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Fatuma Ahmed Quran Teacher 11th and 12th Grade Girls 2011-2012

AL-HUDA SCHOOL Dear Parents:

Assalamu Alaikum, hopefully you all have enjoyed this past summer and it was beneficial to you and your families. Welcome to the start of the new school year. My name is Sr. Fatuma Ahmed and I will be your childs Quran Teacher. Alhamdulillah, I memorized the Quran at age 9. I have a degree in Nursing at the University of the District of Columbia and I have a diploma in teaching Arabic as a second language at Al-Fajr institute in Cairo, Egypt. This is my fifth year teaching at Al-Huda School and I have enjoyed the teaching, as well as learning experiences that I have come across during my time here. Ive also had the pleasure of teaching children from different age groups and grade levels; ranging from kindergarten through the eleventh grade. Over the past years I have been able to teach Tafseer in a creative way for older students, by using recitations and PowerPoint projects in order to make the lessons meaningful for them. As for the younger children, I will use methods that reach to them in the suitable manner (i.e. learning through fun and activities such as stories and puzzles). This is a simple attempt to introduce the children to the way of Allah (SWT) and to his Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) by delivering some of the fundamentals of Islam to them. And we ask Allah (SWT) that these will be the seeds that grow into Young Muslim men and women that their parents can be proud of.

Our Mission in Quran Class this year is to:

Teach our children how to implement the Holy Quran in their everyday

actions and manner.

Aisha (RAA) said that the Prophets (SAAS, Peace and Blessings of

Allah be upon Him) manners were the Quran. We want the students to develop those same manners to the best of their abilities.
Assist in helping our students to mature their Taqwa by reminding

them to say the duaat that came from the Prophet (SAAS). Introducing the children to the biography of the Prophet (SAAS) so that they become fond of this religion and preserve its sunnah.

The curriculum will include the following:

1. Memorization: Surat Al-Masad through Surat Al-Asr (could be increased insha Allah if possible). 2. Some simple Tafseer through stories related to the surahs being memorized 3. Reading skills: Covering Chapters 10 through 17 from Al-QaedaNooraniya 4. Reading 5 Juz from the Mushaf. 5. Learn how to memorize a given portion of the Quran independently 6. Learn how to correct mistakes that they have made in their memorization HOMEWORK POLICY:
For 11th and 12th grade, the students will take it upon themselves to construct their own homework logs by filling the sheets in themselves with their weekly progress, which consists of monthly and quarterly goals, as well as memorization, reading, and review assignments. Since these girls are mature and responsible, I want them to share their progress in the class with you. In my opinion, this works best in an informal manner, because it teaches the girls selfaccountability and builds trust between the student, teacher, and parent. Parents involvement: Homework is meant to excite the students. Parents should empower them to complete their work on time and to the best of their ability. Quraan, unlike other subjects, needs to be read and reviewed consistently on a daily basis. It should be done at a time that is enjoyable we suggest after Fajar Salah (which is the best time to memorize). InshaAllah, parents can motivate children to make this a life-long habit.

Make-Up Policy (11th and 12th Grade)

The students are the ones who are responsible to come to the teacher and arrange for a way to make up the missing assignment. The student MUST come to me if they are missing any Projects/Homework Tests/Quizzes Classwork

If the students fail to reschedule any assignment, it will be marked as a ZERO. Students should not wait until the end of the quarter to make up all of their missing assignments, because they probably wont be able to complete it in a timely manner

Classroom Routine (11th and 12th Grade)

Mondays: Tuesdays: Wednesdays: Thursdays: Fridays:

Memorization Reading Tafseer Group Reading Surat Al-Kahf + Class Discussion

Grading policy (Al-Huda School Policy) 11th and 12th Grade (Al-Huda School Policy) Tests: 40% Quizzes: 15% Homework/Projects: 25% Class Work/Participation: 20% Students should stay away from the following actions (11th and 12th Grade) 1. Talking back to any teacher (you may disagree, but with manners) 2. Sleeping in Class 3. Doing any other class work besides the subject being taught (Quran) 4. Copying work from any other student (i.e. classwork/homework) 5. Speaking, Joking, Excessive laughing while teacher is instructing 6. Generally disrespecting each other (i.e. when a classmate is speaking) 7. Asking questions that are not related to the class 8. Getting up without asking the teacher to go to the bathroom 9. Excessively opening and fixing your hijab without any real reason 10.Speaking out in class without raising your hand Classroom Discipline Policy
1. 1st Time: verbal reminder/warning 2. 2nd Time: student is issued a stern last warning 3. 3rd Time: student is issued a referral and parent contact via

email/phone will be used to set up a Parent-Teacher Conference 4. If the matter isnt resolve, then the administration will be asked to step in. Positive Reinforcements

The following will be used to reinforce positive behavior Verbal praise and recognition. IOU cards (I owe you) given will be explained to the students in class. Positive Remarks sent home via email or note. Special privileges ( ex: free time or seat next to a friend, etc)

Classroom Discipline Policy (11th and 12th Grade) .Follow directions the first time they are given .1 .Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak .2 .Respect others: keep your hands, feet and other objects to your self .3 .Treat others like you want to be treated yourself .4 .Stay in your seat until you have permission to leave .5 * If the students do not follow direction or classroom rules, I will reinforce the same policy as the homeroom teacher As for the supplies, please send the following items with their names labeled on it. 11th and 12th Grade:
1. A Folder (red) & Composition Notebook

2. Al-Qaedah Al-Nooraniya and a Mushaf (rub Yasin) (can be located at Sooq Al-Huda) 3. A complete Mushaf (level 3)

Class work Quality Expectations (11th and 12th Grade) As a parent, I expect nothing less than excellence from my children. As their Quran teacher, I expect nothing less than excellence from my students as well. Thus, my students are like my children. I expect them to pronounce letters with ease and to give their 100% every time they are given an assignment. Once the students are able to read Quran fluently, I want them to take the opportunity to ponder on what they are reciting. It is less beneficial for the students to be able to read without having a clue as to what they are reciting. So take out some time at home and go over the meanings of the words/ayat your child is reading. We use a level system in our classroom. Once you have successfully completed the requirements (fluent recitation and memorization) then and only then will you be able to go deeper into the meaning of what you are reciting. Our strategy is to teach with wisdom of the Quraan as it states in ayah 1 of Soorah Hud: Alif Lam Ra (This is) a book, with verses basic or fundamental further explained in detail for the One Who is Wise and WellAcquainted (with all things). Please feel free to contact me for any concerns you have at Al-Huda School from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, Jazakum Allahu Khairan You can reach me at this email: You can also reach me from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm at 301-982-2402 Sr. Fatuma Ahmed Quran teacher 11th and 12th Grade Girls September 3, 2011 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please Sign at the spaces provided to acknowledge that you have received and read the welcome packet Parent Signature -------------------------------Student Signature --------------------------------

Parent Contact Form As communication between parents and teachers is very important, please let me know how you want to be contacted by filling out the Parent Contact Form. Please fill this out and send with your daughter as soon as possible. Name of Student -------------------------------------------------------Name of Father -------------------------------------------------------Name of Mother -------------------------------------------------------Day-Time phone -------------------------------------------------------E-Mail ---------------------------------------------------------------------