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Like many businesses, at Clear Verve we conduct an annual planning session where we talk about our goals for the next year and dream up ways to achieve these goals. While many of our goals are well within our reach, we also challenge ourselves to come up with one BHAG (Big Hairy-@$$ Goal) for the year. Last year, as we were dreaming up our goals and thinking about ways we could grow the business at Clear Verve, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could tap into the brilliance of all the people we do business with?” And the idea for our BHAG for 2011 – creating the e-book 100 Ways to Build Your Business – was born. I figured it couldn’t be all that hard to get 19 other business owners to come up with five ideas each and share them with me. I was right. And I was wrong. Our friends and business partners eagerly signed up to participate, but when it came to writing down five ideas, well that was pretty tough. I think it’s because all our participants are so smart, and care so much about giving good advice, that coming up with five short paragraphs that could really make a difference was actually pretty hard. They did it though, and I think the results are well worth it. Because we had to create some order for this book, we’ve chosen to present the ideas in alphabetical order by company name. Of course, that means someone has to be last, and in this case it’s Trivera Interactive. But don’t let the fact that their contribution is at the end of the book keep you from reading it. Tom Snyder’s five ideas on how to resuscitate your website are sure to help you make a good impression online while building your business. (So, read all the way to the end!) As we all head into 2012, I hope you’ll enjoy this e-book and find many, many ideas (maybe even your BHAG) that you can implement. We’re excited about what this coming year is about to bring, and I sincerely hope you are too. Best regards,

Christina Steder President Clear Verve Marketing, LLC
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all to hand me a resume that does not do them justice. capabilities and value.. will serve you as well as a professional who hones their expertise (their sweet spot) daily. call in favors. information design is usually a sweet spot for designers. everyone needs to pay bills. CV. In addition to conferring with those you trust. transferring it to another medium becomes simpler. floats your boat and you’re good at it! Some know from a tender young age what careers allow for their maximum success and satisfaction. capabilities. Leaving the future of your sweet spot in the hands of anyone but a professional is ill-advised. Some back into it by taking the wrong path. does not reveal or highlight their sweet spot. yet succinctly articulate your sweet spot. Maybe they can’t comment on your sweet spot. and for me. 2 Promote your sweet spot Do you look good on paper? Does your resume.work it out. Avoid Delusion: Nothing can take you in the wrong direction faster than pretending or believing your sweet spot is something other than what it really is. you must know your sweet spot! Still searching? Try the following: Assessment: Invest in the DISC. a few seconds. let the results guide decisions about cultural fit and emotional balance in your current or next career endeavor. bottom line. everyone needs to buy groceries. Practice articulating that sweet spot. If you’re looking for that perfect career to stoke the fire in your soul. Do as much of this as you can take. who is getting her degree in journalism. to promote your sweet spot in whatever media it may be featured. even having a degree in design doesn’t guarantee that a resume..Do What est You Do B 1 Know your sweet spot Everyone possesses a skill or a passion that can be considered their “sweet spot. Do what you need to do to survive. website. blog or LinkedIn profile will reveal. It’s frustrating for them. those who live the life you want. I don’t think Bob’s daughter. C2 4 . Why do veterinarians become welders? Why do nurses become hairdressers? Yes. value and your sweet spot? Your sweet spot may be your personality. make it happen.. So what will help reveal and promote my sweet spot? Practice. website. and I should. ask those you admire. However. enumerating its values to all who listen. promote or highlight their sweet spot. spent hours editing. Strengths Finder 2. Don’t let money (or lack of it) hinder your efforts to get this right. but focus on getting where you want to be to live. I see some incredible resumes. Erica Conway. However. When you can passionately. or it may go beyond those things. Resources exist. CV. Confer: Access people you trust and ask them for candid feedback about your strengths. solicited extensive feedback. Hire a professional writer. it feeds your soul. see if trade can be an option. Some follow their gut. Regardless. as it’s hard to represent someone as an agent when the vehicle available to me to present them isn’t in sync with who they are or what they bring to the table.. areas of passion and areas of expertise. I’ve talked with people who have paid writers. blog or LinkedIn profile really reflect your personality. you have a limited amount of time. which eventually evolves into the right one (that’s my story).” It’s the place in which tasks seem both effortless and pleasant.0 or other personality inventory. Allow them to provide feedback about areas they know are NOT your sweet spot. denying your passion for a paycheck can wreak havoc in other areas of your life. and of others who excel in their world. Regardless of how you find it. but they certainly can tell you about their own sweet spots. Working in the creative industry. marketer or designer to craft a promotional vehicle for you which highlights and promotes your sweet spot.

then let them do the dirty work (that’s usually their sweet spot). “I completed a ‘not in my sweet spot’ project. Why stray from your sweet spot when you can access someone who wants to exercise theirs for you more effectively and at a competitive rate. I urge you to resist the compulsion to regularly work outside your sweet spot. I encourage you to respect others’ sweet spots..” So I say.com. get to it. if only to have others respect yours. I often hear clients say. Again. from a Karmic standpoint. even gaffers who have found their sweet spot in those professions command a certain level of awe. Technicians. articulating and staying in your sweet spot might not be enough. because no one else could do it.. frustration and provide a try-before-you-buy opportunity which can often result in a time and sanity savings for you/your organization. I often joke that people rarely tell a plumber how to do his job. engineers. using a placement firm may save you time. financial analysts). Your time is valuable. But this isn’t the case for every career choice. Grab a recruiter. architects.” The prevalence of this type of client feedback is so common that spoofs and parodies abound. Whether there’s an existing respect for your calling or not. Hire: If you can justify the expense of a part-or full-time permanent hire. Two of my favorites are: theoatmeal. define the perfect match. plumbers. and your circumstances demand that you take on other responsibilities/duties/roles. Erica Conway . you must keep your wits about you. just once. try the following strategies for getting those things accomplished: Outsource: Specialty and general placement/staffing firms exist to provide pre-qualified supplemental help. 4 Respect others’ sweet spots Certain professions demand respect because the individuals who followed their bliss into these gigs usually had to spend a ridiculously long and intellectually arduous time training for them (doctors. lawyers) and/or had to take challenging certification exams (accountants.com/comics/design_hell and makemylogobiggercream. While I’m confident you can extend yourself to provide additional support to the organization and that your effort will be appreciated. focus on what you do best. while still meeting the needs of your organization. I share these to illustrate a point: finding. tell them exactly what you need.3 Stick to your sweet spot Once you’ve moved from promoting to actually flexing that sweet spot in a place/ manner that reaps both financial and intangible rewards. Everyone wins. fast. Now I do that more than my original work. someone who you trust and who recognizes the value of partnering. Partner: Embrace your network to seek out professionals who can lend assistance or provide service to keep you where you need to be. cello players. If saying no isn’t an option. You may need to defend your value or establish greater credibility (professional industry associations often have tools at-the-ready just for these kinds of challenges) to get the most out of your career. Find a synergistic partner. graphic/web designer or an art director to “make the logo bigger” or “change that from blue to orange. but no one hesitates to tell a marketing professional.Do What You Do Best 5 .

I felt so bad about the stuff I wasn’t doing well that I wrote a haiku about it a couple years ago: In the last 5 years my only consistent act. they’re brought to my attention (repeatedly). I actively seek employees. Erica served as a residence hall director. management concerns. But I can’t tell you how long we’ve been having the conversation about my administrative skills (or lack thereof). I’m also cognizant of my not-so-sweet spots. a company she co-owns with her brother. Day-to-day you can find her juggling placement of creative talent. to deliver me from my delusional sweet spots: we’ve hired a consultant who specializes in team accountability. What is most refreshing? Spending more time in my sweet spot. while simultaneously freeing me up to do what I do best. WI 53202 www. board and committee membership. naturally. as well as the roles she tries to play in the Milwaukee creative community. and I will. In her previous career. Suite 330 Milwaukee. aka dorm mom. University of Wisconsin Oshkosh 1994 MA Organizational Communications.c2gps. connector. working primarily with first-generation college students and traditional freshmen. that’s the nature of a small business.com Erica Conway .Do What You Do Best 6 .. as there are just some things I am compelled to do. The biggest hurdle? I recently requested a part-time temp who can help me stay in my sweet spot. However. I find it almost impossible to stay in that role solely. Sure. Or even 5 years ago. I’m a gifted matchmaker. I’m drinking my own Kool-aid this year. event planning and Jell-o shot concocting. as a business owner. I’m learning that “playing to your strengths” is not a warm and fuzzy motivational saying. With the help of the C2 team. by completing the things I’m just not naturally wired to complete in a satisfactory (and timely) manner. marketing duties. Education and honors: 1992 BA Spanish & Journalism. it turns out. It’s a critical element in developing a team. other people do better. I was deluded. and should do instead of me. probably since we started. Michigan State University Business Journal Forty under 40 Class of 2008 C2 222 E Erie Street. a culture. I can do just about anything in the short term. I thought I was good a number of things that. I’ve always known them and if I forget. partners and vendors who excel in the areas I’m not good at and don’t enjoy. what I find nearly impossible to execute consistently over the long term.. This Kool-aid is more refreshing than I would have imagined.5 Small business not-so-sweet spots I know my sweet spot. an outsourced sales organization and a professional marketing firm. because I have to. an organization that can succeed. colleagues. inconsistency I’d be lying if I said that I was really aware of any of this seven years ago when my brother and I launched C2. event sponsorship. joiner and match-maker all describe Erica’s roles at C2. meeting hosting and social media promotion. at C2 and beyond (I have four marriages under my belt to date!). Good luck with yours. I genuinely respect people who can accomplish. A committed networker. Erica and the team at C2 actively support many local professional organizations and user groups/meetups focused on the creative industry with enthusiastic participation. A bout Erica Conway Hub. Erica finds it fun and productive to spend time meeting people face-to-face and nurturing relationships online.

but only if you execute them. the content is not out of date. Take the time to develop a content plan and assign areas of responsibility so when people are looking at what you have to say. has a Facebook page or a Twitter account. There is nothing worse than starting a blog or a newsletter and abandoning the effort after a few posts. Looking for a planning template to get you started? We’ve developed one called the Ongoing Social Media Strategy Wheel. blogs. Then. 7 . S – Short. This theory states that if you market the most challenging service you provide or the most highly technical or specialized product.term strategy – Of course. These are things you can execute quickly if you experience a sales slump so you can quickly pull in more business. people will assume you can handle easier tasks or provide simpler products. Don’t be one of them. don’t forget about short-term tactics. You will get the less challenging work anyway without even trying. Then think about where you need to be in three years to achieve that goal. Clear Verve Marketing Plan and Share for g Marketin Success 1 Make sure your marketing plan LETS you succeed. Do you have more time or more money? Who will get the work done? Is it better to pay to get something done or find a way to do it yourself? Both high effort and low effort tactics work. Even if you are not actively using social media. Think about what you can say and where you can put your articles and ideas so that people can find them. develop an editorial calendar and stick to it. so be honest about the amount of effort you are willing to give and the resources available to you. Publishing up-to-date content can improve the search engine optimization of your website. and keep your name in front of current and prospective clients. Whether your business publishes a print or electronic newsletter. Look at how you’ve acquired your customers in the past and think about how you can easily repeat those strategies in the future. When you are debating what to do. T – Target customer – too many businesses are afraid to define their target customers.Christina Steder. establish you as an expert in your field. E – Effort – all marketing tactics fall in one of two buckets: high effort – low cost or high cost – low effort. be sure to consider your resources. What do you need to do next year to put yourself on the path towards making your three year goal? Even though when you read about your competitors it can seem like their success came easily. Remember and apply the theory of lesser logic. you need to come up with something to say. usually “overnight success” is the result of years of hard work. chances are your business has a website that you would like people to find online. or generates press releases. Your marketing plan should include: L – Long-term strategy – think about where you want to be in five years. Market the type of work you want the most. 2 It’s all about content Marketing today is all about content generation. The best marketing plans include a variety of efforts applied consistently over time. You can download it from the Clear Verve website.

3 Discover your brand’s personality 4 Review your brochure. and what tactics to take. Pearson for guidance. So if your website is full of typos. Remember that what may seem like common sense to you may be revolutionary to someone who does not have years of experience in your industry. or a jester. business cards. a television or movie character. which will give people confidence in your ability to get the job done. revise your text! A brand personality is the emotional reaction a person has when hearing your brand’s message. and website developers you can. Once you have decided on your brand’s personality. It will also help your marketing efforts amplify each other so that everything you do will be more effective. It will make you look more professional and competent. The best communication is clear and jargon-free. Prospective customers will judge the quality of your products or services based on whatever it is they are experiencing in that moment. Have a style guide! Use your logo the same way all the time. You can use a real person. use this information to guide all your communications efforts. • Christina Steder . Be sure to proofread EVERYTHING and use the best designers. Try having someone outside of your company read your website or brochure and then ask them to explain what you do and what problems you solve. By understanding if your brand is a mentor. Use the same colors all the time. Use words to describe this person. Understandable. people will assume your products or services aren’t rendered carefully. Is this correlation fair? Not really. check out the book The Hero and the Outlaw by Margaret Mark. or invent a person who represents your brand. If they can’t. printers. and everything else you use to market your company Make sure that you are: • • Consistent. If you don’t maintain your brand. Try to imagine your brand as a person. website. If this seems a little hard to do on your own.Plan and Share for Marketing Success 8 . or a magician (or whatever you decide). Carol Pearson and Carol S. Are you funny? Caring? Smart? Irreverent? It is worth taking the time to decide on your business’ personality because coming up with ideas for your content strategy (or any other marketing tactic) is much easier if you understand how you want people to feel about and react to your brand. what images make sense. you can better understand what words you should choose. It will ensure that everyone in your organization says basically the same thing even though they say it in their own words. This consistency will make it easier for people to recognize your brand. but that’s how the world works. who will? Correct.

