Torino, Italy

APRIL 2012


X VII No. 14

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FCT to host Consular Mobile Services
sally bajade cuballes

ACFIL to celebrate 16th Foundation Day
thalyn B.

ssociazione Culturale Filippina del Piemonte ( ACFIL) will be commemorating its 16th anniversary on May 20, Consular Mobile Services 2012 at Parco Valentino (tentative) from 9am in Turin on May 13, 2012 onward. It will be a one-day   celebration   featuring   “   at the Filipino Chaplaincy, Araw   ng   ACFIL”,   Raffle   draw,   Folk   dance   contest,   Cso. Vittorio Emanuele II, Booth competition, Drum and Lyre Exhibition, 13. For passport applicants, Sportsfest, Parlor Games and Exhibit. The family of submission of application Acfil – Youth, P&CC, Seniors and Pioneering forms with xerox copy of ACFIL with their friends will be the participants to old passport, permesso di the different activities of Solidarity and Fun, the soggiorno,   carta   d’identità   theme of the event. Aside from the different is   still   going   on   ‘til   April   activities, the anniversary t-shirts of different service 15 : Saturday (4pm-6pm) and Sunday ( 10am-11am, arms will surely add color and fun to the event. 2pm-3pm) at Room C of the Filipino Chaplaincy. Requesting all ACFILians especially the Walk-in applicants on May 13 may not be pioneering ones to join the celebration. accommodated therefore for those who are interested For the raffle draw fabulous prizes are at stake. to avail the passport services, you have one week-end to rush to be considered pre-applied applicants. For more information, please contact the Chaplaincy011-6590609.
Let   us   support   ACFIL’s   candidate   for the Search for Mrs. Santacruzan 2012 – MRS. ZENY PEREZ BAUTISTA. Don’t   forget   to  affix   your signature in the campaign sheet. Last canvassing & coronation will be on April 29.2012 3pm, San Luigi Teatro Filipino Chaplaincy, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 13.

ili in T h e willP hholdp ptheire Consulate General of Milan


1st prize: Philips  LED  21.5”  Full  HD,HDMI   2nd prize: Samsung Galaxy Y pro young WIFI 3rd prize: Canon Digital Camera 14.1 mp 10 Consolation prizes

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Ang Tambuli

Volume    XVII

No.  14


Ang Tambuli
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ASTER in its very nature is a festivity celebrated by Christians. And  since  it’s  a  general  rule  that  every  citizen   of a country has the full freedom to choose the   kind   of   faith   to   embrace,   it’s   always   his/ her right to hold on to what he/she believes and   if   someone   doesn’t   have   the   same   belief   he/she is obliged to render due respect for what others believed. Since Vatican City where the Pope resides, the head of the Catholic Churches is situated here in Italy, the said Easter Celebration is highly respected as Holy Day of the Christendom and holiday of the State. For those   who   believe   in   the   “Sacredness of Easter”they   celebrate   it   with“Solemnity   and   great Festivity and   for   those   who   don’t   believe  in  it  they  just  enjoy  the  “Holiday”. And since I am a Christian let me share with you some ideas about this solemn feast.   In   the   Christian   teaching   a   “human being”  is  believed  to  be  a  creature  with  body   and   soul.   The   “body is visible”   because   we   can   see   it   and   the   “soul is invisible”   because   we   can’t   grasp  it.  The   human  body  as   we  all   know is subject to corruption that means it has   its   end   and   so   we   call   it   “mortal”   body   and   the   soul   since   we   can’t   touch   it   and   no   one could ever hold it that means it has no limit in its existence and so we consider it “immortal”.   We   speak  here  of   “body and soul”,  of   “mortality and immortality”  two  realities  that   explains the mystery of the celebration called “Easter”.  Christians  believe  that  the  body  will   one day die but they strongly believe that after the physical death the soul will continue to live eternally in the presence of its CREATOR if judged worthy of it or else live in eternity in the absence of its Creator if one wasn’t   able   to   comply   with   the   requirements   needed while on earth. Resurrection is the highest celebration in the Christian faith because   Scripture   has   it   “..   if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so


is  your  faith”  (1  Corinthians  15:14).The truth of Christ resurrection is the assurance of our own resurrection. Since Christ has conquered death and redeemed humanity from sin by shedding His Precious Blood it means Christians have no doubt of their hope for victory over death, taste redemption and enjoy everlasting life. My dearest brethren, I know not all Christians believe in this dogma of faith. Let me say it again, you are not obliged to believe what I believe and so enough with those brutal killings that took thousands of innocent lives, brought disorder in the society and deprived the citizens of a peaceful existence because of religion. Let us keep in mind that we all have the same liberty to respect and practice. Let us speak only what we  have  in  common  that  is  “faith”  in  the  kind   of   “God”   that   each   one   of   us   believe   and   maybe we can talk about the differences in what we believe in a courteous and respectful manner. With great joy in my heart brought by Christ Resurrection I would like to say HAPPY EASTER to everyone for believers and non-believers. Enjoy the HOLY DAY and the HOLIDAY!!!

Il Tambuli è   un’antico                   strumento a fiato, utilizzato sia per   richiamare   l’attenzione   della                         popolazione agli eventi del villaggio che per trasmettere segnali ai vicini in tempi di pericolo. Era anche usato per celebrare momenti importanti della vita della Comunità. Il Tambuli è  uno            strumento  che  non   può essere suonato da chiunque, in quanto richiede persona di particolare abilità e fiato potente. Il compito che si è inteso assegnare   al   foglio   d’informazione,   attribuendogli il nome Tambuli come testata, è quello di richiamare l’attenzione   di   ogni   Filipino   su   ciò   che accade dentro e fuori la communità e mantenerlo informato, perché possa agire consapevolmente. Jon Santin


Easter Greetings
he   essence   of   Easter   is   self  reflec on.  This  is  the   me   to   review   everything   we   did   and   try   to   reform   the   bad   habits   with   Jesus   as   our   model.   With   him   and   through   him,   nothing   is   impossible...   our   efforts   would   not   go   to   waste. Shanz  Marasigan
Rejoice  for   the  LORD  has   RISEN!   HAPPY   EASTER  TO   EVERYONE  !

