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Laptop Survey in Dimapur 2012

A Survey on Laptop Market in Dimapur

Submitted to Sir Egumsing

Submitted by Ajay Sharmah Roll No: NU/MN-01/10 Sms,nu


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Laptop Survey in Dimapur 2012

Introduction: The market for laptop computers has distinguished itself as one of the fastest growing segments of the computer industry. Throughout its growth and development, this market, like many others, has changed a great deal as a result of customer demands. In an effort to cater to these demands, companies are look to market trends to aid in the development of new Products. In its most recent stages, the laptop market has been specifically influenced by number trends. Here we try to understand about the Laptop market in Dimapur town. There are doing a quantitative research by collecting primary data with both structured and unstructured questionnaire to collect various information. The informant is retailer and distributor of different computer dealers.

Retailers under study 1. Future Infosys 2. Computer Villa 3. Arch it comm... 4. Synergy 5. Computer world 6. Computer Store 7. Infinity

Exhaustive List of the Brands in Dimapur Market: Lenovo HP Acer Asus Dell Tossiba Compact HCL Sony vio Wipro

Price Range 22000-38000 28000-45000 15000-38000 18000-30000 25000-45000 25000-39000 14000-38000 22000-38000 32000-52000 22000-38000
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Laptop Survey in Dimapur 2012

Market segmentation Market segmentation is the process of grouping buyers into different categories having common desires or needs. It is the process of dividing the market in order to conquer them. In Dimapur Laptop are segmented into:

1. Students who needs in their study as well as Fun. 2. Business men who needs for their business use.

Market Share For calculation of market share our sample size is 10 Laptop Brands. The table below shows the company name and Total monthly sales & its market share. Company Name Average Sales/Month (in `) 9 8 9 5 11 4 6 10 7 5 73 Market share (In %) 12% 11% 12% 7% 15% 5% 8% 14% 9% 7% 100%
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Lenovo HP Acer Asus Dell Tossiba Wipro Sony vio Compac HCL Total

Laptop Survey in Dimapur 2012

Average Sales/Month
Compac 9% Sony vio 14% HCL 7% Lenovo 12% HP 11% Lenovo HP Acer Asus Dell Wipro 8% Tossiba 5% Dell 15% Acer 12% Asus 7% Tossiba Wipro Sony vio Compac

Thus, the above diagram shows that Dell has the highest market share (15%), followed by Sony, Lenovo etc.

Customer preference while purchase a laptop: According to the seller the customer generally prefers while purchase a laptop the price instead of various features. And some time they ask about the various features and configuration containing with the laptop. Most of people buy according to the price range and brand name. Following are the various price ranges which customer generally prefers:

Price range 15000-25000 25000-35000 35000 and more


sales Medium Highest sale Few

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Laptop Survey in Dimapur 2012

The above table shows that customer generally prefer the price range between `25000 to `35000.

Market leader in Dimapur market:

Name of Retailer Future Infosys Computer Villa Arch it comm... Synergy Computer world Computer Store Infinity

Total sales/month(in qnty) 13 11 8 11 9 10 11


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Laptop Survey in Dimapur 2012

Total sales/month(in qnty)

14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Total sales/month(in qnty)

Fig: total sales/month by different retailers. Futures Infosys lead the market with sale of 13 laptop/month followed by synergy & computer villa etc.


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Laptop Survey in Dimapur 2012

There are a huge market potential of laptop in Dimapur market. There are various players playing in the market. Among them Sony vio has market share followed by Lenovo, Acer etc. Also there are retailers also there, where Future Infosys is dominating the market. And customer preference of purchase also different, they generally prefer the price range 25000-35000. From the behavior of various retailers come to know that the potential of Laptop market is growing day by day. People use to prefer a laptop rather than a laptop. So there is an opportunity to enter in this market for both new player as well as new retailer because customers are most influence to buy laptop. Finding: 1. From the view of the retailer come to know that Service is an important criterion for users to buy a laptop. 2. Battery Life is an important aspect for purchasing laptops. 3. The working professionals prefer to have light weight laptops. 4. People prefer Dell to Sony due to style and more brand value. 5. Needs to open service centers in Dimapur to enable fast response to complaints.


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Laptop Survey in Dimapur 2012

Key Questions Asked: 1. Name of Retailer : Name of Retail Shop: Sex: Male/Female


2. When did you start your business: 3. How many Brand of laptop do you sell 4. List of product: 5. How many total sales in a month: 6. Which brand you sell most 7. Which brand customer generally prefer 8. What is the future position of laptop market in Dimapur 9. Any other features which customer prefer while purchasing a laptop 10.Your competitors 11.Any comment


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