She is a two-term Past President of the Association for Women in Communications and a current member of the Rotary Club of Milwaukee as well as a member of Professional Dimensions. most Executive Directors know everyone in town and are happy to make referrals if they understand what you do and what makes your business special. personnel functions. There is nothing wrong with helping out and helping your business at the same time. we LOVE nonprofits and encourage all our clients to give back. providing a full spectrum of marketing. be sure to give back strategically.m. product and service marketing.clearverve. support a small number of organizations in a meaningful way.Plan and Share for Marketing Success 9 . and graphic design services for professional service providers. A bout Christina Steder Christina founded Clear Verve Marketing in 2006 after a 20 year career in consumer retail and wholesale industries. and in Milwaukee. you’ll find Christina driving car pool or attempting to organize her three girls’ ridiculously busy schedules. Of course. But. you should also believe in what you are doing and give more than just money. Giving back can pay off in a big way if you can be noticed. where she serves on the Charitable Fund Board and the New Member Welcoming Committee. Volunteering is a great way to build relationships. but we’ve also received a lot of attention for our work. #209-2 Elm Grove. Choose an organization or a cause that means something to you or will allow you to showcase your product or service. Luckily. public relations. and event planning. and community organizations.5 Give back to your community At Clear Verve. We’ve seen it happen with our involvement in Tri-Adathon. Clear Verve specializes in Promise MarketingTM. You should also be sure to tell others about the great things you do. That’s a good thing. When she’s not working or networking (which is nearly all the time). we’ve given away thousands and thousands of dollars in services and helped a lot of great nonprofits. relationships are everything! Remember. Christina currently provides volunteer time to a number of organizations and often jokes that she needs a sign with the word “NO” on it and someone to lift the sign up for her. Sure. Rather than supporting a large number of organizations with small donations.com Christina Steder . her 5:00 a. exercise sessions keep her sane and she’s more than willing to live in a messy house. Christina served on the local Board for the March of Dimes for five years and on the Statewide Executive Committee for two years. not-for-profits. Clear Verve Marketing 890 Elm Grove Road. WI 53122 www.

Create a data collection card (versus a slip of paper or a book at the front counter). Use a variety of contact methods to move people through the sales funnel. Save the cards as proof they joined. so including the program details on the card makes it self-explanatory. Content publishing: load your site with tons of helpful information including white papers and blogs.Johnathan Crawford. You need to establish yourself as a “guru” in your industry so that prospects will join your list long before they are ready to buy. Successfully capturing data requires three things: 1. 2 Generate leads in multiple ways Connecting with your “suspects” can help them become prospects. Make sure your subject matter solves a problem that your target prospect is having. Key the data cards into your email system promptly so the customer gets a confirmation email shortly after completing the card. lunch and learns or webinars. 5. The boxes will help encourage people to print their address rather than scribble it. 2. Hide the white papers behind a form so people are required to complete a form to get the most valuable “how to” documents. 3. 3. including: 1. 10 . 4. Remember. You want to prevent employees from having to explain your program. you have an established relationship. Develop a relationship with sales people from other non-competing companies that call on the clients you are targeting. Make the space for the email address wide and design it using small boxes for each letter of the address. Make sure to include “Please Print” prominently. Make sure the card explains the premise and value of your email program. Share information and contacts with them. They are more likely to remember joining your list. people are seeking helpful information on the web. Email Marketing keeps your name and knowledge in front of people on a consistent basis so when they are ready to buy. collecting opt-in email addresses from your customers can be a challenge. Data Dog Marketing il Use Ema y Effectivel 1 Collect email addresses off line If you’re a brick and mortar retailer or restaurant. 2. Twenty minutes in front of a room full of business people can generate many questions when your presentation is over. Public speaking: scores of organizations are looking for authorities to speak about industry-related topics to business owners. Create a series of seminars.

hoping to reach as many people as possible with their incredibly photographed TV spots.250 $7. etc) D. it’s a good method for estimating the viability of a marketing program if it’s directly tied to sales and everything is measureable.cost of program) O. Gross sales (buyers x average sale) M. Estimated cost of your marketing program C. Step one. Your average sale amount F. Estimated conversion rate (how many prospects typically become customers) E.000 or 100. click-throughs.how many prospects typically become paying customers? • Estimate the cost of your marketing program • How many people will you communicate with and present an offer? 1. The problem is that by 8 p.” You can’t enter a market too early or too late lest you miss the opportunities associated with people’s needs and interest in your offering. The idea was to have Campbell’s Soup spots on the air as the snow was falling. Cost per-person reached via your program H. Campbell’s capitalized by tapping into the Point of Relevance. buses. Let me share a couple of examples that illustrate this concept: Pizza Hut used to run TV ads at 8 p.) they might have reached me on the way home from work. No matter what. The hour before dinner was the “point of relevancy” when other factors (my hunger) made the message more powerful.com/roi/ Johnathan Crawford .250 in profit after paying for everything involved in the program. and impressions.000 to generate $7.gather some data about your business including • Average gross profit • Average sale amount. Estimated cost per response I. click. view. ROI models put a marketing program’s economic assumptions together to see if it truly makes sense from a monetary stance. Estimated response rate (how many people will call.500 $11.000 3% 50% $250 30% B/A = B/ (A x C)= A x C= J X D= K x E=$ L x F=$ M-B=$ N/B= % $0. Step A..m.000 $4. because that is when soup is relevant.Use E-mail Effectively 11 . This particular program is estimated to generate a 181% ROI. The marketer spent $4.responder121. Enter estimated number of people who will get your communication B.000? Step Two: Plug your data estimates into this formula chart. Number of buyers L. Here’s the simple formula with some explanatory text that you can modify. each night in prime time. Others do.250 181% 4 Build ROI models. sometimes called “average ticket” • Conversion . etc. Number of people who responded K. Estimated ROI Formula Example 10. If Pizza Hut had run afternoon drive time radio coupled with outdoor advertising (billboards. Years ago.m. People would rush to the supermarkets to stock up on all kinds of foods BEFORE a big storm hit. when my stomach was growling for food… and food was more relevant. Many marketers don’t consider time and place when developing campaign strategies. Gross profit from program (gross sales x gross margin) N. Campbell’s Soup set up nationwide agreements with radio stations in colder parts of the country where snowstorms were prevalent. Net profit (gross profit. Here’s a link to an ROI calculator that does all the math for you! http://www. ROI models are typically used in direct marketing/mail/email programs but can also be done with channels that generate page views. Each station was given radio spots along with an open purchase order that allowed these ads to run if it started to snow. I’d already eaten dinner for the evening and I wasn’t even remotely hungry. Estimated cost per buyer J.40 $13 300 150 $37.3 Use the Point of Relevance There’s an old expression that when it comes to marketing and selling: “timing is everything. Your average gross profit margin G.

Interested in geo-targeting? Contact the Focal Point Network: www. A bout Johnathan Crawford Johnathan Crawford is a 30 year veteran of the advertising and marketing industries. Yahoo Finance. They specialize in creating inventive marketing strategies.datadogmarketing. WI 53211 www. Data Dog works with forward thinking businesses that are struggling to put the pieces of the interactive marketing puzzle together. After living through the dot-bomb implosion in 2000 with another company. He lives with his wife of 28 years. ESPN. semi-automatic small arms enthusiast. self-taught gourmet chef. Downer Ave. In essence.focalpointnetwork. Golf Digest and many others as well as local websites that serve your market. Wall Street Journal. Only people in your target zips will be served the ad allowing you to concentrate your page views amongst people likely to buy.com. military history buff. and have extensive expertise in all online channels. design and content development.com or www. Suite 8 Milwaukee. Johnathan is an avid gardener. Data Dog Marketing 2651 N.specificmedia. the networks make high visibility web publishers a local play. For example.5 Make online display ads work harder If you’re thinking about web display advertising to market your product.com Johnathan Crawford . Geo-targeting allows you to run ads on nationally-focused websites that can only be seen by people in a geographic area you specify. WI and together they have two grown children. make sure you consider using the medium’s ability to geo-target your ads. Grateful Dead aficionado. suppose you’re selling a high end product and you want to target high income customers in just five zip codes around your city. and has restored a classic 1973 Volkswagen THING.Use E-mail Effectively 12 . in Mequon. he founded Data Dog Interactive in 2001. Ad networks can serve and display your ads on national websites like USA Today. Wendy.

Someone twenty years my senior now reported to me and he was clearly the most experienced team member. Do you actively encourage different points of view and constructive feedback? Do you allow disruptive or adversarial team behavior to exist? Early in my management career. And I learned that I should have fired him months earlier – the team was better without him. Layer on the sales and client activities that drive short. and prioritize action steps. Creating an environment for cohesive teamwork starts at the top. percent of repeat business. then you are wasting valuable time. such as EBITDA% (Earnings Before Interest. True. and number of complaints. key indicators include customer returns. How do you know if your business is on track to profitability and success both now and in the future? Start by monitoring your financial metric trends. Depreciation and Amortization) and working capital. Measure.and longterm revenues. identify accountabilities. But if that busy work is taking your business in the wrong direction. Taxes. Then do something about it. And don’t bite off more than you can chew. but how could I possibly manage without him? When he left. measure. Studies prove common sense: cohesive teams are more productive and creative. measure.Manage ns Operatio nce and Fina 1 Ane Ohm. you are busy. our overall team performance improved almost overnight. such as proposals sent and new orders placed. HarQen. To understand client satisfaction. I was in charge of a marketing production department. Now you’re measuring – so what are you doing about it? Take time each month to step back and analyze. Perhaps he created discord. 2 Create cohesive teams. Work with your team to make reasonable adjustments. Inc. 13 .

Need a specific profile? Search and reach out through LinkedIn. and be able to hire the best like never before. 4 Keep meetings short. Still have too many potentially qualified candidates? Use an automated phone interviewing system. start the meeting on time (late arrivals must catch up afterward). Keep a tight agenda. Have too many applicants? Leverage an applicant tracking system with pre-qualifying questions that automatically disqualify candidates who are a poor fit. Ane Ohm . you will save time. In the end. money.3 Leverage technology to hire great people. Ready for the final cut? Online video interview providers are expanding daily. Change meetings to last 30 minutes rather than an hour. Each of these is easy to use. which means we aren’t paying attention to the meeting at hand. Sometimes it feels as though the day is full of endless meetings. or we work late into the night. and you will gain back hours in your week. Today’s recruiting technologies allow you to find and hire the best at a fraction of the cost of a headhunter. and will even guide you on the right questions to ask.Manage Operations and Finance 14 . Go into your calendar right now and do two things: 1) Block two weekly two-hour recurring “meetings” on your calendar to ensure that you do have time during the day. How do we get anything done? We either multi-task. 2) Review the meetings that you scheduled. readily accessible. low cost.

a statement print/mail company. organized. Send a statement of unpaid invoices every month for customers with outstanding balances. organized. Inc. interviews and other conversations to be captured. HarQen. Founded in 2007. She joined HarQen in 2010 and also serves as President for the Bread of Healing Clinic. What can you do about the aging on your accounts receivable? 1. interviews and other conversations to be captured. navigated. Encourage prepayments! It is often worth a discount to have the cash in hand and the customer is more likely to pay up-front while they are making the decision to buy the value you provide. Inc. Ane was recognized as 2010 Woman Manager of the Year by Women in Management. a company that provides award-winning Intelligent Voice Services which enable meetings. WI 53212 www. A bout Ane Ohm Ane is the Vice President of Operations and Finance at HarQen. Wisconsin. HarQen’s award-winning Intelligent Voice Service enables meetings. a free clinic in Milwaukee. Fox Cities chapter. Ane started her career as an auditor with Coopers & Lybrand (now PricewaterhouseCoopers) and graduated with a BBA-Accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. navigated.5 You delivered… now collect from your customers. improving collaboration and adding a new layer of business intelligence to existing data management systems. enriched. Ane was President of LaserNet. Ane held various leadership roles at Strong Financial Corporation. 1830 N. Hubbard St. When the economy is bad. Inc.. including Vice President and Director of Mutual Fund Administration. Suite 700 Milwaukee. In prior positions. your customers will stretch their payments even more than usual.com Ane Ohm .harqen.Manage Operations and Finance 15 . enriched. Invoices get misplaced in companies both small and large. where she played an instrumental role in the company’s rapid growth in recruitment process outsourcing. cash is king and the bulk of incoming cash is from customers. About HarQen: HarQen unleashes the richness of information trapped inside conversations — transforming talk into actionable insights. Before joining Pinstripe. shared and analyzed. Pay sales commissions only after a customer pays and your salesperson becomes the best person to make collection calls – if you implement a process to make sure these calls are happening. improving collaboration and adding a new layer of business intelligence to existing data management systems. and Vice President at Pinstripe. shared and analyzed. 3. 2.. For most businesses.

