Auschwitz: The Underground Guided Tour

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The,Ca111p' Lay Out







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I(ltchuFL •.. '; ,.,."., ,. , ... The'C1tmpO~'L"hes;tr<i •. A [-&tory of the Orcile51l'<! ., ..
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Dtlier M tis ic ilJu;l ·l<h~21.terGl'OO[)S • , - ... , , •. '.... , •.... TlmAuscbwit<: PosrOffice
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The The~t<'r , . ,., .. , . The Swimming Poo1 . , .. , ,, ., , . , , , .....• 'The Hosp'iMl . The C,emarrnriLl]1] , , "'." ' . , • , , ••.•. , .'.•• , .. ;.. , Th~ 'V1orkshops' :" . , . "'. _. _ , ..•.... , R?tl:edtipna~ S'ports . ,,,' .
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The 1~.irJk.ellil11 COflJce.I1ti'ati:on ·(~!1I'IP The Ceotr!lJ1SJun"., ' D3'l:'gl'arJ:1 of BJrke.l'l:au [dInp Tb,~ Kkch~l~'..... '.. IYh.lsi'·& :M<'Jtin,~ ..• SportS'&! :IDccer.Ftfld
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AUllC['1jNitz,'lLl'kenal~ MemOlial











SIO RY Y91lare told by .~pnl'g~LLdei!atAuschwitz-Birkenau, is astory woverrtl::nuugh with exaggeraitloh, distortion and oniission, These lies and omissicnsare not due. to IgnQrancea.I' mlsunderstandingJack of Information or the confusion of war,.but intentional This booklet ill toosmall to.tell the ..stoTy-lt is an introdl.i)ctwn onl~ to a massive fraud thai: continues today at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Mnseum in Poland. Byt]1€'~eil.dY199bs •.halfamtllionpeople "\v€l'e..isiting evell' yea I': It is now overa million, These milllons have been told some things but not told other things. They are also shown some. things, but n bt sh own 0ther things ..They havenow.ay of deterrnining.the truth of what theysee mid h ean Tlwy geller:qllY~l1t~the premises r \tl a.~tate of firm bel! t' fin "th t;_' holocau :;;t," and lePlve con'lrU1ced thatwh at they believed is correci-> [lrd @veliwbrEe than they thought.

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How~vt'.l', the. true stO[1 ·otAtLsch-· witz-Blrkeuau ls hot in auy way UJlusual considering Sa b race
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its wartithe'settiJ1g,.
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or the three

E'Ji:':-9pe'tlin~i3 tour 10f the rea'! Auschwitz- Birkenau.

camps'bh~t made up the

si;IWS',E~Rl'l'. '.' ''1"b"lJng'iGhil<ir'~I'I"~tlld)1 thi);'
A\;I~o;hwit;l:, M~'l;e.llm

til'e:rylhat opel'<'l.te'd from 194b-1945, d,niy All.Sc.iTWritz.einains.irnaet r toda)j al:thdillgh with some rc!:;'OnirnlctirH1 s, and is' thecen ter o f bo omi1)g Auschw il:Z tourism ..Bij·l~enj~l.has f"e1v'elnJitung iQ~ildr [,.and MQHswitz is cOl1-lpletdygone.
-C~R(j]}iN Y};,'\GWi

A Littlle History You IDon't Get

~wl1ij) ~j"(eir~8\!"iR.6<

from, the
Tour Guides




was fo,!I.lnded in vqd Py .G~'jTO.1l1s-thert'for.e "A"j~diwitz·is its 9rig1n~J 11<1111<:, ilofOswi~;:N:.iTI1" which is it~ Petish translation, AuscllWlt-l was in the Gef])1<tnk-rl:\lcd 1-lo:ly Ruman Empire un til k~57,when-it became part a ffhe [(lngdOlll of Poland, When Poland losr its independence in In']",it:.-; Gal1n'e urlaerAustrian rule and became ,~ priillre; location fOl' [ewish traders Wb.~khng ~"etW€ell Rlt1>~j~JP'r'tissiaand Amtfia, lnthe wake ofVV'Vl[".G;<Ilicia (whkh inc Iuded Ausdi.wi 1"7..) w,as g,h-!~Iito the new Jy
formed Republic: of I1'O]<llld. In 1939i it w,as annexed

THE rOWNI,fA1UlChwi'tt;

,crxr#!:e.S";N:i!"d¢;lJ.~ it\a
,5{!<':O£1d.larg,es-t. PGpI;IHi'

Eilr,d~~~"~iilw 9Hlv;l'A~c~~itz lIi;),fn!;~mp. ~ho;wj"!lg i:t1',{ fqrmllir ffd nfllnis~~·a.~ib<n hui.laJllg lfQd~y ,,~e';fr,cenrel':wJth par;ldng·Jot),at l'owCl-rright. Upp~r I'jgh~,.",wu.!d<) ~f>J~nce,i~,cli~ theater ~ Qtnild[I'lg;The.;roadle'aillnlg,if:!to tfle:~ahl"p \.Arb~it M,1.cht Fr~! G;w~) !~i!t 1,t>Wr;)r~ r;;~ntef lind rlt.lns .?lp~!,::j!~E: ~lt.~pe;'~'tl~1JlI.eitolt~. rjght,Th:e hospi~l itl"ld mfm<ltpf"iurn \'Ire (Ut 6ff1iUh~ lMg~ IqWl' F l~{t:pf,the" p'i(!tljt'~"lh'e commllndltli.:s .re:s-id'eti~.e i~: i~re fqr left,. c~m~r. at

tio~I1',~Tql;JfXlivirlB.):n ~h~ t~WI1i,:6f~IJ¢lit.liib..

back In to the Greater Germ an Rf=i~h,' At that rime , ofa PPpw<lJion 6.f n,6ao ..over l1alfwere jewish, The next l<i..l'gestgro upwas rorna ~gyps i"~~l,

p,.'Gy-:fl'~''FamIlY ®a1iofi' :E\~q~p:[~f'I;f1:~~'I~~b~'


Tn I N~~


Be~TUS';"tw<ls nne o.f the~il rgest ra ilroad june tions i EUJeipe(44 train Iines rarne inCo It), a camp for migl'a:ntwork~l'sv.I'~5;bu!lt by tl]:eAw~trim.:i8 in 19)i;i, Farm. workers 1\nm all over E~fOpE's!:ayed in the well-built; red-brick banach In 1919,the i~0Ie$LEBecl them as an armygarriSOi1! . Of'thezo banarks at thllt rime, 14W~(! 5:ingie"stDIY, When the Cermans took o-v·~ri\ftei:' 1939..they added $econd.stoliiE8·iln~ built eight Ile'''' nrarchingtwo-st.ory banacks,

·~II..,R0P.D'.lili;8 P.<lJI-~p .. nslo.(1oorned -}ifiy ,A;i))~~Wlg. i'~:~Q ,t!t~'

<an!i ~.'J.1~iie.~jp-~~t.~if·
'f9f <:I' m~.iC)' C!ii:rn,p;wh'e.r:e'i

pf.i~on§r;~ :w:er:e'1j'O
~an,.;(,didhf.,q~d -[rah.fef'·




'c~m tB t'b-l.!g!~;;_ p~;

to 'l>l113\lil!l:'

'o·g,t 'Gl'~ndelltttn-liiilid,

ILi 1942., after thacorrstructienofBlrkensu
<I nd

l1a(]gotp (s;imilar


ten un Q er way;' a camp ·d'liiSiAC:<l[io 11sy~te:lT.L wasdevised Al,l$chw itt was (i1e~ignated




Da~'h<llJl.Thiswasthe hi,ghe$tciass,



Reicns-rLlehrer<SS Heinrich Himmlerannounced the plan tb J:'sfalbtish a POW earn p ij t Auschwitz. on Apt!! .27,194(t German CliininaJ.~ from the SathsenhausEli c9nCentr.Jti(m cam p "';"'ej·.e us:efl to convert ;the galTi ~~OIl . inso a :prjsm~~r; fif,war camp; -<I nd it epenedon Ju:rf:e14'f 1:940 with thearrlval Qf jiB prisoners of th ~ .~f)Li:sher sistanee transfsned frcm 'Iamow Rudolf H08SS was I' t~efits~t commal1dancof the earnp.

{:l'ilnillaiE;<iTltl-p:olitkal ilgi t<J.tO)'$ had a g0?d chance for iel!\la,~~,Thll'aim was refm_l.m, re-educationand J''i'bahiJitarloa Former .Au"cin\iitz. Museum Director Franciszek Piper wrotet hot 1,500 pri sene rswe [{)released from Aus,'hwi tt:, but t1ut d[')es.~'t lnr.hid,e those who were transferred elsewhere.and _tIU:It released. The

~e;[l¥luebr;ep H~~rltl'i
Him~\I~r~~II) ¥lM(~ie

frl'>tA~~I~,..rt:?- (;Or1l!]l~to.
dill)c :M,dolf


Mru:hi- Fi'ei slogan C'1'uel irollY,


the !i\at~W<l$ only


Class [ camN, I~here~abo]' did hideed bri negfreedom:
jt'wa~ nora

spectal dF!.,Ys., 'some,lrf:e in ,All~chwil'z 'seemed lnxuFor
rions.eompared to theirown, strange as; that

The attractive l'ed"lJdck .deepiLlg qum'[ers. contained bunkbedswlth mattresses, had tlul>h tiJi1et~ :pQrce!airuQQ;;·'stoyes tQi' cozy h~46ng! and double-paned c,a.ementwiml,m<Js1 Tree-lin~d p<lLljw<l'\~ <lJld flti'4e.l's p I~t{'d in front 9"f ev,l"ry h~I'I)3('k~.i:ll the summer made

pleasant atmesphere.

At that time, ortlinilrjl people didn't have whatwe, take for gm,n teo. !ridil.): III Easter 11Eu l'ope the poorllved \'\iitllDut,eletttiCi,t'y, indoer plumbing and central h~1ing, F{jQq wa~ no t plentl6uJ [it Vii d ed. nor "~'EI.sdo thll,ig~ oj n d,they \VBl·e,(,}fl:ellat the Inercy;o:f (l?!i tical.fiictiorus, People labored.feom dawn to dusk, s:h,clily"S.~ week.