   Minda  Luansing   Continue to page 3

Ang Tambuli

Volume        XVII              No.  14





he Lord is Risen … Alleluia!!! With the joy of Christ Resurrection I wish you all a “JOYFUL EASTER!!!.” Lorie de Asis

PNoy Easter message: Sacrifice to rise from poverty, woes
April 7, 2012 5:36pm President Benigno Aquino III on Saturday exhorted Filipinos to follow the example of Jesus Christ in making the needed sacrifices to rise from poverty and other problems. In his Easter message, Aquino also called on Filipinos not to lose hope in facing the challenges of their daily lives. "Napatunayan natin na ang susi sa pag -asenso ay ang pagsunod sa mabuting halimbawa ni Hesukristo: Ang paggawa ng tama, pagkakawanggawa, at pagiging bukal ng malasakit sa kapwa (We have seen for ourselves that the key to overcoming poverty is to do what is right, help each other, and make sacrifices)," he said. He noted Christ saved the world by making the ultimate sacrifice, giving man a chance to gain eternal life. Aquino also urged Filipinos to persevere in their efforts to overcome poverty, saying hopelessness is one of the greatest sins. On the other hand, Aquino took yet another dig at his immediate predecessor, when he said Filipinos in 2010 had united to end the "abuses" of the past administration that he blamed for Filipinos' suffering. "Noon nga pong nakaraang eleksiyon, nagkaisa tayong tuldukan ang pang-aabuso sa kapangyarihan, at ang pagdurusa ng ating mamamayan (In the last election, we all united to end the abuse of power and the suffering of our people)," he said. But he claimed that when he assumed office in July 2010, many Filipinos who "lost hope" and tried their luck abroad have returned. He also cited the high number of businessmen who invested in the country, paving the way for job opportunities for people. "Ganito rin ang pagbangon na ipinapakita ng bansa natin ngayon. Dahil sa kawalang pag-asa, maraming Pilipino ang pinili noong makipag-sapalaran sa ibayong dagat, maka-alpas lamang sa kadilimang bunga ng katiwalian at kahirapan sa ating bayan (Because they lost hope, many Filipinos chose to try their luck abroad just to escape the darkness brought by corruption and poverty)," he said. Aquino said that with God's guidance, his administration is succeeding in its anti-poverty programs. He said that as early as in March, the government's conditional cash transfer (CCT) program reached its target three million family beneficiaries. "Nagawa natin ito dahil mayroon kayong gobyernong nakatutok at handang magsakripisyo para sa kapakanan ng taumbayan (We did this because of a government that is ready to sacrifice for the people)," he said. Meanwhile, Aquino called on the Filipinos to work together to promote the common good and to build a progressive nation. He said this is possible only if they open their hearts to their fellow Filipinos. "Kung ipagpapatuloy po natin ang ating mabuting nasimulan, magpapamana tayo sa susunod na salinlahi ng isang Pilipinas na tunay na maka-Diyos, makatao, at makatarungan. Samahan ninyo ako: sabay-sabay tayong tumungo sa di-hamak na mas magandang buhay para sa mga Pilipino (If we continue what we have been doing well, we can leave to the next generation a Philippines that is pro-God, pro-people, and just. Join me as we head towards a better life for Filipinos)," he said. — ELR, GMA News


ay the glorious Resurrection of Christ strengthen our faith, make constant our hope and make our love unconditional. Happy Easter to everyone!!!
Letty Alonzo or God so love the world that He gave his only Son!!!...May this Easter season bring us joy, peace and unity. Buona Pasqua!!! Gina Villanueva


lleluia Christ is Risen indeed Alleluia!!! Wishing you all God’s choicest blessings on this most significant celebration of the year. May peace, hope and love take their throne in our hearts. HAPPY EASTER!!
Ronafe Pradel



e would like make it known to all that the Associate   Editor   of   our   Newsletter   “Ang   Tambuli”   MR.   EMERJON   REGALA   has   sent   a   resignation letter due to personal reasons and because of this we are proudly presenting to you our new Associate Editor for 2012-2014, Ms. MARJORIE DINAMLING.


Ang Tambuli

Volume      XVIi No  .  14  


ni: Kristine Bautista

T aon  taon  ipinagdiriwang  natin  ang  taon  ng  mga  “Ama”     hindi lang sa Pilipinas kundi sa buong mundo.Ipinagdiriwang   sa   Pilipinas   ang     “Araw   ng   mga  
Ama”    tuwing    ikalawang  Linggo  ng  Hunyo  at  dito  sa  Italya   tuwing ika- labingsiyam ng Marso. Sa kadahilanang natapat sa  araw  ng  Lunes  ang  “Araw  ng  mga  Ama”  idinaos    namin   ito ng Linggo ika-labingwalo ng Marso taong 2012 upang makadalo ang mga Tatay na walang trabaho. Sa espesyal na araw na yon naipadama namin sa lahat ng   mga   ama   na   mahal   namin   sila,   katulad   ng   “Tribute   sa   mga  Nanay”  noon,  ibinigay    din  namin  sa  aming  mga  tatay     ang  karangalan  ng  pagiging  tagapagtanggol  “Hero”,  Haligi,   “Breadwinner”   at   ang   karangalan   ng   Pagiging   Ama.   Sinabitan     namin   sila   ng   “garland”   patunay   ng   kanilang   karangalan. At upang mabigyan ng buhay at maging kaayaaya ang selebrasyon isinabay dito ang patimpalak ng “Father   and   Child   Got   Talent”   bilang   highlights   ng   programa sa araw na iyon upang ipakita ang mga tinatagong talento at galing nila. Tatlong mag-ama ang naging kalahok na nagpakita ng kanilang galing sa pagkanta at paggamit ng instrumentong   pangmusika.   Muli’t-muling pinatunayan ng mga Pilipino ang kanilang pagkakaisa kahit sa anumang okasyon sa buhay. Sa lahat ng tiyuhin, lolo, tatay at mga tumayo bilang ama sa lahat ng mga batang nangailangan ng pag-aruga, hindi man namin nasabi kung gaano namin kayo kamahal sana maramdaman ninyo kahit papaano ang taos-pusong pasasalamat namin sa inyo.

Adrian & Axel Pamittan

Manuel & Aaron Paulo Reyes

Edimar & Alejandro Laza

asaya at maganda ang nagdaang selebrasyon ng “Fathers’   Day”.   Ako,   bilang   isang   ama ay natuwa sa aking naramdaman dahil hindi ako sumali sa patimpalak para makipagpaligsahan kundi para maipakita at maipadama ang aming pagmamahal sa aming anak. Ramdam na ramdam ko rin ang pagmamahal sakin ng aking mga anak lalo na nong sinabitan nila ako ng garland at yakapin. Ang sarap ng feeling bilang isa ama talagang na touch ako .Kaya sa aking dalawang anak na sina Aaron Paulo at Angelika. Salamat sa respeto at pagmamahal nyo kaya ang hiling ko lang   nawa’y   lagi   kayong   maging   masunurin   at   mabubuting anak.At sa lahat ng mga ama na dumalo sa araw   na   yon   mabuhay   tayong   lahat   at   belated   “Happy   Fathers’  Day”.


