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Ircham Maulana NIM Class Refrain Saat Cinta Selalu Pulang Author : Winna Efendi Unforgettable experinences in high school can be one of interesting stories in someone’s life. Love at the first sight is a familiar statement that will someone say when falling in love with someone who he or she never meets before. Teenagers will fall in love easily because they are in labile condition, may be that is the reason why the author writes this novel. Friendship between two people in this novel try to describe understanding and honesty. The friendship between a coll boy and a cheerful girl that they made since they were child, just spending their time to play together. They live in the same neighbourhood and their families know each other. The novel that is written in 317 pages has interesting stories in each page. The writer usually inncludes English in the conversation. The enjoyable words can make the reader not to be bored. It’s the story about a boy who fall in love with his own friend even he doesn’t when his feeling is coming first. “No frienship is perfect in the world, just try to maintain the frienship not to be break” that is a statement that the writer says about friendship. From all parts of the story, I take one of them. That is honesty. From that word, we learn about happiness that we can get when we are honest to everyone. Dishonesty just can make another problem even sometimes we can do it for the better, but exactly when you hide the carcass, it will be smelled. Just try to be honest although it will be painful. Let’s start fom Niki. A new friend comes Annalise, a daughter of Vidia Rossa Roberts, a famous model. She has become accustomed to move from one place to another place because of his mother’s job. She never has a frienship because when she meets a new friend, she will leave him or her to move to another place. She becomes a quite girl and doesn’t want to interact with others. So, many students say that she is a arrogant girl. But, it’s not true according to Niki, she wants to make friends with Annalise. Oliver touches Niki’s Heart It starts from the day when niki joins the cheer leader club and supports the school basketball team which against the other school basketball team. It is the time when Oliver, a captain of the other school basketball team sees Niki for the first time. Although his team loses the match but he still happy because he finds a cheerful and beautiful girl, Niki. :1106491 : 1B2

The confession from Nata Nata doesn’t like Oliver. He never shows his friendly face when Oliver talks to him. He even doesn’t know why he does that. His new friends, Annalise knows if Nata has fell in love with Niki and push him to say it to Niki before it’s too late.

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