APRIL 17, 2012

Turkey Season In Full Swing
The Crew is on a Ro! With 15 Birds Down in Less Than Two Weeks

What to Look For...
It is hard to believe that we are entering our fourth year and our second year as a national television show. We have learned a lot and are really excited about the future of Final Descent Outdoors. We are also extremely excited about the soon arrival of last seasons DVD titled “Blood, Swear & Tears” The DVD recaps every episode from last season allowing the viewer to relive the season every step of the way. The DVD title is also a lead in to a gospel presentation which can be found on the inside cover explaining the Blood, Sweat & Tears of Christ on the cross. Order online at

Turkey season is in full effect for the crew of Final Descent Outdoors. Fellow owner Landon Wood has been apart of seven birds hitting the ground so far! He is on a roll! We will be continuing to whack and stack the birds over the next few weeks as

we look to break last seasons record of 23 birds killed on camera. So far we have 15 down with a lot of season left in front of us. Two of those birds were with Real Avid co-owner Howard Tripp and his son Tanner. For Tanner the bird was his first.

SPONSOR HIGHLIGHT: REAL AVID One of the newest sponsors to the Final Descent Outdoors family is Real Avid. Real Avid is an innovative company looking to make the life of the hunter and shooter better. Their mission is simple: Solve real problems for real hunters and shooters by giving them hard-working products that are inventive,

highly capable and totally unique in the market. Just keeping it real. Real Avid is a family owned and operated company who not only love the outdoors but love the Lord as well. We are excited about the years to come as being partners not only in the outdoor industry but in serving the Lord. Learn more by visiting


FIRST EPISODE FOR NEXT SEASON IS COMPLETED! The production for season two is well underway. Matter of fact our producer has wrapped up the first episode and is just days away from completing the next episode. In the first episode you will join host Brad Clay and pro staffer Russell Hobbs on a Colorado Rocky Mountain elk hunt with RC Outfitters. The hunt was physically and emotionally demanding on everyone involved. The guys set up a spike camp and hunted hard for a week but were able to get some great footage and some great kills on camera. This is what Brad had to say about the hunt. “It was the most rewarding hunt I have ever been on in my life, hands down. I Top Photo Brad Clay and his 5x5 bu! worked hard leading up to the trip and I couldn’t have been happier with RC Outfitters Bottom Photo Russe! Hobbs and his with my expereince with RC bu! #om the same hunt. THE ANATOMY OF THE BULL ELK

APRIL 17, 2012

Outfitters. Brant Cunningham our guide was top notch. His wife Jessica and their daughters are great and make you feel like your apart of the family. Most importantly they love the Lord. Matter of fact the proceeds from the hunt after expenses are met go back to the Camp Red Cloud, a Christian family and youth camp in Lake City, CO. This hunt was a win, win for us. I had a great time with Russell and we believe this will be an episode people will enjoy.” Look for this episode and all the episodes starting in July on the Pursuit Channel.
Official Air Times for Final Descent Outdoors in 2012 will be July through December. Mondays 9am est, Thursdays 4pm est, and Sundays 6:00pm est.

The Lung

Huge Set of Horns! The Liver

The Heart

Stomach and Guts
Did you know that the elk is the only wild animal in North America to produce ivory teeth? That’s right, two of its teeth are made of ivory.

DONATIONS TO THE FINAL DESCENT MINISTRY Our goal is to reach outdoorsman with the gospel. We are in the process of finishing up our non-profit status and if you would like to donate to our ministry feel free to do so by mailing to Final Descent Outdoors Ministries/PO Box 763/Sulphur, OK 73086


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