Me and my family enjoyed a lot. Thanks to all of you.
Adrian Pamittan


Manuel Reyes

apakaganda at masaya ang selebrasyon   ng   “Fathers’   Day”.   Sa   bawat   ngiti   nang   bawat   ama   ay dama-damang ang kaligayahan sa kanilang mga puso. Buong pamilya ay nagkatipon-tipon   ,   may   “bonding   at   unity”,   may   pagtitiwala   sa   Poong   Maykapal para lalong maging matibay ang pagmamahalan. More power ACFIL at mabuhay tayong mga Pinoy!!! Salamat sa ating lahat at God bless us all ! Edimar Laza

Ang Tambuli

Volume        XVIi              No.  14




Shanz & Elisabetha Emcees

Monica Bautista Prayer

Emil James Simangan Over-all chair

Akira Du Reading of mechanics

Shiela Palmas

Board of Judges



Ang Tambuli

Volume      XVII No.  14



PinoyWISE Public Meeting successfully held in Turin
By: Aileen Constantino-Peñas


very successful public meeting intended for PinoyWISE project accomplishments, status updates and ways forwards was held at Casa del Quartiere last March 11, 2012. The said gathering which also marked as the kick-off activity of PinoyWISE International was jointly organized by Atikha and ACFIL. ACFIL is one of the organizations tapped by Atikha Inc; non government organization based in the Philippines for its International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Project “Mobilizing   Migrants’   Savings   and   Investment   Towards   Agricultural   Cooperative   in   the   Philippines”. The project provided financial education through Training on Financial Literacy and Addressing Barrier to Reintegration to OFWs and families left behind. It also offered skills, livelihood and business opportunity seminar. Furthermore, the project facilitated coop membership and encouraged savings and investment to Soro-soro Ibaba Development Cooperative (SIDC), the largest agri-based coop in the Philippines. The recently held assembly was part of the culminating activities of the two-year project implemented in the Philippines and in different parts of Italy. The significant event convened OFWs in Turin. It was graced by Mr. Robert Meins from IFAD, Ms. Aileen Constantino-Peñas from Atikha Inc. and Pinoywise Financial Counselors from Modena, Padova, Brescia, Milan and Turin. Ms. Aileen Constantino- Peñas, Pinoywise Overall Project Coordinator and Deputy Executive Director of Atikha Inc, started the presentations thru an AVP of PinoyWISE Accomplishments and Project Updates. She was very pleased to share that the almost 10 Million Peso Mobilization was achieved in just 15 months and the campaign target membership also doubled. Beyond  the  usual  public  meetings,  the  program  captured  the  attendees’  attention  as  the  Financial  Counselors   express their testimonials on the impact and influences of the project to the migrant leaders and Overseas Filipino workers. The first heart- warming talk was delivered by Ms. Nerissa Antaran- Tejada; the most tapped Financial Literacy Trainer and a Financial Counselor from Turin. She shared about her experiences in conducting Financial Literacy training to OFWs in Italy and even with family members in the Philippines. She mentioned that the seminar that was intended to instill idea of saving, investing and becoming entrepreneurs turned to a drama as most migrants came to understand that achieving family and financial goals would only be realized with the cooperation of the families left behind in the Philippines. Ms. Lilia Cabaces- Mallari; Milan Coordinator and Financial Counselor who educated the most number of migrants spoke about her enrollment strategies in encouraging migrants to SIDC investment. She lively conversed that in conducting orientation, she is not looking after the number of attendees nor conscious with the ages of the participants for she believes that everyone- young and old must understand the value of saving.

Ang Tambuli

Volume      XVII No.  14  




Continuation  from  page  5… A very creative and innovative way of inculcating the value of regular savings was imparted by Turin Coordinator, Ms. Rosalie Bajade- Cuballes. Being the Financial Counselor who influenced a great number of saver-investors, she remarked that she start everything with herself for she practices what she preaches. She also compassionately shared how she regularly follow-ups the savings of members  and  how  she  employed  a  “paluwagan  system”  to  secure  their  monthly  investment  remittance.   A philantrophic initiative was presented by Mr. Darlito Bueno, Brescia Coordinator and Initiator of Sulong   Mayantoc   Movement.   He   talked   about   “Mobilizing   Savings   and   Investment   for   a   Coop   Replication- A   Way   of   Giving   Back   in   a   Hometown”.   He   enthusiastically   discussed   the   bliss   and   challenges he confronted as he mobilized the 1 Million counterpart capital for his aspiration of bringing a development to his place of origin which is a 4 th class municipality. The wonderful and exciting series of testimonials was more sharpened by the presentation of the Northern Italy Coordinator,  Ms.   Minda   Teves.   In  her   “Leading  the   Leaders”,  she  artistically   referred the migrants as the birds in the cage that hopes to be free and fulfilled. She further pointed out how interventions like Training on Financial Literacy and Addressing Barriers to Reintegration and savings and investment mobilization bring critical hopes to the OFWs. She also shared how grateful she is to the shakers and movers of the projects who brought so many realizations not only to her life but to the migrant communities as well. All these testimonials were eye- witnessed by the special guest of the event, Robert Meins; IFAD Remittance Specialist who also closely monitored the project. In his message, he stated that he was too overwhelmed with the results and conveyed his admiration to Atikha and migrant leaders in carrying out the campaign. He also confirmed to the crowd that he will transmit to IFAD everything he heard and he is looking forward that the initiative be replicated at the global level. The Pinoywise campaign was indeed a success and it was well delineated in the Public Meeting. The concluding part of the program was handled by Ms. Aileen Constantino-Peñas and she shared how the campaign turned to an organization and launched PinoyWISE International with an appeal to all Pinoywise FINLIT graduates to join PinoyWISE International Closed Group Page. She also talked about the replication of PinoyWISE initiative at the national level which is spearheaded by Task Force Migration and Development in the Philippines. She imparted the objectives, plans and activities of the newly formed organization and reaffirmed that it was inspired by the brilliant and shared efforts of migrant leaders in Italy who nourished the project. In behalf of Atikha, Ms. Peñas expressed warmest gratitude to International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Soro- soro Ibaba Development Cooperative (SIDC), Filipino Women’s   Council     (FWC),   PinoyWISE   Financial   Counselors, member-investors, participants of Pinoywise training, attendees of orientations and to ACFILIANs who extended vital support for this meaningful endeavor.


Ang Tambuli

Volume          XVII      

No.  14





by:Minda Teves

fter  the  celebration  of  Fathers’  Day  organized  by   ACFIL Youth, a benevolent benefactor has offered them free entrance at the Bowling Center of Il Gigante last March 24,2012 to treat them for a job well done and to encourage them to keep up their good work. Young as they are, organizing such a big event as   “Fathers’   Day”   wasn’t   as   simple   as   one   would   think. The fruit of their dedication & commitment was shown through the success of the said celebration. Believe it or not the celebration that lasted only for two hours required them 2 months preparation. The cutting and pasting of the garlands that they offered to their respected fathers were made with so much care and diligence. And just like any other parent, someone showed her appreciation of the effort rendered by the Acfil Youth. Just like when a child has done his/her best, she/he deserves to be recognized and given an incentive. There were 14 Filipino Youth who tried to make a strike in every throw in the king pin alley. Some threw the ball and it just collided in a canal which caused the opponent a boisterous laugh just to tease the other. It was really enjoyable and relaxing! The winners of the tournament are JC Cueto with 127 points followed by Paulo Reyes having 115 points and Ivy Du with 100 points. T h e s a i d tournament was Tin & JC Cueto organized as an incentive for the mission that they have successfully accomplished, hoping that these Youth will be able to continue to lead a life full of responsibilities and enjoyment. After the bowling, Tin & Paulo they proceeded to a nearby fast food center for a light dinner and afterwards everybody headed for home with a wish for another STRIKE for another TIME.  
Tin & Ivy Du