Do'es'7~hiil:o-qk rlk:~:;, prl~p~d,9:.o r ~r th~
g;rte~w'.a' deat~,{'2ilfip/

A1l5{JJwi,[z tuJlctiqned a:5,a labol"il!lda.rtanSitciim1l, meanlng it wos also used as an intetrnediate destinatibll for prisoners beJ:t'ig ~er:i:t elsewhere, Inmates worked in lleal'by factories likel.C, Fa rben 01' on infra" stru cture p l'!)j~ct's,s.u<:h ~uHdtng ai r: mid bunkers and as 'Cutting trees, 'flte camp had prC)fcs~\QJlaJcarpenters,
~1~tttit;i<liJISl' boo1nn".k~J's,. tailors; inmates these tril,des learned

th ere, wi th

~.Q. to

30 merrs llpe],\~Be.d

'by ill

kapo (anpthe,r pris~ner)~Forty inmates worked . .L1) the kitcherL~TI)e workdays had been J·ol,t1I~H:1.eU;itllf1~8~ Q:nweekda)'s, work 1101.l.l"Swere TJ.~H2:DO noon and u<30-s:;('K), S~ti!i:d;J,ys,: 7:jQ·-u:OQ, 'siltutd<ty.<tftemooIJ ,and all iii' Sunday were freE., Inmates were ~flc(juraged to a tt~f'l d Cht:istian reJj gi O~ig. sirrvices an.d. toxHleit.t::m .the reasons for their j ml)nSOll i1if;'ilt. Pe~p:~ein the WWn DfAuschwit2.l.eported that durf rig the war it, was possi ble .1'0 taketours oflJ-te,cam 1? on


d !.l$lT the ;.~r~et ln fr,Qi1tef se"~:ral pf t~ e ~ lJiMi ~g~. t Au,sc h'Wltz;Ifl a DI tltle·60th il.[1llii~-ers1!1")1 the camif/s D.:bemtlc!'l in 1945'. of







The Unofficiial Tour
USING JOI-IN BALr::s i'lCC,lf<rte
phbtO!1;Fiqflhon dlaglam,


shows thecam p from the epposi te dlrscden as tbeaerial

l';;jge 6, the lmp.()'iti; f.a.dHdes can be





TIre'&verage tl>11D-stoF)' (thiFd ·~tbl·Yunder the CDOf) b(!,_rnA:'~~
v."iilre w~ll-m"ircqin'~d roads ran b~;~.we'"l1 :~uid h~d p.:lil~'ty.of wi!ldo~~. tree-shadetl Pa.-::ed of

'~l1e th~ 1.R~ladc~ M-bnl ~h'B b.,jinnfr:ig.


located, The tOUI' starts at dl~,<LdministJa_lIoll puilding, now tl1i!: vJlS,itnf~~flter. WheJi rliecampwas in opt!n'I.Hon, tllisbullcling housed J.g, dd'!'using cham bel'S tha 1: mecl..Zykioll"'B., The theater where visircrs watch Ihe· pr:OpOi gandafilrn te g<:t til em in the righ t anti" German frame of '~nindwasused beck then t~)shm·" films· and G~mli!lNIlad!' Lndil:~es 1:9the, ~llTrhHes,OLtlil;'b Felderer (see b(]'X~,~!. 011 f"lcing jl.qge) stflte!>that MusE'11m kem H i~tQrl.3Ji fl'arujszek Piper to ld ]1 j m that the seats in the clnerna '*~ ldentical to those used by the in ma res, After walking through the<te, offidaL tom


t~kt:lS-"(H.1 to· slJ'\IeJ.'albarracks, j


make up the actual

Di ~Ue[;F:eld(lrer.a ,Sw€id"i.who.w~!> .. tHl.l!<t in Da~i~h,NQ",.,..~gi:tll,Ge(nil~, ~ French ;mel EnglE h, pll;~s0nally inV'ClHig«tt;!d ~ II of tlle-M.i~ting Gennil n cOI1.t;entl1ltii:ln camps in fh~ 1970:1. H~ quezrl6n·ed
·from <ilir\l;l~t'Ot:~ to;·ir1ter ... ewed i


lotal peopleaswell

read dW· Qfflc:ialhqloca.ust l!ter:~tMre~earched the gro\.mds and w~ot s
into~oj~,ry bu fld'~nghe GDul'd, t~~i1!l ph (:w;lg~'II~hk id~" a~. II r.,cord. He s1

p.urhlhhed'It baok, Auschwitz· bi!d=l ~wstifje(j for fo ur dilY~at the ErH·~t Ztln:pel

in j9,~lJ

he 'took in the:

in t-.:!nada,d\Jr~ whlch 30Q ~fd1e ]{(O.\l@ sJld,,~ cam ps we ~·shQ.w(l ~o '~Ile I~,ty. Z.~n del was a:c,quitt(;)d.

museum, where the approved Itlsto I'¥ ofAu~(hwittBirkenau is told byenl . tI'g'ed P hQtqgraph~!h<jth text, d..awing$ i3,I1d itemsin 'glasSCa5f!l>, Ever)' gn ttl e.CUrl centrates ontbeir favbf'.lteexhi'bhs about which they b\ive memorized sornestories: th.ey (Lanot necessarily agree Qt.SllY the tlJ;iT\C' things, Oil my tour in 2ool},Qurguicie U1.endcm~d th-ilt.<l ph!Jto:of liberatec.V(i1lldren W~~"ftll1~ li1oflth.$ after liberarien" Wh~Jl 1<ls~ed wnytbey.'were still wei'lr[ng I:hfstrired unlfbrms,'she ad mitt,~d the pliotOG WE'n~ tram propagandafilrns made larer by the So-

'O¥Elr. ~OO'i:ili!dr:e"
''''''ikci' a~ 8irke)\~L1.
wb,~n 't.h·eo


fil;,lili!1~, Ut !il~' t"i:l.'~ a

.d]<!~tiikl!'tl-Ci. ~,or
'Ij;f:iil J~~s· resBed~p' ~

:la ;eri.~:P .


pYr.J:n.g,(lj·~ Jr~~~fJ,6n
In J~l1Ua1~li'NS;

viet 5·,-a reenactmen r byadu.! ts a nd c ltd d reno dressed in the o!d uniforrns .. If I hadn't esksd, It would not h £i'€'b e:e'tl told.

BROTI:tEt & LIBRA.~:Y )ustlnside the main.gate of Al!:> 1.5' Block t4, ~.~a~ bui1dm,lfu!,.~da~8. brothelfor the inmates, h'was not a getter that the camp lId&. a InQt l~e];it was mentioned in books and its existe ncewa S.CO nflrm I;!d'by the Anschwltz M.liseum ofIklals, It W<1S illGsily Polish wam;ei1 Irom the dutslde who worked [her~ by choice, bW Ger.lllilnpro.s.ftqltes.<)re·said [(I,have a'l~o 'I'i'Ql'l~~.ha re, All pr:~s9neriii t \v¢n, ncj~<J,no\'\'~cl to- userhe

brothel: thliY had 'to rneereertain hygi€n1c: and other
standards, It was also

as:II:reward for good hd1~ v~

iorer ex!rae !fart. On th ~ n.r~tlo6~ of the bror bel. 'vi' a:;; rhe I:amp 1if bf:lt)', dl;CCHdill:rl:oJOl:tner inmates, AUmain ca rnps had

libl'<I.ties, and as ~ (I ass I cam p All{>ch'rvit~ cert.<.Lllly had one, btll~the mnseu in Is mum. about it. There is·nafii;~n idenrifying't he buil ding ,15 once a b rothe lor Ij in<r.I)" and you cannot enter it-jt's !lOW the office of fhe museum direq:or <I nd hO'UB~S thc:'a~'i:hh:es.

18I~ c k.14 'iI1~~w.:s:eil ~'L,;ll,.1i bm~y;.'Ct[.·
,r::h~.rtpr<iC:tl<;~a,m d


Itm,~~~1f!~.t, ~t~' 1lrid, aj:lde d~ri~~ rtc nll!o,;eUn1:

TIF!~ CA'Mf' LAY OUT .AT AUSCHWnZ ( I i.~ees~

{~lEdll'n1i[lI~~~<rtiC!l;1 b'.tJjldlng;

,(3.) r.ltnsplfc

d4~ one !'Ii

l~j~e"glJ".rtdto:i'~eF:&:X.5') ~i'.1llild 'Nifil~fur((;es;'16) AI'beit 1M ~ch Fr,ei

G~~'H7) (-Iill*J:~;

n~~~.p iii' rth'~\J',1l{~",I;[]~<8)~f<lrn<ltari~m;(~j""~rk,,.. lt1.1 it:
(l'Oibl'al:neI 'aDd li'i:fl1i~J:

sh~psio~wO[}Dwdi'kUig; ;mds~wj~:

wf1,erll.. me ,orclie%_.-l:qa ~J~:Y4:i:l;'1;2) I{rk~~~~ v(~ti1i U ( '1;.. ~I,fi~0d'~WW'l~11'3) r(;)$~ oIfke;tl"l;tttre'e"!'tQrriS!e~p!ng'b<I,~ ,( lilJ $Wimmll1~ p DO 1;,( 19) E1iretl A~I!lY (srRkl':11hali""l i i I'l) o::amp a~mji11s.~r~ O.o!1 pr~~e~; flO)' tamp' C,l:ii'f!ITf\J..J:I,~~~{~.~¢11d.\;.r\i;e~ {2 ~,) .SQ~a ~~veT road 'L~a,dingcJ;Q, t(llWtT.''IlJ A'Jschwiu: .~ ,l1;m),,: (22)' celn~~1t ~~ acotlfld tW?>~l:ffi~ ef2:0111p, ~ (":a '

""~~sJ (1:5)';ch\;:-;i\1i!:fqrmO~1ra:r~d (h~{ 16}$.ana4~d d



H W I TZ: T H EO hi'"!) E ItG RDU hi b:;G U I D'~D TOW', U

Israel, This sketch ~r Bacon \lii3~actually submitted as ccufinnarion or gas ,dtaml:i'er:s in Ausdr\.\'itz at l'11~Ad!Jlf Eichmann trialic jerusalem, 1951. dl18 the A.\Jsc.n\,,,.itz hi aI ~11 Frankfurt. 196.,~
Mlls.€nti1 in

Yqh~,da~cqrl.·! Gilt·

dfD-dib~i; 1'\S'-4S;Y~9 Art"M~'se_~m,


~11AlI~(t;hwJtl an



B1'tlC 2.4 also held the Gl1np_d rt rntrssum, the-·ide'~ k carne from Pclish inruateand anlst fJ!'andszekTargo-s .., whose accorn plished sketches lmpressed Ccmmandan t Hoess, He named l'<lJ'gos:!. Ilt~~d of the museum, • rculide~i in Octo hetl941, ,,~~tliiil'WthOln~t~1 S.1rrack~ its 6:. It wasmoved to Hairacks 2.-4i11 Marcb 19"11, whE:·reit pc(;'upied tVitJ. !'O(rrr)'S'llUltn late Jau~,ary 194-5, Art matsrialswere supplied by the camp admlrustratlon, and classes too], plaee, Alt 0f:a~l kinds, includ ingsculp tu re, wasprsdueed and exlilblt(:'d for the, ~rLjaYl~ent of' the entire camp. Tal:gpsz·g!ll'\ot\'~d untll1979, DUriilg my tour iii zc (Jg,w.~~I'e shown a..i'oOI11 in one 0 f t lre m useum hui [ding~ d!;;i'0red tb"pris~hel' outwork." It con sis ted orcl_!'<IWLll~S de pktirig ext reme bruta Ii ry c<lITk>dout OIl helpless p risoners by 'SS'·gl1ards~ hirredible fiight..'1. (].I" fa~ias'l created by sUJ'vi~ol's (i'om m~l';rno),'y, fIerthe \WIJ' 'NilS' pve.I',p~ rha ps witl~'a Ii ttle €'U]a (o~l-tageme~it? EXamples0(thi~ cyp:e""n be fOlllici hl Z(i_~<lR'Oten!;tI;'t1l:tells DeigJ;r Cd!mpAII.\l'dnvf tz and Y.dmda !3·,lcen's,-Cft1des.[,erches, thatare dated "about 1945'; and ei't~jbiteda l Yad Vashem Holocaust Mem 0 rial uror}n;ntic pdsQ!wr artwork which rOll. \\!qJ1't fuln in rh e museum room I ,\vil.s;nn,locks like this:
Leit> p!'~ri dS~lilt~ h:l;wl~~ki,P~wol! of St'dllr~·jQW· led.e" malia, ~143,

Birk~);l~ 5~1:e:

R.:rgh~, :M·I~qy:.l~w

KG,~deliiii\i!" ~ A
the Ea~<;-/,IS'4*l,

Bi'rkeEl u St~t~ a





e T0tH.

