„continuous rain of nectar“

The Guru Yoga, which causes the four Buddhabodies to blossom




NAMO! In this dark age, you are the one who disciplines those who are difficult to discipline. To you, the Guru who can guide me completely, I bow down with devotion. To those whose minds are ready, open like a garden of lotuses under the rosary of amrita drops you send upon them. Thus I contemplate the four ways of changing the mind and develop the three kinds of faith: faith of a sincere mind, faith of aspiration and faith of certainty. I promise to abandon all ground of harm to others and to cultivate the ground of benefitting others.
Then comes the main body of the prayer:

by this mantra all is purified

From the totality of experience, beginningless play beyond all conception, from the essence of the indestructible Nadi, in the sky before me is an ocean of clouds of limitless good offerings. In the center is a snow lion throne of enrapturing beauty, with a lotus and moon. Instantaneously perfected in one thought, the Embodiment of the Three Roots appears on it. In essence the power of the Victorious Ones – peaceful and smiling – he is resplendent as the autumn moon. He wears the Black Hat made by a hundred thousand dakinis and ornamented with gold and a point, the sight of which gives Liberation. In his two hands he holds the vajra and bell in the indivisible union of wisdom and means. He wears the three Dharma robes and sits in the lotus posture. Unwaveringly abiding in the realm of inseparable bliss and emptiness, he is adorned with all the major and minor marks of a Buddha, radiating beauty and majestic dignity. Thus, with total confidence, I abandon myself completely to you the Guru, whatever you may do, I pray in the following way: Most kind Guru – essence of all the aspects of the Refuge – to you I pray. 4

To me and all sentient beings, grant your blessings, so that the darkness of delusion may be pacified. Please let the beginningless clear light come to be.
repeat this a few times, then:

From the three seed-syllables in the glorious Guru's three places, rays of white, red and blue light stream out simultaneously, like rain, which is absorbed into my three gates and I thus receive the four initiations. All veils of conflicting emotions, that which obscures wisdom and equanimity, and all habitual patterns are purified. The perfectly liberated Svabhavikakaya (the "essencebody") having thus become manifest. Rest here, in this essence, naturally, relaxed and without artifice.


repeat this as much as you can

The Guru's body, speech and mind and my own are merged indivisibly. In this natural state of utter completeness – beyond conceptualization – leave the mind to rest in equanimity as much as you can. After this comes the dedication prayer which causes the accumulated virtue to grow more and more: For the assembly of all beings as vast as the sky, who since beginningless time have accumulated unwholesome deeds, transgressions and habitual patterns, may this merit clear away completely and without any trace, the mistake of clinging to names as solid forms. May I recognise my own all-pervading essence which is both the ground and the realm of mind. With the armour of an ocean of sincere wishing prayers, through the perfect dedication of all merit to the timeless ocean of awakening, in complete freedom from the ocean of such distinctions as "dedicating" and "dedicator," may the ocean of continuous reactivity (samsara) be shaken from its depths. The ground and realm of mind is the allembracing, uncreated clear light which becomes manifest through the Path. Following it perfectly in this way, right to the end, may the fruit, Buddhahood, become manifest. May I obtain the four bodies, the very state of the Guru.

This text was written spontaneously by The Glorious Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, the 16 th Gyalwa Karmapa, in the year of the earth dog, at the request of Chago Namgyal Dorje, who accompanied his request with the offering of a scarf.


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