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An-Namas South 132/33 KV S/S

Balance T&C punch list



Colour Coding of cabling for positive(+VE) Negative(-VE) polarity marking is not done from manufacturer in ACDB/DCDB panels.contractor to rectify the problem in order to avoid misidentification in the future.

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Ibrahim Shahin


22/5/2010 Ibrahim Shahin


In 33 KV sw/gear panel DC & AC supply wires to be coded at the termination points. 22/5/2010 Ibrahim Shahin In AVR panels as per drawing SA-009380 rev:01 sheet#30 power supply from WTE1+S2 OLTC drive mech supply is 380v and IVT(interposing VT) installed in the panel rated 380/55-0-55 actual power supply of OLTC drive mech of WTE1+S2 is 220VAC clarify.



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In 33 kv switch gear there is no any spare terminal block of CT circuit in control panel ,10% spare terminal block should be provided on each terminal. Battery accessories and safety gadgets should be provided for power transformer no 2 all information for name plate not clear and wrong contractor should be chanaged for 132kv VT and 33kv VT factory test not available at site In 33kv SWGR factory test for all CT and VT not available at site For power Transformer T1, T2 final setting of colling fans such as start/stop and setting of humidity / heaters should be confirmed from SEC transformer departement. As per SEC standard 10 % spare terminals shall be provided on each terminal block. in AVR paneles for both transformers emergency stop switch for OLTC is needed .

Ibrahim Shahin 24/5/2010 Ibrahim Shahin 27/5/2010 Ibrahim Shahin 10/6/2010 Ibrahim Shahin 12/6/2010 Ibrahim Shahin 16/6/2010 Ibrahim Shahin 30/6/2010 Ibrahim Shahin 3/7/2010 Moh.Hussein 14/7/2010
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the setting for all AC/DC MCB shoud be provided all s/s manuals shoud be provided(132kv C.B,power tr. , auxilary tr. ,all protection relays,33kv C.B, metering devices, dc charger, batteries). in power tr. 1,2 the name plate shoude be available in english and should be cleared in AC/DC DP all MCB should be labeled . in 33kv SWGR if MCB F104 off no prot. Relay will operated so the prot. Relays shoud be feeding from another supply in 33kv SWGR theB.B protection trip in trip coil 2 not giving direct like trip coil 1 but throug F94 so if MCB F102 off and B.B relay operated the feeder will not give trip . Clarify in 123kv outdoor C.B A601,A602,A603 some spare terminal block are missing in TB11,TB12 shoud be completed in 132kv all disconnector and earthing switches box at the terminal block both side shoud be numbering as ber the drawing All S/S approved scheme drawing 3 copy shoud be available at site and modified as the precomissiong copy

Moh.Hussein 20/7/2010 Moh.Hussein 20/7/2010 Moh.Hussein 2/10/2010 Moh.Hussein 23/10/2010 Moh.Hussein 23/10/2010 Moh.Hussein 23/10/2010 Moh.Hussein 7/11/2010 Moh.Hussein 8/11/2010 Moh.Hussein 9/11/2010 Moh.Hussein

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Updated single line diagram for the S/S is required. 12/11/2010 Moh.Hussein Stauts A 12/11/2010 Moh.Hussein 15/12/2010 Moh.Hussein 15/12/2010 Moh.Hussein 1/1/2011 Moh.Hussein 1/2/2011 Moh.Hussein
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33kv busbar contact resistance of factory test is required to compare it with side result to close this item in the register book in 132kv CBF panel we need two lamp at every BF to show the relay IN/OUT status (very important). in 132kv control panel one digital summation meter of two power transformers not tested . in 125vdc charger 1 the digital unit of o/p dc voltage and current not working . Clarify in 33kv load shedding panel at front of aux. relays more labels is wrong so shoud be changed


in 33 kv swgr the pressure of sf6 gas in CB should be 50kpa at 24 degree as per manfacture name plate on the breaker but actual now is 70kpa clarification is needed . 1/29/2011 Moh.Hussein 1/29/2011 Moh.Hussein

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one cubpoard is reqired to keep all S/S schematic drawing the correct label of AC MCB in the external and internal lighting panels should be permenant and remove the temporary masking tape



the correct label of AC MCB in the external and internal lighting panels should be permenant and remove the temporary masking tape



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A3(2 copy) of external and internal lighting panels is required in SDB-1 220/127 VAC panel all MCB labels should be correct and permenant In AC panels the 3main MCB not tested and also 600A MCB not tested. All annunciator signals and SER signals must be printed. in 48vdc main DCDB in battery alarm relay one signal is coming (over voltage) this must be checked in SCADA panel(SMP) more T.B numbers are missing the approved MDCL not provided the scheme drawing of scada panel is required(SMP) S/S single line diagram is not provided S/S third copy of scheme drawing is not provided all 125vdc,48vd batteries should be permenant labeled Incomer Q101 in Main AC panel not charging electrically. Busbar Earthing Switch (coil burn) Y15.

Moh.Hussein 2/6/2011 Moh.Hussein 2/6/2011 Moh.Hussein 2/22/2011 Moh.Hussein 2/22/2011 Moh.Hussein 4/7/2011 Moh.Hussein 4/14/2011 Moh.Hussein 4/14/2011 Moh.Hussein 4/14/2011 Moh.Hussein 4/14/2011 Moh.Hussein 4/14/2011 Moh.Hussein 4/14/2011 6/11/2011 Moh.Hussein 4/6/2011 Stauts A Stauts A

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