Theyare portrai ts, still Hits, len dsca 9, t\:pi~a 1pf fl !' !:isl:;l;i;ve.l'1'ivher~, TneSt<l te ~vlus¢trn'l Ausd'!\'\!jh-Sj_L'lmnaut ln the- tD"i\'r(.dl' O:iWle{!jm dw:n~ some 1,470 ptecesand ezhihitsthem, YliltOnlY,lYCTY few de pict vie lenca or cruel ty~ THE KITCHEN
Across the e.nh"y road from tl1~ h~'othd/Uhtill.ry
\I'd';; the.kitdieu=the largest buHdling in the .ca-Il:J!1- It had 12 chimneys- for thesteves, and included a dletar)' section.a bakery and 'butchery; Forty iilmat~S'W01'ked in the k'itci;],J:'T1, 5:p61.;:1"ll diets were pie.p~rEd fQ;!' ~,atientsJ n rhe i iifix]1Jary (lJ:idlmspit.ci1. The Idtth'ern' ha~ nt~8htt)fk:t~, which were 1;1 nkrrown t(llhe Hi",t !~P\! let t>olcli~;rso alThl~! who l:hought thec~were plaees to t wash rlielr hands!

BCeta\/!,; V:i~w ~f the back of. .d1.~ kltcl'w:in

Iu.~~·nsjtle.thtl.!\iix!l:-~t i
tAe'rmca'jn camp ~f

A4~~I"w1tf~ ';?4S. (photo: IJSH Hrl
Ph6~; Ar.~11j~~J

The nuntoftb€ kitchen is not iden tifie.d for\.i;siters; ilttei"ition I~ dire cted at this spot to t he '0 klS~ntry 116:x: f1nd·th~gaJlo.\vs (iUs~d only once).l'he:li: are plans un-

ne. wiii~.elitl~~\l
kit!: 11en.,fi'O!ht1:m

fD;.n:r;dl,e t:Yl:O ill:~lf"h.
'Ing:t,ricl( hUH~d,nts~nre

dei'fOPt to convert rhe kitchen intp qn.arr musesra,
\vhir.h will further d€strdY'<lWMrmeS& of the l;anifUlI teedhlgofthe.prisoners. My [QUl" gtltcle only IJ(l~nted out w her"t;th e ordiestra p!ily:e,d alongs! de tll e .kirchen, by rlleelttry road, bHtSaid n9thi[[g:iilJ)Q1ittlu~ki[cheu:nl{" ~.elf.She tQ(!k,eY~ry.opfiolt).mltyto tell us th~t priSOl1ets \\:'e(e sta riled to <lea t h as: ';Ilbtne:r Wily o f-l)illing th em. THE CAMP ORCHESTRAS MallY musical g;roups. formed by the imnares. ov-er th-e life of the camp. 'l'od,ll.ythesigns endgnides t€,il HS the only purpose-of "theorchestre' waS tQ k~ep the 'priS:Ori~rs,o'rd~r]y \oIi~hej]r:rl.ilrc:hii1g (jut to an,dbi)di. from work, TIley don'~ wantvisitors ill ~1l0W tlleC<lU\J.1' had a Ij(Jmi};hillg .cultural 1&_ ttl trut h, ~h O!-cln:'~t.ras· e g<tveregular SjJmlay concerts and p'la~icl on rn.any a rher

il'i'fli~Jll 6f.lh~:IQi& blJtl\::llf\g"s~e~orr~m~IHhe<:' r@il~Q~ the (Oilllh,j, itn~i"'l!:r '
t6ll~'t1~1'q, "


more th<iJ11QO members,
~lll'\j~VOC acco urrts. SU( h. ;IS Fa.[ui.<l. Fetd(in'sP~yinf7 jor Time also spoke of the AO.8ch wi 1:7 erches rra. A krrge blow- LJ r of a photograph of tile c)I'Chestt1) playil1;~ du rin g rhe war was 0 nee diipJ~lyed at the' Museum ~tthe main elltJ:a:~it:o<!.

Anpthew vl¢W' >lr th~. ~~'ine"o.;teett, NNe'
8FI~Z·<!ro\.l(\d:, ~pj;

a., I~mat\i-,s ii:~~;J~9:bh"

mah:hrn:~ i.O'\';<q~k,

~tin,d~t'.~filiftf_o,;,onQ:~. t



SD!'i~kq;~u:J~Wm'e P'ol·
:is,hinmate Ft'll~z' t\m~rychIQ.

D.4t~'~l'mtnly ;:'~~r

HISTORY or.rue QRCflI:lS'IR,A T11(" ft.r.s pi1s0Mr orchestra v.~~s et U]l ill the wint#T t s Of194J, -witll Franz Nter)'chkhilS·e!'ohdlictor. Theutigi. nal *fOUP of seven m usiei an s, p!i1ylngfi rs t with instruments fwm neighboring towns, included a violin, centtabass.acco nJj Q!~, tl',um pt" t,s.ClxophoneCl.nd per· CU,S$iol1" These we('E' l~teQ'w~plac~dwith.betterquallty il1St"" S811W sent to the !nu$ldal1.~ by fictnill' [I~<'llihf'l'$'; Thf'ir' ferst fomral rehearsal was held in BJ 0:& 2.4,the basernentundel' the camp brothel, where.there ~\la5a smaU podhnnand a grand pl-ano. This room J.q'Li)WLla.~,I:h~ concert hell, where the band gave sl~G'!,'\'.S pl'isQn~rs <1.1i wf;!rl as guardsand officials. The: .rill' audience would. stand alplltg the v\"aJh; the 'nim;idilns we.~12s'Ca!:l:et:'\i;d throughout the room , sitting whd·~er .... they wwd find aspace,Thewo~p rapicl:lyeXj??nd ("Uto

WO,Mt.N"S ORCH.E:S'JRA AT BJRKIENAU From: the. iregiuning of lJ)43-untH the ~w;t of' 19~4, thore, existed <r\-llcnneIl's Orchestrai n B~rke.J1,a~[.l~!1 (:(lIldlidor was v1011niEt Ahn2; ROSE, rhe nlf!ce of G u sta v 1\,1alller, orchestrasccn becam e a :p-~1'(n(Bnent-jnstiThe tnl:lonbfthe ~oda I life inrhe ,c:amp,Vi"i til ewer so muslcians and;! VariN)' !=,f i,11$trUlli~t~~ th~1[llayed classical mbti:d with .Ughtel' fareon iWll~\'a:1 aflleJI' prisoness, iII tho! :h:tfiT.Il1ill}' and the experimental station:



t'fl11 ,l!tI1rw-ILI~1

at concerts. which the SS attended




l.:b· M~.M1q1loJtLn."t,,,

Ju,~h .... .~ }

partiesanddances (there ';I'<I'~ a J.lI.rge rcom in the "sauna' <lit Biik:1'illlu th",t was ~!)IrietiI11et>,lI8~d:,a,sa,ban~ mOlr~),TJie navel[JQ$ i\,1iji;lclle.n61'1;:lw~fciT 11:i;mAu,sO{b

witz, vtl'itteu by member Fa.llia Fel'~doll anti fif'%r
published in 1976,W,iI!S based on the-existence ofth.(;', Women'sOI]'chll!::tra. Every member of the 'orcbestra s:,~dthewi!1' ~x~mpt A lma Roo6.who succumbed [or to typ hus,
I . .



s,t~~rl ,Yffls,,.:!.\O':pon,ed. "9 Bfr!fan~u Whtre she


Vl9iilllS[ SZY.lmlal Laks was co.nd ue tor ef the Birkerial!

Men~5C-an)p Orchestra in i9~4; The performances

pf tlte. Wornet:l:&,Q,r.t:he';" t~,;l:ti,'i!rth~~ V~~;$~&,
beii<'V'f'Ie ~

tGo.ktli e' "';'Ine~~,rHi!n~ J:i~fi~I",~, IJe~irrlEl~,
wd l!;knoeWr.!X;;l baret

tQdk;pJ,q.ce in IIfuiOU5p~il~eSarql~ndthscamp. Bir!<:e! also h~d it brass ba ndand J. camp c hoi!", Froman article ttl the jerlJ.>G.I«m 'Po~1 Jij.IlUitry 2.5., 1995:
ITh~ 1 J~clsh .~{hHdl'~n'schok<l t Auschw.iiZ- P;i~(e, nau: Iwas am~llibe:t rift~latd1Qil' .. , . I , . , rl;:me,llil'e!' niy. Al'fiLi;ng~gel11l'n t Wi th clll(ure~ \'~Jth ilistory; and j" m~18io--i 11the ('amp .• , , In: Mal'rn t9'14, ['Wol!li SEC I'fr.dy ill wit.h diphtheria arid j,'«1;;S~L"it to Ihl;t.1.ffij) ,Itospitat lhil[raci(s, My r1l'dtn~I"had ~sked tab e trans~f'CI'!T.d [ostay WI ell me In dw hOS]lfl'3l, , , . J>;iJTSeS, dotIm'S amlpiirie):LC$$\.jfviwd.,., , • One !'If tlle )'(lIl t.h .~elr1'del'sof [H:lf ~iJollP . , . a, ked loes.tID b! ish.<llY ~du~arl.hDl:t eeruer [01" chi ldrcn, He '.\',)1'£ given permission, anJu! il. ~h(lntlmeLhe e:dU9Ht,ll cerrtooJlbeoarnea spiritual and %)'('h.tlc~mer fm: the famiJycamp, ltW~l) thesoul ol'rhecamp, M.iJsica I a n d theatrical p¢1'ftrrfl1tl~l.U:~,. fui1\ldb'ig .achlld run's O~('I·.;i" ~j", held at th~Te[Wi't> ' wel:~ W dit>.C!'''SjOlls"'{Jf yaiiou$.idfO!ogf,~s-Z:I(ln!sm, .Sori;}l= ism, Gech [l",dtin~lj''>ri1.,, ,Tliel'~wis a conductor named lmre . , ,\,:hoo~ganljl;ed tlie'ChiLdrc:n'ij'(ile.i.r,

