Kalil Menezes 8/9/11 For this report, the significance of the settings in two classic novels will be discussed.

These novels are Anthem and Lord of the Flies. Anthem is set in the future. This world is very different from ours in a few ways. People ha ve lost individuality and everything is done to benefit the “greater good” of society. The government controls every aspect of a person’s life from birth to death. The story behind Lord of the Flies takes place in a quite different setting. A few dozen children have survived an airplane crash, and struggle to survive on a deserted island. Conflict arises between the boys as their leader finds difficulty in keeping everybody in order. The authors use the setting t o reveal flaws in human nature and society. The first novel discussed will be Anthem. This novel was truly intriguing because although the setting was sometime in the future, the future described is not the future we usually picture in our heads. When thinking of the future, one thinks of advanced technologies, large cities, fast transportation, and other improvements to our present technologies. Ayn Rand describes a future where the government has taken over everything. Nobody is viewed as an individual and all things are done to benefit society as a whole. Furthermore, technology has backtracked. The government has not invented electricity yet, so candles are used to light the city in the dark. Everyone is taught that the Earth is flat and the sun revolves around it. Children live in the House of Infants until the age of five, when they are sent to the Home of Students. When you turn 15, the Council of Vocations decides what profession you will follow. The main character is a man named Equality 7-2521. Nobody has names like in our current society. Ayn Rand uses the setting to highlight the importance of individuality. When people are treated as objects and are

Upon arrival. The airplane they were in crash landed there while escaping from a war going on in England. but when he showed the Council of Scholars they said that what has not been achieved collectively cannot be good. Such an amazing discovery. as all men must”. Golding uses the deserted island setting to characterize how the boys will change in a survival situation. and makes it one of his priorities to keep a fire going. Although on paper this society may seem great and almost utopian. Ralph appoints Jack to be in charge of hunting. progress is just not possible. While Equality 7-2521 was in school. the children vote for Ralph. Lord of the Flies tells the story of some boys who have to survive on their own on a tropical deserted island. They believed that if everybody was equal. “Many men in the Homes of the Scholars have had strange new ideas in the past… but when the majority of their brother Scholars voted against them.Kalil Menezes 8/9/11 forbidden from using their creative minds. society will never prosper. the teachers forbade him from asking questions and being intuitive. when people have the opportunity to do what they do best. but when curiosity is chastised how are scientific discoveries supposed to be made? Curiosity drives science. When the boys first arrive. to be their leader. This is why Equality 72521 discovered electricity when he was alone in the hidden tunnel where he could let his creative mind flow. Rand uses this statement to prove that when absolute agreement is needed for change. society will evolve much quicker. However. Perhaps this is true. and just want to have fun. they are happy to not have any adults. there would be less conflicts. they abandoned their ideas. Ralph knows that the only way they can be saved is if they make a signal fire for a ship to see. there are only so many things you can . one of the older boys.

the only tool on the island to easily make fire. Jack’s group decides to attack Ralph’s group one day to steal Piggy’s specs. Jack’s group corner’s Jack and just when he is about to be killed. but the boys end up fighting and Piggy is killed in the process. Ralph is forced to hide that night and the next day. Setting is an important aspect to any book. Jack invites kids to come to his new group that is apparently much more fun. The innocent little boys were not so innocent anymore. as proved by both of these classic novels. . The naval officer is perplexed by how a group of civilized British boys could have changed so much. The cruel. Overwhelmed by all that has happened. Both authors use the setting to portray their opinions about society. Ralph observes as the boys with Jack descend into savagery. the boys start weeping and the story ends. focuses almost solely on finding food. Rand emphasizes the importance of creativity and free will in society with the utopian society Equality 7-2521 finds himself in. savage hunters pursuing Ralph had little resemblance to the happy boys playing in the water upon arrival. Golding suggests that society may lessen. The boys get tired of Ralph’s plan to just light a fire and hope for the best. Ralph and the other boys find themselves descending into savagery while trying to survive on the deserted island. but never completely wipe out the evil within all human beings.Kalil Menezes 8/9/11 do on a deserted island. Ralph goes to Jack to try to reason with him. Jack. having been the head of the hunting crew with Ralph. a naval officer arrives.

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