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We help companies develop, deploy and measure their business and online marketing strategies.
Founded in 2004, Lima Consulting Group (LCG) helps companies develop, deploy and measure their business and online marketing strategies. We offer a range of professional services that complement our online marketing strategy consulting service, including online marketing, website and ecommerce development, implementation services, business process consulting, and project management services.
We work with the leading web analytics solutions provider, Omniture (now the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite), and with the leading on-demand business management software, NetSuite. We maintain technical certifications with many other technical solutions such as Google, Microsoft, IBM Coremetrics/Unica, Responsys, ExactTarget, Ektron, SalesForce, MX Logic (now McAfee) and many e-mail marketing platforms. We describe our capabilities by aligning our capabilities with our client’s business models. We find that many of our clients know that they have a business challenge, but they often express concerns that they “do not know what they don’t know” when it comes to identifying answers. By organizing our offering by business model our clients more easily identify the services needed to address their challenges. We work with four business models. Each model has many variations and many companies utilize more than one within their organization. It is also important to note that the nearly all of these models are used by the industries we serve. Business Models e-commerce business Services Description For those companies that sell their products and services online, or that connect others who do. For companies that perform services in behalf of a client. This is the broadest of the models and includes initiatives to lower costs to serve clients such as the online banking model. For those companies that sell their digital content. For those companies that profit by advertising to their online audience.
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What Makes Lima Consulting Group Different?
We’ve always believed that to grow our business we have to offer the most value in the marketplace for the segments we reach. We do that in four ways: (1) Consultants First. We focus on advancing our clients interests before our own or those of our technical partners. We’re problem solvers first, not promoters of technology. That’s why we call ourselves a Consulting Group. Relentless Thinking From Teams of Experts. Companies don’t make money- people do. The skills needed to win in the online marketing and business software industries will continue to accelerate in line with the pace of innovation. Our role is to help you develop and deploy appropriate marketing strategies and tactics to provide engaging relationships with each of your client segments. To do this successfully, we recognize that our people must provide highly specialized skills as they collaborate in a multi-disciplinary team. We train our consultants to be subject matter experts within their discipline and highly collaborative in their interactions with equally talented experts from other disciplines. Because innovation waits for no one, we are relentless in our thinking and in exceeding expectations. Proven Processes, Methods & Frameworks. Because we understand that no organization has unlimited resources, we know how important it is to align your people, processes and technology with your business objectives. Lima Consulting has a unique methodology that aligns business objectives with the appropriate marketing execution and software needed within your organization. We go beyond executing a creative brief because we start with strategy and end campaigns by measuring results so that we can make recommendations to improve the strategy, execution and campaigns in subsequent initiatives. Depth & Breadth of Expertise. Whether we’re developing traditional or digital marketing strategy, conducting implementation services, executing tactics or measuring results we’ve worked awfully hard to attract and retain a team of all-stars. Our team has experience in leading marketing companies, technology organizations and consulting firms.
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We understand that bringing a new relationship into your organization has its challenges. We are consultants first, relentless in our commitment to solving your challenges, who bring world-class marketing, business and technical backgrounds. We are one of a very few companies who can help marketers develop the appropriate strategies, tools, tactics and measurement to accomplish their business and online marketing objectives. We have offices throughout Latin America to bring our clients world-class resources at an excellent value. Our teams become an integral part of each client’s marketing efforts, which means long-term effectiveness and exceptional cost-efficiency.

Industries We Serve
Industries Lima Consulting Group serves professional services firms, financial services, distribution companies, e-commerce stores, media companies, publishers and advertisers of all sizes and government agencies at the state and federal levels. We also focus on companies interested in reaching Spanish speaking markets be they in Latin America or the United States. Geographies We have offices in the United States, Uruguay, Colombia and recently opened our South American headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil.

How is Lima Consulting Positioned to Help?
We are not a digital agency. We are not a management consulting firm. We are not software innovators. We are integrators who stand at the center of the strategy, technology, execution and measurement of online marketing and business strategy initiatives.