nm Auscuwrrz

PO:STOTncE. " M }'OU walk past th~'fi'O!1:tOf 't he Idtcher.t, the In'Sf

Th;:f.(jn~~~Or'r· pp"~

affici~ i~~llirb'(il,dlilg
wltlnl.~ 8 t:I iif!<r<!!!t

~j#~:ei',~~d';ivr#~~ hifr ffiQmoir:-:aml:tMs Il'oveb

bnild:lng,to ~h.eTi;gl1tWitStl'iepQstofiite. Nmhin.?> in. the ml1::;'~ui1Liu!!';<1tme I mentions theposr office, thE"g~lides don't speak pT it, put [he Gen€v<L conven:tlon rules, 51cittly fo:1io\ved1vythe G~[l:nam, ~nf-Lll'edt'hesr;nding ,lJi,J !'~c(?i\;ling ~ai1 by all prLson~rs, The camps enof couraged inmates r;o.","'T'~Ve(j their !:d<lli~'e& by IH<!k:iflg t iJ:\'<IUable !;XN2"priIi~d cardsand I~tter fbUllS, This W[l~, ~heeked by the Md CT05:\l, who never fOUITd~TlY violat [(iIi: of tbi~ p rh/llleg~ ~tAus(!hwitz"R Id<f't'l<l,u. R€gllla!iJ:~n,s.prh1ted on the: a.ddreS:s'.side;u1:! dearh' stated, They t ransl ate"o~
[W~~'Y r-i'!soner Is aHovi:.'e,{] W r€l~hl~ I~ no se mG IWO letl'etS i}r ,ciIJd~ t"tt>m (t6.l his h6l:a~jvb saeh IiTQntl1, The l(,fter5.\(lpri:~on~j:'; mu~( be ei1;sily;;ead' able, be ":<],Ite-ell[nink, snd ~Olls1;rnrtl{J m'Or:e than

S~i);p~t1, rofii,

h!illdlog, 1'h-~'w.hli/J!i:

i!:l~t f1il'~r; t~e-Q~dSe~m:y iuhd QF1Bo.$'1t i"r,i:.itf,d'1:@n c:-' -.-:,"_ t_.!._ ..


tdt;a d\art A!J~ctiw~

·i:s. anll1!hCFl',a.:


b:ec';J:Li~8'(;; do'W n't:

n~ 1~1 ·cti~ ;ir~ th'~' i{
~i;,llllig:'It h~:d to

[he~efi;l~ere I d~S<;~w.'l ~d,

were eld in .aJl1.1ge

!<lyatory barracks,




lines en a S!11g11:' she-~!. 01')1 le~te.!' s h ifE: ra !:if th e y !l1JJ;iJlillsi)'~ ai~ <lrlf)w~d> Enve lopes' must lie·u[.l.Hned, Only 5 St.it1l1nS of n Pf each m~y be enclosed 'wJth e1LCh le I te i'. No, m 1M' Erll'l1(J,\J~S are perm] ttI!'d, and

.on the inside 0 f the fonn 1.51hcl etter fro'fn tbe prisoner, No lice that iI [~<lQ 5\ "PoM o.ffi<::E II"-itldicati r.,g ther£' was morel:nan,tl!1fl)Cst offb··~t AUs,ch\\, .Addl'!:."'SSf:.dto: J osef N ovy, Fil kry Dama zttce, PLnteNwat~ of Bphc mia ~ncl. )I'fur3Vi 11
From: Jo.~~fr'Nov)i i)ats.!:'!f Birth:
2. 7'th

Let[tIF form!> gl~ern l'O;

~rl~¥lna~!t pro,~rq~i'l space f~J'bmg~r,-more' ~riviit~ ri1e.:i.t~ge,Uli~ii po;,::Th~J.~Ls:, nc r',"'1~Q~ '9iMUif.\~

witl beCDnfi8tilted'P~11:card~ tomi.! of 10 lin ~$'P.lw-· ttigra phs IQiilji ria t be used JSpr.JS teards. MOl1ey may be sen r, Ne\v~~'lpel's"~i'e ~IIGI~€J, but on!y if ordered lh ~"Ql;~gh ~.AlIs{,'ll'1!:iti> ~:'1ffiP tl.l PGS!.DJ~ f1~~-',m:els m'l)' Il~l be sen t, :~srh~priB()mrr,s: can buy ! e I'er~'t lling 011 camp. (.HDwe.... 111rhe i<'[tfi'. tl!e priser, 0!n~rthanl!s.ll'isfbmiiyftjl' LJ.1i th~kf1oi;kag.eS"~l!d!J.s,&~ jar rrm[<" Fromrnu.d! olflel' f?vi'del1ce, ~r se&m" this pw rticul« /' 1'eg.u/a trail gras ,q" r elt{urced. Tills a/Sf). f!'1'ilVeSrl;~,t ~\'ir!;~ ~lmj\\~ltm:for in!;f1rttes, IVh€~ the)(_ ('ould buy 1Mni;',iiith man:c:r5i€lit/rb'm hClme----'iiomi:th!ng d8~th{il i,' J'Ji?l!ET mcntioned in tlwnm8Ctmllitei·\.1~urt r ~y the ,5HJ idg:5) o Requ ssts ~Q C~I]1 P OW tI1<iriti:o<: [0:1' re] ~,a~e are s IXl] ntlrss, illsj f,'< to p'dSOJlel:,a re nO! Venn isil:1Jle. Signed. the Camp CClmm~ridi;lJlt.

!J:t~t JloQrm!llleo:,;;~ T;'I:!
alii d'li"ti!"n Jam(lle!;'WeNI'

Arci:~ ! gll
fJ,kll1. Blork'9<l,


P I~S(ln~r N'umbf;[:
COJ1 t'tnl! 1'l~[Qn

.ettrop,~LJcth ari'de:~:

C",m [;l fin~chwitz,P(j1;t

om ce []

0t!Schwll~.14Ih Fehl'\.I~lp'H3 MydelJrClI1~s! Tm in good hea~th, and I'm ail :ri!;:hi'- r hOpe t hI;' ~'am~<lrp~[,,<;!o,jio;u, [~I'~dved d1~'ecl~~nsau[hiX [lmo£cls: rom you rt'teJlt~'-:<lll in gO.(llJ shape. LiIclms f .:lnd parcel s rna y net be sent registered, j'l.!~~ :;.~J1d th~ pari:;~k a~pe r .(he fiJst ones, The A,.81·p" n.:"flR m~ de me "(try hopPY-ll<t"lirubdy the cl1.d.(olaw, honey and the, [Mnj1 $weel:>- plea.s~·~hd more like that ' My brethe rJa rde cillAaunr Mil ~atcjll!tl also 512lld me
A U.SC 1-1

w ~TZ: TIiU

U r-JP E.

r! G f.i;b U N

D G l) r DE 0 it\ U'.~

Theyare portrai ts, still Hits, len dsca 9, t\:pi~a 1pf fl !' !:isl:;l;i;ve.l'1'ivher~, TneSt<l te ~vlus¢trn'l Ausd'!\'\!jh-Sj_L'lmnaut ln the- tD"i\'r(.dl' O:iWle{!jm dw:n~ some 1,470 ptecesand ezhihitsthem, YliltOnlY,lYCTY few de pict vie lenca or cruel ty~ THE KITCHEN
Across the e.nh"y road from tl1~ h~'othd/Uhtill.ry
\I'd';; the.kitdieu=the largest buHdling in the .ca-Il:J!1- It had 12 chimneys- for thesteves, and included a dletar)' section.a bakery and 'butchery; Forty iilmat~S'W01'ked in the k'itci;],J:'T1, 5:p61.;:1"ll diets were pie.p~rEd fQ;!' ~,atientsJ n rhe i iifix]1Jary (lJ:idlmspit.ci1. The Idtth'ern' ha~ nt~8htt)fk:t~, which were 1;1 nkrrown t(llhe Hi",t !~P\! let t>olcli~;rso alThl~! who l:hought thec~were plaees to t wash rlielr hands!

BCeta\/!,; V:i~w ~f the back of. .d1.~ kltcl'w:in

Iu.~~·nsjtle.thtl.!\iix!l:-~t i
tAe'rmca'jn camp ~f

A4~~I"w1tf~ ';?4S. (photo: IJSH Hrl
Ph6~; Ar.~11j~~J

The nuntoftb€ kitchen is not iden tifie.d for\.i;siters; ilttei"ition I~ dire cted at this spot to t he '0 klS~ntry 116:x: f1nd·th~gaJlo.\vs (iUs~d only once).l'he:li: are plans un-

ne. wiii~.elitl~~\l
kit!: 11en.,fi'O!ht1:m

fD;.n:r;dl,e t:Yl:O ill:~lf"h.
'Ing:t,ricl( hUH~d,nts~nre

dei'fOPt to convert rhe kitchen intp qn.arr musesra,
\vhir.h will further d€strdY'<lWMrmeS& of the l;anifUlI teedhlgofthe.prisoners. My [QUl" gtltcle only IJ(l~nted out w her"t;th e ordiestra p!ily:e,d alongs! de tll e .kirchen, by rlleelttry road, bHtSaid n9thi[[g:iilJ)Q1ittlu~ki[cheu:nl{" ~.elf.She tQ(!k,eY~ry.opfiolt).mltyto tell us th~t priSOl1ets \\:'e(e sta riled to <lea t h as: ';Ilbtne:r Wily o f-l)illing th em. THE CAMP ORCHESTRAS MallY musical g;roups. formed by the imnares. ov-er th-e life of the camp. 'l'od,ll.ythesigns endgnides t€,il HS the only purpose-of "theorchestre' waS tQ k~ep the 'priS:Ori~rs,o'rd~r]y \oIi~hej]r:rl.ilrc:hii1g (jut to an,dbi)di. from work, TIley don'~ wantvisitors ill ~1l0W tlleC<lU\J.1' had a Ij(Jmi};hillg .cultural 1&_ ttl trut h, ~h O!-cln:'~t.ras· e g<tveregular SjJmlay concerts and p'la~icl on rn.any a rher

il'i'fli~Jll 6f.lh~:IQi& blJtl\::llf\g"s~e~orr~m~IHhe<:' r@il~Q~ the (Oilllh,j, itn~i"'l!:r '
t6ll~'t1~1'q, "


F!"9Tr~Cn~r,UKe' to the ~1teat~r. WNi;;h · ~'ri~~
a ho,rne


Dflrrfdd filit 0 r the United Sta tss Arehives. Most lill'ge
German camps had concert halls'A!I;f're inmates argimized l-eg1l11ill' ~rl:!.lrday-n:ight theater J~rodll.eti.Q!ls. ope'ras S

he bdieved.W",& the theater building,

taken from the

C~r-rlll~ll~~~IJ nsbe-

r9'@Jwv:! ·l~'$Ia.""lien Am.~i·I~\'lfi
j-ew"s;:p l'Qi:estl;l'd tire

Tlwy WiEr,dg.[)~Bd to

buil'd~l1g:nI~!l'8y tlltho!!!.':~.