Your Improve il Direct Ma ns Campaig Bob Wendt. Such targeted direct mail efforts are particularly successful in business-to-business environments. make sure to keep it well-maintained. personalized URL or Quick Response (QR) Code gets readers to take action. If you have the resources. If you are starting with a good prospect list. 16 . Then. your response rates will increase exponentially and the leads you are able to generate will be more qualified and meaningful. where audiences can usually be well-defined. you can easily do this in-house. The addition of a promotion-specific URL. use it to its full advantage to target specific users with relevant offers. Better yet. Adding an interactive response mechanism to your direct mail piece is a relatively easy thing to do either on your own with a little tech savvy or by working with a direct mail specialist. you can work with a direct mail specialist. giving you the ability to highly target your end-users. one of the easiest and most effective ways to do so is by adding an interactive element to your campaign. With a highly targeted prospect list. An outside firm can help you build your prospect database if yours could use a boost or help ensure your list is being used to its full potential in generating quality leads for your business. the precious data you’ll gain from the initial campaign investment will pay dividends over and over again. Or. The addition of an interactive component to your direct mail will exponentially increase your response rate. And. 2 Target your direct mail so it can be a significant lead generation tool Direct mail is at its best when you are able to really narrow your audience and tailor a message aimed directly at the heart of the end-users’ wants and needs. Heritage Printing 1 Add real value to direct mail campaigns with interactive response components If you want to significantly boost your direct mail response rates. best of all. it gives you an opportunity to capture invaluable data on your customers and potential customers which you can use to direct your future marketing strategies.

visiting your website or social media pages. you can dramatically increase your response rates and outperform direct mail alone. or speaking directly with sales or customer service representatives. you want to make sure they are seeing the same logo in the same color and hearing the same message. website. It is the emotional connection your customers have to your products or services. or emails. consistent vision and voice. telemarketing. one of the most critical aspects in doing so is to be consistent in your images and messages across all marketing platforms. and more — you can create multiple impressions of your product of service by the same decision-makers. email.Improve Your Direct Mail Campaigns 17 . Partnering with a professional marketing firm can assure your marketing strategies leverage the full spectrum of channels appropriate to your specific campaign and provide the greatest return on investment. whether they’re reading your company newsletters. Any time your customers are interacting with your brand. Bob Wendt . The most successful brands are those who. voice mail. and execution are key elements to successful multi-channel campaigns. Whether you’re trying to establish your brand or build loyalty to it. coordination. 4 Strengthen your brand through consistency Your brand is the identity of your business. moving them to action more often.3 Boost response rates with multi-channel marketing Today’s smartest marketers are those who are taking advantage of technology to communicate with customers and prospects on multiple fronts. By simply adding a strategically-timed email. mobile marketing. social media. Using a combination of two or more promotional platforms — such as direct mail. are instantly recognizable. advertising. as a direct result of consistent communication. text message or tweet to your direct mail campaign. promotional materials. Work to ensure every aspect of your company’s marketing is delivered with a clear. Careful planning.

His accomplishments include growing two businesses into recognizable market leaders. At the same time.clickheritage.Improve Your Direct Mail Campaigns 18 . mailing. A bout Bob Wendt Robert’s career started with Econoprint of Milwaukee where his responsibilities grew from General Manager to Executive Vice President. die-cuts. spot UV. and fulfillment.5 Use unique finishes to help your direct mail stand out from the fray Your direct mail can’t be effective if it’s never read. or unique folds can also add interest to your design. Robert was instrumental in moving Heritage Printing away from quick printing and expanding their product offering to include full color printing. Employing special trim techniques. he developed a business-to-business sales and marketing strategy that resulted in a 200 percent growth in sales. Heritage Printing 3575 N 124th Street Brookfield. embossing and debossing are visually appealing and add lasting value to your piece. He has a proven track record of success in achieving business results that outpace the industry and market averages. WI 53005 www. You can do this is by simply using a non-standard size for your mailer or envelope. they offer a greater return in the form of enhanced readership and retention of the piece. While you can expect the addition of such special finishes to add a bit to the initial cost of your direct mail project. sales and marketing. matte. One of the easiest ways to assure your message stands out from the clutter is to create a piece that looks or feels different to your prospects. digital printing.com Bob Wendt . Robert Wendt’s career in the printing industry has spanned more than 25 years. Custom inks and finishes. Robert then took an opportunity to buy Heritage Printing in 2007. Robert has broad business experience that includes strategic planning. Professional consultation from a printer or a design firm can help assess your specific project and assure you’re getting the most value from your investment. and financial oversight. such as metallic ink. and the use of varnish techniques such as gloss.

This reduces your network complexity and reduces the burden of managing your technology. hardware upgrades. all you need is an Internet connection to access the systems or functions you need. integration with existing business systems. cloud computing is when computer and/or software functions are provided to an organization from outside that organization’s office. but you reduce complexity.Joe Ulm. click on something they shouldn’t. Business applications – Applications like Salesforce. Companies that use products like Salesforce or Google Docs are great examples of this approach. • “Harden” your desktops – Managing desktops is often the most expensive aspect of maintaining a business’ technology. and system management offsite. These functions are hosted within a secure. moving a business’ network functions to the cloud is becoming more and more popular – especially for those businesses that can’t afford in-house IT staff. 2 Thou shall not fear “The Cloud” “Cloud Computing” can be an exceptional resource for small and medium-sized businesses. reduces risk. Using this type of “mixed” software environment introduces complexity into your network unnecessarily – and you end up paying a lot more to manage it. In this environment. • Stay the same – Keep the versions of your software consistent. • Maintain – When you maintain your systems and technology not only do your systems perform better. managing multiple versions of Microsoft Office costs more to manage than if everyone was on the same version. This makes the process of resolving technical problems much simpler and quicker. virtual desktops and servers are deployed within a datacenter. most businesses need certain technology such as email. competition has grown. Limiting a user’s ability to execute these harmful activities means that your desktops remain consistent. cloud-based applications are also extremely flexible and allow businesses to handle growth or changes quickly and easily. Servers and desktops – Commonly referred to as VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). or load personal software on them. onsite email systems. and creates an extremely flexible environment. With email costs as low as five dollars per user per month. and their line-of-business applications to run their business efficiently. and lower their total cost of ownership (TCO). Once offsite. No longer does a business have to invest thousands of dollars on hardware and software and then pay someone to manage it. That reduces complexity and saves money. Many businesses are deriving value from utilizing Cloud Computing. • • 19 . From the business’ point of view. For example. you also move the maintenance. Yet. word processing.com are becoming more prevalent because they eliminate the capital expenditure often required to deploy an enterprise application and they take the burden of managing the application off the business. reducing the cost to businesses by half or more over the past few years. redundant environment such as at a datacenter and are then accessed via the Internet. Information Technology Professionals Use gy Technolo y Effectivel 1 Simplify your technology and save money Businesses that keep their technology simple and consistent reduce the cost to manage it. Additionally. With this level of integrated email functionality. but only recently has calendaring. businesses are hard-pressed to justify the costs of traditional. but many companies don’t really know how to leverage it. Here are a few common ways businesses are using cloud computing: • Email – Cloud-based email such as Gmail have been around for a long time. Why? Because users make mistakes. experience less downtime. Cloud computing simplifies a business’ technology. and mobile phone synchronization become available in a seamless manner. So how can businesses simplify their technology while still having all the tools they need? Here’s how… • Move your technology offsite – When you move your technology offsite.

This means a company’s IT expense effectively become a predictable. etc. These tools continually measure system resources and performance. Whether it’s a sudden hardware failure. Whether employing in-house IT resources or a consulting firm. businesses are requiring flat-fee pricing for their technology support – and that pricing includes hardware and software. spend less on IT.3 Make your IT costs predictable One of the most frustrating things for small businesses is the unexpected nature of their IT costs. operational expense instead of a capital one. Here are a few performance expectations many successful businesses manage: • Network uptime • IT Support costs • System performance Track IT issues – Tracking your IT issues will tell you where your IT support dollars are being spent. a virus. Yet few businesses do the same for their technology and that can be a costly mistake. It can also provide quality reports on network uptime. performance and risk). IT costs can be incredibly volatile. As a general rule. freeing up critical cash for other investments. here some ways businesses are getting the performance they expect out of their technology: • Set expectations – Many businesses don’t set expectations for their IT which makes managing their technology well nearly impossible. service delivery. spyware. Accordingly. Knowing what tasks require the attention of your IT resources can prove valuable when maximizing the efficiency of your resources. expenses. or software compatibility problems. Measuring your business technology can help you forecast better.Use Technology Effectively 20 . there are numerous ticketing systems that can track all your IT support issues and provide important metrics on the number of issues. average time it takes to resolve an issue. Businesses are able to make this transition because IT firms are now offering Hardwareas-a-Service (HaaS) in combination with their technical support. all IT decisions should be driven by business factors (cost. But it doesn’t have to be that way. and what types of issues are most common. Today. resource utilization. providing businesses with critical data that can help determine whether a system really needs to be replaced or not. making IT expenses predictable. and budget more accurately. and overall systems health. marketing. Today. performance expectations should be aligned with the business goals of the organization. This approach eliminates the traditional method of expending significant capital every time new systems are needed. Monitor your systems – There are many effective network monitoring tools available to business today. 4 Achieve performance expectations for your business technology Many successful businesses closely manage different components of their business: sales. • • Joe Ulm .

and A+ certifications. but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s restorable. At a minimum.com Joe Ulm . Yet few companies really know their data is being backed up nor do they understand the difference between backing up their data and how to prepare for a disaster. but offsite as well. ensuring you have a copy of your data offsite is absolutely a must. not only onsite. Onsite and offsite – Even the best data backup doesn’t matter if it’s kept onsite and a facilities failure occurs. and the need to restore all their data. WI 53713 www. Joe works with over a hundred small and medium-sized businesses. there many software programs that will securely backup your data offsite automatically. Joe has numerous IT certifications including Microsoft. helping them design and implement the technologies and strategies that positively impact their business. Of course. you can always manually take your data offsite. IT management.Use Technology Effectively 21 . Cisco. along with 12 years of practical experience in the IT field. Information Technology Professionals 1377 S 72nd St West Allis. Automate – Aside from verifying your data backup. Image and file – Most businesses have two types of data restoration needs: the need to restore a single file or email. testing once per quarter is recommended. and his current role as an owner at Information Technology Professionals.5 Back up your data the right way If you ask any business they will tell you they backup their data. Today’s systems can automate the backup process. Presently. technical writing. Here are the things you should be doing to ensure your data backup is sound and in the event of a disaster you could recover your data: Verify – Software and hardware systems can tell you whether your backup was successful. Backing up data on both an image and file level is necessary in order to restore data quickly and fully regardless of the situation. His career path in the IT field has included network administration.itprosusa. manual processes in your data backup process are a risk. Either way. WI 53214 2800 Royal Ave Suite 208 Madison. but that is actually more prone to failure than if you automate the process. Today. A bout Joe Ulm Joe is a graduate of the University of Milwaukee Wisconsin and began his career in Information Technology in 1999. The only way to guarantee that your data backup is functional is to do a test restore.

And second. “Will this fit?” Including as much information about size. and/or email address should all be posted within easy reach on your website. and reviews can help sell your product. etc.The quality of the images is extremely important and is what will ultimately sell your product online. you will need to make sure that your site’s visitors are indeed satisfied with the product or service that you are selling. product ratings. Highlighting the core features and benefits of your product are key. here are some tips for taking your own photography: • Use lots of lights. Also. unique features. with the same lighting. but not direct lighting • Try to avoid shadows on your product • If possible. “Does this product fulfill the needs of other shoppers?” Including testimonials. and the same background • Don’t rush. or the hammer that goes with the nails. Keystone Click 1 Selling online? Image quality and product descriptions are key! Image Quality . Consider up-selling and cross-promoting items on your eCommerce website. make sure the description can close the deal. the consumer is often looking to buy more than one item. A contact form. “Why should I buy this?” • Highlight the benefits. not industry jargon. In the event you are unable to hire a professional photographer. make sure it is easy for the consumer to contact you.Sell More Online Lori Highby. and usage ideas • Specify variable options available (color. Lighting. 2 Ensure your website functions the way your visitors want to shop online Questions your customers will ask as they navigate your website include: “What else should I buy?” When making a purchase. It is simpler to post those questions and make it easy for your site’s visitor to find answers themselves. it helps the consumer know that they are indeed making the right purchase. Including a valid privacy policy statement is a standard practice and often helps to ease the jitters about making a purchase on your eCommerce website. size. Professional photography is worth the investment and will ensure quality images of your product. and attention to detail will truly make or break your product’s image page. etc) • Include the keywords that you want to be found under in the search engines Make sure your description is using words that the buyer would understand. Consumers often have the same questions. Will the site visitor want to zoom in on the product? See the product from different angles? Or view the product in different colors? Product Description – If your image can’t sell your product. background. use a white background • Take all product photos at the same time. First. take multiple photos of each item • Use a photo editing software to resize the images for web use Also. phone number. 22 . Maybe a necklace to match the earrings. is extremely important. Focus on the value the product brings versus focusing on why your product is so amazing. specs. Hearing that other customers have made satisfactory purchases will help to push more sales across the goal line. Include links to information about how you value security and privacy. Your product description should include the following details: • Answer the question. Of course. it helps avoid refunds because of the wrong measurements. consider how someone might want to view your images on your website. “What if…?” On any eCommerce website. “Is this site secure?” Make sure that the site visitor knows you are secure. it is important to list FAQs.

but have you done some deep searching to see who else online is selling the same product that you are? If not. we’d recommend doing that immediately.3 Be sure to include an immediate Call-To-Action Most people will spend approximately eight to ten seconds looking at a home page and decide to stay or move somewhere else. Every page on your website should have at least ONE Call-To-Action.Sell More Online 23 . but you need to know what your competitors are doing AND see if any new competition has entered the field. It doesn’t have to be every day. Lori Highby . A few ideas for Calls-To-Action: • • • • • • • • Sign up for our eNews Buy Now! Call for more details (800-555-1234) Forward to a friend “Like” us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Rate this product Comment on our blog 4 Know who your online competitors are and WHERE they are Do you know who your competitors are? Maybe on a local level you know. • • • • • • What are they doing that you are not? What are you doing that they are not? Where are they positioned in social media? Are you in the same places they are online? What are their customers saying about their product? Is there an opportunity for you to excel at their weakness? It’s good practice to check out what your competition is doing on a consistent basis. New websites are going live every day and you never know if someone in your industry has entered the playing field unless you look for them.

ecommerce website development. The company’s primary service offering includes unique website design. How long does it take you to get to what you want on your own site? Do you cross promote your products within your site? Do you offer different navigation options? A few ways to enhance your navigation • • • • • • • Drop-down menus Search boxes Use of images (Call-To-Action) Use a breadcrumb trail to identify where the site visitor is within the site Always provide a HOME link Keep your menu structure the same throughout the site – don’t move it from left to right based on different pages Highlight the “Most visited pages” A bout Lori Highby Lori is passionate about design.com Lori Highby . marketing and technology. Keystone Click 207 East Buffalo Street. Suite 300 Milwaukee. On a website.5 Navigation is golden An easy-to-navigate website allows a site visitor to easily find what they are looking for.keystoneclick. WI 53202 www. social media management. and a variety of Internet marketing services. WI. content management system development.Sell More Online 24 . Our key goal is to utilize our dynamic team of creative and technical professionals to successfully generate a web marketing strategy that maximizes your ROI. a visitor should be able to find what they are looking for within three clicks. she strives for her team to remain on top of current technology and design advancements. Happy clients and amazing websites is what we like to work with! Keystone Click is an interactive agency located in Milwaukee. As the owner of Keystone Click.

