January 20, 2012 To Whom It May Concern: I am pleased to give Meghan Durst my recommendation for your open teaching position

. Meghan worked with me during the fall semester as a student observer/teacher. While it was difficult to give up my classroom and my students to anyone, Meghan’s effort, talents, and professionalism made this easy for me. More importantly, Meghan’s compassion for students and her love of the subject material made the adjustment smooth for my students. Meghan’s teaching improved with each lesson. When she completed her time here, she left with the confidence that she can truly reach students and affect their lives. She is a wonderful teacher and has great potential for future development. Meghan was very much at home in the teaching environment. She responded well to feedback that I have given her following each lesson, and she continually strove to improve upon her teaching style and content knowledge. She is comfortable in the context of the high school environment and has a firm grasp of what teaching at this level takes intellectually, personally and professionally. Meghan planned lessons well and adapted to the interest and energy of the students. Her classroom management style is quiet, firm and effective. Meghan’s knowledge of history and sociology was clearly apparent from the depth and detail of lessons that she prepared daily. Not only did she have a firm grip on the subject matter, but she conveyed the material in an easy to understand way. She did not try to impress students by overwhelming them to prove that she knew more than they do. She invited the students to develop their own creative interpretation of subjective content while holding them accountable for knowledge of specific information. Meghan is a strong teacher and varies her question patterns well. I would say that every student in her classes feels accepted and comfortable learning. Meghan's lessons were creative and stimulating. In every lesson, a variety of media complemented the learning objectives. She used several primary sources as teaching tools. She is very comfortable with technology and used PowerPoint every lesson. She did not rely on media, but rather used these sources to enhance each lesson. Meghan demonstrated the ability to tie lessons to learning objectives. She did this without sacrificing the interest of the content. I enjoyed working with Meghan, and I give her my recommendation for your teaching vacancy. Meghan is on her way to having a long and successful teaching career. She will be an asset to any school inside and outside of the classroom. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to Meghan in the future. Sincerely, Marshall Schacht Social Science Teacher St. Joseph-Ogden H.S. P.O. Box 890 St. Joseph, IL 61873 (217) 469-7321

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