Ff-Om ~~'MI!09K,PIi\l~SX;OM

by thQtl~.!1ds of fell qW-i fU'i1ate.s, Auschwitt \1i~S lt1>y} different. These co ncerts were t h.s .envy of vi-rlag_e,s outside. rhe.carnp.whe 'did not have the. insrrurne nts l)_r balls for'such gathcl'i ngs, Attlmes viIla8'~rs.\\:ere In"1ted anden joyetl the .prbdll ctions alm1~id;e csmp inmates. They and \,,(JrkeTs and f~rrij· H~~ frOI)l 'Munow!t+) Sld,el1-'<Ll! <Iud some sub-camps (:'ll:tel'Eld,;ll the main d.Qor at thefiont or lll('blJil~iH.f\. up ttl e i;g;hll:€'PBil!t pe [!iJl:ltiarICeB ~ dapv€ H' necessary to actOnllJ~{)dilte e ~'e"l'Yone. he only !arge:r ~allwas in T the Catholic Church in town .. l kms (r,;;lmH north
and ·dim(e:s.attfnd€.~l

Ti1~~deVffir il1ld:

-S,i;'NeUILofl 'Ilt

pl~vbN a ~iiJ 1ltnl¥lg 1'5 d~~ploy 1;'h:i1Ma(Jth",:(~.~(fn

memQ.rE;l1 ~'~'"e in


by the StJvie'ts Ln.]ilimai·y 1945, Howev@r, rha t flies iu the face 9f repoJts of _fo rmer inrnstes who ten of bbem,my activities that tool, place in th~ theater an d th;n Zyld on 8 was stored i:J.~the Acl~tri Tili~tr~li.(Hl Bl(ild.JJ'Ig. Qavid Cole, ho[otatlst J~s.e,_t['c:het wrote: "The last pictures taken Lnside this buildmg shewed piJD.95 and wstl1tli'esar!(1 'il,'it21ge whete tlt~inIl.S1leF,Dtlf'd

mates used to put em p,()dut'tion~:"'


F~jJl1'ciS:((jk, Pi p~" wa:;::

DH.Heb reJd€H.'1' restified under oath at the 19$8Ziindel tria'! tbal. the theille:r was used byrhe InrnatGc~ttl ]'Iu;tnn plaYS<Il1d e01H<lind a s tag~ a:nd- musical lnstrumel"! tS. Fel dei:'Zr '1,?cicted to inv,,~t i g<1t~ the large build· ing·8,fteran h.l:s~bl'1it~tDl1!' o .. !IUidetold liirn the buildins ". . .. ". . '. was uuirnportarxand WoW Qnlyu~edby the GenTl~n~ to putjuuk into: Heinrersiewed various museum officiili·

THE S,\VIMMING POOL Conttnuing a]ollgsirle the perlmerer fence tl:nd twulng l~nbnto'Sh<wy Birch AUt)' (nll'kel1.h~lJei),y0:U come to rbeswirnming pool. Tnt€I'eSI:Jn~)\ the!:pool few bnnates was not d~niIN:l by museum staff'urnli! a. f#w y~ars agn, .~ll'houg;h toiuls1:s "who, asked to ~ee_it 'Were told by gll.l.d 1$ :L11~it was "1Y£n~mits ," LocO'lted I' i.ght i11t $ide [,hi:'fenbe, the peel measureszy meters IQng}S~)( TIi~ ter5 WI de am:! three meters deep, According to Ditlieb FeldeuiI', Museum Historian .Plpfl' told IIIm t har the: p 00] had been used to reh ahilita teinrna te pat knts a nd ai) I'ec!ie;;ititm; W,att[-m e a.el:'ia1 p.hQt'!)gl'apns;t<J.JieIl by the Alli~p cr;mn.qned lts existeuee, Bo;aks written by former inTii<lrWs:M121' to thlii

'!:I1 ret;~or'ht~~orl;;t~~ aedguards,

during which.time museum hlsterians

H(§mqrt~1 M~~euhl
from 1'96,5 until 1006.

FI~-antiszek Pip~and'Dalt~ib C~li'l;hconfimnsd ~p him tha t f:he:huik!ing.w<Ls-L,~ed ~S"<l the<:ltefclutin.gtiil" \\lal~ He s'howe:d a sli~l~0 f il Ukl'<UJ1 ian c h oir 1; lng-jng inwha t

hischwi tz;p<:ld: ~m~i'1ay they ';meake(ljI1toth~pooIM nigh t faN f>WIrn: others t.~iLt it WiI1i used fur water polo, Borexample:; Marc Kleif:l, a,l'e(.a.lls·the swhnmin~,p0[)liK\ his booklet Observa'tiplls~.t rej7..r:xA.U:SCHWITZ! THE. UNDJ;:~:Gp"OUN[) GUIDED


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Au~~clwJjt;;:;1 w~, made up nf.lS blocks buil; of i(l\l1S ~et.wet'n viliidl TaL'pa.ved streets, A third street rau the l~IWb of the q!-l<1.qangle aricl \\,,1,5; plall~cd '~"ith_ birt.h lr~~~: the r J3.i:rKRnhill6'l· intended asa i"aikway fer the d('tain'ee;s. wi'~J i;:.~n('h~;the:t~· I'sow~.'"111 P~lN\irS\~irnming ~ iQ pool, tB(i(Jklftdrl2 pag-C:SI'J:iI1Nd jnCaeJ1,<918.lHO)

stone I~jdmu~jn Iln~e parallel

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._, _011 Sm1days and holidays __ , IrOOlba:~, baski;!t.b~ 11<Jnd wa~r'I)O~drna tch~ (-inan cpen-airpool buill Wltbi~ the ]Jerimd@ byd~taii1:~ts,)atb.'a~kd crowds,of onlookers, I'I)JJtversTte -GilX il1mps do.



r~lri-\!jt'glla.ges&!l'il,s-~pU.I'g~()g, P;lrt~,_

19~6.Birc~A!II~ an ~h rl~hh~lle~,E'im~f~f ~ p f()nQ,n;on !lro:'l!ii!t.

!e,i [leU~... I€'ttl:~~; iM7, p, 453-) Inmateswere sometimes also sllewed to swim ln je-

the ne<1tby Soh Ri'v~r, according to interviewswith

hovil.h's \t~fltne.gst\i who had b~enJnter:nedl tndw.Glmp. :viti t in :l.POg, w~!:' it I~~ked at the '~'nfbrma ti on couim¢W the ~ociitidn rheswimming P~Ql, J was Ttl~t wltha of hi OInk.stare. Alle.r p:~I'Sifitihg, I was Rna 11 .answe red y \v1!h. "Oh; do you mean the fire brig<lcle re$en'oir?" the sign shown below. in Polish. Eilgli~h and Heb~ew'. wasplaced alongside the po'ol ~oni~tjm~after lpO). B irk{?J'i(lu also n,');s .~·poo],w hirh fGWh ",vi:' seen, !Jut IVhid] I,qw':;_p orts a Silnjl-ilt :srgil. The \\'.'1 re)' ill the pool wC),l,d:dh~rdl}l hj'f\,'e been snffu::iel1Uol' 6re-tightjng in ill ·with JDG buildirrgs'

A:~~~J;\'Iltz.:.WIm1filQg, p@ol wkl1 ,st-1Ll'tin.:e),
bki!;~1' ~ [ld '!;l}it;ry'

JaI'Mar:~.Th ~·.dl\drl.i:

bq;lr-d ~:ed ~Q' be. ;rt"'<.1h~d;·{O~ l,nE!'t1i ~I ..e,m'Ii(,:! ~h'je:k,






his two c\augl'JIeI'S were !~:vacua ted (foUowLl1jit,t he'f'lLt~sof the Ce~'ew Cenventio nl , ,~IOl'l g wi th many othtrJ's,; rol'lergeli-E~Js~nc6n~enn;;_,ti_o[l, camp, away from the advancisg Soviet'drtny_ Ot:td:Pcill1.k Wil,S still there when the Soviets ajtrvE:o.
I}(:)spi taljz.r::d, wasin in:m<iJ~r Bile v\1]~sel,writes d1al he hospital in,AtI!ich\\~tE,recm-'e:ring:frOIn an a~,e.t',lti'on Oil an irlfl.~ted foot,,<Ii1d. h:ir,f.ithli'!' llitil beenalIm,<:~d [0 stay with .hirn ]11{he h[):spi:t~. }-lowe~el~ vVieseJ A,ll:otherfamo1l8.

:B~J9w.;; vt1'i",!,of~rJte,
fr6ntQf~!! (S$'


tal ,ac:rot'; th~ ~S'c.\<~t, (ri\M "he F~'i:;tiih" ~lnI,J(itW';g~-~"hllmMr""oC: ra:iri~~j'lr-r:tJrn;
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ht!.~~i 'W~i~<bn l1i(_rn~~,:;;)
iYluF,del"r'li!:ht ~l!:~tct:o tilr!!hJilq~!l w,i1"(o[e-,'

choSei:'o J E'iI.VI: the hosp ital to go Vi j th the t

60,Q~1 othe o


wb 0 m allt'hedw~l>t with t_heG erm,ms to ''l11r5ther e.<'!mp.

~e OPF~ite!cI: tiil~irg.; p17~~~Ylrlg ri:¥(f.$ .
thf6Ngh 1¥!~,~it:~ll Il1til".'Ill>l~i,o[1r

fiorn the hnpendin~ S'oviet "liberarion" The gtlld"sat Auschwitz donlr show rhe hospital.

Th~~SfH~~l~Ual, II.I~t
o1:lt'!!lcle, the C1lmr No~",

TfL(2' HOS-PITAL By t'antinl.Uing <dong Birch Alleyand tU1'l1i:ng;l(eft t a the fenc€ p~dtlie(C,r,g(!iilg_ back t0ward the main gate. ¥(:\Ui;'Clt11~ to th e SS H,QtlpiCaI whkh s tandSOll the other side of the fenc,~! It had ~surgka] blo.-cIGls}veILlls 11 obstettioiligyllEcoJQgic,aJ blod~ [01' 'lnroi'lt¢~ lchHd1'etJ: were born at Au:schwitz)! The

~tl~, ut.l~ ,fit~'~e'r:u,d;!; do
b~hJf11i1 ~b,;,b~,lldl~&1

lhe tl(~ifultor'imli <I!'Ie: '!g:i,~lthi:~'b~r'"-~_rJlj;G,~t
,a[i'oS8' tf'l e :$t~~-et 111

fr::bn~,llo(lih[J~Q. tf(~:
rollj~ded' 6I:Jfe"t~t,

19y.~'r'(~'n'~~r is, rl;~


qU<I1'itfltine al"~~Sj 11both

crunp:e fOf

pe(",s,bn ,air.,ylp ;.ItEl~~r"

Ilewly afFi\'iJ\~ IJrisoners, where they stt1y~cl-fOFa51()ng as.six wf{'l;:s tCi m,1,k(;sure they had no diseases that could be tra nsfen[ed to the re~~r()ftlte tamp popula rio n, Dr,las',d()~Ta-ub~l;,[I!]\'i a w~~lthy Ji~wj~!ll'a.liidjord in Wa&hirlgtoJ:j, D.C, wa,s the cllier sUI'g~on arthe inmates' hospital at Ausc,hwitz-Birl<i'!nil:U, ml'ku~!'!u Il~d several hos:pitilJ hui IdlTlgs , One well-known inn,.a;!e Otto Fi'a.nk,the:taJhcr,' nf Anne. Era 11k, st(ijrt:d there for !hre€ monthsin late :1944-'<!ill'IY,lCjiI5-, \vlth the eompIalll t ()Fs~11~rrng_ f fr.[)l1'l E'xha;ustiotL \II/hile he remain eel




H Vol I T z




rho,a:abo¥.e,sbc~.~ .
th (l,br!([( c:him:rn'~'

.th:a~,"if.~ In ~iJ11~ ':b1!l i I:i:flhgi


r t 1:'10}' dever b~et'i ·QO·lme(~e.t1 i;Otlle r:~~j)n*[t~bt~T;I

ts'detadied £rail"l'ttlt;!

