All to White, All to Right - Conrad Zbikowski

LMFAO was on. A girl grabbed her man and pulled the boy off his bar stool. His Flirtini crashed to the linoleum, but that didn’t matter. She pushed him, hands against his back, to the center of the dance floor. He stumbled along.

“Let’s dance!” screamed the girl over the base beat of the woofers.

Everyday I'm shufflin' Shufflin', shufflin'

The boy started shuffling, walking in place, swinging his arms back and forth like a raving chimp. He was the biggest flirt on pops.

The girl laughed and started shuffling along, mimicking his insane routine. Her high heels slipped on the sweat that glazed the floor to a rainbow sheen. Nothing was going to stop her from having the night of her life. She was here to party hard.

..One more shot for us, another round Please fill up my cup, don't mess around We just wanna see you shake it now Now you wanna be, you're naked now..

He smiled into her green eyes. A black lady was sitting on the other side of the cell. .The girl moved closer. normal to the dance floor. put your hands up to the sound. The boy was still shuffling. The girl woke up in a communal cell.. get up. The morning came with the switch from red to white light from the panels above the washed-out room.. she shifted on the bunk. . Her hands waved up to the ceiling. get up.Get up.. three meters away. Still groggy. get up. “About time yo little pretty ass got up. his legs jerking like a shorted android. smoke and the sparkle of a disco ball. then turned away and continued shuffling.Get up. get down.” The girl stared blank... . They waved in the jungle of lasers. put your hands up to the sound Put your hands up to the sound.

“Oh. “What’s your name. ya hear?” “If you felt the way I do.” the skinny lady whined with her hands on her flat chest. fat latina. a short. ya don’t be messing with the girl. Kora. how old are you?” asked the black lady in a caring tone. “Are you over sixteen?!” chimed a skinny lady in the back. girl?” the black lady asked Emilia. Chancy. last night you came in kicking a screaming up a storm! You don’t remember any of that?” said one of ladies. it had been a while since a newbie came along. suppressing a chuckle. “you would follow your heart too!” The rest of the cell laughed. “What?” They laughed again. all fifteen of them. “Shut up.“Where’s Jeremy?” The rest of the cell started laughing. “Girl. ignoring the rest of them. .

after you were stabilized. Luckily. The room was chilled. Last night you almost died from an overdose.” “I got vaccinated?” Emilia asked. we are obligated to give it to help in your recovery. The girl sat across a laminate table from a proper lady in a power suit with some documents spread out in front of her. you were vaccinated. There was only one door on the room. “That’s one way of saying it. “Do you know why you came here last night. just like the cell.” . all pointed at the table. Emilia?” “I got caught.” “Good morning. but you still came very close. Emilia.“Emilia.” she mumbled. an officer had brought along an emergency antibody kit. It’s the law. it owas still midwinter. no windows. When things like this happen. “Yes. Emilia sat silently. At each of the four corners of the ceiling were cameras.” The room was washed-out.

” “Where’s Jeremy?” “We can talk about. but after we get you back on your feet you can have your record cleaned in a couple of years.Emilia stared at the table...” “Become a bitch like you?” Emilia looked up into the woman’s eyes with a green.” “Where is he?!” It was dark and cold and damp. “But today I wanted to talk to you about some other things. I know that things are very difficult right now. Soft Rachmaninoff rattled through the windowless wing. “Emilia. The stench of forgotten men hung in .. I am here to help you to. If you make positive decisions now. burning glare.

An SIS agent wrenched Jeremy from his trance. echoes of a brief firefight. . the cell. Bleeding slowly. white and blurry. He felt his bruised body lifted by hands into a waiting van. the odor of decayed lives. From both sides of the dance hall. laughter at something. coppers surrounded the crowd of chavs. slamming him to the floor. sprayed with antiseptic and shot up with needles in the arm. He was stripped of his clothes. All to dark. He had been snapped. Jeremy curled with his hand around his legs.the humid air. There had been a bright room. It happened so quickly. he was dragged as an animal to its cage. He started coughing and pulled his legs closer to his chest. In the corner or a cell at the end of a jagging corridor. He heard the world around him through a rusty pipe.

Now she never wondered why a train could ride above the ground at half the speed of sound.Tears ran down from his knees. and it would be his last day in the broken land of plenty. welling them with nature’s sadness. Back then she was fascinated by such things back then. the jacket rationed to her when she left wasn’t holding up. following the back of her hands into the empty pockets. riding on tracks of force. A yellow moon glowed hazily in the foggy sky. Emilia was let off on parole. Emilia had learned about it in elementary school. The streets were dark and damp. The rain ran down her shoulders and arms. She was not a threat to herself or others and would do better with the youth welfare service. In the distance. Emilia strolled down the street. It was his only his first day at the zoo. As the drizzle came down. her fists in empty pockets. After seventeen days in the communal cell. The class even went on a field trip to a service and maintenance station. . This is what she told her mental guidance officer anyway. trains howled through the night.

jumping meters and riding trains to places unknown. Standing on the smooth track.She had grown up. she watched the approach of forward lights growing brighter and brighter. All to white. towards the trains rushing. He could make the scars disappear. this was where she would read during hot summer days to avoid the lightning between her mother and stepfather. She continued on. . too many times. all to right. There was a break in the barbed chainlink near an old willow. moving towards the fence. if only for the afternoon. with a howl screeching higher and higher. That lightning had burned and scarred Emilia many times. when the two of them would bounce around town. Jeremy had been the only boy who would listen. When she was younger.

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