Ang Tambuli

Volume          XVII

No.  14




by: May Camitan

mpowering women; designing   futures”   was   the   theme of the Tribute to Women hosted by P&CC during their GetTogether last March 31, 2012 at Via Morgari 14, Torino. The program started with a prayer led by Mr. Reynaldo Salarda followed the  Words  of  Welcome  by  ACFIL’s   President Mrs. Rosalie Bajade Cuballes. And to entertain the crowd Mark Angelo Ilagan with his


and offer their availability when needed b y t h e community. The constant effort of w o m e n member of the association gives a hope for a welldesigned future of the association. Their unconditional self-giving has made significant impact not just to the

mother offered a song, the P&CC mothers showed their   best   in   their   graceful   “Bulaklakan   dance”,   the   ACFIL Youth in t h ei r l i v el y modern dance and of course the energetic ACFIL Kids in their  “Itodo  Mo”   and not to forget the ever-ready host Mrs. Mylene Magabo who rendered too a song number   to   cheer   everyone’s   heart   .   The   said   celebration was intended to give recognition to exemplary women who rendered their generous contribution and support to community development. Those women are the following: Ms. Minda Teves, Mrs. Rosario Zarate, Ms. Susan Bautista, Ms. Jocelyn Beltran and Mrs. Ethel Robles. Their presence in the community has empowered other women and encouraged them to give their best

association but to the society as well. May other women come to join hands in the struggle of building the community and building the future. Aside from the tribute to women, P&CC greeted their march celebrants.


Ang Tambuli

Volume        XVII

No.  14


by: Marjorie Dinamling an   active   part   of   ACFIL’s   G ardening   has   always  itbeen   in spring when the weather is yearly         activities. Normally, falls warm and the soil is ready to be cultivated. Most of the crops grown in the ACFIL’s   garden   are   vegetables   imported   from   Philippines   and   are   cultivated with delicate hands. A fun activity accompanied to ACFIL’s  farming  is  the  “Ihaw-Ihaw”.  As  we  all  know,  Filipinos  love   grilled food like meat, fish and veggies and certainly the gardeners work even better with full stomachs. So, the first gardening session this year had started on the first day and first Sunday of April at Reggio Parco,  where  ACFIL’s  garden  is  situat-­ ed. It was attended by adult members, a few non members and kids but majority who came were youth. I,  myself,  haven’t  worked  in  a  garden  for  a  long  time  and  I  found  it  interesting  to   join  the  group.  So  I  decided  to  take  along  with  me  my  little  girl  who’s  just  a  year   and a half. At our arrival, there were girls cooking barbeque and preparing salad, few men trying hard to make the old plow machine works while others tilling the topsoil manually with shovel and rake. In fact, my daughter joined the gardeners at once and had fun digging the soil with her trowel and watching earthworms moved. Food on the table was never missed, too. At lunch time, each enjoyed the company of everyone. Some related his story on how he got to know ACFIL and others listen attentively while they eat their food with gusto. Then after, some youth played volleyball and kids enjoyed going up and down the slide. At the end of siesta time, the men continued working until the garden was ready for planting which has been scheduled on April 15.EVERYONE IS INVITED! Our  gardening  was  simple  since  we  didn’t  exert  much  effort  through  the   help of technology, but still it was very rewarding to be in touch with nature. Fresh air and good company makes life more sensible and anticipating a good harvest makes it more fruitful. And keeping our children exposed to this activities not only widens their knowledge but it inculcates in them the love and respect for nature. To all, see you to the next encounter.



Ang Tambuli

Volume        XVII

No.  14




I lavoratori che hanno stipulato un contratto di lavoro a tempo parziale possono essere autorizzati alla prosecuzione volontaria in applicazione delle norme introdotte:

 dall’art.  8  del  D.Lgvo  16  settembre  1996,  n.  564,  che  
ha previsto la possibilità facoltà di coprire, in caso di part-time verticale o ciclico (giorni, settimane o mesi alterni), i periodi durante i quali non viene effettuata alcuna attività lavorativa;  dall’art.   3   del   D.Lgvo   29  giugno   1998,   n.   278   che   ha   esteso la facoltà anche per i casi di part-time orizzontale (tutti i giorni ad orario ridotto). L’autorizzazione   alla   prosecuzione   volontaria,   in   alternativa alla facoltà di riscatto, può essere riconosciuta solo per i periodi di contratto di lavoro a tempo parziale successivi al 31.12.1996 (Circ. 220 del 14.11.1996).

sezione Servizi on line (seguendo il percorso Per tipologia di utente – Cittadino – Versamenti volontari).  Per  l’accesso  al  servizio  è  richiesta   l’autenticazione  tramite  PIN  (numero  di   identificazione  personale  rilasciato  dall’Inps).  Contact center multicanale – numero verde 803.164, previa identificazione tramite PIN e codice fiscale  Patronati – attraverso i servizi telematici offerti dagli stessi Non deve essere allegata particolare documentazione comprovante  l’attività  lavorativa   part-time in quanto tale circostanza è, di norma, rilevabile  dagli  archivi  dell’Istituto  (Circ.  29  del   23.2.2006). Deve essere presentata, pena la decadenza dal diritto, entro 12 mesi dalla data di scadenza ordinaria del termine per la consegna ai lavoratori della certificazione  CUD  riferita  all’anno  interessato  (Circ.   29 del 23.2.2006). Se la domanda viene presentata oltre il termine previsto i periodi riferiti al lavoro part-time (scoperti di contribuzione o ad integrazione della retribuzione) potranno essere riscattati. N.B.: Può essere concessa l'autorizzazione ai versamenti volontari per coprire tutti i periodi, caratterizzati da lavoro a part-time, successivi al 31.12.1996 se risulta perfezionato il requisito amministrativo richiesto e se   la   domanda   è   stata   presentata entro il 22.9.2006 (Msg. 17249 del 14.6.2006). I REQUISITI Per   ottenere   l’autorizzazione   alla   prosecuzione   volontaria il richiedente deve far valere almeno un anno di contribuzione effettiva nel quinquennio antecedente la data di presentazione della domanda. Devono essere utilizzate, per determinare il requisito contributivo le settimane utili ai fini del diritto alla pensione nel rispetto del minimale retributivo di accredito  previsto  dall’art.  7  della  legge  11  novembre   1983, n. 638 (Circ. 29 del 23.2.2006). N.B.: Per le domande presentate entro il 22.9.2006 il requisito contributivo deve essere verificato alla data di presentazione della domanda, a prescindere dagli  anni  per  i  quali  è  stata  richiesta  l’autorizzazione. to be continued...

N.B.: La contribuzione volontaria ad integrazione
per i periodi di attività lavorativa subordinata part-time è compatibile con contestuale contribuzione versata nella gestione separata dei lavoratori parasubordinati (Circ. 54 del 7.3.2007).

Possono  chiedere  l’autorizzazione  ai versamenti volontari i lavoratori:

 assicurati al Fondo Pensioni Lavoratori Dipendenti;  iscritti agli ex Fondi Speciali di Previdenza (trasporti,
telefonici, elettrici, dazio e volo), sostitutivi dell’assicurazione  generale  obbligatoria;;  dipendenti degli Enti creditizi;  iscritti al Fondo dirigenti ex INPDAI;  dipendenti del Fondo Ferrovie dello Stato s.p.a. (Circ. 29 del 23.2.2006). N.B.:L'autorizzazione ai versamenti volontari può essere concessa sia in costanza di attività lavorativa a tempo parziale (con un requisito contributivo ridotto) sia con i normali requisiti previsti per la generalità dei lavoratori, in caso di cessazione del rapporto di lavoro.

