alone.
And this Chanukah gift was
the symbol of pride
With the promise to share
with somebody outside.
And they heard a great voice
from the rooftops above
“Happy Chanukah to all and
Shalom with great love!” o
January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 39

In the Life of an Italian Child

• You have at least one relative who wore a black dress every
day for an entire year after a funeral.
• Your family dog understood Italian.
• Every Sunday afternoon of your childhood was spent visit-
ing your grandparents and extended family.
• You’ve experienced the phenomena of 150 people fitting into
50 square feet of yard during a family cookout.
• You were surprised to discover the FDA recommends you
eat three meals a day, not seven.
• You ate pasta for dinner at least three times a week, and ev-
ery Sunday, and laughed at the commercial for Wednesday
is Prince Spaghetti day.
• You grew up thinking no fruit or vegetable had a fixed price
and that the price of everything was nego-tiable through
• You were as tall as your grandmother by the age of seven.
• You thought everyone’s last name ended in a vowel.
• You thought nylons were supposed to be worn rolled to the
• Your mom’s main hobby is cleaning.
• You were surprised to find out that wine was actually sold
in stores.
• You thought that everyone made their own tomato sauce.
• You never ate meat on Christmas Eve or any Friday for that
• You ate your salad after the main course.
• You thought Catholic was the only religion in the world.
• You thought every meal had to be eaten with a hunk of bread
in your hand.
• You can understand Italian but you can’t speak it.
• You have at least one relative who came over on the boat.
• All of your uncles fought in a World War.
• You have at least six male relatives named Tony, Frank, Joe
or Louie.
• You have relatives who aren’t really your relatives.
• You have relatives you don’t speak to.
• You drank wine before you were a teenager.
• You grew up in a house with a yard that didn’t have one
patch of dirt that didn’t have a flower or a vegetable growing
out of it.
• You thought that talking loud was normal; sugared almonds
and the tarantella were common at all weddings; that every-
one got pinched on their cheeks and money stuffed in their
pockets by their relatives.
• You couldn’t date a boy without getting approval from your
• You called pasta “macaroni.”
• You dreaded taking out your lunch at school.
• Going out for a cup of coffee usually meant going out for a
cup of coffee over Zia’s house.
• Every condition, ailment, misfortune, memory loss and ac-
cident was attributed to the fact that you didn’t eat some-
• Those of you who get know who to pass it onto!
From the Internet 23 Years In Business And Still Growing!
Let Me Prove It!

Bruce Jacobs, Owner And Opera-


12th ST

Save the Date tor, Will Personally Check Your Car’s

Problem And Explain In Detail The


Sunday, March 15, 2009 is the date of the Work Which Needs To Be Done. OKEECHOBEE

UCO Annual Installation Luncheon. This gala At Military Brake And Alignment,
4449 - 12th Street
afternoon will be held once again in the Ball- You Always Talk With The Owner.
West Palm Beach
“It’s The Way I’ve Done Business
room of the Marriott Hotel, Okeechobee Blvd., in Since 1985. It’s The Only Way I 684-1323
West Palm Beach. Two Vice Presidents and the Know How.” BRUCE JACOBS - OWNER FL Reg. #MV-00045
entire Executive Board will be installed. We will • COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE •
be served a delicious lunch and, of course, a
decadent dessert. Wheel Alignment Disc or Drum Engine Tune-Up
For the past several years, many of the Condo Special Brake Special Special
Associations have paid for their Delegates. Since Adjust caster & camber, set Install new brake pad or shoes, resurface Straight 4 and 6 cylinder.
front rotors or drums, repack inner and
toe in & out, road test car. American cars only. Install
your Association is forming its 2009 budget, this Front wheel drive, foreign
outer front wheel bearings, inspect cali-
pers or wheel cylinders, fill master cylin- plugs, set timing, carburetor
is the time to request a line item for Delegates. cars, Corvettes, pick-ups,
der and road test car. Front wheel drive,
foreign cars, Corvettes, pick-ups, and
and choke. Includes electronic
ignition. V-6 and V-8s slightly
The cost will remain at $35 per person. and vans slightly higher. vans slightly higher. Metalic pads extra
where necessary. higher.
Dancing to the music of the Al Matos Orches-
tra will round out the afternoon.
Mary Patrick Benton, Chair
W/Coupon Only At Time Of Service
W/Coupon Only At Time Of Service
W/Coupon Only At Time Of Service
Valid W/Coupon Only Valid W/Coupon Only Valid W/Coupon Only
Page 40 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

