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1. Introduction of Jiangsu Trigiant Technology Co., Ltd. 2. OFFICE AUTOMATION (OA) 3. Quality management 4. Achievement and product roadmap 5. Enterprise Honors 6. Introduction of Trigiant Industrial Park


Jiangsu Trigiant Technology Co., Ltd is a foreign-funded by Singapore Trigiant Group Pte. Ltd. It is located in Industrial Park for Environmental Protection Science & Technology (State high-tech development zone), Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, China. The company was founded on 15th, March,2007, with registered capital of 30 million dollar and total investment projects 74.8 million dollar. The company covers 248,000 square meters(361acres), with building area 90,000 square meters. Having introduced advanced production and inspection equipments from companies in Germany, Austria, USA and Japan, the company specializes in the production of RF cables, fireresistant flexible cable for power supply system of communication, new-type electronic assemblies. The annual output of RF cable is 100,000km, and that of fire-resistant flexible cable for power supply system of communication is 12,000 km, and that of new-type electronic assemblies is 15,000,000 sets. Our products are widely applied to network system of all major operators, the quality of our products have reached international most advanced level. We have successfully been on the supplier list of the three major operators ,China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom.

1. Structure
Directorate Supervisory Boards General Manager (GM)

Assistant of the GM
Assistant of the GM Human Resource Department Finance Department Production Department Cable Workshop Capital Construction Department Food Service Equipment Department Subdivision 1 Subdivision 2

Assistant of the GM

Executive Vice GM

Technology Department Quality Assurance Department

Office Security Department

Marketing Management Department

Overseas Sales Department

Sales Department

Logistic Department

3 Groups 7 Groups


Accessories Department

2. The Staff
Proportion of the Staff

Senior High School 21%

Others Master 1% 7%

Technical Secondary School 23%

1. Since the foundation of the company it has gathered over 100 talented personnel Bachelor Degree who have a good command 16% of research &development, production, equipment, management in the field of Junior RF Cables and connectors. College 2. Till now, we have over 600 32% people in our company.

3. Company Qualification

ISO 9001: 2008

ISO 14001:2004

ISO 28001-2001

3. Company Qualification

The company has obtained the Russia GOST-R Certification

3. Company Qualification

The company has obtained the Russia Flame Retardant Certification Fire

3. Company Qualification

The company has obtained 16 kinds of certificate for

product certification from Information Industry Department.

3. Company Qualification

The company has obtained two kinds of National

mandatory certificate for product certification, 3C for short.


In March,2008, the company has obtained the export products quality exequatur.

Product Certificates

Products approval from Philippine Telecom Operator.

Product Certificates

Products approval of Brazil ANATEL Certificate

Certificates from Customers

Bid-winning Notice from China Unicom ,China Telecom and China Mobile

4Cares from Leadership

Qian Lirong and Li Yuanchao, Minister of Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee Zhao Kezhi, Executive Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province is talking with Qian Lirong cordially

4. Main Products
1. RF cable for mobile communication


HHTAY-50-52( 2-1/4), HHTAY-50-42( 1-5/8), HCTAY-50-32( 1-1/4), HCTAY-50-23( 7/8A), HCTAY-50-22( 7/8) , HCTAY-50-17( 5/8), HCAAY-50-12( ), HCAAY-50-8( 3/8), HCAAY-50-6( )

Aluminum Cable: HHTALY-50-42( 1-5/8), HCTALY-50-32( 1-1/4), HCTALY-50-23( 7/8A), HCTALY-50-22( 7/8) , HCATALY-50-22( 7/8), HCAALY-50-12( ) Super-flexible HHTAY-50-31(1-1/4S), HHTAY-50-21(7/8S), HCAHY-50-9(1/2S) , HCAHY-50-7(3/8S), HCAHY-50-5(1/4S)

4. Main Products
2. Leaky Coaxial Cable
HLCAY(Z)-50-12(1/2) HLCTY(Z)-50-22(7/8) HLCTY(Z)-50-32(1-1/4) HLHTY(Z)-50-42(1-5/8) HLCAY(Z)(R)-50-12(1/2) HLCTY(Z)(R)-50-22(7/8) HLCTY(Z)(R)-50-32(1-1/4) HLHTY(Z)(R)-50-42(1-5/8) HLCTY(R)-75-37 HLCAY(R)-75-23