La presentazione delle domande di autorizzazione ai versamenti volontari deve avvenire attraverso uno dei seguenti canali:

 WEB – servizi telematici accessibili direttamente dal
cittadino  sul  portale  internet  dell’Istituto,  


Ang Tambuli

Volume      XVII    

 No.  14




Renewal ng mga driver’s license, tataas din!
Motorizzazione walang pondo sa kasalukuyan.

Isang taon na permit to stay sa mga nawalan ng trabaho
Dinoble ang panahon ng rehistrasyon sa employment agency (liste di collocamento) at makakatanggap rin ng income support. Narito ang nilalaman ng panukalang batas ng pamahalaan.

Roma, Abril 3, 2012 Ang   mga   driver’s   license ay humahabol din sa walang katapusang mga karagdagang buwis. Sa pagre-renew o pag-uupdate ng bagong address sa mga lisensya, ay madodoble ang mga bayarin. Ang Department of Transportation, ang Head Office ng Motorizzazione, ay inihayag, sa pamamagitan ng isang Circular noong Marso 9, ang pinansiyal na pangangailangan o kawalan ng pondo ng Motorizzazione, ay hindi na magawang ipadala ang mga stikers ng renewal ng mga lisensya sa mga humingi nito at upang masolusyunan ang problema, ang mga drivers ay napipilitang humilingi nga lamang n g d u p l i c a t e n i t o . Isang pagtaas sa gastusin ang aasahan, kasabay ng gasolina, ng VAT, at ng car insurance, isang senyales na walang katapusan ang pinsala sa mga mamamayan. Ang gastusin na noon ay 35.42 / 50.42 euro ay naging 79.42 / 96.42 euro. Tulad ng ipinaliwanag ng Kalihim ng Adiconsum,Pietro Giordano, ang gastusin ay maaaring umabot sa 99,42 hanggang 126,42 euro, kung ang mamamayan ay nais magpatulong sa pamamagitan ng mga ahensya. Ito ang mapait na katotohanan, na pagdudusahan ng mga mamamayan maging ang epekto nito. Halimbawa, ang mga magbibiyahe palabas ng bansa, na binibigyan ng provisory document ng Motorizzazione habang hinihintay   ang   ‘bollino’   sa   renewal   ng   mga   driver’s   license ay walang legal value. Ang Department sa pamamagitan ng Circular ay binanggit ang mga epekto nito sa mamamayan bilang “lehitimo"  dahil  ang  kasalukuyang  administrasyon  ay   hindi kayang kumilos ay magbigay ng karagdagang pondo”.  Hindi  nabanggit  kung  kalian  o  kung  darating   pa ba ang pondo, ngunit bilang solusyon sa kasalukuyan ang mga mamamayan ay dapat gawin ang mga sakripisyong hinihingi sa kanila.
Source: ako ay pilipino Roma


oma - Abril 5, 2012 - Higit na panahon para sa mga imigranteng manggagawa na nawalan ng trabaho upang humanap ng iba. Ito ay upang maiwasan, dahil sa kasalukuyang krisis, ang maraming mga walang hanapbuhay ay maging mga ilegal na imigrante. Ang balita, na inihayag ng pamahalaan kamakailan, ay napapaloob sa isang artikulo ng panukalang batas sa reporma sa Labour Market, na matatagpuan sa ibaba ng pahina. Iilang mga linya upang baguhin ang teksto ng batas sa imigrasyon at sa pagiging ganap na batas nito, ay magkakaroon ng isang malaking epekto sa buhay ng mga imigrante sa Italya. Nasasaad sa panukala na ang rehistrasyon sa employment agency, ay magbibigay karapatan upang magkaroon ng isang taong permit to stay upang makahanap ng panibagong trabaho (ngayon ay anim na buwan lamang) at sa panahong ito ay tatanggap ng income support tulad ng mga lay offs (cassa integrazione). Pagkatapos nito, upang manatili sa Italya, ang dayuhan ay dapat magpakita ng isang kita o sahod na katumbas ng halaga ng yearly social benefit (assegno sociale). Ngayon ang panukala ng Gobyerno ay mapupunta sa Parliyamento. Samantala, ang mga datas mula sa Istat ay nagpapakita ng pangangailangang baguhin ang mga alituntunin para sa mga imigrante na nawala ng kanilang trabaho: sa last quarter ng 2011 ang rate ng nawalan ng trabaho ay umabot sa 14.8% (laban sa 9.6% na naitala sa buong bansa), kumpara sa 12.2% noong nakaraang taon. Art. 58 (Interventi volti al contrasto del lavoro irregolare degli immigrati) 1.  All’articolo  22,  comma  11,  secondo  periodo,  del  decreto   legislativo  25  luglio  1998,  n.  286,  le  parole  “per  un  periodo   non  inferiore  a  sei  mesi”  sono  sostituite  dalle  seguenti:  “per   un periodo non inferiore ad un anno ovvero per tutto il periodo di durata della prestazione di sostegno al reddito percepita dal lavoratore straniero, qualora superiore. Decorso il termine di cui al periodo precedente, trovano applicazione i requisiti reddituali  di  cui  all’articolo  29,  comma  3,  lettera  b)”.

Source: ako ay pilipino Roma

Ang Tambuli

Volume        XVII      

No.  14





Pangunahing katanungan ng mga naulila ng isang ofw sa Italya


oma, Marso 20, 2012 - Narito a n g m g a pangunahing katanungan na maaaring makatulong sa pamilya o kamaganak ng naulila, mula sa kasalukuyang Welfare Officer at OIC POLO-OWWA na si Ruth Roselynn C. Vibar. 1. Ano ang unang dapat gawin ng mga kamag-anak o kapamilya ng sumakabilang buhay bilang isang Filipino dito sa Italya? Ang unang dapat gawin ng kamag-anak ng isang yumaong na OFW dito sa Italya ay i-report and pangyayari sa Philippine Embassy Assistance to Nationals (ATN) Officer na si Mr. Oscar Cacho. Pupuntang personal ang pinakamalapit na kapamilya ng yumao dala ang kauukulang dokumento. Kung ang di kanais-nais ay nangyari ng araw ng Sabado o Linggo, maaring ipaalam sa Embahada sa emergency telephone no. +39.328.690.7613 at dumulog agad sa Viale delle Medaglie d'oro 112-114 sa unang araw na may trabaho. 2. Anu-ano ang mga dokumentasyong dapat ihanda dito sa Italya kung ipapauwi ang bangkay sa Pilipinas? Sino at ano naman ang role ng ATN? Pinaka importanteng dala ng pinakamalapit na kamaganak ang pasaporto at permesso di soggiorno (at iba pang dokumento) tungkol sa pagkakakilanlan ng yumao. Sila ay gagawa ng salaysay upang makakuha sa Embahada ng "nulla osta" na magbibigay autoridad sa isang ahensya ng punerarya na kakatawan at mag-sasaayos ng bangkay at mga papeles para sa pamilya sa Munisipyo, Prefecture, Asl at ilang tanggapan sa Italya. Bibigyan sila ng listahan at ipapaliwanag ang mga iba't ibang impormasyon kasama ang mga dokumento na kakailanganin sa pag-uwi ng bangkay, tulad ng Report of Death, Death Certificate, Consular Mortuary Certificate, Airway Bill, Preventivi, atbp. Kung ang bangkay ay hindi iuuwi sa Pilipinas, may mga pagkakaiba, ngunit di nagkakalayo ang proseso at mga dokumentong kailangan. Habang inaayos ang "nulla osta," makikipag-ugnayan ang pamilya sa Welfare Officer o kanyang kinatawan, kung ang yumao ay active member ng OWWA. Ibig sabihin,

