Council of the District of Columbia Committee on Housing and Workforce Development Budget Oversight Hearing Witness List

John A. Wilson Building 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20004

Witness List
COMMITTEE ON HOUSING AND WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT MICHAEL BROWN, CHAIRPERSON Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Oversight Hearing: for Department of Housing and Community Development Wednesday, April 18, 2012 - 2:00 p.m. John A. Wilson Building, Room 120 1350 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W. Washington, D.C. 20004 ________________________________________________________________________ Public Witnesses Panel 1 1. David C. Bowers, Vice President, Enterprise Community Partners 2. Monica Warren Jones, Director, Relationship Manager, Enterprise Community Partners 3. Reverend Jim Dickerson, Founder and Chairman, Manna, Inc. 4. Shiv Newaldass, Director of Advocacy, Manna, Inc. Panel 2 1. Robert Pohlman, Executive Director, Coalition for Non Housing and Economic Development 2. Danielle, Burs, Policy Officer, Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development 3. Manny Hidalgo, Executive Director, Latino Economic Development Corporation 4. Marilyn Kresky-Wolff, Executive Director, Open Arms Housing, Inc. Panel 3 1. Suzanne Marcus, Deputy Director, District Alliance for Safe Housing 2. Angela Franco, President and CEO Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 3. Sara Scruggs, Head Organizer, Manna, Inc. 4. Shiv Newldass, Director of Advocacy, Manna Inc.

Panel 4 1. Nathan Smith, Ward 8 Homebuyer 2. Kathy Jamison, Ward 4 Homebuyer 3. Joan Lewis, Homeowner 4. DeLisa Barrons, Ward 5 Homeowner Panel 5 1. 2. 3. 4. Elizabeth Palmberg, Ward 1 Homeowner Brenda Batts, Ward 1 Homeowner Elaine Hart, Ward 7 Homeowner Donna Morris, Ward 1 Homeowner

Panel 6 1. Bernice Joseph, Ward 2 Homeowner 2. Darren Spence, Ward 1 Homeowner 3. Robert Cooke, Ward 5 Homeowner 4. Samone Houston, Ward 6 Homeowner Panel 7 1. Willamena Samuels, Director of Manna’s Homebuyers Club 2. Peta Gate Lewis, Home Owner 3. Tamira Ramirez, Latino Economic Development Corporation 4. Juanita McKenzie, Randolph Street Tenants Association Panel 8 1. Juan Bruno Avila Jimenez, Burke Tenant Association 2. Oscar Moreno, Resident, Ward 1 3. Nathan Moon, Burke Park Tenants Association 4. Kevin McCall, N Street Cooperative Panel 9 1. Albert Tillman, G Street Tenants Association 2. Theresa Sule, 7th Street Tenants Association 3. Jenny Reed, Policy Director, DC Fiscal Policy Institute 4. Silvia Salazar, NW Cooperative Panel 10 1. Misael Diaz, Tenants Association 2. Fr. John Adams, President, SOME, Inc. 3. Kenneth Ellison, Senior Housing Advisor, SOME, Inc. 4. Christine Brooks-Cropper, GWFCC/ DC Fashion Foundation

Panel 11 1. Oscar Lasso, DC Resident 2. Howard James, Jr. Chief Executive Officer, Fast Signs, Ward 5 3. Vivica Brooks, Brooks Group 4. Victoria Manley, Ward 7, Manley Science and Technology Center Panel 12 1. Fabiola Udaeta, DC Resident 2. Camille McKenzie, Member-At-Large, Girard House Cooperative 3. Clara Velasquez, Jubliee House Community Members 4. Tom Dawes, Development Corporation of Columbia Heights Panel 13 1. William R. Merrifield, Staff Attorney, Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless 2. Gilma Merino, Jubliee House Community Members 3. Leona Redmond, Wesley House Resident Council 4. Ron Magnus, Ward 5, DC Resident Panel 14 1. Marilyn Phillips, Ward 8 Homeowner 2. Brian Adams, Jubilee House Community Members 3. Simon Ariza, DC Resident 4. Maria Lopez, Ward 1, Semillitas Early Learning Center Panel 15 1. Jean-Michel Giraud, Executive Director, Community Council for the Homeless at Friendship Place 2. Geoff Millard, Director, Community Homeless Veterans Initiative 3. Peter Spalding, Board Member, Community Council for the Homeless at Friendship Place 4. Candi Darley, Consumer Panel 16 1. Renee Sumby, Ward 8 Homeowner 2. Renise Walker, Jubliee House 3. Avi Sechter, Jubliee House 4. Cherie Lindsay, Jubliee House Panel 17 1. Angie Rodgers, Jubliee House 2. Bachir Diop, DC Resident 3. Pamela Johnson, DC Resident

Panel 18 1. Nik Reid, DC Resident 2. Shelia Reid, DC Resident

Agency Witness 1. John E. Hall, Director, Department of Housing and Community Development