Video allows individuals to communicate in their own words and lets potential customers know why they are passionate about what they do. your website is often the first encounter someone makes with your business. Put a human face on your business by creating a video directory for your website People want to do business with people they know and trust. 25 . 2 Use video on your website and social media sites Video trumps text on the Internet.o to Use Vide ur Market Yo Business 1 Life Productions. The days of websites being simply an online “brochure” are over. Inc. It has been found that businesses/organizations that add video to their websites/social media pages can effectively move their websites to the top of search engines. Make sure that your virtual lobby is an accurate reflection of your business and that your website’s video is professionally done. With news 24/7 on hundreds of TV stations. With more and more people initiating their search for services online. your audience wants information in a quick and entertaining way. Video is the medium of choice to pique interest and satisfy this need for speed. Compelling short video pieces posted on your Facebook and YouTube pages can increase viewership to your page and direct new clients to your website. your online presence should come alive.

You can also create a QR code that links to your video online. but also tweet it.” When individuals speak freely and passionately about their business or cause without a script it is felt to be genuine. In addition. We have found unscripted videos are powerful communication tools when you let interviewees tell their story “in their own words. your video can be a hyperlinked under your signature on all business emails. Inc. real and authentic by the target audience. 4 Video can be used in a multitude of ways Once you produce a video for your business/organization. . A video piece that tells your group story through compelling testimonial interviews can make your business/organization stand out to prospective clients and/or donors and motivate them to take action.Use Video to Market Your Business 26 .3 Create a 3 to 4 minute video using testimonials from your best clients Potential clients want to see how your business and/or organization impacts the people you serve. Life Productions. Smartphone users with a QR code application can scan your QR code and be taken directly to your website or YouTube channel and immediately view your video wherever they may be. post it and send it to your LinkedIn contacts. maximize its exposure. Don’t just show it at an event.

not the tools! Everyone has access to a flip cam these days. .com Life Productions. Cumberland Avenue Milwaukee. We produce not only marketing videos. skillful editing techniques.Use Video to Market Your Business 27 . individuals and organizations. Life Productions 5601 N. we help clients build and present their stories in ways that both inform and inspire. is a female owned and operated video production firm that specializes in award winning. A bout Tami Sweeney Life Productions Inc.5 Remember it’s the craftsmen. It is of the utmost importance that your videos are professionally lit with good sound and tight messaging so that the video elevates the brand of your company/organization and not weakens it. but website video directories.lifeproductionsinc. but so much more goes into videotaping and editing an effective video for your website. WI 53217 www. Our portfolio includes videos for non-profits. social media tools and everything in between. we have successfully produced videos for over 175 clients. Inc. In eight short years. businesses and educational institutions. but very few can produce a piece that conveys your specific business/organization’s message in a succinct. We specialize in unscripted media presentations that showcase the essence of an individual. We also partner with talented freelance video/media specialists in our community to provide a full array of video production offerings to our clients. professionally produced videos for businesses. Using music. Today’s population is media savvy. and professional audio and lighting equipment. founded in 2002 by Louise Berg and Tami Sweeney.. technically many individuals can produce a video. business or organization by letting our clients tell their story “in their own words” through digital video. professional and compelling way.

there is no direct correlation between excelling at a particular job function and possessing the ability to lead people well. it’s not about you! Ask and listen – most leaders interrupt and tell! Provide BOTH positive and improvement-oriented feedback – fewer than 18 percent of employees say they get useful feedback from their leader. Inspiration includes listening.a Become ader Better Le 1 Lead on purpose Leadership is an accidental career! Great leaders are scarce because organizations typically promote their highest-performing individual contributors. Care about humility and integrity – employees don’t respond well to arrogance! “Act” instead of “react” – the emotional intelligence piece! Serve others – when you accept the responsibility of leading others. Yet. practice these guiding principles: 2 Consider leadership traits The most effective leaders demonstrate a common set of characteristics to get the best results THROUGH others. Recognize employees – only 30 percent of workers feel appreciated by their supervisors (Reuters 2010). encouraging and praising! 28 . Accountability involves managing employee performance on an ongoing basis. Employees want leaders who: • • • • • • • Understand that technical expertise doesn’t translate to leadership expertise. involving employees. Many leaders struggle with a number of basic bad habits and for this reason. it is critically important that leaders are intentional in their approach to leadership of people! To lead intentionally and most effectively. Living As A Leader • • • • • • Be kind Be humble Be tolerant Be productive Be accountable Serve others The best leaders are those who can find the delicate balance between accountability and inspiration.

Most of the time. Leaders must proactively prepare for difficult conversations “by design” in which they choose their words very carefully to minimize defensiveness and get the best result. you still need to be aware of who’s performing and who’s not. it’s something I do. significant others and friends throughout the day? Maybe. avoid the tendency to charge right into the issue by beginning with some important positioning words like “Hi Joe. though interdependent. they would like flexibility in doing so. difficult conversations are the result of inappropriate workplace behaviors and. The essence of the conversation should balance empathy with accountability. behaviors will continue. The lines between work and personal time are becoming very blurred. issues will escalate and employee morale and productivity will go down. long hours.” 4 Lead emerging professionals We hear a tremendous buzz from leaders in organizations about the challenge of leading emerging professionals. on a particular day? They work nights. “Work is not somewhere I go. This is really about the evolving world of work and the opportunities afforded us by technology. The world has become a flexible place in which work can be done in many places at many times.3 Communicate by design The number one reaction to the need for a difficult conversation is avoidance! And the second most common reaction is to handle the conversation and handle it poorly. At the same time. • Living As A Leader . if left unaddressed.m. when you have a difficult conversation. I wanted to talk with you about a concern I have and then get your feedback. So. Do your employees really need a ‘valid’ reason to leave work at 3:00 p. We’re primarily talking about professionals in their 20s.” Here are just a few things (among MANY) to consider: • • Over 65 percent of the workforce claims they send and receive email in bed.Become a Better Leader 29 . Many comments lead with “The problem with young professionals today is…” We encourage you to transcend your thoughts beyond this being about a bunch of entitled young adults. This is called leadership. weekends and on vacations! Why are you micro-managing time like this? The bottom line: flexibility and performance are separate. Young professionals have an interesting mantra. In fact. issues. Give thought to how you can foster flexible work cultures. thanks for taking time to meet with me. Young professionals are willing to work very hard. Is it okay then that employees exchange text messages with their kids.

Whatever level your leaders are at—from the rising star just promoted into a leadership role to the long-time leader—we offer services and support to help leaders become confident and intentional as they work with others... Negativity is often fueled by poor behavior. one leader at a time. “When my boss gives me positive feedback.” Leaders are too negative. we’ve seen common mistakes repeated over and over. This might be yelling. One employee said this well. Leaders do not give enough positive feedback. Our talented team of facilitators and coaches focuses on making a positive impact on others.com Living As A Leader . We know that what gets rewarded gets repeated. Living As A Leader uses a unique combination of training and coaching to develop people into effective. Companies invite us to work with them because we develop leaders whose impact is noticeable.” A bout Living As A Leader Founded by Aleta Norris and Nancy Lewis. spending time with employees is viewed as a frustration. interrupting people. To achieve the results you seek. Many leaders accepted the promotion into leadership yet still relate most comfortably with their own to-do lists. In all of the work we do with leaders. we encourage them to: • Be Kind • Be Humble • Be Tolerant • Be Productive • Be Accountable • . and determine if you’d like to do something about it. being moody and grumpy. Very often. they happen because leaders are NOT intentional.5 Avoid common mistakes leaders make As we’ve worked with leaders over the past twenty years. it makes me want to do even more. Way too many employees hear from their leaders only when they do something wrong. productive leaders. responding frequently with ‘yeah. Human behavior drives too much of what we do. These mistakes don’t happen intentionally..and Serve Others Living As A Leader 125 North Executive Drive #378 Brookfield.’ Be aware of how often you’re focused on what’s wrong! Leaders DO. ignoring.livingasaleader. There is a difference between redirecting someone to get them back on track and simply being too negative. Leaders must realize that activities related to leading their people need to be on a to-do list also. positive and lifelong. Take a look at just a few of the common mistakes that follow. WI 53005 www.Become a Better Leader 30 . they don’t LEAD. we employ either a progressive development approach or customized services to fit any situation. but. identify the ones that you are guilty of making. A concept we encourage is “Schedule Leadership.

Event or time-driven planning and reactionary decisions are old fashioned. Here’s what might work better. 2 Let it marinate Better plans are made and result in more successful outcomes when you add a little time for reflection. This. and inspirational.not so fast. Traditional leadership practice suggests that success requires quick decisions and immediate action. clarity and confidence by those involved.Marsha Block. Paint a picture with words that everyone in the organization can visualize. and poised for growth.My Business Advisors d Create an icate Commun on Your Visi 1 Create a vision everyone can see and then move forward Professional planning practitioners frequently advise that an effective vision needs to be bold. More often misinterpretations. Who cares if the vision won’t fit on a T-shirt or a plaque in the visitors’ lobby? What’s important is that the steps taken from today to the future be developed with more understanding. Furthermore. That’s good advice to stretch everyone’s thinking but often these BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) miss the mark. however. then any strategy or action may or may not lead to the Promised Land. get excited about. I say . brief. MBA . and that leaves little room for misinterpretation. is not a widely accepted practice. relevant. If visions are too broad and global. Regularly incorporate strategy reviews and make adjustments to your plan as part of your businesses’ lifestyle to keep it fresh. when creating a strategic plan. rather than forcing a marathon day-long session to “get it done. For example. embrace. this is a dynamic world we live in. Include as many facets as can be imagined and agreed upon. There are times that a good night’s sleep (or several) or just stepping away from the situation for a while can improve the quality of the result. conflicting actions and inefficiencies are born from BHAGs. Create the future with more detail.” a series of discussions and decision points taken over time can result in a better plan product. 31 .

When interacting with employees. empathetic. it can be difficult to separate emotions from logic.3 Communicate in simple. As a leader. remember to be candid. I had the opportunity to spend nine days in the Canadian Rockies. When you care. clear (without jargon). 4 Before you act or react. Last year. These magnificent mountains reached as high as 14. the ability to rise above the neighboring lowlands and see beyond our immediate vicinity. Take a few steps back and open up the lens gradually to see what is around the initial situation. authentic messages . try this. We may not have the Canadian Rockies next door to give us perspective but we can create a different outlook in any given moment. When the situation calls for a different or bigger view. and understood by all. emphasize individual accountability and responsibility. Smart leaders also know that employees are the heart and soul of the company. Ultimately it is their productivity that fuels the success of the business. So to be effective requires good to great communication skills. Keep stepping back in small increments until a full panoramic view is in sight.often Much of what we want to accomplish in life has to do with our ability to influence other people. side by side and face to face with the workforce will result in renewed employee engagement. These messages need to be communicated genuinely and consistently. Leaders in the trenches. From the top of the mountain. create messages that are specific. Does this information generate a different conclusion(s)? Marsha Block . have an out of body experience Keeping things in perspective can be an acquired skill. Mountains can symbolize vision. Pretend that your eyes are a camera with a telescoping lens.000+ feet.” This helps me to objectively view the situation before I say or do anything. and the results will be there.Create and Communicate Your Vision 32 . separate from the situation. taking a mini-timeout or an “out of body experience. One of the best visual aids I have found is to pretend I am a witness. we are able to witness life from a new perspective—cities and towns that seem so large when we are in them look tiny. And yet that is a skill that we can all benefit from in work and in life.

the truth is easier and during tough times being candid and open is really important. A leader sets the vision and creates opportunities for others to contribute to the achievement of the vision. She has formed a new TEC group in Southeastern Wisconsin. President. industry and communications) Management • Business Development Management • Independent Business Ownership • Start-Up. is not a black and white experience – it takes courage. Be accountable. Invest others with the personal responsibility to deliver results. Balance today with the future. however. Acting is hard and phony. Letting go and trusting can be the biggest challenges. They will question your answers. MBA – My Business Advisors. Being a leader.” Be aware of the verbal and the non-verbal messages or signals you send. Non-Profit Executive Director Marsha now brings this wealth of experience and know-how to a new arena of her business. business execution skills and consensus building and engagement abilities. commitment. The best leaders define reality and inspire hope. With more than 25 years of experience. It’s lonely at the top. management and execution of long-range. is a results-oriented Business Executive with a versatile background across various industries and business models and is broadly recognized for her strategic thinking. Here are a few thoughts that may help create a healthier and more productive culture: • • • • Remember you are always “on. MBA . TEC (The Executive Committee) has a mission to increase the effectiveness and enhance the lives of CEOs.My Business Advisors www. She has successfully facilitated the planning. Don’t go it alone. Presidents and business owners. offer encouragement and provide accountability so that you can continue to lead those who look to you for these same things. selflessness and humanness. strategic and marketing plans for a variety of clients in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. This is the most important message to deliver.5 Lead.com Marsha Block . Your vision can inspire thoughts of the World Series but you only get there one game at a time.mba-mybusinessadvisors. Find a group of trusted advisors whose only agenda is your success.Create and Communicate Your Vision 33 . A bout Marsha Block Marsha Block. follow or just get out of the way This is a tall order for many. Marsha’s credentials include: • Plant Manager for manufacturing businesses with sales of $5 million to $100 million • Marketing (product.

complete a due diligence and contact references. Also. This enables you to control the project budget and timeline. four to six focus groups will generally provide the information you are seeking.Maureen McGrath. Develop finalized research objectives. Stage your research At the end of each stage you can carefully review the findings to determine if additional research is warranted. Unless there are extenuating circumstances. 34 . a budget. It saves time and money. closely review the sample calculations that define the number of survey respondents needed. Do not commit to a multiphase research plan. Use customer information that you already have. 3 4 Control the size of your research group Control the number of respondents who will be included in your research. Write a comprehensive RFP with your requirements clearly outlined. Keep your surveys short Target a completion time of no more than five minutes. required deliverables and due dates. such as gender and age. rather then asking for this information on the survey. McGrath Marketing Associates Be in the th Know Wi Research 1 2 Take control of the contracting process Do your homework before beginning research or contracting with a vendor. If a vendor is new to your company. Over-surveying will cost time and money without adding additional value. rather ask your vendor to contract one stage at a time.