THE CREMATORIUM, Di rectl Y across the outJtT road fI:urn thee hospital is the' re GO 11st tU cte 0 C1'~ mil tori nm, known as the Gas C~a~1ib~l: Not~ the tall chimney and flat .rpC,i1' in the pkb.n'~011 the previ0U~ page, The official st()"ry is ·that thesmall vents in the. Loof allowed Zyklon E pellets to be fl(Jilled into thechambm below, thus "g,assin,~t the victims locked inside. [-{oweve.r~ il iT pll Otus:]:l .by U.s, remn11 fllS"Stinee pjaneslti 1944,not released un til~993i reveala pea ked roof' wi til two 0 nerueter high chin'll~eTS GIJ.€'.r the 1:\\'0 C!'ein;; tion rurnacf:s, no \I~ri.t.S:Dl' hoi es O'i,el: .[he alIege:d gaiS"Chamberand 11Q ~al'ge:Chj_i11.til;:y. It W<lS t hen admitted that the Soviets ehanged the ~'M~OJ I' the

Th~. \i~~hw1F' C nil.rn~ber" MS. !'~l~ry mQI"g.u.~,~ntH w;i',WgbJ(fr,rlli1Mi:(tfd 'i~iR:1f,n A "@}: a 'it ~il' rai<'lsh,"lt"'~ b.y~h(:!, Ge.nna~·s in Se·pt..1·9"i4. Con~idgr thilt ifthe'mClrgu:e~l'il1r3~J!M'dlfl,(r1ber"


morg~~ lQ score ~II tl,Qi;l;'

e~~~d b:oJf.[,fj.pri9l- tQ'#r\l~~o(ii. dB"~(~ tr1""
",0"~1~i:;:;rl:d:it,J Willi

I·e-;s·openlfi,g.~t lelt.'w11kh leads

the. room Wirh anly twO, cr,ematBo~:Pvell's, waSi"(:tl.

t~r'ou~h py.thti Rl.i~sl",n~in 1947.Befbremy ~U!' gmup w~n~\'lcld\ [0 remaln sile ~t "QU C'Df res pece" ,II wa-s roped: aN <l (ll d dark inside,
P;iCI{,QeJui de· again


1\0 'o:ppor.ruI111;J'~o ask !1'~esli6nSo What

Ai:!tt~pPQi~itr;n~!14:':"f a:m~;1

w;lS~'~ tlle:only ene wl1{f felt tlla:~.


iWeri'j, :built


i.~ th~pj~r~'~t ~qtld!iill

'hOI~sand b.ujJ[the l'.hiJll:ll~i) in ~9~7;inether woids, th~MLTh""tilm wentalongwirh the lie until they were Co!.!11'd 0 ut, <Ina ~\1'tl <J.rt~rl¥afd For yeats the Museum staff used F photos tQ, p.a:s-s ~h{'reocnstmcted gas ehamber OffilS GJ:~g1naJ, 0)11y rece .tuJy did th~y € Nt t a,$ignollt;;[cie of the erelJ1iltociunn'hr:nvi1ig the post-war changes [h,~.Lwere mO\de~tJ,the buildiIlf_l interior, We were tMonned by our gui.d~ thet the reconstrudion i-s superficial and does not.:n~gat:~ the build>


jug's previous use as {I. llIas ('h-,'1mb~r, iI(leI. in ,my case,

$'R';I'f~t~W~ t~~7
and b 1ll'e· lle'l"lM":
bl,{~fi 'u~~.d.

iesliow reported there w~ro relatively f&w g-as-sirtgs,a't
Ausduy~tz-th !:grf'(lt .maiQdty~v!2re'do ne a~Ghkena u. The-question, "Is tbisholoea ustl'evisidn,t,;m?"\;,<as met w lth $n~rK~, t OJ ppcar:s the Ausch wltz ';gas amI b er" myth is to o fr.agH.eto bear diny seru ti ny.



From the crematorium you {!iHI Sf;'€ the workshop bujldiligs wbt!r~ jnrnates both le;oU'~).~cl. wo~kecl at arid ~raqe:s'"bli t t h!!y itre notonthe .guicl ~d [0\.11'. Himml e!' .h,rd ordered Ihe to!lstr_utti OIl of worrk5hops fbr handi ~ craft pw'po~es;.StH)le \I:ere fbi' \~;DodWorking; at least one was fQrse\vi:ng, . !ean·e],mde Hre-ssac,anexterminationist historian, d aims ,tl1;lt WOIllen deportees bmug.(ll (h!iirS.01.'>'Jng rnad({nes alp:na\~~fh them, but thllt I~ ridiculous, The photographs of ardv~iigwQrn.e:n,shoVv' nOt one carLyirig, a Si?VI~:ng~aCilin e on her b~~kj Wdt:ert>.IikeP ressac and n th~ museum o:ft'id,l.'Ils dUn'tWantydu ttl know that the .National Soda.! lSj:s provided prcfess! enal work eq ui p-


Wo!ri¢f;i~jic)s,tt>~ -~. . '. . . ~~~~::l i m~~fX h

~ECREATlONAl SPORTS Inmates eng<\ged in a vai'iety of ~pOJ:tS" at borh AtL~t:h~¢itl'lanclBi[}en<l.lL.III addition to the swimming pools,(] htge,,'lports piaying, field was dose to the-erematoruunsal Birkenau, w!ie:rl"soccer matches h)\6,~ pi,lC;;' 011 5li nd 8)i$... Pi rlle b FclF'e re I' rep orts that one uf the'ii1"s:[pfOGp.le.lfrtdlh1J:m tbat it w~:S used asasports gro und was one 0 f theguards of rhe artifac rs, <I MiI_ Wba niek At the J 988 .z~.nde ~trial I F" ldere ['sh owed .iIl slide of' a: .ITI.ap b; one of the main g:uidr.:boo.ks,nf }\u£tb\j'itz: which indic,ated that the 6E'~d.had oe.r:,.n <Ii SP(ltt~~ tad~J]m, S T< 130 ro I'ffki 1 "' ~J(lli-sh J!!\I'I,~h prison erat Birkemlf wrote a hooJr Dfsh[)~t stories in whkll he mentinned the soccer field "on the broad clearing be" hindthe hu'spi tal haWI e ks" (se~ w<lgr<l:m} Mid remerube red trJ(~ll h:e ''1''13 the goa Ik~ep('~in <1. game on 8 b~autiftll.sLUltmy a ftem9P1t He said ,(SiZE' able.r.I'O\i;rl,~rhQspltilJ orderlles atl~ nmval.esc('[[t parlents had g<'l.rhel'edto wa tell Ibe game_ VII illl a..In Schic leS<'lid in a. 2'006 iruerview with 1ft!! ;Sul1-Hera/(/ that h~ w(js.plac~.d in the Czech f~.lnilyCaTIlp at ..BiJ'kenau where he play,~cl in S9~cer matchEs, ~ndi\;ljid thiES9((t'i: field W'j,s lor;:~tlid

E'ii!yond the: niiils of.t;,r.e;m.~ lilllf.;:tlilf~~ ~gra;i.,/a~'AA-~1.i1ll'~~~


11 ear




the .i:nm~beJi;;l,l1d had clean, we~I"f1Lm work

Bo);irrg matches werealso pOpOI<1f arnongrheinmates, Sa:lamtl Aroueh was a bo:dng, champion in his hGm:'te t[lWIl 'Qf 8,ah:mjka" Greece: after arriviqg at Aust.hwJt:,dih~43, he parqdp~t~d in l1,1l'e·\vt>eklyhoxi_ngTI}atc:h~5; Fell[j[rg_W<L5, PQPu!ai:amDng'SO[}l~; at ~he Ernst Zijndd trial, Fl:!lderershq1;\<'ed " slide efinmztes l\endng. OnIGftUlla.:tdy, "r\'1\' don't hiJv~ EcteEstO)il1yof these slides tOI' this booklet.


The Birke:nau Concentration Camp
S.i~~¥[T n~fe:\i.fI"i; b~r.~h~lfl~fed ~~f~ :~i\.tfl-rtef,i. 11 .grQVJMI+_:the. 'i'I~,",[{'e~~ ~~~1~ji]1;~,


[:s IOcat¢l;1threekjlnmeters


a pip e ran alQng the center of the Qi\i'mclk.& in!>i.ciea w\" brick stn:t'cture, keeping the entire barracks warm in winter; PriS9tr~rscoulcl ~Jrcon it, andseme said th.~y e\;enmo]<fKI em lt~ Each brick barraeksin thewcmens
section had ItKO',l'1llitlfatory.

