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February 2007

Middle School T.I.M.E.S.

Technology Integration Made Easy & Simple
Danita Russell
Lee County Schools

Let it snow, let it snow... Drussell@Lee.K12.NC.US

Volume 1, Issue 6
Middle School T.I.M.E.S.
Finally, we have snow! But, with the snow and ice come make-up days. The workdays
February 2007
scheduled for February 19th and 20th are now regular school days. That’s a shame, be-
cause we had a great technology round-robin workshop scheduled. Hopefully, we can offer Technology Opportunities
that again before school is out for the year.
• Technology Thursdays
The Technology Thursdays have begun with a great turnout at East Lee. I hope more February
teachers will take advantage of these technology workshops. They are meant to be
• February 8th Wikis - West
interesting and designed so you can make a project to use in your classroom the next day.
• February 15th Blogs - West

• February 22nd Blogs - East


• March 8th Podcasting - East

Curriculum Links • March 15th Podcasting - West

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Sand Art
Math Nerds
Art History
Math Teaching Ideas
**Click on the title and you will
ESL: be directed to the site.
Spanish bilingual resources
ESL Games
Online Metronome
Instrument Lab
Health & PE:
Fitness Journal
Get Body Smart
Live Science Cams
Toxic Town
Language Arts:
Writing contest ages 6-18
Social Studies:
Online Storytelling
National Atlas Maps
My Name in Hebrew

Clip art from Teacher Files

Gaggle Tips

Now that most of the students and experts and other students email them
• Email Grading: require your stu-
teachers have been trained in Gaggle, I’m questions.
dents to write at least 3 emails
going to share some ideas for using Gaggle
per week, and select one email per
in your classroom.
student to grade for correct spell- Quote of the Month:
ing, grammar, and punctuation as
“Yeah, I’m a thrill seeker, but
Email: part of their Language Arts grade.
crikey, education’s the most
• Keyboarding Skills: use email as a • Impersonations: interact with oth-
ers who are in character. This is a important thing.”
means of allowing students to work on
and improve their keyboarding skills fantastic way to learn about great — Steve Irwin
people in history, different cul-
• Vocabulary and Letter Writing: email
tures, etc.
can be used to help students improve
their letter writing and grammar • Question and Answer: include eve-
skills, and it can also help increase rything from ask-a-reporter to
their vocabulary. ask-a-scientist. Students become

Web 2.0 Tips

Blogs Wikis
Social Bookmarking
Blogs are a great learning tool and easy to Some of our own staff members are pro-
ducing some great wikis! Take a look! Accessing your bookmarks can be diffi-
design. offers free blogs to
cult if you save them on one computer
teachers. Civil Rights by Cynthia McFadden
and need them on another. These sites
4th grade classroom blog 7th grade SS by Gregg Halkuff will allow you to get your bookmarks
Mrs. Young’s Reading Camp 7th grade SS and Language Arts from any computer that has Internet.
Blogs aren’t just for teaching. They are a By Terri Blumatte
great way for you to communicate your 8th grade Science by Judy Knight Blinklist
thoughts and feelings.
Bragg, East, & West Lee Middle Schools Ma.gnolia
Always Learning
By Danita Russell

Technology Tips
Classroom Podcasting From this point, it becomes a bit Okay, but how can you use this in your
I would like to introduce you to a new techno-geeky, so just know that a classroom?
classroom technology—Podcasting. program will change it into a useable • Book reports
Podcasting is similar to the old radio format to upload it onto the web.
• PowerPoint presentation
broadcasts, but these are put onto A group of young men at West Lee
• Great way to proofread writing
the Internet. are trying out Podcasting by
summarizing the basketball games. • Oral reports
They love it! • Classroom discussions
Students record their ‘pod’ into a mi-
crophone on the computer or into an Aaron • Classroom debates
iPod. Then, we use a program called Carlos • Explain math problems
Audacity to upload the pod.

Volume 1, Issue 6 Middle School T.I.M.E.S. February 2007