dala ang Official Receipt at Certificate of Membership Coverage (COMC) ng yumao, bilang pruweba ng pinagbayaran sa pagiging kasapi ng OWWA, sakop ang panahon ng dalawang taon at ito ay balido o hindi pa paso. Sa makatuwid, kung ang yumao ay hindi nagtatrabaho at hindi aktibong miyembro ng OWWA, ang Embassy ATN Officer at mga kasama ang mag-aasikaso ng buong proseso. Ang kaanak ay maari ring matulungan ng OWWA, ngunit sa larangan lamang ng serbisyo at hindi tulong pinansyal. 3. Mayroon bang benepisyong makukuha ang pamilya sa Pilipinas bilang miyembro ng OWWA? Bilang OWWA member, ang kaanak (asawa/anak/ magulang, atbp) na beneficiary ng yumao ay makakatanggap ng benepisyong pinansiyal na Php 100,000.00 death benefit at karagdagang Php 20,000.00 burial benefit sa Pilipinas. Sa maraming pagkakataon, nagbigay tulong din pinansiyal ang OWWA dito sa Roma sa pagpapauwi (repatriation of human remains) ng bangkay ng miyembro kung kinakailangan. 4. Bilang kumakatawan sa gobyerno ng Pilipinas sa Italya, anu-ano ang mga serbisyong ibinibigay sa ofw? Ang ating pamahalaan ay sinisikap na ibigay ang karampatang tulong sa ating mga manggawa sa ibayong dagat, tulad dito sa Italia. Ang tulong ho sa mga yumaong miyembro ng OWWA ay isa lamang sa mga programa at serbisyo na handog ng OWWA sa ating mga manggawa at kanilang kaanak. Meron pang mga iba, tulad ng mga scholarship, trainings, livelihood at reintegration projects, atbp. Ito ay mga nakatalagang karagdagang tulong bukod sa sa tinatanggap ng mga manggagawa sa kani-kanilang mga pinagtatrabahuhan. Ang sakop ng ating tanggapan sa Roma ay ang mga bayan ng: Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Lazio, Marche, Molise, Puglia, Sardegna, Sicilia, Toscana, Umbria. Habang ang Milan ay sakop ang: Bolzano, Emilia-Romagna, Friuli-V. Giulia, Liguria, Lombardia, Piemonte, Trentino-A.  Adige,  Valle  d’Aosta,  Veneto. Para sa karagdagang impormasyon maari hong sumangguni sa ating Embassy ATN Officer at Welfare Officer. Tel. no. 06 39746621 Source: ako ay pilipino Roma


Ang Tambuli

Volume        XVII        No.  14



Corona: We live at a time when leaders give in to demands of the mob
MARK D. MERUEÑAS, GMA News April 7, 2012 9:25pm

Fil-Mexican Jessica Sanchez shows sassy ‘alter ego’ on ‘American Idol’

Embattled Chief Justice Renato Corona on Black Saturday urged the public to persevere and remain faithful to God, as he claimed that justice is being sacrificed for "political expediency." In his Easter message, Corona drew a comparison between the modern times and the time when Roman leaders were plotting against Jesus Christ. "The persecution of Christ is a microcosm of the modern travails our people go through in a society where the temple of justice is shaken by tectonic plates of political expediency, and in a government where leaders take away the rights of others to give in to the demands of the mob." He claimed that "injustice by complicity, trial by publicity, and conviction by popular opinion" could cast "dark thunderstorm clouds" over our society.

Filipino-Mexican   “American   Idol”   hopeful  Jessica   Sanchez   showed   her   sassy   “alter   ego”   on stage on Thursday (Manila time) as she took on another Whitney Houston hit from the 1980s.3:00pm

Ex-PCGG commissioner passes away due to heart failure
April 7, 2012 2:21pm GMAnews Former Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) commissioner Ricardo Abcede passed away on MaundyThursday due to heart failure. His death was confirmed to GMA News by his nephew Michael Anthony Abcede. The former PCGG commissioner's remains are at the Loyola Memorial Chapel in Guadalupe, Makati. The report said the elder Abcede had suffered from stroke last year. Abcede, who passed the Bar in 1973, served as the PCGG's commissioner for assets and management, replacing former PCGG commissioner Ruben Carranza Jr.

Govt, MILF trade barbs over Holy Week peace 'violations'
April 7, 2012 4:35pm GMAnews

The government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front over the weekend traded barbs for "breaking the peace" in parts of Mindanao during the Holy Week. While a government peace adviser chided the MILF for two ridos (clan wars), the MILF accused government troops of threatening the peace in Moro villages in Zamboanga Sibugay. Both sides engaged in a word war even as their negotiators are to meet again for another round of formal exploratory talks this month in Kuala Lumpur, the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) said. On Friday, senior military adviser to the government panel Brig. Gen. Leo Ferrer urged the MILF to stop ridos among its own members and help foster peace in Mindanao, following two clashes on Maundy Thursday. Ferrer, in a news release posted on the OPAPP website, said the MILF should discipline its troops and put an end to such internal armed conflicts. "The government wants a peace agreement with the MILF, but we also want to see them prove that they can work with us in keeping the peace," Ferrer said following two ridos in Maguindanao and North Cotabato Thursday morning.

Lower remittance charges for OFWs, PNoy urges ASEAN members
Make it cheaper for OFWs to send money home, President Benigno Aquino III urged other ASEAN nations during his summit with other regional leaders.

US Embassy: No need to 'say cheese' for US visa pics

Most Filipinos are known to love having their photos taken and with a full smile at that. However, the United States Embassy in Manila said for those who are applying for a US visa, it would be better to have a neutral expression on their photos.

Ang Tambuli

Volume      XVII          

No.  14





Mint  Herbal  Remedy
Peppermint Essential Oil
As an essential oil, peppermint can be massages into the chest to clear congestion associated with bronchitis, sinusitis, upper respiratory infections (URI), and asthma. The high concentration of Menthol not only helps clear nasal and lung congestion, it also provides a calm and cooling effect on the entire body. The essential oil also has analgesic effects that provide relief from arthritis, rheumatoid conditions, neuralgias and general muscle aches and pains. It also soothes itchy and irritated skin as well as wards off insects. Aromatherapy applications for Peppermint oil include increase in mental acuity, relief from cold, flu and headache and reduction in nausea and vomiting.

ersatile, easy to grow and find, a mint herbal remedy is a great choice to keep in an herbal medicine cabinet. Mint is most closely associated with digestion, including bad breath and stomach ailments, but also has a variety of analgesic and respiratory applications.