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We often hear from our clients that our clients are dissatisfied with marketing consultants who don’t understand how to benefit from information technology and that their technical practitioners don’t understand how to relate software or online marketing to their business. Our clients generally work in environments where they also are held accountable to consistently improve marketing result. Over time, the hodge-podge of software makes it difficult to measure results, new strategies prove too difficult to implement and what you can do is often confined or defined by technical or human resource limitations. So with each budgeting cycle our clients undergo a process that often looks like the process outlined in the graphic below: they develop their traditional and online marketing strategy, select the technical solutions to support the intended strategy, execute the plan and then measure the results from end-to-end. Assembling a coherent and integrated plan to effectively put all of this together is also a skill-set in and of itself, but not one that marketers are generally prepared to conduct. The consultants at Lima Consulting Group are integrators that stand with you at the center of these four disciplines (1) strategy, (2) tools, (3) execution and (4) measurement of your online marketing and business initiatives.

Our Strategic Framework
Since 2004 we have worked hard to improve our processes to address our clients’ needs. Our methodology is simple, comprehensive and easy to deploy across the four business models we serve. Our methodology is four step process that incorporates the disciplines needed to play and needed to win in online marketing.


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Lima Consulting Group is best known for delivering cohesive and integrated online marketing strategies. Developing strategy starts with an understanding of business objectives. From there, Lima Consulting Group’s collaborates with you to make a recommendation on an appropriate online marketing strategy. We help define objectives and goals, set your expectations and determine how results should be measured. The deliverables at this stage generally include the roadmap for the life of the strategy. We have offerings to audit the existing content, analytics posture, technical solutions, and of course, the effectiveness of existing strategies.


We identify the software, systems and even processes needed to execute the strategy. Sometimes we make recommendations on human resources, training and we implement the software needed to run a successful and integrated online marketing strategy. Technology should not define or confine the desired business processes; rather they should support them. Business requirements and process maps are very helpful tools we deploy to ensure we get this step right.


Executing a strategy often involves the coordinated management of internal and external resources. We often manage these processes and resources for our clients to ensure the desired outcomes.

Measure and Adjust

This is where we help our clients make more money and gain efficiencies. We hold routine meetings to review the performance of campaigns and identify new areas for testing. As we gain more consumer insights, we offer recommendations on how to create new experiences for our clients.


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Whether we are implementing a web analytics solution, a website, developing an online marketing strategy or an accounting system for your organization, Lima Consulting Group uses the four step methodology. The below project plan represents a typical approach we take in a client engagement and may vary for your project.

Lima Consulting Group Web Development Design Process
T hink
Discovery & Research

T ool

Content Migration


Marketing Team
Business Requirements
Creative Brief

Editorial Calendar

Business Analysts

Process Engineering

Prototype Navigation Map & Site Map Usability Testing

Creative Team

Content Audit


Template Implementation


Software Development

Functional Requirements CMS Framework


Online Marketing Team

Online Marketing Plan

On-Site Activities

Off-Site Activities

Web Analytics Team

Define Key Performance Indicators

Funnel Development

Reports, Dashboards Scheduled

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iPad and iPhone application development
When Apple released the first iPad in April of 2010 few people could have imagined that an entirely new, vibrant, and competitive world of content would be opened. Although not the first to create a tablet computer, Apple finally created a first-rate product which had a broad reach and almost universal appeal. The iPad and the iPad 2 have sold over 29 million units across the globe as of the middle of 2011. The devices have found a place in everything from industry to children's education, all through the power of highly customizable "apps". Retailers report that shoppers visiting on an iPad are much more likely to purchase, and that when they do purchase, their Average Order Value is at least 10% higher than PC shoppers. With the ease of use of our turn-key approach to building and launching an iPad application, nearly any company or organization can afford to leverage the portability, interactivity, and power of this platform to help them improve sales, generate leads, or promote their business objectives. However, just like when the internet came out, most organizations starting out with iPad Application Development have fallen into the trap of launching "brochureware". Today's applications have the power to engage visitors in meaningful ways using features such as geo-location services, interactive searches, powerful payment features through the iTunes store, and even integration with data stored on one's iPhone. To take advantage of the power and versatility of the iPad, Lima Consulting Group brings a multidiscipiplary team to your business, a team that understands business, marketing and of course, technology. We start each project not just asking what "has" to be done, but what "can" be done as well. We here at Lima Consulting understand that, and are committed to creating custom apps that really exercise the full potential of the iPad to meet your particular business' needs. Through our partnership with Rarewire, we use the industry leading iPad application development suite, allowing us to build applications quickly, powerfully, and at a economic rate you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. No level of complexity is out of reach with our team of dedicated experts that will stand behind you at every step of the development process. We help organizations develop, deploy and measure effective iPad and Android applications that bring effective results.


