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Learn to make money work for you.

This statement epitomizes Robert Kiyosakis thinking in his books and elicited in me a fascination towards the financial world. From my school days, his books have been a key source of inspiration for me and helped me develop interest in the field of finance. Pursuing my curiosity, I started reading various tutorials on financial investments from the internet and then decided to choose pursue my undergraduate bachelors degree in Economics as my academic subject at the graduation level. Studying Economics in my graduation has helped me gain knowledgeassimilate theoretical knowledge on key macro and micro economic concepts; about how fundamentals on how the economy operates;, regulatory andpolicy making imperatives; and enhanced my awareness about corporate affairs. It helped me develop a wider perspective and a better understanding of the happenings in the World, right from day to day decisions to things as big as the global financial crisis. Now, being a part of the MBA program at IIFT, it has helped me develop holistic knowledge about various other domains such as Trade, Marketing, and Operations which has diversified my knowledge base. I believe summer internship represents the first critical juncture in any b-schoolers life. Itll definitely for me be a process of self-discovery and knowing exactly where my passion and capabilities rest. As of now, I am sure that my skill set and passions lie strongly with the financial aspect of managementNow, as I look forward to my summer internship, I hope to continue adding to my learnings so far. Joining XYZ shall further my objective of acquainting and familiarizing myself with the finer nuances of finance in managerial domains. This shall further my immediate goal of learning the basics of financial management in action and the concomitant attributes and knowledge quotient necessary to contribute effectively to whichever organisation I venture into. XYZ with its strong history and fundamentals provides me an excellent opportunity to do that. The invaluable experience that I hope to get through this will help me polish my existing potential.

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Comment [P1]: Change this sentence may be this would sound better Pursuing my curiosity, I started to hone my knowledge on financial concepts dont mention any particular source su as internet, let them ask you in person and then respond Formatted: Font: 12 pt

Comment [P2]: Very inviting and open ended they can ask u anything on corporate affairs, be prepared or remove Formatted: Font: 12 pt

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Insert about your achievements, this SOP tells me what you are interested in, but not what your past performance has been like. Write about being a consistent academic performer and playing chess at national level, exposure to diverse subjects

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