She has her B. Conseco. McGrath Marketing Associates specializes in translating research findings into product and market strategies for companies ranging in size from small startups to Fortune 500 firms. She is a member of the American Marketing Association and the American Research Association.A. She is one of only a few Wisconsin focus group moderators who have earned a Qualitative Research Certification from the Burke Institute of Cincinnati. Pre-test every question to make sure the answers deliver the information you are seeking. Milwaukee. A bout Maureen McGrath Maureen McGrath is founder and senior partner of McGrath Marketing Associates. Maureen has been a featured speaker at national research symposiums on research methodologies and consumer preference testing. St. MN. and the Milwaukee Public Museum. Clients include American Republic Insurance Company.mcgrathmarketing. She has her MBA with a marketing research concentration from the University of Wisconsin.com Maureen McGrath .Be in the Know With Research 35 . OH. Northwestern Mutual. WI 53122 www. Wisconsin. a strategic marketing research firm located in Milwaukee. from the College of St. Paul.5 Ask only for “have to know” information Don’t ask for “interesting to know” information –it’s clutter. McGrath Marketing Associates 1650 Shady Lane Elm Grove. Catherine.

But the best social media policies extend well beyond the “thou shalt not’s. by taking advantage of the aggregate social networks of all of your employees. such as. Needless to say. 2 It starts with policy Good corporate policies protect the company when employee behaviors place the company at risk. “If I vent about a bad day at work. MRA . social media is one of the hot trends.George Blomgren. and they need guidance! Good corporate social media policies mitigate risks by setting boundaries. 36 . But they are also appreciated by employees. In most businesses.000 member businesses is watching trends unfold on a large scale. although it’s occasionally driven by a recruiter instead. such as when social media can be used. it’s hard to simultaneously tap into the full potential of social media. This is really the key to amplifying the “social” in social media.The Management Association Leverage dia Social Me 1 Breadth rather than depth One benefit of working for an association that serves almost 2. If you are one of the majority of employers who have (or are working on) a policy that is exclusively restrictive in nature. So. should I mention where I work? Or am I not allowed to?” Your employees are using social media. and many businesses are finally jumping on the bandwagon. That’s great. With respect to social media.” and create an important foundation for constructive use of social media by outlining activities and purposes that are favored by the company. someone in marketing is leading the charge. but it’s only half the equation. The best success comes from leveraging breadth as well as depth. and it’s a natural starting point. The key is generally an individual with depth of experience (such as a sizable network) driving the effort. consider a policy that also includes how you’d like employees to support the company. many employees have questions about the appropriate use. and how much.

(Remember that the key to a productive referral program is ongoing promotion. supporting the appropriate use of social media. update the policy behind it to address how employees can and should use social media to support their referral efforts. Let’s consider one of the lowest hanging fruit.3 We’re all in this together There are many ways your employees can help support important business goals. George Blomgren . for example). lacking guidance. your middle managers will become coaches.) Here’s another idea. for a modest investment. typos. cheerleaders and police. your employees may approach social media such that they spend hours a day on activities with limited value.Leverage Social Media 37 . Many of your employees aren’t familiar enough with social media to use it effectively. this means your older middle managers will be supporting and monitoring people who know a lot more about social media than they do. You want to train your employees to use social media adeptly. and efficiently. and the ensuing bonuses. you should!). a bad description of your company. a good marketing intern can make a huge. If you embrace a well-rounded social media policy. effectively. Or. Another reason training can make a critical difference is generational issues. Keep reminding employees about successful referrals. keep in mind the power of “WIIFM” (what’s in it for me?) — remind your employees that a lucrative bonus is theirs if any of their referrals amount to hires. but ultimately substandard profiles (no photo. it’s not enough. but who wouldn’t jump at a “free LinkedIn tune-up?” In this way. Or. You can’t dictate the changes you’d like to see. etc.) reflect poorly on them and on you. Only training can bridge that generation gap. Assuming you have an employee referral program (and if you don’t. positive impact on your digital identity. Imagine the power of all of your employees promoting open positions on their LinkedIn and Facebook networks! Of course. You can’t really tell your employees what their LinkedIn profiles should say. Insofar as social media adoption is highly skewed towards younger users. regardless of the source. they may not use it the way you want them to (perhaps they still favor ALL CAPS. 4 Training makes the difference As critical as a solid policy is.

but your social media engine fails to achieve the results you had hoped for. If you have a social media coordinator. You have implemented a progressive policy. He began his career as a communications consultant for Watson Wyatt Worldwide (now Towers Watson). supporting timely recruiting and marketing messages. George also spent time as the webmaster for Kohl’s Department Stores. You can make it even easier by doing this work for them. and paid due attention to WIIFM every step of the way. you provide ongoing training to ensure that all employees are capable of meeting your expectations. Finally. ask them to send a weekly email to employees with three to four “pre-fabricated” status updates. Outside of work. He enjoys spending time with his wife Cathy.org George Blomgren . Wisconsin 53188 www.mranet. measured accountabilities). Prior to joining MRA. employees can support the team in less than 30 seconds a week. He oversaw both web and traditional advertising and marketing. and pursued graduate studies in business and marketing at Cardinal Stritch University. simply because it takes little time to update these messages. All the pieces are there. George is an active blogger and podcaster. social and mobile tools in support of business objectives.Leverage Social Media 38 . chances are good the highest ROI comes from status updates.5 Easy as falling off a log So. let’s say you’ve embraced the idea of tapping into breadth.The Management Association N19W24400 Riverwood Drive Waukesha. MRA . and his two dogs — a Great Pyrenees and a Chihuahua. You’ve identified the ways employees can best contribute to your social media strategy. George earned a bachelor’s degree from Beloit College. and strategically leveraging web. it’s pretty likely your employees are simply focused on their tasks instead. but by copying and pasting the message of their choice. Could it get any easier? A bout George Blomgren George Blomgren supports MRA members in developing effective social media strategies and policies. How can you tap into their social networks with only minimal distraction? Of all the ways your employees can support you. studied abroad at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. This message will serve not just as a reminder. George was on the leadership team of the country’s premiere network of local employment websites. and unless you have identified social media as a core competency (with specific. George serves on the Board of Directors for the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin and does a lot of volunteer career coaching. Most of us have too much on our plates these days.

LinkedIn has an extensive list of applications to enhance your profile. Video is becoming an increasingly important part of many companies’ branding efforts. he/she should be able to quickly introduce you to the candidate. company brochures. or both. what would I want to say? Then use your Summary to tell your story in a friendly. LLC kedIn Using Lin our to Build Y . Most people would rather watch TV than read a book. net to post PDF. is freely sharing your knowledge and expertise with others. Search options include current employees. and you will be well on your way to finding the perfect candidate for your position. 2. presentations about your company. you will find interview-ready candidates. articles.” or “looking” in your keyword search.net Files. save that search by clicking the word “Save” on the top right of the Results screen.” “seeking. This is a great place to post white papers. Use Box. 2. These two applications allow you to post slide shows that showcase your personal expertise. This builds trust. or share your favorite books with your network through Reading List by Amazon. Once someone knows and trusts you. Then LinkedIn will continue to look for more potential candidates by regularly searching your network. you can post those files here.). Use the Jobs tab in the groups you belong to. Company. or Word files to your profile. and others can be valuable to most LinkedIn users. Use your Status Update Box to ask your network if they know of anyone who is qualified for the position you are attempting to fill.. 4. 1. pictures of your projects or products. past employees. Real Estate Pro. if you include words like “pursuing. Think of this as your cover letter. Use the Advanced People Search. and other documents that increase your credibility and helpfulness. Be creative. Search using your competitor’s name(s). he/she will want to do business with you. Save the search. Also. and/or pictures of projects you have done. Power Formula. including the new connections people in your network are making on an ongoing basis. especially those groups that are related to the specific industry your potential candidate would work in. and if video is part of your slide show. Google Presentation / SlideShare. 4. These additions are easy to do and will certainly make your profile more appealing to viewers. whether face to face or online. client or business partner. These files can be downloaded by visitors. use Events to find interesting professional events. Other Applications. If someone in your network is aware of a prospective candidate. and list specific keywords that apply to the job. Some people may not read beyond this point. The key to networking. customer testimonials. Connect your blog to your LinkedIn profile. 3. Keywords. etc. and Right Peo k Give Bac 1 Beef up your profile to improve your image on LinkedIn These four simple additions to your LinkedIn profile are sure to boost your credibility and demonstrate your expertise. Be sure to try a variety of different words for the same job. 39 . Find the Business ple. Some are industry specific (e. Legal Updates. conversational way. Some of the criteria you will want to consider when building your search are: • • • Title.g. Box. A thorough review of each candidate’s profile (especially the recommendations) should help you narrow the field. So ask yourself: if I have only a few minutes to share my professional story with a potential customer. 3. Once you have landed on a search or searches that brought you some good potential candidates. Let’s face it. Excel. Summary. 2 Use LinkedIn to find high-quality employees LinkedIn can help you find first-rate employees—and many times you can find them for FREE! Here’s how: 1.Wayne Breitbarth.

speakers. 8. Use the LinkedIn Event application to post the details of your event so it can be found by LinkedIn users who are searching for events in your area. and/or vendors for the organization. recruit volunteers. periodically visit the event page and use the “Share” button to re-invite connections or invite additional connections. Use the Status Update Box on your home page or Discussions/News in groups you are in to publicize an event. • You can list three websites on your profile. donors. Include information about the organization in your individual profile. 2. 5. • Add the profile section “Volunteer Experience & Causes. Start a discussion to promote your event in the LinkedIn groups that would most likely attend the event. Ask a few of your most connected connections to “Like” your Status Update on their homepage. Download this application by clicking “Get More Applications” under the “More” tab on the top toolbar. Use the Events application to promote the organization’s upcoming events. • Use Blog Link or Wordpress applications to connect the organization’s blog to your profile. Find the Right People. This video can then be put on the profiles of everyone involved in the event in either the Website section (as a hyperlink) or in the SlideShare or Google Presentation application. the organization will appear in the top box of your profile. 3. Wayne Breitbarth . • In your Summary section. Once created.” and include not only the detail about your group but promote the general cause as well. After creating the event. Always include the link to the event details.3 Pay it forward to nonprofits Here are four ways you can use LinkedIn to benefit your favorite charitable group: 1. and Give Back 40 . 6. and explain the organization’s mission.Using LinkedIn to Build Your Business. include a special section to describe why this organization is important to you. This could include clips from last year’s event. • List the name of the organization in your Groups & Associations section. 2. etc. 3. • In the Experience section of your profile. Vary the updates by including such information as the topic. list as a current job your title and/ or involvement along with the name of the organization. 7. Use your Status Box to promote the event. Start a LinkedIn group for the organization’s supporters. Ask some of your closest connections who have already RSVP’d for the event if they would consider either inviting some of their connections or using their Status Update to promote the event. an interview with the keynote speaker. Use one of the three websites for a hyperlink directly to the organization’s website. 4 Promote your events on LinkedIn 1. 4. Create a short video promoting the event. etc. accomplishments. you are given a URL that you can use to link people to your event information. LinkedIn will prompt you to share this event with a selected group of your connections. venue. testimonials from attendees of previous events. and needs. Once you do this. 4. or find employees. suppliers. • Use SlideShare or Google Presentation to share a Power Point or video about the organization. During the time leading up to the event. and/or volunteers.