Four Boyfriends malnutrition and neglect. thing that will follow you List of UCO Committees & Chairs
Greatly grieved, the girl wherever you go. In essence,
Once upon a time, there was As of December 15, 2008
said, “I should have taken it’s the real you.
a girl who had four boyfriends. Committee .................................................................... Chair
much better care of you when From the Internet
She loved the fourth boy- Advisory .................................................... Randall Borchardt
I had the chance!”
friend the most and adorned Beautification..................................................... Sandy Cohen
him with rich robes and Benches & Signs ...............................................Haskell Morin
In truth, you have four boy-
treated him to the finest of
delicacies. She gave him
friends in your lives: Is Alzheimer ’s
Alzheimer’s Cable .................................................................... David Israel
CERT ......................................... Joy Bales/Phyllis Siegelman
Your fourth boyfriend is
nothing but the best.
She also loved the third boy-
your body! No matter how In YYour
our Channel 63 .............................................................. Ken Davis
Community Relations ...................................... Ted Silverman
much time and effort you lav-
friend very much and was al-
ways showing him off to
ish in making it look good, it Home? Elections ...................................................... Hershel Sarasohn
Finance.............................................................. Dorothy Tetro
will leave you when you die.
neighboring kingdoms. How-
Your third boyfriend is your Memory loss? In- Golf Course Advisory ......................................... Phil Shapkin
ever, she feared that one day Infrastructure....................................................George Dupley
possessions, status and wealth. continence? Same
he would leave her for another. Insurance .......................................................... Dan Gladstone
When you die, it will all go to
She also loved her second Investigations ....... David Frankel/Louise Gerson (Co-Chairs)
boyfriend. He was her confi-
others. questions asked Irrigation ............................................................ Sal Bummolo
Your second boyfriend is
dante and was always kind,
your family and friends. No
over and over? Al- Lifts ........................................................................... Irv Small
considerate and patient with Maintenance........................................................... Jerry Karpf
matter how much they have zheimer’s support
her. Whenever this girl faced Nominating .................................................. Roberta Fromkin
been there for you, the furthest
they can stay by you is up to group meets every
a problem, she could confide Ombudsman ........................................................ Phil Shapkin
in him, and he would help her One Vote Per Unit .............................................. Jackie Karlan
get through the difficult times.
the grave. Thursday, 1:00 pm, Operations ............................................... George Loewenstein
And your first boyfriend is
your soul, often neglected in in The Crafts’ Room
The girl’s first boyfriend Programs & Services ........................................ Frank Cornish
was a very loyal partner and Reporter .................................................................... Irv Lazar
pursuit of wealth, power and
had made great contributions
pleasures of the world. How-
(note change). No Safety ............................................................. George Franklin
in maintaining her wealth and Security ........................................................... Al McLaughlin
ever, your soul is the only doctors! No sales!
kingdom. However, she did Transportation ............................................ Claudette LaBonte
not love the first boyfriend. Welcome ......... Haskell Morin/Myron Silverman (Co-Chairs)
Although he loved her deeply,
she hardly took notice of him!
One day, the girl fell ill and
she knew her time was short.
She thought of her luxurious
life and wondered, “I now
have four boyfriends with me,
but when I die, will I be alone.”
Thus, she asked the fourth
boyfriend, “I loved you the
most, endowed you with the
finest clothing and showered
great care over you. Now that
I’m dying, will you follow me
and keep me company?”
“No way!” replied the
fourth boyfriend, and he
walked away without another
word. His answer cut like a
sharp knife right into her heart.
The sad girl then asked the
third boyfriend, “I loved you
all my life. Now that I’m dy-
ing, will you follow me and
keep me company?” “No!” he
said. “Life is too good! When
you die, I’m going to marry
someone else!” Her heart sank
and turned cold.
She then asked the sec-
ond boyfriend, “I have al-
ways turned to you for help
and you’ve always been
there for me. When I die,
will you follow me and keep
me company?”
“I’m sorry, I can’t help you
out this time!” he replied. “At
the very most, I can only walk
with you to your grave.” His
answer struck her like a bolt
of lightning, and the girl was
Then a voice called out: “I’ll
go with you. I’ll follow you no
matter where you go.” The girl
looked up, and there was her
first boyfriend. He was very
skinny as he suffered from
January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 41