Twenty-five different species of mint exist, including Garden mint, Peppermint, Spearmint and Lamb mint. This class, known as Mentha Spicata, is traditionally used to make herbal infusions or teas, oils and tinctures. In the Western world, Peppermint is the most commonly used mint, while the field mint is most used in China. Spearmint and garden mint are also very popular, safe for use in children and have culinary applications. The aerial parts or leaves of the mint plant are most often used to make a mint herbal remedy, although sometimes dried parts of the mint plant, bark or seeds may be used for infusion purposes. The leaves of mint varieties such as Peppermint, the most effective medicinal mint herb, are also used to create essential oils for aromatherapy and external use.


Spearmint also aids in indigestion and has specific applications in the treatment of hiccups, fever and URI's in children and adults. Spearmint is also used for dental hygiene, a common ingredient in mouthwash, toothpaste, chewing gum and breath mints and sprays. As an aromatherapy vehicle, Spearmint can help with nausea, headaches and migraines as well as clear congestion associated with asthma and bronchitis. When applied topically, as oil or in conjunction with other herbs in a cream or lotion, it can relive itchy, irritated skin associated with eczema, pruritus and extreme dry skin. Taken internally, a mint herbal remedy can help relieve or treat the following: Indigestion Heartburn Cramps Flatulence Nausea Vomiting Colic Anxiety Nervous tension Appetite stimulant In addition, specific mints like the Peppermint plant have antispasmodic properties that help with morning sickness, gallbladder issues, dyspepsia, gastroenteritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and stomach ulcers. This particular mint also has stimulant properties and can improve emotions.

Mint Precautions
Mint is a relatively safe herb. Spearmint is preferred for children because Peppermint may be too strong. Mint should be taken in moderation, as too much internally may irritate mucous membranes. Women who are breast-feeding should avoid peppermint because it can reduce lactation.

Many varieties of mint exist; Peppermint and Spearmint are the most commonly used in a mint herbal remedy. Mint is best known for it's digestive applications, but can also be used as a topical analgesic to ease muscle and joint pain as well as inhaled to clean respiratory congestion. SOURCE:


Ang Tambuli

Volume      XVII                  No.  14



Ang Talambuhay ni BEHWA MELLA UY
o si Behwa Mella Uy. Rosanna Mella ang profile name ko sa facebook. Ipinanganak ako sa Polangui, Albay noong February 17, 1964. Nakatira kami sa Angeles Heights San Pablo City, Laguna. Ang papa ko ay si See Kiat Uy, namatay na sya May 13, 1996 at 16th year death anniversary ngayong taon. Ang nanay ko ay si Remedios Mella taga Bikol. At dahil Chinese ang papa ko at Filipina ang nanay ko kaya half Chinese half Filipina ako. Lima kaming magkakapatid at pangatlo ako.Tatlo ang kapatid kong lalaki at isa ang kapatid kong babae. Nag -aral kami ng elementary sa Chinese school at High school sa Laguna Colleges. Yong tatlo nakatapos ng college at ako ay kumuha two years vocational course.May tindahan kami sa palengke ng San Pablo at doon kinukuha ang lahat ng panggastos namin sa pang araw araw hanggang makatapos kami sa pag aaral. Taong 1986 to 1988 ay nagtrabaho ako domestic helper sa Kuwait at umuwi ako noong February 1988 at hindi na bumalik dahil nagkakagulo na noon at nagkagiyera ng August. Pagbalik sa amin tumulong na lang ako sa tindahan namin at nagrarasyon din kami noon ng mga toyo at patis sa palengke. Taong 1992, tumawag ang tiya ko si Sally Mella nanay ni Arriz na tutulungan ako makarating dito sa Torino. By agency Rosanna Mella business woman sa switzerland ako TNT ika nga. Nanghiram ang papa ko noon ng pera para pambayad sa agency at ng makarating na ko dito ay unti unti ko hinulugan. Five days kami nagtago sa Switzerland tapos naglakad sa bundok punta Milano tapos sumakay kami sa kotse papunta dito saTorino. Nang makarating na ako dito sa Torino ginamit ko na ang pangalan ko Behwa Uy at nagpahanap agad ako ng amo sa tiya ko dahil super homesick na ako. Si sister Trining ang nagbigay sa akin ng work kay Console Masud sa Via Tolmino. Giornata ako at may kakopya na taga Etiopia at matagal akong nagtrabaho sa kanila. After 1 year lumipat sila sa Ponte Isabella San Vito isang Villa kaya stay- in na ako pero yong kakopya ko giornata pa rin. At dahil


may bahay sila sa Bardonecchia nandoon kami pag July at August. Dalawang beses na nakontrol ako sa treno ng weekend at pinababa ako ng treno kaya pagbalik ko dito sa Torino pinauwi ako sa Pilipinas para mag asikaso ng papeles. Two years and seven months na ako sa kanila noon. Pagbalik ko meron na akong permit of stay. After 5 months namatay ang papa ko ng atake sa puso. Nagsimula nanghina ang katawan nang sunugin ang palengke ng san pablo last 1992. Kaya umuwi uli ako at sinamahan ako ni Arriz na aking pinsan at baka daw kung mapaano ako sa biyahe. Two weeks lang kami doon tapos balik agad. Umuwi uli ako ng babang luksa ni papa 1 week lang pagbalik ko dito nagpa kuwenta ako sa Apicolf ng liquidation at binigay ko sa amo dahil marami kami utang na babayaran. Ang sabi ng amo kong babae wala na daw akong makukuha dahil lavoro nero ako. Sa sama ng loob ko humingi na lang ako ng ticket pauwi. July 1997 umuwi na talaga ako kahit walang dalang pera. Naisipan ko sana na mag-apply sa Taiwan dahil nandoon ang dalawa kong kapatid na lalaki ngunit ayaw naman nila dahil mahirap ang trabaho doon at samahan ko na lang daw ang nanay ko sa tindahan namin. Di rin nagtagal pinaupahan na lang namin dahil mahina ang bentahan at mahina na ang katawan ng nanay ko tapos madami ng kalaban sa negosyo, marami na ang mga tindahan wala namang mamimili. Nag-try akong ipadala sa tiya ang original copy ng passport at permit of stay ko para kausapin si Consul Masud o ihanap ako ng ibang amo para makapagrenew. After 2 years nabalitaan ko na lang nawawala daw ang papeles ko. Nawalan na ako ng pag-asa noon at nag-apply ako ng checker ng semento sa bayaw ko sa bodega ng new city hardware San Pablo City. Nakapag trabaho naman ako at after 3 years ko sa work may isang pahinante na laging pumapasok ng may hang over at gusto akong hampasin ng kahoy! Idinemanda  ko  at  nawalan  s’ya  ng  trabaho  .  Nag  -alala sina Ate Leila at bayaw ko na baka hantingin ako kaya tinawagan ni ate Leila si Tiya Saling na tulungan ako makabalik.

