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Assignment of PPAM

TOPIC: phases of project life-cycle

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Dr. D.P Mishra


Project life-cycle and its phases

1. Conceptual phase 2. Definition phase 3. Planning and organizing phase 4. Implementation phase 5. Project clean-up phase

Conceptual phase The project idea germinate. It is the stage of giving birth and shape to the ideas, one should not dream
of implementing it. It includes identification of project. This provides the resource allocation frame work.

Definition phase
This stage of project is to support the ideas generated at conceptual phase by documentation or by defining it concrete form. Facts relating idea are collected and presented. Example, the company is planning to produce aluminium for construction purposes. Then the idea has to ask several questions which are answerable in positive. These are relating to various impact: 1. Quality and quantity of raw-material. 2. Calculation as to the size or capacity of plant. 3. Location and size of the plant. 4. The technology to be employed. 5. Layout of project. 6. Plant and machinery is yet another aspect.

7. Electrical and instrumentation work. 8. Civil engineering works. 9. Plant utilities. 10. Manpower needs and organisation design. 11. Financial analysis.

Planning and organizing phase

This is the phase where all pervasive where it is bound to overlap again and again. This is to give green signal for go ahead with implementation. Many firms prepare a document called project execution. During this phase, the firms deal with the action steps to convert dream into a reality or a promise into performance, these vital aspects are: 1. Project infrastructure and supporting services. 2. System design and basic engineering package. 3. Organisation and man power. 4. Schedules and budgets. 5. Licensing and governmental clearances. 6. Finance-the oil of business lamp. 7. Identification of project manager. 8. Site preparation and investigation. 9. Construction resources and materials. 10.Work packaging.

Implementation phase
This phases gives idea about that what company is doing because; the configuration on paper is seen that hectic activities are going on plant site. This phase is very crucial and complex and therefore needs greater coordination and control.

Project clean-up phase

This phase which is transition in which the hard ware built with active involvement of different agencies is handed over physically to start production. For the project personnel, it involves clean-up task like drawing, documents, files, operation and maintenance manuals are given to the dives of the owner of the project. To satisfy the client, the contracts and specialized experts are to undertake several test runs. Finally the project completion accounts are closed.