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Service Offering Line Up
Consulting Services Ø Online Marketing Strategy Ø Business Process Analysis and Engineering Ø Custom Application Development Ø Technology Purchasing Decisions Ø Website Traffic Analysis and Campaign ROI Online Marketing Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Pay-Per-Click Advertising Search Engine Optimization E-Mail Marketing Link Building Internet Media Buying Business Solutions Ø Customer Relationship Management Systems Ø Content Management Systems Vendor Selection and Implementation Ø E-commerce system selection and Implementation Ø Market Survey Systems and Polls Ø E-Learning Systems Vertical Solutions Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Defense Industry Financial Services Professional Services Field Service Organizations Franchises Manufacturers and Distributors Associations and Non-Profits Technical Solutions Ø Certified Google Consultancy Ø Omniture Certified Implementation Partner Ø IBM Coremetrics Ø NetSuite Certified Implementation Partner Ø Ektron Certified Implementation Partner Ø Salesforce Certified Reseller Ø MX Logic Certified Reseller

Web Analytics Analysis Ø Web Analytical Implementation and Audits Ø Online Marketing Consulting Services Ø Campaign Evaluation Interactive Media Ø Web site development Ø iPad/iPhone Development Ø Software as a Service for E-mail marketing campaigns Creative Services Ø Digital Graphic Design Ø Logo and Branding Development

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The Team
Paul Lima, e-Business Consultant and Founder Paul brings twenty years experience in serving industry, government and non-profit organizations. Prior to starting Lima Consulting Group, he spent seven years in the financial services industry. He held various positions at SEI Investments (SEIC), a $5 Billion dollar company, where he developed business and technology strategies and was responsible for new product development and service offerings. He also served in the US Army and most recently served as a Reservist as the Deputy Commander of the unit supporting the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), the Agency responsible for the IT Infrastructure for the Department of Defense. Mr. Lima held Board Positions with the National Society of Hispanic MBA’s and founded an “English as a Second Language” program in his community. Paul speaks Spanish and Portuguese and serves on the Philadelphia Boards of Alumni for his Alma Maters, West Point and Wharton, and as the Chairman of the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Paul holds an active top secret security clearance (TS/SCI). He earned a Masters in the Management of Technology awarded jointly by the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering (SEAS) and the Wharton School and holds a B.S. from the United States Military Academy. Alan Colmenares, Director for Business Development, Andean Region Alan Colmenares has over twenty years experience in technology in sales, thought-leadership and Venture Capital. As the Director of Business Development for Lima Consulting Group he is responsible for growing sales. Prior to working with Lima Consulting Group, Mr. Colmenares held senior executive roles at Compaq Computer, Intel, Oracle and SAS Institute in Latin America and the United States. Mr. Colmenares has extensive experience developing and executing business development strategies as well as selling through channels and developing robust channel ecosystems. Mr. Colmenares was the Strategic Investment Manager for Intel Capital in Mexico and Brazil. Prior to that, he surpassed sales objectives at Intel Corporation where he achieved 130% of his regional sales objectives and at Oracle where he consistently exceeded his sales objectives. Prior to moving to Latin America in 1995, Mr. Colmenares worked in Silicon Valley at software and hardware companies such as Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), NetManage, Inc. and Madge Networks. Prior to moving to Silicon Valley, Mr. Colmenares was an advanced engineer at a Pennsylvania-based defense contractor.
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As a thought leader, his research and articles has been publishes in Computer Reseller News, InfoWorld, and VarBusiness. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA as well as an MBA from INALDE Business School in Bogota, Colombia. Nicolas Cano, Software Architect Nicolas manages the technical aspects of client engagements. He is a subject matter expert in several programming languages and has over eight years experience in developing applications with NetSuite. Other software solutions he has deep experience include Sharepoint, Ektron, Omniture, and common open – source solutions such as Drupal, Joomla, and Magento and others. He holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Science from the Technical Institute of Buenos Aires and a Masters of Science Degree in Software Engineering from the University of Madrid. He is fluent in English and Spanish. Brian Leatherberry, Marketing Strategy Consultant Brian Leatherberry is a marketing strategist. He specializes in helping clients develop their marketing strategies and integrating them into an integrated methodology that supports their business objectives. He was a former brand manager for Tylenol and Imodium, and at Campbell’s Soup, and has held senior marketing executive roles at IMS Health, the nation’s largest provider of pharmaceutical use data. Brian is a graduate of Temple University and earned an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Milton Huezo, Operations Manager Mr. Huezo has eight years experience in managing complex technical and business projects. He is responsible for the quality of the services rendered by LCG. His experience in retail, financial services and the insurance industries brings depth to the "Applied" within the LCG philosophy: Strategy à Applied à Results SM. Previously, Milton co-founded Infinity 2, where he managed the company’s marketing department. He is a specialist in developing, implementing, and measuring lead generation programs, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing and all forms of pay per performance internet advertising. He has experience in conducting analysis for the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through the use of quantitative modeling and web analytics software and is a certified Omniture consultant. He holds an B.A. from Dickinson College and an MBA with emphasis in E-Business from the University of Phoenix.
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Karen Johnson, Financial Manager With over seventeen years in the accounting industry, Karen brings key insights into the purchasing decision of General Ledger systems and consults on how best to setup systems and processes to provide routine reporting for leaders. Paul E. Lima, Sr. (Major General, Retired) – Business Development Paul E. Lima, Sr. is responsible for marketing and sales of Federal contracting opportunities with Alfonso Cotto-Rivas. Paul brings a seasoned perspective of over forty six years in marketing and managing various international businesses in the automotive, consumer goods, defense, insurance and financial services industries. Most recently, Paul managed the international businesses lines for Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. Prior to that, Paul managed the Latin American (LAM) international insurance business interests of ITT Hartford, and before that, the LAM insurance businesses of AIG. Prior to that Paul managed product lines for Black & Decker in LAM, and prior to that he managed the LAM business relationship for PACCAR, the holding company for Kenworth and Peterbuilt trucks. Paul is also a retired Major General Officer from the US Army Reserves where he served as the Deputy Commander and Chief for the Southern Forces, representing America’s military presence in Latin America and the Caribbean. Former President Clinton appointed Major General Lima as the lead US Advisor to the Haitian government during the Haitian crisis. Paul also speaks Spanish, Portuguese. He currently holds the highest security clearances awarded by the Department of Defense (an active TS/SCI). Paul holds Masters Degrees from the Darden School of Business, Boston College, and the US Army War College, and is a graduate of the United States Military Academy.