"The _-'lji.uJOal'




d,te ~j:g~_n~. ~j)irtlifj8::;'
be;; 01l~~'

AuS'chwitz I nn <l m ain road, Bull djj11tb Eg<m iL!. 1.94J . I'(J.I' a canrp to hold 2'.00,000 PE:I':;\OIlS, non-werkees and these waiting to be trausferred.elsewhere, thus there Wilsa htgherpropot'lfr:m ofWPU~e:il, c!iBchell, dderlJiand.infirm than.atAusd1\i,sitz_ I t~wflrlU.ilUy cov~ned 4Z5 acres and had 30\1.buildings., A few LHi5(lI1~fS' worked in th~ warehouses, In the kiteh~iS.cllld in the crem:(ltoria, but most did notwm:k, if75~-(wf che:jews wreN killedon arrival; who lived ill all those b1UTilK.:ks7 No{ ot1ly tbat, ~u~theG~rJn~n$ were bl.lllding newbarr'a~lti:in the S€ctiOI1 the iJ'mle1 tell G)lIedJvfe:'tlr,l to house j
S9;Ol)(,f m(JJ~-W.tsQj1el:$,

Today j t's 11'\111St epenspsee wlth


few rS'()~ilt@d
(he year

TH.E·CENTRAl SAUNA This beamifitl, tnodemh}'gi€ne- building \.viU>hliln h In 19,43. arid contained !lncam chambers and hotaie .o!t-emifDrdisii1.fectIng~l!Jthing. Newarrlvals came h-e-;'e first, had! their hilh' shorn. showf'J'ed and wer-e gwen tJr::andotlitng< H.>1Wili:H';r, itclicln't haveasinglesaun«, ~n :didh<l.vea large main i~0Dnlthat was sQmetiJIie&used a~ 'a ballroom. Vi&iJOJ:$w Bh:keilau. i;It~ netshewn this building, rhe !argestin thecamp, . Extra do thin g lind val ll.ahl es the prisoners bi:olJgh.~

steam ;an~h~~ !iii" .;ll~I!]~e~tiQil ~~e~~.'1,'s"dffiitlle~d'Wi~n: tW¢'iQ~r)!I~<1,1 ~ijd tls"'~n'@ f.Qi"-I1'!~

~p!l."i:i!a·_ fi5r- vi'()f6~,rj, P-r.I~(;jl'lei""'~N"-· r ~:~L;i!iRtJt~ "~+o.r'


stb,..·iTJ·. ~l'iilfll ~fl.r;S·'ine
the ;C~ntIDlS.a),l!Flo .. fDr de'I'l?lJsijl;g;FI§(b. !rig; N\q~~ d(!).q~ .the
~t~ift~ e)':id,i

h1:1'€.and there, Prierto

there wt:n~'VE'ry few visitors to Birkenau. Tours d ldlJ 'tgo tIU! re: e"'-en l)et'SoJ1.aiguides WOU Itln'( take you there ..Now it'Ii tlre lesser P<Ht of a fi.nllo UJ', feil.n-1l'lng_" tr:)O k aL;3!5ampl~ slee pir,gand I avatQty h:iJ'~'qtlts, which are'in\~ry PQClI'CCll1cLftion,The·odgin~] l)al"!'acl~all had ,a}lorct'hd.ll-co!l'eJ'ecl brick stove ateneend 5'OIn whlrh

'\\1thtllem were. $;Jnr.e~~ ih€J(l Wti'Om.J.l \'I·";e" in aCl"O~S the s.treet fr:1l.lI1uh~ sanna. I->:Mcbthe ·S(i\~.~ts
burned down <i£t:.erhey "'-!I'11Vt;Q, t . There aiiE' oth'<'!,smaller dWnrei;'ol;m buiidfng£( #20 on dl<1;gram em pag!l4(,j .at Biil'k~J1!)'u~ the guides but won't take you thereetthe1 Thedoors are locked, <mel no signs iilent:[fl1 the buildinss; J
i •


TT~i~ <li~gr,;m.en the f.~in.!: ~a~,~ """s'drawff ~~~~i~!'lr Q,.,r['\g lB. Stfm[r,a,. !1a~~ il\iIJ1~H reo ~Qmo;l nn ~vi~~~~l1th,

b-t John


!h.,W1~i~of~IT P'~O'"Q' QHo.~r'

"ih lch ,1'n~J\)' of them ~t·
",,!:til!!>, Ir. t.~U!}',It
plJr;rfbiiqn ~!~rtUor



t~e~~tt3i~,~~~~ nW\U"I'~' 19~\'l-~ willi a~In,Ei!ti.

Iribu'~~d 10' ~h. t r.m.,tI"rl., ()1'Ig)n~:<;d 'm[her Iromthe

~)rn(hi! .spo~
m~ij" cam.!',

z. A'~~;i"Q.i.;~ t.nh§
lar[h .. r W<'S1i..

I. pleld; pl6W;,d ami p~n~e;j In I <;tH,

Ih~ ?.ilIr'\Xl\emi<~1 p1Wtl'31,M'onowln:

! 3;rh~tw~d~I'g~ ~~~n'aWri3 II Dmllll;'i~i'e
v>IJbli!.[Q tl:i0ll,!l!f<d~

3. C~~~pool:l. ~l'iIj"l g Into Ihe, Sol, 1.3 '!em 'tTi1i1l i"l'Vl1it~ \-'louse," ',.,'Ii;ll'e ten~ of tho'~· ", " ,and" o~ P"~~" ~J'e :tupPO!.,oJ, te- lIay~ b,e~1I1 u 1:' m Qe~,J. "I'tn Z)',K!q~ iL ~.Tili'i~,w~.r. ,h."'vlttll".,, a,~.suppo~~.:1 oc>' Ij~vet1n~r:'i-.~ll, ~ltJ-;a~~h th"I'. here L~{o," ju<ie 194-1, 6,TrM;. Th Q P,h01})grnr1w [like" oi rh e Olbpve·menti(llieMLiur f"jr~n~'"[IO~ P~l,~::S,ttcIW~'Qn ~n~ Mll Sepoembj'r 1:~~"1SfN'II !1Qdlt~h!!!-s: rl,,-pll~_! of
IS' cI~IJ11(ld 'i;> .. ~

or P>~<I,ro·by'd~1I.nlJ


~i<1etn. C~mp'-Ol'er rli"illess 'ije!d-sand irom thE\. In"'rr;;rDlJd:~T<><i<'s'111 th,;, calTljJ,lh($lr. th~


<;inlJ"~uF'mYfld%~ wi!h ~ b~rbe:d wit~ (i!ojj<~" ..Hers

mer" '~5

an 0 r',"e51([I; m~d" ~p ~r

1~111~1_\Os, ,-'\1J3'(;hwit~,,,nQ Birk<lw.u~ who from
Surl~.t to~~~n~.



15.$ft{lrft: a~d foo[b~l!'tj~!cl~.
16. I nm~t" fIDsl1Jtd,

!]. V~~~t';l:;le !ptd<tr&
IS,-Can1f! eX$'~miQf' III ·~I!I.'~,llj 1urn::rt

nwntied by barbed ,wire (se'_'~30 and 231,.
19, K[t(hell~

bQ<li"~ .. r,d n~ srn<>'<", -.!tJ..,"'gh rt


(I'lin@ In the men's ~amp and

thouwnd~'ol g;;'~ri~ "~tin'l' we re heing th!'do'lii
IlltCi tMg~dln:I1,e1" ~ ~d b,irM\'" e'II'eill d,,;,;', .lnc" lh. ctem~!o~l~ ""(i~; overloaded,

flou rlIi tt;'~ Wl')mOlI1's eamp:!.

'l:O.-BuJ,di,-ip wfllth cl::rrhin~,branbtNlld I~ f'iiltt~~~es Vi"f" O!I,lr'~tE~<I. I:'I , G~!~I'.d·et;lll'~<';,
21..TI,ri;e·niet,; ..-r,!'ghb~l'b~dwir'.·-I"n<.:

SiC i1itl't"oori~ IV and V. ~, ttnl'V ~lr"h!)5,'Ii!'!'l J<l;~t and Urn cI~c,p,
I'rich ~!"r '~rtiie bo;t"rn.

_J,l (mp. ~reil(o~P?t;}to'~ and .~~&~~I).I~$'

10, C'i'llwal

bDn'iH.k~ of ,sl.q\~.=arrd



of 3U b;lIl1'il~lI$, n'rkr!."-,.<lrCa".'d,,
ai'no'.., ~r·

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Inlf!~IESI \.,rh,21'~ the' pru~e:;iil;in~

'rlv~'I!:~l'e serxed and w~u:tiiiied, 12. Ro"nJhi'NI!;,~nd orll(ci1os TOI' water pu·
riifkiiti;on."A S:E!wiiE! p'urlflci'tJon p!::;nf Wii:1 a:lso

Z~,TQiji"t$ ;toll W;I$!1rQOlI1, ~"l, 1sn's qJmp. 1
28, Mliin '''ntr~,"'l~e,

~"gJ,jn,~6,,~~'Iin,lo:ih?t """"11~~n~rru~tJan ~.,. l

P.a,!",,~y Ihc'K!;"


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tlon P,Qssess ~d ~ ,,~Yli!~: !)!~rttl~tla" F'1'l'l1'AiJ waste mt&J' ll(';.veQ'Ir;-t.o ~~ew in.. tSll~!ioo~ "wj,
the mere-or 1~;!;pL.ri'ijed ','!:;l!e-r~el'lll"",e~

300W~iQI' pmn~lng ~fi!<iioll' ] I, Camp ad'll!,n'IH,~~ioll.l~1a~e_d btlild i~lI-'


n,T", B,rke~~u__

.Ju, ~""~'i r!l.!i~l, T:1~,j; ~jJ ~n"~,Ir~¥I'r~i' :r~II'i"tati';Hn



I oro'illiYi

¥", '!I.ill~

i,n~to~I,.tbnvp~r~, h3Vt>I'Q'Q,as,'1d [errlb!,~, odOr;!;


SPORT &: SOCCER FIELD In m~:t~s wanted to eli:g<l,g~ ln sp pr ['s. 011 the i.r"d.ay~ gffr anc:!"th~gllardshad 119obj~ctibn-in fact, [twas an order IlQ,m: 1-1 irn rnle r to ~UQW thern SP01'ts because he th{)!~~!1tt would increase bodiLy srrength and i hellJm,ake them <I better labor force, The inmates, 'formed teaJTIS and enJoyed n·iel1dly.QompetitiaD em Sa tui,day a fte ('11'0QI1S ap,d Si..mddyS:,\\:'[th_~ntl1nsi(l;5tjr. ,che,eriilg sect Iens , Even duo' gl.lO'ln\s formed a tr.;:am and played, ag<liniJ:t the inmatesl It i:s reported that [earns sometimes used the crematorium grounds; when there was Ito mom on the main field- {It!) (H] aiagr,Hll0n P<1g~40).
,odgl'~'I1 kltc~e.I'l~ilt Binkelr"uth1!"t W,rs ,~t:in $~fI~ll1~ ba~ldri ~9-7', r

'Ct:@,jmtRr:t~.rit iI-tri?B[rk~[l~~, ,5Iit ~ 'llp.p'e~i'~il'In Fe~;,I'9'4~,

;silll' unq",r,1cqI1Str\l,,:
'ti t1t.- l~~'pa.i:1!!l!lt \,Ill>

THE KITCl[ENS The kitchens are also do~¢d to the publk, qs:telis!bi:y f~Jrpt"esel.'vatiqn and to pre vent V<iIldali~fi:J: Butwhy is that a con,~~e-l'n, some buUdinSs .;IIDd il9t uthers? for Acconling to Ditlieb Feld€rer, his slides show seve ral ~xtremely hfrge moldrlg Wits 6,tJ1 inside the builditlgs·_ ,Ml)S1C & II1AIING A book!I'I'l'itt~'n by a focmer Inmate described how they put on sl1~rwswith mu,$,il'and dancing <l[]d skits at Bh'l{ena:iL Ruth Elias "Jl$o mentioned the music "holvsinh€r hook Triunlph ofHop~- The remark:iblE' thing-is that the iSSgUlII'ds-sar: in tbeandienee $ide by 'side "lith th~'inmates, C O.QP~ v-e"in1_te.l'actii;lll b~:rati tween ,~llllrds- and prisoners was not un USHal_ Fo rt n$t~nCt;, they worked tog~tltersQr~n.gclcthing ar rhe "Canaci'a"wiir!:,hol.lse5<lud even took the opportunity to h<lv~"ff<lirs, There were a few marriages between 8"LIjl.1'\,ls aod\Ji'01venpr]spnel:sat IlirlWF1<lli, oIlly <Lfterthe \\1<Lt Pl'i~Qtie.\'S,hawevel", were'aHo-wed tel many each other, Some; marl'iag~s took plaee and children weH~bern,