LifePlanning Community • 04/01, 2:00 pm-4:00 pm, Among the many services Good News re
Continued from Page 38 • 03/30, 2:00 pm-4:00 pm, Mae Volen Senior Center the agency provides are infor-
find an appropriate home for Prosperity Oaks Senior • 04/02, 9:30 am-11:30 am, mation and referral; counsel- Epilepsy
their disabled adult children Community Prosperity Oaks Senior ing and support groups; Researchers have found that
when a loving, safe and secure Seminar 5: Arriving at Community geriatric and child psychiatry; a reaction between immune
environment can no longer be optimal independence. • 04/27, 2:00 pm-4:00 pm, guardianship; case manage- system cells and blood vessels
provided by the family. How This session addresses one Prosperity Oaks Senior ment and companions for the in the brain could play a key
to navigate the labyrinth of of the key features of assisting Community elderly; a domestic abuse pro- role in epilepsy.
housing choices, such as inde- disabled adults to reach their If you would like to attend gram; children’s services; and Epilepsy, a seizure disorder,
pendent living, assisted inde- maximum potential: helping to the series of seminars, pre-reg- a mentoring program for kids. affects about one percent of
pendent living, group homes, prepare them for the changes istration is highly suggested. The organization’s sister the world’s general popula-
and respite care, will also be that will occur emotionally, For more information or to agency, Melvin J. & Claire tion, and while current drug
considered. physically, legally, socially and register, call Melissa Rayman Levine Jewish Residential & treatments can control seizures
• 02/17, 9:30 am-11:30 am, spiritually. Relationships with at 561-684-1991, ext 254, or Family Service, provides resi- in most people, they can also
Mae Volen Senior Center siblings, advocates/guardians email her at mrayman dential services for adults with cause severe side effects.
• 03/04, 2:00 pm-4:00 pm, and caretakers will be included special needs. For more infor- This study found that, in
Mae Volen Senior Center as part of this conversation. Ferd & Gladys Alpert Jew- mation, call 561-684-1991 or mice, seizures stimulate the
• 03/05, 9:30 am-11:30am, • 03/17, 9:30 am-11:30 am, ish Family & Children’s Ser- visit the agency’s website at release of a chemical that
Prosperity Oaks Senior Mae Volen Senior Center vice (AJFCS) is a nationally o causes infection-fighting
accredited, nonsectarian social white blood cells to stick to
CRAIG THE HANDYMAN service agency providing “so-
lutions for living” in the area Wish I Said That
blood vessels. Molecules re-
leased by the immune cells
No Job Too Big, No Job Too Small, One Call Does It All.
of Palm Beach County. By John Saponaro then cause damaging inflam-
Through more than two dozen “I’ve got to give our kids mation and contribute to future
• Locks • Lightbulbs Changed • AC & Water Filters
programs and services, AJFCS credit. I was happy with our seizures. Drugs that target this
• Phone & Electronic Hookups and much more
strengthens individuals of all performance tonight. We’ve process may one day help treat
Honest, Reliable & Dependable Service Guaranteed
ages, their families, and their come a long way. We’ve got epilepsy.
community, and works to ful- three games left, and there’s no From the Internet
fill the Jewish value of tikkun reason we shouldn’t win the
olam (repairing the world), last three.”
561-333-8961 one person at a time. Jack Tobias
7 7 7
Page 42 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009










January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 43

You’ve tried the rest…now use THE BEST…

CenturyVillage Real Estate, Inc. ®

We are the only, ON-SITE Real Estate Broker INSIDE the community &
we are conveniently located at 82 Stratford F. There is no other firm whose
100% efforts & energies are dedicated exclusively to Century Village,® please let us show you the
Century Village® Real Estate, Inc. DIFFERENCE!