5. Talk about an event you are attending or have attended to encourage involvement and/or questions about what you learned there.com/in/waynebreitbarth www. at conventions. Wayne works with companies to develop a strategy for using LinkedIn to increase revenues. like: “Does anyone know some good controller candidates?” One of my connections saved $20. 3. Use engaging words to grab the readers’ attention and encourage them to click the link. and Give Back 41 . and corporate training sessions. This shares the update with your entire network and is a great way to give the writer of the helpful update exposure to your network that he/ she wouldn’t normally have. speaker. Don’t worry about whether all of your connections will find the information equally valuable. Pose a question that could lead to solving a problem you have. websites or video that individuals in your network might appreciate. Use the “Like” feature when you see a helpful update from one of your connections. Breitbarth shares his expertise in his critically acclaimed book. and Job Search (March 2011. He then trains company personnel to meet those objectives. Share links to interesting articles. The LinkedIn expert has inspired audiences both locally. and nationally. Breitbarth is also an owner of M&M Office Interiors in Pewaukee. and discover new business opportunities. Follow these simple suggestions.linkedin. He has trained more than 10. and author. The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success: Kick-Start Your Business.000 businesspeople on how to effectively use the professional networking site. Wisconsin. Wayne is also a Certified Public Accountant and spent the early years of his career as an auditor and small business consultant with Arthur Andersen & Co.net Wayne Breitbarth .5 Use your LinkedIn Status Update Box to network online 1. and you will be on your way to being a model LinkedIn citizen whose position of respect and authority will pay big dividends. industry association events.Using LinkedIn to Build Your Business. http://www. 2. A bout Wayne Breitbarth Wayne Breitbarth is an experienced businessman. “I just met with John Jones from ABC Insurance Company and found out they are saving companies lots of $$ on workmen’s compensation insurance.powerformula. Find the Right People. He received his BBA from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and his MBA from Marquette University. find first-rate employees. Greenleaf Book Group). Brand.” 4. for instance.000 in recruiting fees by posting an update like this a couple days before calling a recruiter. Mention a person or a situation that might be helpful to some of your connections.

” While I love the analytics folks and I do get that patterns can be identified and leveraged when sharing content. designers are moving to responsive design techniques that will render the appropriate user experience based on the type of device used to access a website. and that web presence is a part of how you grow your business. the user may become frustrated by lack of information.. Mobile users are savvy. Roll Mobile Get your mobile web experience in place Recent projections indicate that by the year 2015. I have my own network of “guys. A mobile website needs to be designed so that the mobile user’s experience is intuitive. productive. These connections can become real life conversions. you can’t just puke out a mini version of your entire website and think you’ve got your mobile web strategy covered.) 2 Be a “guy for that” I often think of my dad when doing business and building professional relationships. Why? Because he liked and trusted them. mainly because of a newfangled confusion over “the right way” to utilize social networks. That being said. Recognizing that social media has allowed us to create a powerful word of mouth community. In fact. his vendors were always his “guys” too. As these types of devices change the electronic marketing landscape. He referred business only to the dependable. specific days. and trust.. Not having a mobile site will affect your search results. none of that crap is the most important ingredient in building your social currency. Now is the time to consider responsive design for your next website redesign. The key is to find the balance of form and function. Make sure you give equal care and attention to your mobile version as you do your desktop version. Having a mobile website will help you capture the growing mobile web visitor and support the social sharing of your content. It’s about people. Maybe it’s time to go back to some old school thinking. and have come to expect a mobile web experience that suits the way they consume content on a mobile device. you need to offer a mobile version of your content. I’ve brought up the idea that social media is really just helping us find (and be) “a guy for that” in a much larger (online) community. and will negatively impact the likelihood of a conversion. the Internet doesn’t change the heart of the matter. Throughout my father’s life. there will be more people accessing the web with mobile devices than computers.. in much the same way our grandparents did within a small town. and he knew he was giving a solid recommendation. In recent years. and fast. a guy to come help hang drywall. On the other hand. 42 .” Whether it was a new car. the usability of your website.” I’m the “guy” for many others. if you strip too much of your web content out of your mobile version. get ready to play catch up later. it’s a pretty good way to grow your business and tap into new networks. stand on your head when you tweet to get more RT’s. They always returned the favor. a plumber. If you don’t feel that your business needs to pay attention to mobile web users now. I use social media tools to connect with “my guys” and see where I can be someone else’s “guy. And it wasn’t just built on “what’s in it for me. Website design is changing to accommodate the ever-increasing number of devices capable of rendering websites and web applications. today. honest guys. might be a step in the right direction. He also made sure that “his guys” got as much business as he could send.” It’s been working since the dawn of time. If you aren’t a total jerk. or the guy with the best garage for drinking beers and re-building hot rods. an estimated 25 percent of Americans who access the mobile web are ‘mobile only’. he has always had “a guy for that. Heh.. (And your competitors will thank you for giving them the edge.Leverage edia Mobile M 1 Sara Santiago. a lawyer. These guys built word of mouth networks that stretched worldwide. If you have an existing website. reach. Folks want to make it seem pretty complicated. “Make sure you tweet links at specific times.” In my life and my work. In his business. Making real connections. meaning that they never use a computer to access the web. Social media growth has made me realize that I channel him more than ever.

Hopefully that relationship has value for both parties. anywhere. Am I courteous to others? — Are you prone to hijacking tweets? Do you take other people’s ideas from one forum and re-purpose as your own on another? 4 Rethink how you use “white space time” Our lives are busier than ever. old fashioned manners. it doesn’t matter. What works for one. but don’t let yourself get caught up in the “shiny new toy” syndrome either. Even the “social media experts” who preach the ever hyped “authentic/transparent” strategy don’t always practice what they preach. I’ve been trying to identify exactly why one person drives me completely nuts. or in the car waiting for your kid to finish dance class. Keeping ourselves up to date on the latest happenings in our respective industries can be a challenge. you can utilize applications that allow you to save blog posts.” that time between A and B.Leverage Mobile Media 43 . If you own your own business. well. Choose and use tools that actually help you to streamline the way YOU work. If the majority of your activity on social networks is telling people about all the great stuff you are doing/have to offer/etc. collaborate on documents. Utilize only the tools that get the job done. while allowing you to work from any location? Don’t fear new tools. or plan your next business trip. is easier said than done. and commitments to think about. Thanks. and even met with a smile and desire to share their message. Whether it’s on the train during a morning commute. video and other content to read later. This. let’s say you met me in real life. You define that value. accept and remit payments. Be ruthlessly efficient in your day. articles. Sara Santiago . waiting in an airport terminal. courtesy. period. If every other thing out of your mouth was “Read my blog!” “Buy my stuff!” “I’m so great!” “Have you heard how AWESOME my blog is?” then I would run away. That doesn’t work. Utilize time-saving mobile applications to retrieve email. 5 Develop your social (media) graces For some time now I have been trying to put my finger on why some folks get how to use social media to market themselves or their services and some completely miss the boat. could there be a mobile/social solution that can streamline your workflow. If you aren’t really who you portray yourself to be online. Then it hit me. how people have been building relationships since. and amplified on the web. we can stay connected to our businesses no matter where we are. you lose my trust. Social graces. you are probably coming off as narcissistic. Do I talk about myself/blog/business too much? — This is highly annoying in real life.3 Mobile tools save time Un-tether yourself from your desk! Because of mobile technology. In addition to running our businesses. So. I might even have to resist the urge to smack you upside the head. you know that every minute counts. monitor your brand in the social space. may not work for all. Ask yourself a few questions: Am I being myself? — Seriously. post new and engaging content. humor and genuine interest in others. Please stop. Mobile technology allows us to take advantage of “white space time. Be yourself. whether it’s emotional value or monetary value. Seriously. and friends. and another person’s message is welcome. Rethink the way you do things today. “Social networking” is still just networking. Just talking to people and building relationships. forever. Using an application that will sync to multiple devices means you can catch up on industry news anytime. apparently. How do I know this? I’ve met plenty of them in real life who are quite different than they portray themselves on social networks. Why? Because the ultimate goal of networking is usually a real life conversion. we have families. Good. You know. Networking is still about people.

WI. as well as over a decade of electronic media development expertise. Santiago is a proud Milwaukeean. Am I the know-it-all? — Yes. that’s just slimy. You have been building lasting relationships your whole life. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that your online relationships are any different. We know. Bless you. Sara was named as one of Milwaukee’s most influential executives in social media of 2010 by the Milwaukee Business Journal. Roll Mobile 161 South First Street Milwaukee. I WANT to advocate on their behalf. you can do this.com Sara Santiago . GE Healthcare. Wisconsin 53204 www.Leverage Mobile Media 44 . They require care and work and time to grow. It’s okay to just shut up every once in awhile. you may be a genius. don’t do it in an online conversation. courteous. Together we will both grow our networks of friends. mmmkay? You see. Employ what you already know! You know how to NOT be a jerk. Her clients include: Master Lock. those friends will want to help me. acquaintances. knowledgeable and friendly. State of Wisconsin Department of Tourism. I want to help my friends. You may have thought of everything before any of the rest of us. mobile web.whyroll. yes. Unless you are painfully socially awkward. Sub Zero/Wolf. Be yourself. In turn.Do you “borrow” other peoples snark/funny/content without giving credit? Well. clients and so on. Dial it back. you have an opinion on everything. where she resides in the Bay View neighborhood with her husband and children. If you wouldn’t do it in a real life conversation. A bout Sara Santiago Sara is founder and President of Roll. and mobile application development company in Milwaukee. and was recently honored as one of Southeastern Wisconsin’s 2011 “Forty Under 40” recipients. when people in my social network are helpful. Why? Just like in real life. Remember it’s not always about you. If you did this at a cocktail party in real life. Listen when other people are speaking. I WANT to hear about what they’ve got going on. Sara has over 14 years of interactive marketing experience. and more. you wouldn’t get many future invitations. Here’s the thing. a social/mobile marketing.

not Facebook! I’m not suggesting that we impose standards because frankly. Starting with my business networks. It’s a small and simple step that can make a big difference. The story should be told with images. I’d question your motivation and sanity. will view your profile picture when forming an opinion. • Your picture and logo . show it! Once you’ve decided to update your images. 45 . Take photos yourself or have someone do it for you. I met some of the most talented Social Media experts who provided well-needed insight into how we are viewed through a social media lens. Of the ones that did. children. 2010 when I attended the UnGeeked|Elite event in Milwaukee. I love the variety. But if you’re a business spending big bucks to produce a killer site and then populate it with photos from a cell phone just because you have it.) and a few were just unrecognizable. ask around for someone who does good work for a price you can both live with. some were company logos. When choosing your picture. personal and inviting.tures Make Pic You Work for 1 Scott Curty. you might consider a blend of your image and the company/brand logo. You need to decide what that image is worth to you. playful or whatever). Spoke etc..). I’ve seen some great photos from amateurs with good equipment and a little luck. Or. But for those of you who are looking for employment or want to connect with potential clients (and you know who you are). about one third of my contacts didn’t have an image associated with their profiles. your profile picture should be clean. It’s not for everyone. the light went on in May. For me. you have a few options. Honestly. Not just images… but images that support the rest of the content. to find what I need. or what they sell. recognizable. If you can’t afford to hire a pro who’s built a career on making businesses look good. Surprisingly. I mean really. And let’s face it. just something to consider. or dogs (one was a monkey. the power of your social profile is overwhelming. consider a head & shoulders shot so viewers can see your expression. the Internet is my first line of defense (or offense). I think the color branding over the B&W headshot is more effective than color over color. anyone viewing your bio. STM Creative Is your profile picture killing you? Between business (LinkedIn. Avoid social suicide. whether it’s a potential employer or someone considering “friending” you.) will work for them. Visitors need to be sold in those first few seconds. but most companies can. Here are a few profile picture tips to consider: • Profile pictures are typically small on the page. product etc. Plaxo. There are companies that have a hard time “showing” what they do. Websites that quickly draw the visitor’s attention are the ones that have a few well-chosen images as soon as the site loads in my browser.) and casual social sites (Twitter. 2 Images count Like most people. Facebook etc. bad snap-shots from vacation.. If you’re proud of your product.If you have a company or need to closely identify yourself with a brand. Most online searchers don’t take time to read each page and then determine if the site (services. it’s a business-networking site . Have your photo taken by someone who can capture your personality (serious. I began considering profiles on the popular networking sites. choose wisely. business. Body shots not recommended. step-it-up a notch.

Local magazines love to get their hands on products and find unique locations for their shoots.3 Don’t be shy There are many publications out there. The idea of being “bold” comes from the idea that you can bend the rules more online. Just remember. The FCC isn’t actually reviewing all that content online. In many cases. That might be a call to action or to just get the brand’s name out there. it means you’ll need to do some research and make some calls but you’re willingness to be helpful does get around. As a photographer I’m twice as likely to use a product or location if the owner is open to working with me. Or find a photographer who shoots for local publications and offer up your product for a mention in the spread. This is one of those unconventional approaches to gaining exposure. brands and marketers in general need to work harder to make a splash online. What this means is that businesses can get creative. and the quality of some of those online videos/commercials is getting better. Obviously any online video should support a business strategy. 4 Be bold Online video is being used more and more. I’ve traveled from Milwaukee to West Bend to pick up $6. local and regional. Yes.Make Pictures Work for You 46 . the online audience wants to be both educated and entertained. Businesses. and was thrilled to have a business willing and excited to work with us. try seeking out a managing editor for a local publication you like.000 in jewelry and watches for a photo editorial shoot. If you’re a business with products or a location that might benefit from a little positive PR. or at least work with a creative group willing to test your limits. photographers and editors need to source props and accessories for shoots. Scott Curty .

