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Delaware Valley Chapter to Elect New Officers Book, Paper, Scissors sale at Free Library Alice Austin Reports from Rome

Pressing Matter
Autumn, 2008 Number 3 The Publication of the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers

Alice Austin trAvels to rome As visiting Artist At the AmericAn AcAdemy In September I was a visiting artist at the American Academy in Rome for three weeks. My project was to study the Nolli map of Rome printed in 1748. Nolli was the first map maker to accurately measure the buildings in Rome and to represent them graphically. The Academy owns a copy which consists of twelve large plates folded in half and bound in a book. The maps are beautiful works of art! The staff at the Academy was really helpful and the library collection impressive. Anyone with a topic to study can apply to the Academy to be a visiting artist, however, you must pay for your own food and housing. The next part of my project will be to work in Philadelphia on an artist book based on the inspiration drawn from the map and from Rome. a Alice Austin

executive committee nominAtions

I nominate the following people for office in the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers: President: Secretary/Treasurer: Program Chair(s): Newsletter Editor: Mail this form to: Jennifer Rosner President, DVC Guild of Book Workers The Library Company of Philadelphia 1314 Locust Street Philadelphia, PA 19107
Alice studies the Nolli map printed in 1748

Delaware Valley Chapter Guild of Book Workers c/o The McLean Conservation Department The Library Company of Philadelphia 1314 Locust Street Philadelphia, PA 19107

Close-up photo featuring the maps beautiful detail

Alice spent much of her time sketching her way throughout Rome

executive committee elections

Hello Everyone, It is hard to believe that two years have gone by since our last election. We are required to hold an election and I am writing to remind you of the process that we used last time. Each person on the Executive Committee has agreed to run again. The Executive Committee currently consists of: President: Jennifer Rosner Secretary/Treasurer: Alice Austin Program Chair(s): Hedi Kyle and Denise Carbone Newsletter Editor: Sharon Hildebrand The first step of our election process is nominations. Feel free to nominate someone, including yourself, for any of the committee positions, descriptions of which are below along with a list of our current membership. Use the form to mail your nominations and we will hold an election by mail in early December. Please mail the nomination form ASAP! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call or email me; 215-546-3181 or Executive Committee: President: The President shall preside over the annual business meeting, coordinate the activities of the Chapter Officers, and serve ex officio member of the GBW Executive Committee. With the Secretary/ Treasurer, the President shall have the authority to approve bills for payment. Secretary/Treasurer: The Secretary/Treasurer shall record the minutes of the annual business meeting and shall keep a record of the Chapters finances. With the President, the Secretary/Treasurer shall have the authority to approve bills for payment. Program Chair: The Program Chair shall organize and coordinate educational programs every year and prepare information for the newsletter to publicize these programs. Newsletter Editor: The Newsletter Editor will issue a newsletter three times a year for the purpose of keeping the membership informed of Chapter business and activities as well as other local events, activities or concerns which might be of interest to the membership. Our individual members are listed on the next page, lower right. On the back of that list is a form you can use to nominate someone, including yourself for a position. Mail the form, or similar to: Jennifer Rosner President DVC Guild of Book Workers The Library Company of Philadelphia 1314 Locust Street Philadelphia, PA 19107 You may wish to email your nominations to: a Jennifer Rosner

locAl Announcements
delAwAre vAlley chApter of the guild of book workers officers Jennifer Rosner President Alice Austin Secretary / Treasurer Hedi Kyle Program Coordinator Sharon Hildebrand Newsletter Editor

Congratulations to all of our Chapter members featured in 500 Handmade Books.

2009 Workshop Shanna Leino Late Coptic Binding January 17 & 18 Be on the lookout for more information coming soon!

delAwAre vAlley chApter members

Cathy Adelman, Malibu, CA Sylvia Ramos Alotta, Berwyn, IL Alice Austin, Philadelphia, PA Jody Beenk, Princeton, NJ Henry Blanco White, Philadelphia, PA Paul Brubaker, Denver, PA Denise Carbone, Philadelphia, PA Rebecca (Bexx) Caswell, Medford, MA Lillian Corazza, Allentown, PA Betsy Palmer Eldridge, Toronto, Canada James Englebart, Philadelphia, PA Jet Foncannon, Philadelphia, PA Alisa Fox, Philadelphia, PA Elizabeth Gates, Lancaster, PA Elizabeth Gross, Philadelphia, PA Robert Hamner, Glenview, IL Karen Hamner, Glenview, IL Sharon Hildebrand, Philadelphia, PA Andrew Hout, Philadelphia, PA Morgan Jones, Philadelphia, PA Jamie Kamph, Lambertville, NJ Rolf Kat, Wynnewood, PA Meg Kennedy, Wynnewood, PA Andrea Krupp, Philadelphia, PA Hedi Kyle, Philadelphia, PA Lane Miller, Philadelphia, PA Julia Miller, Ann Arbor, MI William Minter, Woodbury, PA G. Robert Nelson, Jr., Charlottesville, VA Herbert Nieder, Newton, NJ Nancy Nitzberg, Elkins Park, PA Tara OBrien, Philadelphia, PA Claire Owen, Philadelphia, PA Todd Pattison, Andover, MA Don Rash, Plains, PA Jennifer Rosner, Philadelphia, PA Mary C. Schlosser, New York, NY Rebecca Smyrl, Upper Darby, PA