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MEDIA RELEASE: Talk Radio Podcast on Changes to Illinois Attorney Trust Account Rules Original Airing and Recording 04/17/2012

Sponsor: Chris McCarthy of Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Chris McCarthy provides individuals and business owners with expert guidance and exclusive access to Northwestern Mutual’s life and disability insurance policies. The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, WI. “Confronting Passive Aggressive Behavior with Beverly Tarr” Domestic violence does not always leave a mark. Passive aggressive behavior is a menace to the process of dispute resolution among families moving through a divorce or separation. The children of a passive aggressive parent can learn negative traits and suffer among work and friend groups. Spotting these behaviors requires open communication and Beverly Tarr is a mediator who can explain why. Beverly Tarr specializes in all aspects of divorce mediation and has conducted over 600 mediations with 95% of cases reaching agreement. Her practice covers every aspect of divorce and/or separation including child custody, parenting time and all financial matters. She is an accredited mediator for the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution, the Center for Conflict Resolution and the Mediation Training and Consultation Institute in Divorce/family mediation and has received further specialized training in post decree cases. She appears in publications and is regularly asked to speak at mediation seminars and conferences as a specialist in this field. Website: Topics covered on this show – just a taste: 1) Identifying passive aggressive behavior; 2) Interspousal communication and the impact of passive aggressive conduct; 3) Being role models for children and teaching them the communication tools to succeed; 4) Recommendations and best practices in working with a passive aggressive troublemaker. Listen to our shows on demand

Live: 04/17/2012 at 6:00 pm CT (7:00ET/4:00PT) Listen on demand:
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