If you’re not at the point of bringing on a PR professional.5 Do something good… capture it.e. or small product/campaign launches should be captured for future usage as your company grows. drive emotions or push the viewer into action. Choose the photos that best tell the story. event. Consider photography and video of your company’s participation (shot by your team or hired professional). share it Most companies have the opportunity to help their communities or participate in worthwhile activities.com Scott Curty . while it’s fresh. etc. and add some copy. • Back up and store the footage/photos in a safe place where it can be accessed when you need it. Don’t post 50 photos because you feel they’re all “great. who has some experience. they can help you with this. He experienced first-hand how images can shape opinions.moving and still.” Consider the best six to 12 images. so your event or newsworthy story has less of a chance to be covered (seen or heard).stmcreative.Make Pictures Work for You 47 . or other social media platform. at least find someone you trust. He loves the art and the chance to work with passionate people. Working with national agencies and major brands taught Scott the power of marketing. blog post. Wisconsin 53092 www. Share it now • Use your company or personal blog. but you’re a company or brand with the ability to update your website. • Unless your company has the means to hire a professional production company. Facebook etc. A bout Scott Curty Scott Curty has always been passionate about images . then you’re still in a good position to share those positive stories. just keep it simple. between 30 and 60 seconds for online use). TV and radio are stretched thinner than ever these days. • Photo galleries should also be limited.” or dumping out early because they don’t have 20 minutes to wade through shaky camera hell before the pay-off. If you choose to document yourself. Maybe you’re doing it already. However the local paper. to share the news. Port Washington Road Mequon. STM Creative 10532 N. Much beyond that and viewers start to think twice about clicking “play. keep any videos short (i. If not. Obviously if you have the opportunity to work with a PR agency. Working for CBS News trained him to be a good storyteller. then consider these two items: Document what you’re doing now for future use • Company/Community events.

Gayle Kugler, Small Business Development Centers

Focus on effective business ent managem


Build your advisory board
Most businesses can benefit from an advisory board. Some angel investors or other investors require it. Whether or not your investors do, you should define advisors for yourself. The benefit to you as a business owner is that you have the freedom to create your advisory board. You can bring together a group of colleagues from other areas of business expertise and seek their advice and support on a regular basis through this board. The board does not have a formal legal responsibility. As the convener, you decide whether or not you offer compensation or shares in your company. What can an advisory board do for you? The individuals you choose will give you their perspective. With defined expectations up-front, you need to negotiate how much time and energy each individual is willing and able to give you. You also need to decide if you are asking them to invest in your company. Typically, an advisory board will agree to two meetings a year. A portion of a day, with a meal included, allows for conversation of your key issues. As the business owner, you need to define the agenda and the one or two key topics you would like to receive input about. Additionally, throughout the year you may call or email board members with specific requests or questions that do not become burdensome or time-consuming to them. What won’t an advisory board do for you? An advisory board member will not be conversant in all aspects of your business. Because you are meeting semi-annually, you will need to be prepared to bring members current each time you meet. Members may sign up for a two year commitment, but may not participate after that, unless you are wildly successful and they enjoy being known as supportive of your business and your success. With this in mind, be prepared to continually build your board by adding new members.


What now?
After two years of cost cutting just to stay afloat, most small and medium-size business owners need to step back now and take a serious look in 2012 at increasing profitability through strategic expansion into new markets. Unless you are focused on gaining new customers, new markets or new products and services, you could potentially be shrinking your business unintentionally. From an entrepreneur’s viewpoint, one of the positive aspects of a down economy is that it affords time to research, identify and evaluate new market opportunities. A rapidly recovering economy will close that window soon, so the time for research is now. Strategically, you need to look now for your opportunities of growth. Research potential new locations, new services that complement your existing product or service, and new ways of conducting your business. This might be one of the best times to take a class. Helpful topics include: • Managing your finances • Analyzing your cash flow • Budgeting and profit planning • Using the web for your business • Project management essentials Carve out time each day or week to analyze your business potential. Define ways that your business can survive market swings. Many companies tend to migrate to serving specific demographic or industry sectors. The rule of thumb is no more than 10 percent of your business from one client or customer type. Following this rule helps ensure your sales are less vulnerable to economic cycles. Diversification into new markets tends to minimize the impact of market cycle fluctuations on your business. If you haven’t been diversified in the past, consider this move one of your top 2012 priorities.



Step away from the technology
In 2012, we need to do a reality check and evaluate how much time we spend in person with the people who make our business sing. The companies that are more in touch with their customers, employees and vendors are more successful. Talk to your customers in person. Get out and about and away from your desk. Sending email blasts might get your foot in the door one out of a hundred times, more if you are lucky. Consider that it is the personal contact, the importance of ‘showing up’ that will win you the order and the opportunity to continue to do business with your customers. Customer service based on relationships creates a solid brand and goes a long way toward customer loyalty. Talk to your employees face-to-face. Remember, your employees represent you and your values to the customer, so they have to know you. Develop relationships that give employees a true sense of what you would do in any business decision. Let them know when you need to be involved. Electronic information is necessary in today’s business environment, but employees really need to know you as the leader of the team, in person. Technology is one of the many tools we enjoy in our work life to ‘get it all done.’ In many ways tech tools have unintentionally replaced in-person interactions in the name of quick communication for successful forward progress. Documentation of critical information is faster and easier. Still, in our work interactions, nothing can replace regular and meaningful face-to-face time with employees and customers. Walk down the hallway or out on the shop floor in any business and you will see many people at computer monitors, or using handheld devices communicating with each other and the machines they are operating. You will also likely see each of them look up to smile or wave. Take this moment to interact with your employees. Remember the basis for a successful business with growing sales and a great team of employees is effective communication. That includes face time on a regular basis with your customers, employees and vendors.


Stay current and fresh
With many ways to stay current today, the challenge is not in finding information but rather in being able to find the time to take it all in. In addition to your radio, TV and desktop computer, the proliferation of technology choices today include iPods, iPads, Kindles and the Nook, to name a few. Cable streaming news shows and TV choices everywhere give you literally all the information you are looking for at your fingertips. These media choices allow you to absorb information while you are working out, driving or cooking dinner. Here are some thoughts for organizing the hunt for your business ideas: • Read the latest management books. If you don’t have time for the entire book, read sites that review the books you would like to read. One to try: www.businessweek.com/lifestyle/books.htm. • Watch news stories and programs on business in the morning. • Listen to radio talk shows or podcasts of interviews with businesses. One to check out is InBusiness with Jody and Joan at www.ibmadison.com. • Take a class or attend a lecture in your town at the local college or community center. Not only will this expand your knowledge, but also your network of colleagues and potential mentors. • Take time over lunch or coffee to scan business magazines like Inc. and Fast Company or read trade magazines for inspiration and idea sparks. • Join a trade association in your field or become a board member in your area of expertise. This will allow you an ongoing opportunity to network with other area business owners and also visit their businesses. • Take tips from everywhere on trends, what has been tried, and what works. • Connect with complementary businesses to avoid re-inventing your wheel of knowledge and experience. • Listen to music to help clear your head. • Free your mind by taking a vacation. New locales always spark new ideas and new ways of looking at your business. At the very least, take time to pause and refresh your perspective. • No time for a vacation? Take a drive on a quieter back road on a safe weather day. Clear your head and do some thinking about where you want to take your business.

Gayle Kugler - Focus on effective business management



Marketing mix
The formula for a marketing mix, using various forms of media, is not dead. For most businesses, social media is only a part of your marketing mix, not your entire marketing and promotion strategy. Some businesses got buried on EBay; others have become buried on Facebook. One strategy quickly becomes no strategy. These are two great approaches to attracting new business, but to be effective they need to be considered as part of an overall strategy. In promoting your business, remember that your goal is to create awareness of your product or service. Once you have established yourself, you want to maintain customer loyalty and repeat business. If you lack marketing savvy yourself, consider consulting with a marketing expert to help you define all the distribution channels that can help you showcase your brand. Whether the marketing consultant you choose is through a private, nonprofit, or volunteer organization, a well-developed marketing plan will save you time and money overall. Your plan might include how you package your product, how you describe your service, where you put your efforts in personal sales, all the places you can advertise and how you fulfill your customer requests. Remember, your outreach to attract business consists of an entire package. The Internet and social media are tools in your toolkit, not a stand-alone answer to your advertising and marketing needs.


bout Gayle Kugler

Gayle Kugler is the State Director, SBDC and Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Network; Associate Director, Division of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development at the University of Wisconsin-Extension. She is also on the national board of the Association of Small Business Development Centers. Gayle provides oversight for program requirements, financial direction and administration for the SBDC and WEN, develops goals, operating plans and policies to ensure consistent practices across entities in the UW system, while customizing to geographic and client needs. Gayle also directs outreach efforts to business, industry, and entrepreneurs across the state while representing DEED, SBDC and WEN services and collaborative capabilities and directs and coordinates national accreditation and policies in accordance with the Association of Small Business Development Center guidelines. Gayle initiated Wisconsin Companies to Watch in 2010 and Cofounded the Wisconsin Youth Entrepreneur Network in 2009.

Small Business Development Centers Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Network University of Wisconsin-Extension 432 North Lake Street Madison, Wisconsin 53706 www.uwex.edu

Gayle Kugler - Focus on effective business management


facts and figures. To see the style of video that is going viral just go to YouTube and type in “Social Media Revolution. Here are few reasons you should consider producing one of these videos for your website: 1. 3.” 51 . 2 Mash up viral videos are HOT Animated text videos like the techno-music driven Social Media Revolution have become one of the best ways to quickly and memorably present viewers with powerful statistics.your customers. The contests are simple . The style is engaging and the enlightening content is more eye-opening than traditional video.Kirk Strong. The clips are inexpensive to produce since they don’t require interviews or location footage. merely for participating. Smart Interactive Media Mashup ine Your Onl & Offline s Strategie 1 Online contests make sales calls fun Want to give your sales people a fun way to drive people to your website? When you create an online contest everyone is a winner . Regardless of the specifics. These contests are also an effective way to build a useful and up-to-date email list of customers. online contests are a fun and easy way for sales people to engage past and potential customers all year long. two football contests have been most successful due to the popularity of professional football in Wisconsin. Of all the online contests we have created for a variety of sports. Predict the Pack is a game that catered to Wisconsin audiences while Sunday Night Quarterback is intended for companies and websites that have a national audience.predict the score of that week’s game to win great prizes. your sales people and you. Some of the companies that are using the contests qualify people for year end drawings. 2. while others require accurate picks to win valuable prizes. You don’t have to have a trove of visuals about your company to make this style work.

The best way to describe Ning is that Ning allows you to create your own private Facebook type community with your customers and vendors. marketers. The beauty of a turnkey system like Ning is that you can use as much of the power of the Ning platform as you like. We are finding that video is one of the best ways to quickly and concisely convey your company info on a smart phone. there is no better way than to go mobile. influencers. complemented by your own branding. If you are looking for a way to stand out from your competition and meet your customers wherever they are. For more information visit Ning. membership and even e-commerce as their community grows.Mashup Your Online and Offline Strategies 52 . Kirk Strong . and there is no quicker and cheaper way to build a community than to add a social side to your existing website with Ning. Top organizers. of dollars.com. not thousands.com and get with the community movement. polls.3 Go mobile Can anyone argue that mobile is going to play a huge role in the future of the Internet? Some experts say the future of the Web IS mobile and that the future is now. you can create a mobile website that features content and elements from your existing site for hundreds. You don’t need to create a fancy mobile app to take advantage of the world’s move to mobile. 4 Add a social side to your site with Ning. Many companies we have worked with start with a simple Ning blog or forum page and add additional interactive elements like chat. Users don’t know where your old site stops and your Ning site starts.com Social media is all about community. Ning is the world’s largest platform for creating social websites. Most of the Ning sites we create take on the existing branding of the company’s website. One great thing about the new mobile Web style is that small screen sizes demand concise content rather than kooky creativity. and activists are using Ning to create thriving social communities.

it works. SIM produces videos. done properly. media for live events. calm.Mashup Your Online and Offline Strategies 53 . A bout Kirk Strong Kirk Strong launched Smart Interactive Media (SIM) with the aim of mobilizing a team of talented media production geeks who truly cared about their craft. Your celebrity can be used to get attention. Captain Kirk claims to have discovered his inner Spock during his travels and although he is often asked to take the lead. Most people think celebrity endorsements are expensive.getSIM.5 Harness the power of a celebrity People have been using celebrities in promotions for years because.Stevens Point Master of Fine Arts Television and Radio . Wisconsin 53012 www. Cedarburg. Celebrities not only get people’s attention but they bring a pre-existing. logical supporting role. Vital Stats: Mary’s husband.com Kirk Strong . rather than validate the quality of your product. Wrong! When you factor in the amount of attention and goodwill a properly executed celebrity endorsement garners.University of Wisconsin . as well as interactive social communities. and mobile websites. powerful aura of believability. he now finds greater satisfaction in playing a strong.Brooklyn College CUNY Motto: Progress Not Perfection Smart Interactive Media N66 W6404 Cleveland St. educational. it’s hard to believe everyone isn’t using a celebrity to endorse their product. The key to using a celebrity for your promotion is to properly assess the impact the celebrity has on your target audience. Zander and Madison’s dad BS Communications . corporate. Does the celebrity of choice need to use your product or service? Not necessarily.

54 . How it can be done: • Content management and efficiency • Re-purpose existing content & develop new content as needed • Firm/Company education events/sponsor events • Speaking engagements • Professional networking • Community involvement Thought leadership is the first step in establishing trust and lead nurturing. your voice and your expertise. to define leadership and differentiate yourself. and what you do Perceives you and your company to be an expert in your field Believes that you and your company understand their needs and can solve them Likes you and your company enough to work with you 2 Communicate in a variety of ways Use your expertise. That trust is generated when your market: • • • • Is familiar with you and your company. Research shows that companies/professionals who become trusted advisors and understand the buyers’ needs are nearly two-thirds more likely to come away with the business. you provide insights and solutions. Sixty percent of people need to hear information about a company three to five times before they believe it. You become a trusted advisor by providing valuable education and information up front – intellectual capital. and create sharing opportunities. your intellectual capital.Pam Kassner. Instead. You are not selling. and you position yourself or your organization to become the first call made when there is a need. That positions you to be an expert. SuperPear Strategies ur Share Yo Expertise 1 Be a thought leader Thought leadership combines your personality.