Ang Tambuli

Volume      XVII              No.  14




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Ngayon ang tanong? Suwerte nga ba ako na nakabalik dito sa Torino after 9 years???? Sa di sinasadyang pagkakataon nagkita ang Tiya ko at Signora Masud sa Meta negozio. Kinumusta   ako   at   sinabi   ni   Ate   Saling,   “ayun   no   work   no   money”.   Isinama   si   Tiya   sa   opisina   ni   Consul Masud at sinabi na mag-apply ng panibagong passport at tutulungan makabalik. Nagpadala ng invitation letter ang Ambasciatori della Giordania ng Roma sa Italian Embassy kaya nabigyan ako ng visa pero walang papers na kasama kaya nagbayad ako ng agency para makalabas ng Pilipinas ng walang papeles pero original ang tatak ng visa. Nakabalik ako ng March 26, 2006, bumaba ng Roma at sinundo ako ng Tiya at Veron, pinsan ko, sakay ng kotse. Anim na oras ang biyahe papunta dito sa Torino. Kinausap ko si Consul at pinaumpisa ako ng trabaho March 29, binigyan lang nila ako ng Carta Diplomatico sa halip na isurrender sa Questura at hawak daw ako ng Ambasciatore. Good for 1 year yon at tapos nirenew na naging good for 2 years mahigit! Yon pala gratis pag diplomatic carta! Last April 2009 nabalitaan ko na may darating na amnesty kinausap ko agad ang amo kong babae siya daw ang magsasabi kay Consul. May 2009 biglang nagkasakit si Consul ng leukemia at lumala, namatay agad ng July 10, 2009. Dumating ang amnesty ng September kaya para akong binuhusan ng malamig na tubig sa pag-aalala. Kinausap ko ang amo   kong   babae   pagkatapos   ng   libing.   Di   n’ya   daw   alam ang gagawin dahil maraming iniwang problema ang  namatay.  Kinausap  ko  uli  s’ya  at  sabi  ko  aalis  na   ako para makahanap ng ibang amo na gagawa para maabutan ko ang amnesty. Umalis ako tapos kinausap ng Tiya ko ang asawa ni Consul at pinabalik ako at gagawin na daw ang papeles ko. Nagtiis na naman ako sa ugali ng amo kong babae tapos lagi na silang nag-aaway dahil sa iniwang kayaman ng namatay. Palagi na silang nag-away at sakitan tapos ako ang pinag-iinitan. Isa pang ikinasama ng loob ko ay noong nabloccato ako sa ascensore ng villa for 2 hours with allarme. Simula noon ay naapektuhan ang pandinig ko. Napilitan na akong umalis dahil hindi ko na nakayanan ang nangyari noong May 17 ng hapon. Nag-away na naman ang mag-ina at kinagat ang braso ng anak. Humihingi siya ng tulong pero hindi ako agad lumapit dahil ayaw nga nila na makialam ako sa problema nila. Hinagis ng anak ang susi ng kotse sa akin at tulungan ko na daw. Nilapitan ko sila

at pinakiusapan ang signora at natanggal ang pagkakagat sa braso, may dugo sa labi ng ina. Noong magpalit ng damit ang anak may nakadikit n a m g a b a l a t . Nong   gabing   ‘yon   nagdesisyon   na   akong   aalis   na at inayos ang mga gamit ko. Kinabukasan noong umalis na papuntang opisina ang mag- ina ay dali dali akong umalis sa Villa na nakapagdala lang ng konting gamit ko. Marami akong naiwan sa villa. Kay Arriz ako pumunta kaya lang nag- alala din siya na masangkot kaya humingi ng tulong kay Minda Teves. May 22 sinamahan ako ni Minda sa CISL para humingi ng proteksiyon dahil umalis ako sa amo ko. Nakakuha ako ng malilipatan pansamantala kina Joy Magbanua at Annie Asis. Five months na walang trabaho dahil sa takot at baka kung anong gawin ng amo ko. Pinag member nila ako sa ACFIL para malibang at magkaroon ng maraming kaibigan. Sumama sa mga activities nila. Nakakuha ako ng trabaho sa Ivrea pero naka-apat na buwan lang dahil hindi ako makatulog sa gabi sa ingay ng motor ng piscina. Sa ngayon siguro na naka 6 years na ako dito at ngayong March ko natagpuan ang suwerte ko sa amo. Matanda na mabait at inayos ang papers ko at nakaresidence pa sa kanya. Last march pina cancel ko na ang kaso sa CISL at lumipat na ako sa CGIL. Ang hiling ko lang sana magawan na ng paraan ng CGIL ang liquidation ko sa ex- signora dahil 4 years akong nagtiis at nagpagod sa kanila. Noong una mapapalampas ko per o t hi s sec ond t i m e a rou nd NO! Salamat sa inyong lahat at happy working!


Ang Tambuli

Volume      XVII

No.  14



Kayo po ay malugod naming inaanyayahang ibahagi ang inyong mga opinyon sa mga mahahalagang usapin sa pangkasalukuyan. Bukas po ang column na ito para sa inyong mga suhestiyon. Kung nais po ninyong mailathala ang inyong mga opinyon sa OPINION maaari po ninyong dalhin ang inyong artikulo sa tanggapan ng Ang TAMBULI o ipakiabot sa kahit kanino mang miyembro ng Board of Editors o ipadala sa mga sumusunod na address: ACFIL ADDRESS:
Piazzale Costantino il Grande, 168 - c/o Ing. Luigi Sandrucci 10134 Torino, Italy TEL./FAX:' 011-3180736 E-MAIL:

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Ang Tambuli

Volume      XVII          

No.  14




Orario MONDAY - FRIDAY Address Nuova Filiale 9:00am - 1:00pm, 2:00pm– 6pm Via Principe Tommaso, 5/A, 10125 Torino Corso Giulio Cesare 45/C Torino SATURDAY Tel. # 011-6680940 Tel. # 011-5791977 9:00am - 1:00pm

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Important Dates of the Chaplaincy
APRIL 15 OCTAVE OF EASTER 9:00am Legion of Mary 10:00am Classes of Italiano 11:00am Catechism; Bible Sharing 12:00nn Confession/Community Mass 2:00pm El Shaddai 5:00pm Family Rosary APRIL 21 SAT 4:30pm Classes of Italiano 6:30pm Mass 7:15pm Catechists/Bible Sharing APRIL 22 EASTER SUNDAY 9:30am Legion of Mary 10:00am Classes of Italiano 11:00am Catechism; Bible Sharing 12:00nn Confession/Community Mass 2:00pm El Shaddai 5:00pm Family Rosary APRIL 25, LIBERATION DAY –HOLY DAY APRIL 28, SATURDAY 4:30pm Classes of Italiano 6:30pm Mass 7:15pm Catechist/Bible Sharing APRIL 29, EASTER SUNDAY 9:30am Legion of Mary 10:00am Classes of Italiano 11:00am Catechism/ Bible Sharing 12:00nn Confession/Community Mass 2:00pm El Shaddai 5:00pm Family Rosary SUN

March 20, 1962



arriz piniero
April 25, 1972