Century Village® Real Estate, Inc. has hundreds of properties available inc l u d i n g :

1 Bed/1 Bath – Garden Apt

Camden I – Greatly reduced w/ potential, clean & ready to move in .................................................................................. $28,000
Berkshire E – Lovely upgraded 1st fl w/ tile kitchen fl, wood cabinets and wood flooring throughout w/ ceiling fans .... $29,000
Canterbury H – This cute 1/1 on ground floor is on quiet street, tiled w/enclosed patio overlooking pretty garden ...... $25,900
Cambridge H – Seasonal rental bldg w/12" ceramic tile diagonally in kitchen & hallway, HW upgraded & more ........ $27,900
Bedford C – Clean and pristine w/ attractive furniture, 12" tile and seasonal rental bldg ............................................... $29,900
Windsor G – Freshly painted, new carpet and close to gate ................................................................................................ $25,000
Waltham I – Easy to show on lockbox .................................................................................................................................... $29,900

1 Bed/1.5 Baths
Southampton B – A must sell w/ patio overlooking golf course .......................................................................................... $35,000
Bedford C – Lovely, unique, customized must see!!! Insulated patio .................................................................................. $55,000
Sheffield A – Nice apt in rentable bldg w/ newer appliances............................................................................................... $47,500
Easthampton I – Outside corner w/ central a/c, accordion shutters, dishwasher and icemaker in rentable bldg........... $41,900
Dover C – Appliance contract included & free washing and drying .................................................................................... $50,000
Greenbrier B – Beautiful, updated and clean ...................................................................................................................... $52,900
Dover B - Tiled flrs, lake view, patio w/ living area, shower stall, craftmatic beds & built in lighted bedroom suite ..... $59,900
Windsor Q – new a/c, close to pool, great location - new appliances and enclosed patio with fan ..................................... $48,900
Sheffield B – 2nd floor unit nice and clean ready to move in on the water. Newly refurbished and anxious to sell ....... $35,750
Hastings F – close to health club and washer and dryer ..................................................................................................... $35,000
Dover B – New kitchen, bathroom tile and trim. Patio also tiled ........................................................................................ $59,900
Berkshire F – Corner apt with a great price. 1st fl ............................................................................................................... $39,900
Andover D – Move in condition .............................................................................................................................................. $35,000
Kent H – Newer appliances, a/c 5 yrs old, close to pool ........................................................................................................ $39,900
Waltham F – Breezy screened porch close to orthodox temple, east gate and clubhouse .................................................. $39,000
East Hampton C – Bright and sunny corner w/ enclosed patio, tiled floor in rentable bldg w/ new central a/c .............. $39,000
Canterbury J – Just Reduced! Move right in. Nice and bright; furnished, corner unit..................................................... $42,900

2 Beds/1.5 Baths
Norwich B – A must see! ........................................................................................................................................................ $49,900
Coventry F – Pet friendly bldg. Rare Find!!! ........................................................................................................................ $47,900
Coventry G – REALLY NICE APT ON THE CORNER MOVE IN CONDITION .............................................................. $43,000
Canterbury G – NICE AND QUIET AREA WITH NEW A/C ............................................................................................. $39,900
Dorchester D – Next to the pool, bright and will take offers .............................................................................................. $47,900
Coventry G – Close to gate & temple .................................................................................................................................... $39,900
Sheffield A – Lots of potential in a rentable bldg w/water view .......................................................................................... $47,900
Cambridge B – Professionally decorated, move-in ready .................................................................................................... $58,000

2 Beds/2 Baths
Greenbrier C – Corner apt w/ golf view, updated kitchen and bathrooms ......................................................................... $95,900
Stratford B – Walking distance from gate, temple and clubhouse...................................................................................... $32,900
Stratford K – rentable building w/ anxious owner ............................................................................................................... $54,900