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Lima Consulting Group Values Integrity
Do what’s right, legally and morally. Integrity is a quality developed by adhering to moral principles. It requires that we do and say nothing that deceives others. As our integrity grows, so will the trust others place in us.

Selfless Service
Put the welfare of clients, the company, and subordinates before our own by placing loyalties to the values of the organization before personal gain. The basic building block of selfless service is based on the commitment of each team member to persevere in making contributions while placing our clients’ interests first.

Exceed the expectations of others. Your personal expectations demonstrate who you are, and since companies don’t make money, people do, our people are the best metric others have in assessing our company’s future. Doing your duty means more than completing a job. Duty means that we execute as part of a team. It’s not enough to get great results for our clients; every member of the team owes it to the team to grow along the way.

Treat others with dignity and respect while expecting others to do the same. Respect is what allows us to appreciate the best in other people. Respect is trusting that all people have done their jobs and fulfilled their duty. This attribute starts with selfrespect which results from knowing we have put forth our best effort. We are one team and each of us has something to contribute.

Passion for Thought Leadership
Get out in front of our clients’ needs by anticipating their challenges through foresight and relentless thinking. Objectively council our clients by drawing on our collective experiences and through disciplined thinking. Innovate, use imagination and use technology to address their objectives. If your passion for getting results isn’t at 100%, let someone else serve the client.


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Lima Consulting Group (LCG) helps companies develop, deploy and measure their business and online marketing strategies. We offer a range of professional services that complement our online marketing strategy consulting, including online marketing, website and ecommerce development, implementation services, business process consulting, and project management services. We are integrators who specialize in web analytics, business management software and content management systems. Our customers include AmeriGas (NYSE: APU), Lazard Alternative Investments,, the Philadelphia Zoo and the University of Pennsylvania.

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