Patchwork Bag Project

パッチワーク・バッグ プロジェクト
The Patchwork Bag Project was launched for the volunteering trip in June, 2012. This is a project that everyone can participate in some way, even if you cannot travel to Japan. We will make the patchwork bags, as many as we can, then pack them with cards, tracts, small gifts and candies and distribute them to the children and the people who live in temporary housing in Tokohoku, Japan (1) Please make Patchwork Bags (even just one bag is appreciated) with the attached everyone-can-do instructions. I thank Kathy for her diligent work! (2) Please donate tiny tokens (fridge magnets or small note pads or symbolizing your heart to support the people in Tohoku) (3) Share this project with your friends! This is a very simple project. Let's collect our efforts again to show Love. Each small piece of cloth would symbolize the individual work. When we sew them in one cloth, it becomes a bag to bring our hearts to the people in Tohoku! Rev. I. Satoh Louisville Japanese Christian Fellowship 「パッチワーク・バッグ」プロジェクトは、2012 年 7 月に東北にボランティアに行く際に、 私たちの気持ちを被災された方々に届ける働きとして始まりました。これは、たとえ日本にボ ランティアに行くことが出来ない方でも、誰でも参加することの出来るプロジェクトです。添 付された要領でパッチワークのバッグを作り、カードやトラクトや小さなギフトやお菓子を入 れて、被災地の子どもたちや、大人の方々にプレゼントしたいと願っています。 (1)どうぞ、添付の作り方を参考にしてバッグを作ってみて下さい。(一つでも、もちろん嬉 しいですし、複数作れる方がおられましたらお願い致します。) キャシーさんがとても分かり やすく書いて下さいました。 (2)冷蔵庫に貼るマグネットやペンや小さなノートパッドなど、 袋に入れる事の出来るものを贈って頂ければ、バッグの中に入れさせて頂きます。アメリカ文 化を表すようなもので、皆さんの支援の気持ちを伝える事ができるようなものが相応しいかと 思います。これらのものを 5 月の終わり頃に、次の住所に送って頂ければ、現地で、被災さ れた方にお渡し致します。それぞれの小さな布は、一人ひとりの働きを表していると言えるか もしれません。それを一つの布におって、仕上がったカバンに私たちの心を込めて、東北に届 けましょう。パッチワークは、アメリカ文化の素晴らしい文化ですから、喜ばれる事と思いま す。 ルイビル日本語教会 牧師 佐藤 岩雄 Louisville JCF c/o Christ Lutheran Church 9212 Taylorsville Rd Louisville, KY 40299

Patchwork Bag Project –You can do it!!Photographs and Instructions by Kathy Tanaka

1) Cut pieces and arrange as desired. Cut 16 squares 2 1/2 "(inch) for each of the patchwork sides of the bag so 32 total. Cut 2 lining pieces 8 1/2" x 8 1/2", Cut 2 casings 8 3/4" X 1 1/2". Cut 2 cords (1/8” diameter) 22" each. You can arrange in a pattern or randomly. You can use many different fabrics or choose 3-5. If I use a mix of solids and prints, I like to have not more than 2 solids and more prints than solids. So, maybe 2 solids and 3 prints. Use your desire and imagination. The lining fabric can be used in the patchwork or it can be a completely different fabric. The lining fabric can be a solid or a print. This is a reversible bag so make the inside attractive, even if it is simple. 2) Sew small squares in 4 horizontal rows. Sew all seams on this project 1/4" (inch). 3) Iron seams so that each row faces the opposite direction from the row above. 4) Sew 4 rows of patches together.


5) Iron horizontal row seams, pressing them open. 6) Pin patchwork sides with right(outside) sides touching(facing) each other. 7) Sew 3 sides, leaving the top open. Clip the bottom 2 corners. 8) Turn bag right sides out. Iron. 9) Prepare cord casings. Iron both ends of casings folding over 1/4". 10) Fold over 1/4" again and iron. 11) Fold each casing lengthwise in half and iron. 12) Pin casings to top edges of bag, right(outside) sides touching each other. Pin each casing in the center of the top edge.


13) Sew casings to top of bag. Sew close to the edge. 14) Prepare lining. Place lining pieces right (outside) sides together. 15) Sew lining on 3 sides, leave top open. Leave an opening in the middle of the bottom. 16) Clip the bottom 2 corners. 17) Pin patchwork bag and bag lining together, outsides together. 18) Sew bag to lining around the top edges. Sew 1/4" seam.


19) Gently pull patchwork bag out of the hole in the bottom of the lining. 20) Sew hole closed by hand. 21) Put bag lining inside bag.

22) Prepare the drawstring cords. Gently tape each end and pin a safety pin on one end. 23) Insert the safety pin into the casing and pull though. Insert the same cord into the other casing so that it will come back to the side that you started on. If you started on the bag's right side, the same one piece of cord should end on the right side. 24) Remove the safety pin from the cord and pin to the end of the other taped cord. Start with the opposite side. If you started the first cord on the right, insert this one on the left. Continue pulling it through both top casings until it reaches the side you started on ie:left side. 25) Remove safety pin and tape. Tie ends of cords together. The instructions for this bag are based on a tutorial from 5 26) Finished. You did it!

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