.M~&ulld mprg!.t~,;, latijr \:-all~~f th'e·~~af fh§/n5:\J~:-',c~'~'J~~~#i1,
,!Fight ce,Yriil*)'ti'

CREMATORIUMS There Were four "l(rCtnl<is" at Bir!wnau~ o[ whlch you can see the rui rus,todtl.y, Kremas II and Ill aTe. at the end of the road that runs from the maim entrance, while TV {1i r~6;nls;tru;ruo.o) ,awl, V-a re <ll:e nu more than foundatlons, just north (If the Central Sauna, 11' they 1""ere g~.chilmhel'S, it means there '\,'i'€re no


,wa'~,~ix' G~e;; ,Of'~,OR. i~

I~~h ~f$fiown~~"e~r


·.'.bl'.lY~rr.n!M.~I)· :~~er'ili~(ZiWqb IS; i
h,~a~~'tI ,~~"W'iT~',

~;l;i~t;:~~,e~' t~·b,;""

llBlERATlONAS PltO'PA,GANDA ~Ije photograph 011 this 'page is n·om footage used Ina SClvj€t pl'Op<lgaJ.1.cia film, shot bYdPol±sh,soldierlibe.l'at(H', nd sh D~'Sthe Birken 8Iu,cio th:ing \var" houses a (known OIS "Canach:i") bunjjog, l'r1 the clis'!:iJ.JiC€We see tall ef'ematOr!urri t:hlrrmeys that h"dstlppo.s~dly been hlowfliip by theretreating Naz!,s Qil~.wl?~k,b'r;{bte., The ( story gQ~~ the S'5 1\ b'~ncloned th:e co m plflXon lauthat u.a:ry IS, hut gent a Cf-E\V b<1ck011 rhe aoth [.0 bl{)~' up Crematoriss 1[; ]11 and V befure the Rus.sians .<lidvanced on th.~ ca.:rnp"i Wf'lkh
turnedout r.{jbe on J::m:.,:&'7J

n1(rJ:SUCi;d LJ ring the ~IJ t:elT]bl.e typhus <':J;J!qemtes that struck.the camp, KT~mas IV end V bad shower rooms ~4'jia~¥\ilf~~;i,! ~~~. artd werecleseto the S<llmJ,which also had IlShOWeT il{ier ~lJe)l'had blcwn it room: The musaum-ssysthese shower roams WH~ re!jip,{jJ1~"g:!am~ It';:iil (lllyg~s chambers, which means there was-onlv one. tlj~('GkiTJ~~Jn :tQQ}: shower 1'0 om, in the Sa,U1)a, f61'9.>0"oQQpri s on-er;r f!'~~ ropei;l,_o:lf, With a' W M~'I~ ~i.~~I~i:i~iilg, There i~li ttla ,~Oll ht.a1} the Kp~:rTh18 El~deGtfoy~;d. it: i~',Un di3rg6ffig: by tile Soviets. ~holt]Y after their artivdit eveo.t It:Qugh a 1l:~~~~l;!~e' book liol11 the.Ausehwitz Museum 5a)'s that 'Crematoblre:SiervaIn'pn jYJ'.o:Jj",ass·: ri ~lw n arid Il d wem blown up by the Nazis on la 11, ~a. 1915, Yet the 6ffit~1!y aQc~ptiid date that tJ:H~ G~~'111anS a.btlJ'ldolie:d the ramp j~ Ianuary I$,-I:1iI'O difys earlier r----------~~ T11~ S9,,;iets 'fui,uid only i'J few tied,d, b6dj~ at-the BirbmalJ ,camp, pres(t'Ive:d by the t'r.'et!:zing weather,. The'c1;,~mBdon ovens had been G1S111a!llflea and taken fi'om the cJmp In November ~9-44:, ~fl:t!r rernovlng the roofs.

R.j!fJi If;O~ ~Gt~tri~tQI'tl~ rn II.phqtPtt'llpihll!d"br,~~.Q:

This: is: tb~ bi:~t.eyicl('Q,c,etha,ttheBaviet myth of th €Na1:':IS' des] rete ~!d'egt~oy
the traces of their crimes" is j ust thdt~a myth, ThE' SS had left behind a total of


survivors !.:'<I p.<lb I~ 'C)U te iliJ~g thdl' ,stQf)! ttl, the €'n~my) :;'0' what wmitd he the point-of demclishmg thecrematori um' bu:ildings1 The high iy pu bl icized Sovie t "liberatlnn" of AIJ30hwltz of propaganda. The Red Arrnyhappened Up8Il tbs camp, told thi;:people found there th~y were £ree tole~vr:!, ·tindcominueil {in the.I:J' way West. THe prisoners were left to find the'lf'way hdm~ ~l)1de]'~ilpp<iJ1ing nditi'Qfi$~ Soviet intc.llige:llce m lJ,nits.then rrM)ve~ inand.dedded haw bsstto t\s'ew.bk1t

ove r

~h.:c, ~rpillljiik;~ih?~1i'8' i.";,ii'
.. ~ ,.Q. .. ~' ~

at,>BJid{~ nau

a u rril~~'i

... "';!I~,

!tcmti'tit'n:ir,afwrcl'l'd ;;l~. dya,1'~t~b!e'1~~I:e~,~n
J'Zin:':!l:7 i wttfl'~ri;;iI)iI~¥' rl~'I:hinln~*~.s~ir! , Stit]:J13,logiil) thoe pittl&

they founa to advance their

0""11 Cd use.

left,l'llin,$.·.af re"Qnstw


!V-~¥efnh!s It 11

ctlo n! Ail Elgediy,th 8:' Poljsl1 people 'll;r~ed off all t.he ol"l,t<rl~jhrid~$"

The' myth of t lw ALl~chw Itl; camp wa sea 11strurred, snd has undergone rn any >d\sl;iu'(lssj~j(i;' then, 1'11<=numbero] fOJ1rJlltWiJll "gafiS:ed'J-is pj)obflhly the InajO(Cil5~lilIty of his ~Qr~cal evisio nism=bu t there'll r(:' r m"ny others.


a1:e b!arj1d1ld for"oo -t1'1~

~1l§'f!f'E:~'1.lfcl~r~J4~~~ ~I l'''~hdde;~U"Oyingtlhe': e

At the did Of fhe inaill road rhm u,gh ~Ilteriail!ust j p:a.r>t thel'uined c!'ell)1lltori lim S, I[and III (wbere ypu see

the number


the diagramon pa~e 40) is a lru:~e

sculpture and many plaques, each lna different Iangtj{!ge~ but '!!I:ith the same I:nsci:iptlon:: "FOr.ever. Iet th(~ pi9.O:: be a.cry of' arid .1. wam:i1l.g t9 htm1,mit}';wheJ'~ the N~~~srnur-

dered about oneend a half million men,
womenandchildren, mil Ltlly ~e\vs; f["{)m vario us CQUIlt!:i ~ of Europe"

'19¥H945 Howe~'er, previous to 1990' and the collapse Union. this ii,J,s£r~ptiofl d<llmlf1g, 4' niillion.deathswas on theplaques.aud quite fam!)!]!t i1 \'1&, The dis9t~p<lJ1C)' b~~\;ee:ii.4 million aud 1.5 mlllien didll'Lr:es.ult in a eh~[lge in thc'ovbaH 6 million Srov~~tUnion, .Accordjngt!j Wil~t€t Staeglich in The Ausd'wft;,: Myt~J GeniJa;t1 ~nd A!1~trlansoldiers whO! were iruerned at dJ1e POW'$ bftheSaviets after the war reported they saw I1Q traees of alleged massm l;ir:d~t'.sarlrW~lel'etn the. ~JnJp5,"The SOlliets did n is l· pel'J:lJ it outsiders tO~lspeCt tl'l Ii: gwCi nds, u Tli,~ 46·v.tll11me,tl Of "D'eath BndkS· k~p1 btthe A LtS,chl>i'~b;p.ditic:a~ departmentaad ccm5,scateri by Ih~ Sovietswel'E turned ever to the In l::ematinnal Committee of the R-ed Cross in "9&9.-These r€cords show
around 69.01)0 pr.iSQ1't,€r:$. diedbetween -~?p~Bilfl~:~.i!l'~'i~_~'
'J! f,iJ;l~.L~e,,'N,k~~~!i!.,11~1i'I




~~e,,,c~[1i,e1' Ji:~t.

pt~tfl until 'I' ?:90',

~~~Ge-j [I rstf~p-~!'1i A

;]ifd it<?fI!J?RI"I,~1~~

flgme, nor has. a.E1y.jlde!J)ll<l~e elf)JJat1atro.n bee n ~V(al mr the failul'l:. tOTtQUc€ the latter figure,
Such j s the oature of the Ausc owi t l":Bj do(cf;"Jl au

·fi¢'~t.~:~, H!i~"'~~~~, u .. _ r ~ .~ ~
'of MHa~,';':

exp~riE'n6:'. Th~ lastroll call, E~lmtTon ]alllliUy 17,19451 slrowtd! a t.ot<l] of 11?!;:q,6 PJi~i@ers; in A:usdiwi tz [-lo,,;o3G men and 6"L9.€iwomen .. The tor'll count fo!' ail threeeampswas 67.,011, aC(erdi11;g

lilly 29~ 1~;l41

to DanutaCzech,


l'he;;pI'Menf pla"l~e

rlili~tt~ ri~pf
• .

·faulp mIJlh:m':Y.{ct!r,ns;

EVe(l WIth' the pub!idry of the Nuremberg Trials; Au~dl\~r-itzl'erl1ain~dvirrntllIy milplp,vri [0 th~ public fur a ~¢cade after t lie \o';~r,,111 d tt:'aJly did n't b~tQme tb(' phehtJlllenOn it is tQd~y l.mlil198~f,i'lI't~~~ f.flll of the. the

,TI!iid O<'C, 31, i941l~".5 yeilisI. T1i!.!'t!~~!it:~' deatb hpo~i; .itrE'1l1i~ssing, as are tho_~e'fClr 1944!3a~J{e<i;ill tlvilSe records, the Irttematiena] Red Cress 'h,1l)s'esriOl3;[€"d thin: a total of Mound 13~,oooI[tegistered! prisoners, Jf.!VIo'S nd nNl·i.ews, died in the thrEe a Auschwitz camps du;~'inglts.<'nti.r('exi;;tellQ~, These and other records.ere now avai1abJ~<lt the Internatiq:l1'~] TI:~titlgS~I,Ij:tei[1' Bad Am.lsp:n, Ge!'m.<lIhY,·

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