4. Main Products
3. Flame-Retardant Flexible Cable for Power Supply System of Communication
ZA-RV Copper core flame-retardant PVC insulated flexible cable ZA-RVV Copper core flame-retardant PVC insulated PVC Jacket flexible cable ZA-RVV22 Copper core flame-retardant PVC insulated steel armoured PVC Jacket flexible cable WDNA-RY Copper core fire-resistant lowsmoke & halogen-free polyolefine insulated flexible cable WDNA-RYY Copper core fire-resistant lowsmoke & halogen-free polyolefine insulated low-smoke & halogen-free polyolefine jacket flexible cable WDNA-RYY 23 Copper core fire-resistant lowsmoke & halogen-free polyolefine insulated steel tape armoured low-smoke & halogen-free polyolefine jacket flexible cable

4. Main Products

4. Fiber Optic Cable

Outdoor Fiber Cable

Indoor Fiber Cable

4. Main Products
5. New-type Electronic Components

Main productsType-N connector, Type-7/16 connector AdapterJumper cable Lightning ArresterSplitter Coupler Combiner etc.

4. Main Products
6. Jumper cable & Feeder System Assembly

Main Products Common Jumper cables and super-flexible Jumper cable, feeder clamp, grounding kit, feeder window, adhesive material, Insulation tape, cable tie, grounding cable.

4.Main Products

7.PLC Splitter

PLC Splitter Module

PLC Splitter Box

Mini module PLC Splitter

Fan-out PLC Splitter

4.Main Products

8.Fiber Connector

FC fiber connector

SC fiber connecter

LC fiber connector

5. RF Cable Workshop

5. Flexible Power Cable Workshop

5. New-type Electronic Components Workshop

6. Main Manufacturing Equipment

1. Manufacturing Equipment of RF Cable and Leaky Cable
No. Equipment Country Quantity Main Parameter Produce the insulations diameter of the foaming cable from 4.8mm to60mm with CO2 , and the foaming degree can up to 85%. Produce the diameter the ring or helix outer conductor from6mm to60mm. Produce the diameter the ring or helix outer conductor from6mm to60mm Produce a jacket of 5-60mm

Type RK-C Foaming Line

Rosendahl Austria

RK-W Corrugation and Welding Line

Rosendahl Austria

Corrugation and Welding Line Jacket Line

Nanjing China Nanjing China



6. Main producing Equipment

2. Manufacturing Equipment of
No. Equipment automatic high-speed wire twisting machine tubular stranding machine Cage-type stranding machines Cage cable-former Machine Jacket Line production place Kunshan Changzhou Changzhou Changzhou Quantity Main Parameter

1 2 3 4

8 1 2 1

FC-500B/ FC-6500B 500/1+6 500/6+12+18 1250/1+1+3 65 /90 /120


6. Main producing Equipment

No. 1 Equipment Hardinge numerical control machine Tsugami numerical control machine numerical control machine Type ELITE6/42 ELITE8/51 B012C-V Machining Scope Main OuterOuter conductor) contact pin socket contact (Inner conductor Subordination accessory Milling and stiletto JAPAN Water-proof Jacket For Jumper saw Sign the mark For Rough Joint venture Company Joint venture Company Joint venture Company Joint venture Company Joint venture Company Joint venture Company 1 1 2 2 High efficiency 2 From Where Number USA USA JAPAN Shanxi China 26 3 2 1 2 Characteristic High precision, High efficiency, consistency and stability High precision, High efficiency, consistency and stability High precision & High efficiency High precision & High efficiency Autocontrol & stability Autocontrol & stability High efficiency & great sign

3 4 5 6 7 8


Precision Auto XKNC-ZJ- milling machine injection machine Saw machine Laser light signing machine Instrument machine CJ80M3V S-300HA DP-R50L CM0632 CN0640



Deburring for accessory
1 Fine finish

7. Main Inspection Equipments


Inspection Equipments for RF Cable, Leaky Cable and Connectors

No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Name Network analyzer Feeder Test Instrument RoHs Inspection Instrument Im3 passive Intermodulation Signal Test of Leaky Cable Leaky Cable aerial testing set Type E5071E5062 S331D X-RAY.XULM.XYm 900M/2100M 2 spectrum SMB100A HL562 Content impedance, attenuation constant, VSWR VSWR /Insert loss/TDR coating thickness measurement Im3 passive Intermodulation coupler loss coupler loss Producing Area USA JAPAN GERMANY GERMANY GERMANY GERMANY Quantity 9 2 1 1 1 1