Remember that the conversation is not about you or your organization. Use your website. This exposure can help you sell more products or services to your potential customers. Media relations can also help you educate influencers and generate referrals for your business. quarterly reports. you can be recognized as an expert or a rising star in your industry. Pam Kassner . use social media. • Know your audience’s main sources of information needs and tailor your communications priorities to those • Don’t waste time • Develop a social media and content strategy/purpose 4 Use media relations Through by-lined articles or quotes in local publications. or web media. newsletters. or a blog to talk about what you are thinking and to become part of the conversation. Be relevant. Once you build a relationship with the media. Keep an eye out for relevant news events that you can comment on. If appropriate.Share Your Expertise 55 .3 Show that you understand Demonstrate that you understand your customers or community and the issues important to them. broadcast. they may even contact you for quotes or additional information for a story. personalized emails.

Eppstein Uhen Architects. and YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee. Stryker. Wisconsin State Fair Park. Bloodcenter of Wisconsin. AdviseAire. CG Schmidt Construction. A bout Pam Kassner In February 2005. a marketing communications firm. all of which will be seen by different audiences. Pam is a six-time Ironman triathlon finisher. Lake Express High-Speed Ferry. articles. and blog posts. Clients that have engaged Super Pear include United Airlines. Before forming Super Pear. Kahler Financial Services. Financial Service Group. Northwestern Mutual. Make sure your content communicates: • Trust: how you do things . Schlitz Audubon Nature Center. Schlitz Park. Spring Bank. United Performing Arts Fund. In a nutshell: they position passionate individuals & organizations as relevant. She began her career in broadcast journalism and continued freelance writing with work published numerous times in the Chicago Tribune and other publications. Pam Kassner formed Super Pear Strategies. This content will help establish you as a thought leader and as an expert in your field.superpear. Witt Actuarial Services. Inc. Nissan Xterra Championship Series. Brady Corporation.processes.. Careers Industries. white papers. OneProspect Technologies.Share Your Expertise 56 . ISCorp-Integrated Systems Corporation.5 Repurpose your content You can use the same information to generate press releases. Marcus Center for Performing Arts. Work + Life Fit. and ethics • Contribution: how you help your stakeholders get through tough times • Expertise/Personality: tips • Voice: point of views – unique expertise Repurposing your content will allow you to have a steady stream of media outreach and help to keep you part of the dialogue even when you are not actively promoting something. Pactiv Corporation. Potawatomi Business Development Corporation. Buzz Monkeys PR. Rockwell Automation. SuperPear Strategies N27 W26458 Christian Court West Pewaukee WI 53072 www. Pam’s 25-plus year career included serving as Director of Corporate Communications at both Rockwell Automation & USG Corporation and as VP of Public Affairs at Bank of Montreal/Harris Bank.com Pam Kassner . University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. customer-centric thought leaders. John Michael Kohler Arts Center. Centurion Data Systems. Great Lakes Multi-Sport and Running Expo. USG Corporation. Marcus Investments. procedures.

fundraising. training. a video cannot replace a training manual to change motor oil in your car. news. However. prepare and budget Planning and organization are vital to any successful project. We look at ways they can do some of the work themselves to keep costs down. the more creative you can be. both creatively as well as technically. Take time out of your day and get quotes from different companies. I’m always happy to work with clients to maximize their dollars. You may decide using outside resources is the way to go. the manpower needed to execute the project and your budgetary parameters. it can be helpful to demonstrate complicated steps in the process. The more time you have. Familiarize yourself with the technology as best as you can and ask questions if you don’t understand something. Once you have determined your goal and you know what the video is supposed to accomplish. and this also helps with the bottom line. You may think using internal resources is less expensive than hiring a media production company. Be realistic about your time. but also make sure to include everything necessary before we begin. historical purposes. but you may find that you don’t have time to implement it. then the work that follows will be easy. For example. a product launch. 2 Plan. TriMarq Set your goal Producing a video or multi-media presentation is a big undertaking that has many stages in the process to cross the finish line. Then determine your audience and message. etc. The first step is to decide what you want to accomplish with your video. 57 . What you need to address in your production will dictate how you go about making it.Media Effective n Productio 1 Betsy Johnson. We produce videos and multi-media presentations turnkey (from script writing to final editing). However. Take it one step further and determine that a combination of video and animation would work best to convey your message. Revisit your goal throughout the process to ensure you’re on the right track. Decide if it will be used for marketing. Be sure to take into account the creative aspect as well as the technical approach for each production.

The approval may slow down the production process and sometimes deadlines are missed because of it. if not less. script writing. 4 Keep it short and simple Although everyone wants to know everything about the company’s history. Again. creating storyboards. Some steps include. Keep your video to three to four minutes. That isn’t always good for your project. music. Determine how much time you will need and include it as a task in your timeline. finding wardrobe and props. scheduling talent. This includes the person with the final authority. For example. visit the first step and make sure you’re on the right track with your goals. There are many steps in production for even the smallest project. every project is different.3 It’s all about timing Give yourself enough time for the entire project from pre-production to final distribution. Everyone has an opinion and is happy to give it. editing. but are not limited to. organizing location shoots. audio. if you’re creating an instructional video the length could be longer.Effective Media Production 58 . it doesn’t mean you should tell every detail from the last 100 years. graphic design. post production. scheduling crew and make-up. location site surveys. Always be sensible about the approval process too. art direction. The decision makers should be involved from the very beginning. Of course. and final distribution. Betsy Johnson .

You can also create a company YouTube channel or buy advertising on sponsored internet websites. your reputation is on the line.trimarq. in both short and long formats on a regional and national level. My key strength is collaborating with Tri-Marq’s creative and technical teams to champion my client’s project goals and message effectively. My 20+ years of experience in project management. AeroBed and numerous other medium-sized and Fortune 500 companies. PEAK Motor Oil. You may also want to consider other options like airing the presentation live at the company’s annual meeting or playing it in your tradeshow booth. websites. staying on budget and on time. Of course. blending creativity and leading technology. Keep in mind there are many file formats into which you can export your project and each outlet requires a different one. but trust your experts too. but your IT department may need a Flash file for your company website. interactive multimedia presentations and live business theatre events. And don’t forget that when a file is exported it’s compressed. Showing your project on the World Wide Web is immediate and cool. but if it looks terrible. I always recommend that my technical staff speak directly to my client’s IT department to get correct file specs (i. Northwestern Mutual. Our work has been recognized with numerous awards.). file format. Visit us on our website at www.5 Distribution and quality Today. Always start with the highest quality (the original source) as possible and export from that source. event management and marketing help me leverage my client’s ideas through final distribution. TriMarq 233 N Water St # 305. data rate. account service. Milwaukee. RedPrairie. YouTube and Facebook can use H. all of this depends on the type of video you create and whether these outlets are in line with your goals. Chamberlain Garage Doors Openers.264/MPEG-4 files. including an Emmy Award. WI 53202 www. It’s no secret you can repurpose your material and leverage your assets by posting them on the company website and Facebook page.com Betsy Johnson .com. Dematic North America. etc.e. For example.. “like” us on Facebook and see samples on our YouTube Channel. Some of our work includes Aurora Health Care. We produce in HD video and film. aspect ratio. You can easily research formats online to familiarize yourself with the varieties. R&L Carriers.trimarq. there are many ways to reach your audience.Effective Media Production 59 . Tri-Marq is a full service media production company specializing in the creation of award-winning television commercials and video. You’ve spent a lot of time and money creating a spectacular video so make sure it looks good everywhere! A bout Betsy Johnson Every day my goal is to build client relationships by working closely with them to sculpt powerful and engaging projects.

a search box and a site map exactly where they need to be. People have become more savvy and expect more from your website. and producing measurable and significant ROI for their owners. traditional websites are still very much alive. 60 . callouts. Twain to be. with main navigation. utility areas.te Resuscita site Your Web Tom Snyder. uncluttered. When they arrive. That means that if you want to create a favorable impression they’ll need to see a crisp. However. Google’s newest algorithms give sites with blogs a higher rank than those without them. using a page width design that accommodates today’s larger desktop resolutions will allow you to put more of your most important information “above the fold. the traditional Web is just as dead as the paper claimed Mr. we’re seeing more and more instances of businesses and brands putting all their marketing eggs in the Twitter and Facebook baskets. professional design. So if you’ve been so busy chasing shiny Social Media objects for the past few years that your website is on life support. But if today’s media and blogosphere are to be believed. While it’s okay for your home page to scroll. prospects and the media to be notified immediately whenever you post something new. But new research shows that your site actually creates a psychological and physical reaction within a fraction of a second that affects their opinion of you and your brand for the rest of the time they’re on your site. Trivera Interactive T he reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. They’ve always given you only three seconds to make it obvious to them that you have what they’re looking for. they have conscious and subconscious expectations of what should be there. this is your top priority. and leaving their websites neglected and gasping for their last breath. now is the time to grab your defibrillator and resuscitate the most important element of your digital marketing strategy with these life-saving procedures: 2 Add new life with a blog In addition to positioning you or someone in your company as an expert in your field. and where it should be. Your blog’s RSS feed will also allow customers.” Actually. As “Experts” proclaim Social Media as the successor to the throne as king of digital marketing. that quote was originally from Mark Twain upon hearing that his obituary had been published in the New York Journal. ~ Your website 1 Revitalize your site with design best practices If it’s been more than two years since your last re-design.

search engines now use dozens of factors to determine which sites come up on page one of their search results. not yours. part art and part magic. Part science. you can make those videos posted on YouTube display and play right in your site. make sure you’re posting links to helpful content from your site in your tweets. Tom Snyder . be aware that Facebook’s rules prohibit making a “like” a requirement of entry. Compliance requires that you’re gathering client entry data using a form hosted on your own site. Add a tab to your Facebook page with links to your own site’s main navigational menu items. Link to custom landing pages or create trackable links with ht. Using YouTube’s embed codes. and ongoing success metrics. With YouTube now the second most popular Search Engine on the web. Remember that Facebook is still “someone else’s site. If search engine generated traffic will be an important source of significant traffic to your site. If you run a contest on Facebook. permanently deleted.ly or bit. thus keeping your website traffic on your site. Creating your own channel with links back to your site will help drive traffic to it your website. Notifying your winner using your wall or the Facebook messaging system is also prohibited.3 Revive your search engine traffic Unlike the old days when a few embedded metatags determined your rankings. including your photos and conversations. either linked to from your Facebook page or embedded in a tab using an iframe. make sure you are using every opportunity you can to drive engaged fans back to your website. find an experienced SEO consultant to help you develop your strategy. tactics. and keeping your hosting costs low by using YouTube’s bandwidth and not your own.” Their goal is to build their own brand. posting videos there that educate your market and position you as an expert will make you more discoverable.Resuscitate Your Website 61 . 4 Inject your social media In addition to using Twitter to engage and build relationships. Non-compliance puts you at risk of having your Facebook page. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no longer something a do-it-yourselfer can perform with any chance of success. While it is a good place for interaction.ly so you can see how many times people are clicking through to your site.

com Tom Snyder . email marketing continues to be a huge contributor to online success for those who stuck to it. A bout Tom Snyder Tom Snyder is founder. Tom and his company have been helping small to medium-sized businesses use digital and Web technology as powerful tools to re-enforce their brand. but the Web is still very much alive and well.trivera. Since 1996. Trivera Interactive N88 W16447 Main St. Besides driving traffic. nothing could be further from the truth. Social Media is a powerful marketing tool.5 Resurrect your email marketing efforts Also pronounced dead years ago.com). WI 53051 www. president and CEO of Trivera Interactive. The trend is toward shorter emails that remove large pieces of content and replace them with headlines and teasers that link to your site. and most respected Interactive firms. triveraguy. Tom is also the author of The Complete Idiot’s Mini Guide to Realtime Marketing with Foursquare. from Penguin Books. He also shares the practical hands-on insight he’s gained from that experience on his blog: Triveraguy (http://www.Resuscitate Your Website 62 . one of the upper Midwest’s oldest. that strategy allows you to track your click through rates and see what messages are resonating with your audience and converting into sales. While the alleged death of the traditional Web makes for great headlines. And using these steps will assure a good long life. There’s nothing like timely and compelling emails to drive revenue producing traffic to your site. Studies still show that email generates more sales than Social Media. Suite 400 Menomonee Falls. and even greater health for all your digital marketing efforts.

you get sucked back in to the day-to-day tasks of your job and nothing changes. LLC . transform.100 Ways to Build Your Business in 2012 63 . if you’re like most people. LLC and our collaborators. From all of the book contributors to you . head back to 100Ways2012. You must attribute this work to Clear Verve Marketing. You are free to print. Think of it as a regular dose of motivation to take the small. and distribute this work. or build upon this work.com and click on Continued Success. Let’s change that. Once a month for the next 12 months. and then when you return to work the next day. you found a bunch of really great ideas you are planning to implement for your business. and if you really want to remember what you want to do.S o what happens now? Hopefully. Clear Verve Marketing. sign up for our monthly email series. However. You leave the event full of ideas and energy. Then. You may not alter. consistent steps that can really make a difference. If you want 2012 to be a great year for your business. share. if you really want to try something new. reading this book will be kind of like attending a day-long seminar. you’ll receive an email with tips from this book.good luck! This book is protected under the Creative Commons License.

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