M o r e N AT I O N A L a n d I N T E R N AT I O N A L a d v e r t i s i n g t h a n a n y o t h e r B r o k e r.
To l l - f r e e 1.800.654.2832 or 561.471.9677
w w w . c e n t u r y v i l l a g e . c o m
C e n t u r y V i l l a g e ® Re a l E s t a t e , I n c . B e n G . S c h a c h t e r, L i c e n s e d Re a l E s t a t e B r o k e r. Pr i c e s / I n v e n t o r y s u b j e c t t o c h a n g e w i t h o u t n o t i c e .
Page 44 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

Now Spell “Fore” Channel 63

The schoolteacher was tak-
ing her first golfing lesson. New Hours
“Is the word spelled p-u-t or Starting Monday, May 9,
p-u-t-t?’’ she asked the golf 2008, Channel 63 program-
instructor. ming will be on a new sched-
“P-u-t-t is correct,’’ he re- ule. Every 55 minutes on the
plied. “Put means to place a even hours (2-4-6-8-10-12
thing where you want it. Putt a.m. and p.m.) you will have
organizations and clubs. On
means merely a vain attempt
the odd horus (1-3-5-7-9-11
to do the same thing.” a.m. and p.m.) you will have
From the Internet announcements and classes.





CALL for a Free Estimate to

Save Money on Your Home!
Serving Century Village Homeowners for over 8 years
Licensed / Bonded / Insured
We Sell Florida’s Best Windows


Windows & Doors Contractor / License No. U-20702
Joe L. Carriker, Owner/President
4188 Westroads Drive, Unit 118, Riviera Beach, FL 33404
(561) 840-6345 Telephone/Telefax

% $
00 25 00
$ 25
Dear Century Village Residents,
Here at American Eagle Taxi, we have be-
come the primary taxi company used by resi- 561-282-8251
dents for trips to all airports and to places that
the shuttle vans don’t go. AIRPORT TRIPS • BACHELOR PARTIES •
We are dedicated in keeping our taxi service
an enjoyable experience through clean ve-
hicles, friendly reliable drivers and low com-
petitive flat rate fares to all major locations. NIGHTCLUBS • PETS • ROUND TRIPS •
Sincerely, Up to 6 Passengers
$ 00
Daniel Joseph Somers III,
President, American Eagle Taxi, LLC
HOURS • WEDDING PARTIES • PBC VH2148 25 00 Expires 03/31/09
$ 00 $ $
$ 12
00 12 00 $ 135 13500 $ 18000 18000
561-282-8251 561-282-8251 561-282-8251
$ 00 $ 00
12 00 Up to 6 Passengers $ 12 13500 Up to 6 Passengers $ 135 $
Up to 6 Passengers
Expires 03/31/09 Expires 03/31/09 Expires 03/31/09
$ 180
% % %
January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 45
Page 46 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

I Flew the Mach 5, to reach our altitude. I child of Kelly Johnson, the We trained for a year, fly- port, and in 1990, confronted
estimated that we could beat the famed Lockheed designer who ing out of Beale AFB in Cali- with budget cutbacks, the Air
Blackbird rocket-powered missiles to the created the P-38, the F-104 fornia, Kadena Airbase in Force retired the SR-71.
In April 1986, I was pilot- turn and stayed our course, bet- Starfighter, and the U-2. Okinawa, and RAF Milden- The SR-71 served six presi-
ing the SR-71 spy plane, the ting our lives on the plane’s per- Lockheed engineers used a ti- hall in England. On a typical dents, protecting America for
world’s fastest jet, accompa- formance. tanium alloy to construct more training mission, we would a quarter of a century. Unbe-
nied by a Marine Major (Walt), “You might want to pull it than 90 percent of the SR-71, take off near Sacramento, re- knownst to most of the coun-
the aircraft’s reconnaissance back,” Walt suggested. creating special tools and manu- fuel over Nevada, accelerate try, the plane flew over North
systems officer (RSO). We had It was then that I noticed I facturing procedures to hand- into Montana, obtain high Vietnam, Red China, North
crossed into Libya and were still had the throttles full for- build each of the 40 planes. Mach over Colorado, turn Korea, the Middle East, South
approaching our final turn over ward. The plane was flying a Special heat-resistant fuel, oil, right over New Mexico, speed Africa, Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran,
the bleak desert landscape mile every 1.6 seconds, well and hydraulic fluids that would across the Los Angeles Basin, Libya and the Falkland Is-
when Walt informed me that he above our Mach 3.2 limit. It function at 85,000 feet and run up the West Coast, turn lands. It was a key factor in
was receiving missile launch was the fastest we would ever higher also had to be developed. right at Seattle, then return to winning the Cold War.
signals. I quickly increased our fly. I pulled the throttles to idle In 1962, the first Blackbird suc- Beale. Total flight time: two The Blackbird had outrun
speed, calculating the time it just south of Sicily, but we still cessfully flew, and in 1966, the hours and 40 minutes. nearly 4,000 missiles, not
would take for the weapons- overran the refueling tanker same year I graduated from high The SR-71 was an expensive once taking a scratch from
most likely SA-2 and SA-4 sur- awaiting us over Gibraltar. school, the Air Force began fly- aircraft to operate. The most enemy fire.
face-to-air missiles capable of The SR-71 was the brain- ing operational SR-71 missions. significant cost was tanker sup- From the Internet