7. Main Inspection Equipments

Insulated ohmmeter


Insulation resistance


DC resistance Testing


Inner/outer resistance


Salt testing


Test method for coating corrosion



pressure testing


Insulation pressure test



lacerating test machine


extensibility /tensile strength test



Intelligent LCR Meter




7. Main Inspection Equipments

2. Inspection Equipments for Flexible Power Cable
No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Name high pressure testing platform constant temperature bath Digital high resistance meter DC bridge Electronic universal material testing machines Wire strain rate tester Image-precision tester Type LGJ HW- PC68 QJ57 GP-DS2000L TF-807 SOV-3020M Producer WUXI Yongling Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. WUXI Yongling Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. Cany Precision Instruments Co. Ltd Cany Precision Instruments Co. Ltd Gopoint Testing Equipment Co., Ltd Tafu Science and Technology Industry Co., Ltd. Seven Ocean Optical Ltd Quanti ty 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

ERP System

Use computer and internet to Managing and Tracking the Production Process.

4. Product Inspection Process

Finished / Semi-Finished Products

Operator self-check No qualification Yes Report to the Functionary of this Process

Checker patrol and inspection, record, Mark No qualification

Tell the Operator, Technology Functionary of this Process, and write down on the non-conformity product report

Checker Inspection, record, mark Yes Next process, Stores keeping qualification No

Tell the Operator, Technology Functionary of this Process, and write down on the nonconformity product report

5. Achievement and Product Roadmap

Successfully developed more than 50 new products: leaky cable Aluminum RF cableFire-resistant flexible cable for power supply system of communication Achievement High-Tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province. Top High-Tech Foreign Enterprise The first batch of 19 technology start-ups small and medium-sized enterprises being cultivated of Jiangsu Province Obtained 6 Utility Model Patents from State Intellectual Property Office State Intellectual Property Office 13 utility model patents Identified 4 High-tech products in Jiangsu Province found that four One key new product of Jiangsu Province

1. The Certification of High-Tech Enterprises

In March 2009, Jiangsu Trigiant was awarded The Certification of HighTech Enterprises by the Science and Technology Bureau, the Finance Department and Tax Department of Jiangsu Province.

2. Top High-Tech Foreign Enterprise

In August 2008, Jiangsu Trigiant was honored Advanced Foreign Investor Enterprise

3. Patent Certificate

The company obtain 7 National Utility Model Patent Certificates

of coaxial cable for mobile telecommunicationleaky coaxial cable antenna and feeding cable arrester etc.

4. High-Tech Product Certificates

The company obtained 3 high-tech product certificates of Jiangsu province

Obtained one
more high-tech product certificate of Jiangsu province in Nov,2009

7. Research Achievements and Product Development Orientation

1. Product Series of 4G(LTE)
a. HF Broadband RF Cable Series b. HF Antenna Series c. New-type Electronic Components ( Splitter , Coupler) d. Jumper Cable and Components of Antenna Feeder System

2. Product Series of Railway System and In-Building Solutions (IBS)

a. Coupling Leakey Cable Series b. Radiation Leaky Cable Series

3. Product series of FTTH System

a. Fiber Optic Cable b. Optical Active Devices c. Optical Passive Device

8Enterprise Honors
Innovation Achievement Award in 3G construction of China,2009 2008-2009 Communication Industrial Technology Contribution Award The Top 10 wireless communication feeder cable factory in 2009(No.1) The Top 50 telecommunication equipment manufacturers of china in 2009 (No. 16) the Top 50 telecommunication equipment manufacturers of china in 2008 (No. 22) the Award for the most potential telecommunication company in china, 2008 Top 100 of technical innovation small and medium-sized enterprises of China in 2009

Trigiant In Media Coverage

9. Trigiant Industrial Park

The Trigiant Industrial Park was established on Jun.18,2009.Singapore Trigiant Group will invest $200 million to construct the Trigiant Industrial Park .It will be the base for R & D and production of communication products with the annual production values RMB10 billion by 2012. 1Firmly establishing the leadership of Trigiant in industry by the end of 2010 2Implement the capital expansionenter into the area of the capital management seeking list abroad in 2010. 3Deploying the overseas operations (IndiaBrazilRussia, etc.absorption of international talentsseize the global opportunities maximizing global popularity of the Trigiant products and the brand, develop with effort the trademark of Trigiant to an international famous brand.