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Student Government Resolution 2011/12 – 003 Chair Haggstrom Chair Muerhoff Senator Amisi Senator Mora A Resolution in Support

of the Reassessing Criteria for the Aviation Department’s Closure and Reopening Admissions to the Aviation Department Whereas: The St. Cloud State University Student Government is the official voice of the Student Association; Whereas: St. Cloud State University has closed new student admissions to the Aviation department; Whereas: the State of Minnesota currently has only two baccalaureate degree aviation programs left (St. Cloud State University & Mankato State University) of which St. Cloud State University Aviation is the only program that is 1.) accredited, 2.) has an approved air traffic control program, and 3.) has had a successful aviation management track. Whereas: the SCSU Aviation program has produced graduates who eventually became employed worldwide as airline, military, and corporate pilots; air traffic controllers; airline and airport managers; government & private sector aviation support service employees; all of which are responsible for the lives and safety of the traveling public. Whereas: St. Cloud State University does not own, maintain, or lease airplanes; nor does St. Cloud State University tuition and fees pay for flight training costs of the aviation students actively engaged in flight training; nor do non-aviation students subsidize aviation students who are flight training. Whereas: other St. Cloud State University departments in 2008 have cost the university more than the Aviation department, including the Nursing, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering departments. Whereas: the recently aforementioned departments have not awarded as many degrees as the Aviation department individually. Whereas: approximately 6-10% of the aviation students are international students who come from around the world to study aviation at St. Cloud State University. St. Cloud State University aviation has attracted students from Nepal, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Japan, Iceland, Congo, Canada, Norway, Taiwan, Ecuador and beyond. A vast majority of foreign countries do not have baccalaureate degree in aviation, therefore there are international students that come to St. Cloud State University to study aviation. Whereas: “A recent study by the International Civil Aviation Organization,” quoted by Midwest Flyer in December 2010, “reported that between 2010-2030 airlines around the world will need an average of 49,900 pilots per year, and current training is not keeping pace with that need.” Regionally, this shortage is being braced for by Lakeland College in Sheboygan, WI with the creation Wisconsin’s first

four-year aviation department in the past year. Whereas: the regional economy and the State of Minnesota depend upon an active St. Cloud airport and engaged aviation community. Whereas: St. Cloud State University, the St. Cloud Airport, the city of St. Cloud, the state of Minnesota, and the United States economy as a whole are positively affected by the St. Cloud State University Aviation department. Therefore be it resolved: that the St. Cloud State University Student Government encourages the Administration of St. Cloud State University, the Chancellor, and the MnSCU Board of Trustees to reassess the criteria for closure of the SCSU Aviation department and to reconsider reopening the department. Therefore be it further resolved: Student Government supports facilitating a community forum between interested parties, SCSU, and MnSCU representatives.

_________________________________________ Samantha Ivey President Student Government

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