Tender Care Health

Services, Inc.
Where Serenity and Peace of Mind comes from knowing We Care
PHONE: 866-585-0111 or 561-598-7180
Tender Care Health Services is Offering Free Private Duty Home Care: Receive two hours of
Free private duty homecare with purchase or commitment of 40 hours weekly.

Tender Care Health Services provides a comprehensive range of Home Health Care Services
customized to meet the needs of our elderly and senior Patients/Clients.

HHAs and CNAs: assist patients with the activities of daily living to help them maintain their
independence and unique lifestyles in the safety and security of their own surroundings.

• Bathing and showering

• Personal grooming and skin care
• Dressing
• Ambulation, transfer assist
• Toileting, incontinence care
• Meal prep, grocery shop, feeding
• Doctors appoints, church, medication pick-up/reminder
• Supportive services, compansionship, errands
• Light housekeeping and laundry
• State to state, transfer assist, air travel

Tender Care Health Services provides top quality professional home care in a personalized friendly
manner in the privacy and comfort of your own home or place of residence.

We offer a full range of Home Care Services: Skilled Care, Rehabilitation Therapy, and Private Duty. Our
disciplines include HHAs, CNAs, LPNs, RNs, PTs, OTs, STs, and MSWs. Our services can be utilized on
a per-visit basis, hourly, daily, weekly, live-in.

Tender Care accepts most Private Insurances, Long Term Care Insurances, Workers Compensation,
CareCentrix (Cigna) and Private Pay.
Located in the Midtown Imaging Building, 5405 Okeechobee Boulevard, Suite 202


“Dad Gets It Done!”
• Patio Enclosures • Hurricane Shutters • Windows
• Sliding Glass Doors • Front Entry Doors • Custom Mirrors
• Shower Doors/Tub Enclosures
Matt Mynahan Tel: 561-355-8331
U-19958 U-20177 Fax: 561-333-1037
January 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 47


Page 48 THE UCO REPORTER January 2009

Susan Wolfman
561-401-8704 Main • 561-340-1980 Fax
#1 REMAX @ Century Village Email
“When it Comes to Your Listing...Are You Seeing Red?”
Ground Floor 1 BR/1 BATH Ground Floor 2 BR /1½ BATH
EASTHAMPTON-A Clean and bright, across WALTHAM-G Corner, handyman special, newer
from gate ...................................................$25,000 UNDER CONTRACT $29,900
CAC, rentable bldg ...................................
BERKSHIRE-F Great location, patio on garden, DORCHESTER-H Water views, tile, new
nice price...................................................$27,500 kitchen, nicely furnished, MIC .................. $49,000
SHEFFIELD-K New oak kitchen, tile and new ANDOVER-L Turnkey, rentable unit on water,
bath ..........................................................
UNDER CONTRACT $39,900 great association ......................................
SOLD $44,900
Upper Floor 1 BR /1 BATH NORWICH-N Doggie, updated garden, pat w/
NORTHAMPTON-C Absolutely perfect, 100% Frch drs (negotiable) ................................ $59,900
renovated, must-see ...................................$29,900 Upper Floor 2 BR /1½ BATH
SHEFFIELD-K Oak kitchen, new air DORCHESTER-B lovely furnished condo, steps
conditioning and flooring ..........................$29,900 to pool ...................................................... $39,900
NORWICH-C Stainless appliances, tile...$19,900 SOUTHAMPTON-C Corner w/golfview, step-in
Ground Floor 1 BR /1½ BATH shower, furnished...................................... $47,500
SOUTHAMPTON-C Park at your door, new PLYMOUTH-H Oversized, corner, split BR w/
additional storage .................................... $74,900
shower, AC and patio.................................$31,900
EASTHAMPTON-F Corner, new AC, new stall OXFORD-100 Beauty, waterside, all tile, new
shower, walk to gate ..................................$29,900 central AC ................................................ $69,900
WELLINGTON-F Park at your door, great OXFORD-300 Pet friendly, all redone beauty,
open kit & more ........................................
price, long lakeview...................................$35,000
SHEFFIELD-B Enjoy waterside with extra patio, Luxury 2/2s
new step-in shower, near pool ...................$39,500 SOUTHAMPTON-B Corner, new kitchen and
baths, granite, tile floors on golf course ... $59,900
Upper Floor 1 BR /1½ BATH WELLINGTON-H Pristine, lovely view, new
SOUTHAMPTON-C Great price, fab views, PENDING
appliances, large patio ............................. $69,900
needs TLC .................................................$24,900 GREENBRIER-B Corner, overlooks golf & pool,
STRATFORD-N Oversized beauty, new flooring, great $ for this unit ................................... $79,900
baths & new oven too ................................$28,000
DOVER-C Ground, lakeside beauty, new kit, tile,
CAMDEN-J 24” tile on the diagonal, new stall UNDER CONTRACT
new patio .................................................. $99,900
shower, walk to pool ..................................$29,900 GREENBRIER Tile, mirrors, new everything,
WALTHAM-F Corner, central AC, turnkey, just shows like a model.................................. $159,900
bring your suitcase ....................................$36,000 WELLINGTON-F Ground floor, gorgeous new
EASTHAMPTON-E Corner, newer central AC, kit, updated baths, tile, on lake ................. $89,900
walk to Clubhouse .....................................$33,900
SOUTHAMPTON-C Wood laminate thruout,
new patio, furnished ..................................$32,500
SUSSEX-F Corner, tile floors, on preserve, great RENTS!
SUSSEX-F cnr on preserve, tile & fully furn ........................................ $550
buy!!!.........................................................$39,900 SHEFFIELD-Q 1/1 gr fl, pat on gdn, walk to healthclub .................... $550
BEDFORD-F Great corner location, fresh paint COVENTRY-K small pet OK, cnr, tile, furn nicely, pretty pat ........... $600
and carpet, shows great .............................$42,900 SOUTHAMPTON-C wood fls, part furn, new apps & pat, CAC ........ $650
SHEFFIELD-B 1/1 gr fl, patio on garden, walk to healthclub ........... $550
WELLINGTON-A Exquisite view, tile, upgraded, STRATFORD 1/1½, stunning, tile, granite wtrvws, grt asoc ............ $650
great price .................................................$54,900 SOMERSET-D 2/2 on lk, nu paint & cpt, tns ctr loc ........................... $700
STRATFORD-O 1/1½ gr fl on wtr, all new, must show!!! .................. $750
STRATFORD-O Open floor plan, granite, tile, WINDSOR-M 1/1 lovely retreat, tile, nice price ..................................
new everything ..........................................$69,500 SOMERSET 2/2 gr fl, lksd, renov & furn .............................................. $750
NORTHAMPTON-D Waterside turnkey condo, ANDOVER-D 1/1½ cnr, fully furn, lite & brite .................................... $650

just bring your suitcase .............................$39,900 MANY MORE, SEASONAL TOO!